NY Court Nixes Recount In Long Island Senate Race

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York’s top court has rejected a Democratic state senator’s request for a full manual recount in his narrow loss to a Republican newcomer on Long Island.

That ruling will return control of the Senate to Republicans with a 32-30 majority in January after two years of Democratic rule.

The Court of Appeals unanimously is upholding a judge’s certification that Sen. Craig Johnson lost to political newcomer Jack Martins by 451 votes out of almost 85,000 cast.

New York’s new voting machines have paper copies of every vote and the Democrats wanted all recounted in hopes there were errors and Johnson won.

However, the Court of Appeals says initial audits showed few discrepancies or “a substantial possibility” that Johnson won.

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  • Frank Square

    Farewell Sampson, Monserrate, Espada – Good Riddance, I’ll bet even Andrew Cuomo is glad. Assuming Dean Skelos will be the new Senate Leader, I wish him all the best, he will hopefully keep Long Island and the LIRR high on his agenda!

  • Flynn

    Now before any GOPers start calling the Dems “sore losers,” there’s a couple of races elsewhere in the country where the republican candidate has asked for a recount.

    Frankly, I believe that anyone is entitled to a recount. As long as they foot the bill, not the taxpayer.

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