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By Nick Colombo
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What I really want for Christmas is about 5 foot 2 inches, in good shape, has nice curves, very little to say, and is on Santa’s “naughty” list. But this isn’t really about what I want. No, it’s about what Islanders fans want for the rest of this season, and I’ve compiled a short little Christmas list we’d all love to send to Santa.

1. The return of Kyle Okposo: This is the only gift on the list Santa may actually get you. We all know Kyle is slowly working his way back into the lineup (he skated with full gear on December 5th) and at this point he should be back sooner rather than later. Just to have anyone else with talent on the ice would make the games more fun to watch at this point, and if Okposo shows even a twinkle of improvement it would give everyone something to look forward to next year. So here’s to wishing for Kyle’s speedy return.

2. A healthy Rick DiPietro: Yes, as much as I may not care for the man with the 1,000 year contract, we’d all be better off if he got healthy. Like it or not, with Roloson’s age and Ricky’s big contract, DP will be a part of the Islanders goaltending situation for the foreseeable future. If the Islanders ever hope to seriously compete in the near future they’re going to need competent goaltending, and that means at least a healthy DP.

a. Staying in the net: If you’ve been extra good this year you could also ask Santa to teach Rick how to stay closer to the net, but I covered that issue in my last blog.

3. Some sort of resolution to the arena situation: This is the most important thing Isles fans should wish for this holiday season. We’ve debated here the amount of responsibility Wang has for the nose dive of this team. However, what we can’t debate is that any resolution to the arena situation, whether in Nassau or Queens, would be great for the franchise. The announcement of a plan would do two things. It would give Wang hope of one day making money, and it would put pressure on him to build a product he can sell in a new building. No matter what, it would translate to the Islanders finally spending on the proper resources for player development and to bring in some quality free agents. It might even help lure a quality coach. I admit this is the most unlikely Christmas wish I send to Santa this year, but we can all dream.

Aside from that, I hope you all enjoy your holiday. Remember, as I learned at my friend’s holiday party last year, no matter how much egg nog you drink, the chunky girl who tries to grab your butt will not be pretty. If you have your own Isles wish list, be sure to send me your comments at

pixy Islanders Blog: Islanders Wish List

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  1. speedd says:

    Hi, regards all 🙂

  2. Daniel says:

    Let me start by saying that I’m not an Islanders fan. That said, let me say about the arena situation that don’t sleep on the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. They plan to have some College Hockey in that building. This is a possibility for Wang to consider going West to Brooklyn.

    It would seat roughly 15K for Hockey. I believe the NHL says that you have to go 17.5K minimum for new buildings. The proximity to the LIRR at Atlantic Terminal being that close, it would make perfect sense for the Islanders to move with the Nets to Brooklyn. There’s an out in the Nassau Coliseum lease that runs through 2015.

    Don’t think for one second that Bruce Ratner isn’t going to be a big player here because he will be. He wants to have Hockey in that building, and getting the Islanders in there would accomplish that.

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