NY Times Wedding Announcement Causes Quite The Buzz

Piece On Couple Talking Of Their Infidelities Raises Questions

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A wedding announcement is one of the biggest events of a woman’s life — especially if it’s featured in the New York Times.

But as CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport explains, sometimes there can be a little too much information and the results can be shocking.

It’s the place to turn to see who’s getting hitched — the wedding announcements in the Times’ Sunday Styles section.

But did you see the one in the vows column this weekend?

The wedding announcement of former TV reporter Carol Anne Riddell and advertising executive John Partilla, who were married with children but not to each other and then split from their spouses so they could be together, is causing quite the stir.

“You mean the one about the couple meeting and breaking up with their spouses?” one New Yorker asked Rapoport.

Yep, that’s the one.

Carol Anne Riddell (right) and John Partilla

Carol Anne Riddell (right) and John Partilla (Photo: CBS 2)

In the article, the couple spoke candidly about falling for each other while they were still married to other people.

And that’s got people talking.

“Maybe it wasn’t the best thing to put it out there … but that’s real life I think,” Upper West Side resident Jennifer Landis said.

Psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Jeff Gardere said he’s surprised at the couple’s candor in the wedding announcement.

“When people see this they say wait a minute … stop the presses,” Dr. Gardere said. “It is unusual to come out and talk about it, and try to legitimize it and try to glorify it.”

Some question whether it was appropriate for the Times to print such personal details.

A New York Times spokesperson said: “The vows feature gives a close-in account of a wedding every week. Every one is different. We don’t attempt to pass judgment on the suitability of the match, the narrative of the romance, the quality of the ceremony or the flavor of the wedding cake.”

Riddell told Rapoport via e-mail Tuesday she and her husband have no comment on the vows column story, but in an online article in Forbes she did have something to say.

“We did this because we just wanted one honest account of how this happened for our sakes and for our kids’ sakes,” Riddell reportedly said.

And … for better or for worse … now everyone knows.

Late Tuesday night, in an apparent shot at Riddell and the New York Times, Riddell’s former husband, Bob Ennis told Forbes: “People lie and cheat and steal all the time. That’s a fact of life. But rarely does a national news organization give them an unverified megaphone to whitewash it.”


One Comment

  1. Jimmy says:

    Honesty is the best Politics.

  2. fern says:

    Our society is evolving sixty years ago mainly men were cheating now women have obtained equality and men suffer the competition.
    Mankind will basically remain what it has always been and divorce is a great step forward when you think of Henry VIII.

  3. Nomadnyc says:

    An entertaining read for a Sunday afternoon. There’s so much more to worry about in this world. If they both feel they found love – who am I or anyone else to judge. I wish them and the kids and the ex’s well.

  4. Eyebe Peisthoff says:

    Let me make sure I’ve got this straight…

    the woman who misreported her honesty was a journalist and the man who decided to advertise & publish his personal dirty laundry is a relationship expert?

  5. JGG says:

    “We were just being honest” well I think their former spouses would argue that point. OH! I see their version of events were not part of the the story. I would say honesty is their strong suit.

  6. lizzy says:

    Well said Aida, thank you.

  7. kevineec says:

    these two freaks deserve each other…and I give their marriage a couple years at best. god help their children.

  8. Eunice Goldfarb says:

    oh dear. this is so tasteless. in my day we did not discuss these topics. you young people today have no respect for values.

    1. Aida says:

      Ms. Goldfarb, I do agree that it is tasteless not to mention insensitive, however I do resent your comment: “you young people today have no respect for values”. It is very unwise to judge an entire generation just because two cheating liars happen to belong to that generation too. Personally I find it very offensive and insensitive to your part. I am 32 years old, married for 7 years and my husband and I work on our marriage and family values every day. We have ups and downs as all marriages have but I am thankful for every laughter and every tear because we know that we have a healthy family that has GREAT respect for values. So, on behalf of myself and on behalf of all the “young people” (at least younger than you) I would really appreciate it if you could think twice before you comment in the future (online or to your friends/children/grandchildren/nephews or nieces) about lack of values in our generation. Thank you very much. Sincerely A

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