NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — The New Jersey Nets can’t escape the reports and rumors that have been surfacing since Carmelo Anthony spurned the Denver Nuggets’ three-year, $65 million extension over the summer.

Every day there seems to be a new twist to the ‘Melo drama, a new development, a new trade proposal in the works. But that comes with the territory when a star is reportedly on the market.

By Tuesday night, speculation arose that a few other teams in contention have shown some interest in possibly acquiring Anthony as well, according to the Denver Post. No specific teams were mentioned. The interested squad would pick Anthony up knowing that signing him to a long-term deal might be a long shot since his preferred location is the New York Knicks.

Many believe Anthony might end up with the Knicks, a team he prefers, or Nets, a squad that had a potential mega-deal in the works in September before it fell apart.

Yahoo! Sports recently reported that New Jersey has been trying to assemble the pieces for another multi-team trade proposal, one that would entice Anthony to sign his contract extension with the Nets.

Asked during his pregame availability on Tuesday if there was anything new on the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors, Nets coach Avery Johnson said: “Not that I can report. I can’t report anything.”

The Nuggets have until the February trade deadline to deal Anthony or risk losing him through free agency next summer, when he would be the headliner of the 2011 class.

Nuggets coach George Karl wishes half the attention given to rumors was paid to his team.

“I don’t think you guys are respecting how well we’re playing,” Karl said. “We’ve had 10 games where three of our top seven players from last year aren’t playing and still have a damn good record.”

As for the persistent trade rumors involving his teammate, Chauncey Billups hardly pays attention — his focus trained on wins.

“You can always have a few more wins,” Billups said. “Considering what we’ve been through with all the guys that have been out, and everything that’s going on, with all that being said, we’re in a good spot.”

Al Harrington couldn’t agree more.

“At full strength and full health, we’re one of the top four teams in the West,” Harrington said.

Is that with or without Melo?

“With Melo,” Harrington quickly added.

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