Protest Planned Over Unemployment Remark

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Advocates delivered a message for the Republican leader who said New Jersey’s unemployed don’t want to look for work because jobless benefits are too generous.

Bill Holland of the New Jersey Working Families Alliance led a rally of 75 to 100 people outside Assemblyman Alex DeCroce’s office in Whippany on Wednesday.

Holland says DeCroce’s remarks remind him of Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”

DeCroce told business owners last week that New Jersey’s jobless benefits are “too good for these people.” He said someone collecting $550 a week has little incentive to seek work.

The Assembly Republican leader later said his comments were meant for those who game the system.

Gov. Chris Christie called the remarks “wrong” and “ill-advised.”

DeCroce was not in the office during the protest.

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  1. Abner says:

    There’s all these jobs out there, employers, businesses just hollering for people, everywhere you go are signs saying, “HELP WANTED,” human resources personnel outside of offices on bended knees crying for people to come in and fill applications. Or, DeCroce is autistic.

  2. fern says:

    One will find cheaters everywhere and there are many unemployed who cheat but just compare the amounts the GOP has been cheating out of the American people.
    To Barry I support you there only the ignorant and illiterate can support republicans.

    1. Jersey Boy says:

      Illiteracy is a non-partisan issue, apparently. THEY’RE, THEIR AND THERE; three words with three meanings.

  3. Jersey Boy says:

    $550 plus food stamps, no commuting costs and free job training. I have a pretty good deal when I couple that with my side work that I do for cash. I don’t even have to call in to say that I’ve been looking for a job to keep my benefits going! What’s even better is I know it’s coming for the next 13 months!! They used to do 13 WEEK extensions!! I’m enjoying the time with my kid and saving on after school care too!! This is fantastic!!!

  4. countgregor says:

    New Jersey is not known as the cheapest place to live. $550 a week would be good money where I live but certainly not New Jersey. Where do we find these insesitve disgusting creeps anyway?? Perhaps the folks in New Jersey aught to cut the pay of their legsislators to $550 a week and see if they could make it on that amount. The working man is not responsible for the state of the economy, but this guy is. How arrogant can you be??

  5. TOM says:


  6. Captain Obvious says:

    Oh yes, Alex DeCroce – lazy lazy lazy. Unemployment is the American dream – living off the govt cheese, right? Dear God, someone get this man a soul.

    Everyone was begging to be laid off as well, right? Hoping the market would crash & wipe out everyone’s savings too, right? Hey, let’s not forget that this “free ride” is also being taxed – how they heck do they justify that one?

    Yup, the unemployed are living the life. But with comments like yours, I sure hope you get to find out how fun it is as well. You piece of garbage.

  7. Nick says:

    Libturds always protest the Truth – on a work day. Never fails.

  8. Jimmy says:

    I wonder how many of the “employed” would still be so if the government didn’t dump TARP and Stimulus money into the economy.

  9. tom says:

    If the Working Party Alliance is miffed…The remark probably makes a lot of sense…..

  10. TaxedUptheWazooNJer says:

    The guy’s an idiot, but not entirely wrong. Can we all not agree that there are probably a lot of folks on the dole who are more than happy to collect that $550 per week and spend most of their day at home playing C.O.D. Black Ops on the XBoxes (which cost less that $550) rather than actually out there pounding the pavement, networking, or looking for freelance work?

    And how easy is it to “game the system” and come up with a few bogus companies where you can claim you’ve gone to on interviews? Do we really think all these understaffed NJ State workers have the time to verify these claims?

    1. Micha says:

      You’re right. As I said last week when this story first broke, there are people collecting unemployment who prefer it that way. I am not saying EVERYONE on unemployment wants to stay home, but some do. my cousin is in the union and he actually looks forward to being laid off. He makes more money sitting home on unemployment playing his playstation (not xbox lol) than I do going to work 5 days a week… That being said, I am glad they exteneded the benefits because there are people who truly need it…

  11. Steve M. says:

    Yeah he’s wrong, paying someone $13.75 an hour to stay home really incentivizes people to find that minimum wage job………..

  12. ThegrassisgreenerontheothersideoftheHudson says:

    Cutback Governor Christie allows New Jersey’s unemployed to collect $250 more per week than New York’s unemployed? THAT’s change we can believe in!!!

  13. Robert Senn says:

    well lets findout we should go back to the old way of checking out if you are looking for a job ore not going to uninployment office once a weak for check also is a goog idea redoing uninployment completly is even better

    1. Barry Ward says:

      With spelling like yours, it should be no time at all before you’re out of a job. So I hope you get to find out how lucrative and rewarding it is being on unemployment is.

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