Newark Mayor Increasing Law Enforcement Presence

NEWARK, N.J. (WCBS 880) – Shootings. Carjackings. Robberies.

Crime in Newark is on the rise and is showing no signs of slowing down, WCBS 880’s Monica Miller reports.

WCBS 880’s Monica Miller talks with Mayor Booker.

Two more people were shot on Friday morning, just days after three people—including two teenagers—were killed and four others wounded in separate shootings that occurred about 90 minutes apart.

In order to get a grip on the spike in crime, Mayor Cory Booker said they’re getting reinforcements from county, state and federal agencies and more cops will be on patrol throughout the city.

“So we’ve increased the number of police officers on the streets of Newark dramatically all through this weekend and we plan on keeping that level of engagement up until we beat back this trend,” Booker said.

Crime in the city is up 7 percent from 2009, according to the Newark Police Department website.

This week’s shootings also came just days after a lieutenant in the state Attorney General’s Office had his vehicle carjacked.

To combat the carjackings, representatives from the FBI, U.S. Attorney’s Office and Essex County Prosecutor’s office have also formed a special task force targeting robberies and carjackings.

Newark officials and Essex County authorities say it’s not yet known what sparked the shootings and if any or all of them were connected. However, Booker says they’re trying everything to slow down the crime.

“We’re putting everything we have into this. We’ve been having budget strategy sessions where we’re looking at every possible dollar to invest in our police department whether it be in technology, overtime, or other strategies,” Booker said. “So this is something that every area of our city is focused on. We’re putting everything that we have out into the community to protect people.”

While many residents blame the recent violence on the city’s decision to lay off 167 police officers, both the Essex County prosecutor’s office and the Newark Police department say the uptick in crime started before they left the force last month.


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  1. fmuldar says:

    TXBADBOY—-You would be the one “wetting Your Diaper” if You had walked down a alley back in the day (60s-70s) in Times Sq—W42st—-I had a foot post there for 4yrs—-Newark is a Garden Party compared too those days—“Currupton” is the Newark Problem—always has been & always will be—-from the local council—too the Mayor—the only way too stop the crime is too treat the st gangs as domestic terrorists–& raid their headquarters & hang outs–every day—every night—

  2. Rascal says:

    It was shat with the full force working.All the savages had to hear was the layoffs went into effect, and the savages went to work. No secret, less police, more crime.

  3. The BIG D says:

    Newark is a hell hole with mutants as residents. Burn the city to the ground and start over.

    1. Txbadboy says:

      Big D, how do you know as you described Newark is a hell hole. You probably never been to our city, and would probably wet your pants walking down the streets of the city. You can not judge an entire city by the actions of a few. I live in Newark, and I know a lot of hard working tax paying citizens that live here as well. Contrary to what your little mine may think, not all people of Newark engage in criminal activity.

      1. The BIG D says:

        So the city is great, but I would wet my pants there? I have been there, it sucks.

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