Soldier Returns Home To Newark For Christmas

NEWARK, N.J. (CBS 2) — It was a special Christmas for a family from Newark. They haven’t seen their uncle in over a decade, but he came home in time for presents and a holiday wedding, Derricke Dennis reports.

“Between Alaska, Germany, California, two tours of Iraq, it feels good,” said Army Staff Sergeant Anthony Oliveira.

It’s good to be home, finally, with family, after 11 years away. Those two tours of duty in Iraq were followed by a recent a six month deployment to South Korea. His only time off was attending his dad’s funeral, alone, two years ago in Portugal.

“But as far as being with family, no, it’s the first time,” he said.

Carla Rebelo said what he didn’t miss was their wedding. The couple met online earlier this year, chatting and getting to know each other.
Their first time face to face was two weeks ago at Oliveira’s homecoming, and their “I do’s” came two days later.

“He missed birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, Thanksgiving, everything,” she said. “No words to explain, it’s just a wonderful Christmas.”

It didn’t take long for the kids to open their gifts, just the wrapping paper left, but the real gift is having Uncle Tony home for Christmas.

“I want him to remember this Christmas and this New Years’ forever, that was the point, the whole point,” Rebelo said.

The family was making up for lost time, preparing a huge holiday meal with all the trimmings and a place for everyone at the table.

“It’s beyond Christmas. I mean to me, it’s a dream come true, because in 11 years, you haven’t really had a Christmas,” Oliveira said.

The holiday homecoming was one the newlyweds would not forget.

Oliveira’s time home will be short-lived. He’s heading back to South Korea in January for another six months, so he was savoring every moment this Christmas.


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  1. SO SICK says:

    The more I hear and the more I read the more I want to puke. He has two little boys 5 and 7 and he hasnt been home in 11 years??? OMG
    This is the sickest story I have heard in a long time. He missed holidays with her ???? He didnt even know her. This lady is as sick as he is!!

  2. ROLINDA says:

    It is really too bad that this soldier is trying to live two different lives. He just left the states in 2010 for deployment to Korea and he left behind his wife and his two boys on base. What in the world is this guy thinking? Trying to play the smypathy card…..for goodness sakes he has been with his family for birthdays, Christmas and tons of holidays in the last 11 years. I truly hope that the military kicks this guy to the curb. 🙂 Sad sad sad story for his REAL WIFE AND BOYS in California

  3. vitor says:

    i will always stand by you SSG Oliveira no matter what these cowards say about you … if you wanna talk about him first post your real name …. o wait we know who you are get a job or vai pra trabalhar pra broad ….

  4. Tell it strait says:

    His father died in 2009 while he was deployed in Iraq. How can a family watch their son, brother, and uncly commit adulttery on national news and smile about it? How can another woman knowingly tell everyone the holidays he missed with them and yet know he didn’t give a damn about his own sons birthday’s and Christmas. Lets get it strait.

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