Staff Sergeant Home For Holidays For First Time In 11 Years

NEWARK, N.J. (CBS 2) – After 11 years away, an army staff sergeant finally came home for the holidays.

Army Staff Sgt. Anthony Oliveira spent Christmas day with his family in Newark after 11 years of deployment.

He did two tours of duty in Iraq followed by a recent six month deployment in South Korea. Now after missing birthdays and all the holidays, he’s finally home.

“Between Alaska, Germany, California, two tours of Iraq, it feels good,” Oliveira said.

He won’t be home for long though. He heads back to South Korea in January for another six month tour of duty.

  • vitor

    i will always stand by you SSG Oliveira no matter what these cowards say about you … if you wanna talk about him first post your real name …. o wait we know who you are get a job or vai pra trabalhar pra broad ….

    January 5, 2011 at 7:09 pm | Reply | Report comment

  • Bin Laden

    Thank you.

  • Joe Sr.

    Welcome home and THANK YOU!

  • Brooklyn Boy

    Totally agreed. This story is really misleading. The writer needs to fill us in on the reason why the SSG hadn’t come home. I have 12 years in the Army and I find it hard to believe without more detail.

  • Jersey Boy

    Welcome home Sgt Oliveira!! Thanks for your service.
    Where have you been using your 30 days of annual leave in the past 11 years? Hum…. seems like a strange story. The writer makes it sound like you couldn’t get home due to service requirements.

    • blaze

      your an idiot jersey. Have you ever taken leave. Can you pay for a flight from Germany, Alaska, These are not free! Oh wait you might just have a lotta cash laying around!

      • Jersey Boy

        Actually Blaze, I have. I’m retired USAF, 26 years. I’ve flown from South Korea, twice, Germany, six or seven times, Honduras, California, several times. It’s called a military discount air fare, about 50% off. Same question back at you.

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