NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – As the blizzard conditions continue in the Tri-State Area, Citymeals-on-Wheels is asking that New Yorkers look out for elderly neighbors in this time of emergency.

Spokeswoman Marcia Stein said that homebound senior citizens, many of whom are not mobile or healthy enough to take the proper precautions, are the most vulnerable New Yorkers.

LISTEN: Marcia Stein, of Citymeals, spoke to WCBS 880 about the need for looking out for your neighbor

The non-profit has already delivered 16,000 emergency food packages of shelf-stable food to each of its regular meal recipients in anticipation of dangerous situations like the blizzard when normal daily meal deliveries could be interrupted, according to Citymeals-on-Wheels.

But while some people may have emergency food packages on their shelves, Stein said that people still must look out for the health of these recipients and other elderly folks.

“If they are shivering and seem disoriented they’re going to need a lot of blankets and they’re going to need fluids—hot fluids,” Stein said.

As city sanitation workers clear the roads, Citymeals will be back to check on its food recipients.

“Once the sun comes out, people can see the black on the streets, the trucks that bring the food to the food preparation centers will be out and rolling and the doorbells will be ringing tomorrow,” Stein said.

Among the pre-supplied food, Citymeals provided shelf stable food like tuna fish and canned peaches.

Citymeals also advised New Yorkers to check on elderly neighbors for the following:

  • Check to make sure they have food essentials on hand, including milk, bread, soup and perhaps a source of protein (such as peanut butter).
  • Make sure the heat is on in their apartment.
  • If they use any space heaters, make sure there are no potential fire hazards, such as blankets, curtains or upholstered furniture placed too close.
  • Ask if they have sufficient hot water for bathing.
  • Make certain they have blankets to keep warm at night.

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