Mayor: Roads May Be Plowed By Wednesday Night … Maybe

Bloomberg Urges Patience, But Many Say The System Broke

NEW YORK (CBS New York/AP) — On the day after the day after, New Yorkers were left wondering what happened. There are still many streets that haven’t seen a plow yet.

“I’m curious as to why none of this has been plowed yet,” one person told CBS 2’s Lou Young. “All the streets around here, very few have been plowed. One was half-plowed.”

“I think they get an F-minus,” said Arlene Buonintane of Queens Village. “I think they really screwed up because, you know, this is ridiculous. You still have ambulances that have to get out. You still have police and firefighters that have to get through and none of the side streets are plowed.”

Mobile 2 Team Reports from Dyker Heights

“This has never been like this. I think it’s because the Sanitation [Department] is short. I’m a retired sanitation worker and it has never been like this,” another resident said.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg blamed circumstance.

“We won’t get to everybody every time. We will make mistakes, but we have to continue plugging ahead. Yelling about it and complaining doesn’t help,” Bloomberg said. “I think you can expect another 24 hours before we will get to everyone and even then I’m not so sure.”

The mayor said 2,700 city plows manned by a reduced Department of Sanitation workforce were all at work Tuesday night, supplemented by other City departments. Young saw a privately contracted plow with a Parks Department worker riding shotgun.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola on unplowed Queens streets

PHOTO GALLERIES: Blizzard Slams East Coast | User-Submitted Storm Photos

 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports

SOUND OFF: Is Your Road Plowed?

The City said it needs more private plows, front loaders and tow trucks. Ambulances have been getting stuck trying to do their work.

“Too many ambulances went down blocked streets, for example,” Bloomberg said. “What they should’ve done was stay at the corner of the main street and then walked down or struggled through the snow to get down, because once the ambulance got in it couldn’t get out.”

Young witnessed one ambulance doing precisely what the mayor wanted. It stopped on a main street so that EMTs could walk down snow-covered side street to assist someone. But in the process their ambulance blocked traffic, including a snow plow.

Outerborough Outrage

The stuck plow driver was clearly frustrated.

“It’s hard. We’re stuck in traffic because people don’t stay home,” he said. “People driving around, getting stuck in the middle of the street. We can’t get down the streets. It’s impossible.”

If you’re not buying this, neither are the folks at the NYC Council or in the borough presidents’ offices. Marty Markowitz was nearly apoplectic over the condition of his Brooklyn borough’s streets.

“We’ve had previous bad snowstorms and the Sanitation Department did an excellent job. Something didn’t happen this time,” Markowitz said.

Residents React to City’s Storm Response

The City Office of Emergency Management, which is normally empty, was activated around 4 p.m. on Sunday when the storm started to settle in. There’s even a stuck ambulance task force that’s been at it since Monday trying to make sense of the mess.

But angry NYC Council members said they think there’s more that needs to be looked into than stuck ambulances. Hearings have been scheduled for Jan. 10.

“I believe we can do better. We expect better. I know we can do better. We did better in February when we had a storm and that was much worse. And so I know this was a bad storm, but the reality is we’ve done it in the past and we should have done it in the last 48 hours but we failed,” said Councilwoman Leticia James, D-Queens.

City Councilman Daniel Dromm shook his head and came short of stamping his feet on two feet of unplowed snow on 75th Street in Jackson Heights, Queens.

“The fact that there has been no plow in this neighborhood at all is a disaster,” Dromm said. “It’s hard to understand why the city was so unprepared for this storm because we knew for a long time that it was coming.”

“This is going on day three and usually what we see is a plow coming down the street on the day when the storm starts, then you see something coming the day after and basically the third day you expect it to be clear but that’s not what happened here,” he added.

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola on outrage over NYC’s response to the blizzard

Some are putting the blame on Bloomberg. “He is not doing what he is supposed to do,” one woman said. “He’s not running the city, we’re wondering what is happening.”

“I think the Mayor must be living in another world if he thinks that the response to this has been satisfactory,” Dromm said.

However, Bloomberg said he understands the hardships the public has faced in the last few days.

“I’m angry too, if your street was plowed the response was adequate, if your street was not plowed the response was inadequate,” Bloomberg said. “We can not do everything all the time and we are doing the best we can.”

CBS 2’s Dave Carlin rode along with plow operators and sanitation supervisors on Tuesday night during their 12-hour shifts.

Residents on unplowed side streets seemed openly hostile.

Carlin asked the operator if he understands the criticism.

“I understand it. I heard it. Unfortunately, it was one of those storms that are one in a million. The sheer volume and the speed it came down and the winds did not help at all,” the operator said.

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  • Billy Bob

    Spread snow-cone syrup all over the streets of NYC, then invite Michelle Obama and Oprah there for a vacation. The streets will be cleared in no time.

  • Ryan S

    I am from Long Island and I am watching the news, I cannot believe what is going on in the city. The nerve Bloomberg has to say that emergency crews should not go down blocked streets. Im sorry that there are emergencies Bloomberg. How about you carry a stretcher down a street with 2 feet of snow? And mistakes shouldnt be made at times like these.

  • Scott

    The streets in ozone Park are horrible the plows wouldn’t be able to get through most of the streets because of the people threw their snow into the streets. The snow is higher than a mini van in the streets.

  • Colin McPhee

    “BOOB”-berg is such an arrogant putz!

  • herdzcatz

    Not to worry, folks. Bloomberg has his priorities. A mosque at Ground Zero, thank you very much. To hell with the streets!

  • JEFF

    The Plows have wrecked people’s cars too…

  • Andy

    Unfortunately until people stop thinking about it as Democrat vs Republican and start thinking about it as Elitist vs The People we will continue to see this. LIberal leadership with Main stream republicans need to go. The Tea Party represents Americans.

  • jhhjhj

    Thankfully there are term limits and he cannot seek another term. Oh wait, I forgot he eliminated term limits.

    • squirmlimits

      Actually, he got ’em repealed once to get this third term…..

      Bloomberg = Chavez?

  • Captain Obvious

    Snowgate 2010.

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged to resign over the disastrous lack of cleanup following heavy snows.

    Will Michael ignore the will of the people and continue in office, or will he do the honorable thing and resign immediately?

    • ThomL

      since when has a modern liberal (very different than those of yesteryear) done anything – ANYTHING – honorable?

    • Ray Magee

      Hey Do you people have the power to recall this schmuck?

  • Dean

    You liberal government dependent pukes deserve the liberal puke for a mayor you have. Get a life.

    • Bob

      Both parties absolutely suck. By taking one side or the other you play right into their strategy of keeping regular people distracted and divided while their pockets are picked clean. I voted for Obama and I got four more years of George W. Bush on steroids: more debt, more war, more enabling of chicanery by Wall St. banksters (the Dodd-Frank bill is a sick joke), failure to prosecute those guilty for taking down the world economy (e.g., Mozilo of Countrywide and various large investment banks), more foreclosures, more toxic derivatives circulating around the world than ever before, and more unemployment. Bloomberg is just another puke politician who loves power and attention and uses smoke and mirrors (and luck) to fool the public. When the chips are down, the man simply can’t perform. This is true of Democrats and Republicans. In short, both parties suck, people who play the Dems are better than Pubs (or vice-versa) game are suckers, and Bloomberg is a typical elitist who doesn’t give a rat’s behind about little people like me, you and 98% of the US citizenry.

      • Stacey

        Bob, you said it Brother ! But take heart, because REAL change IS in the air,
        little by little, People ARE waking up and realizing what you just said…
        True change styarts with the Individual, and at the end of the day, whetehr they realize it ior not, it is THE PEOPLE who DO have the POWER!
        We just need to stcik togetehr and USE that Powere WISELY NOW….!
        The Revolution starts AT HOME !

    • Andy

      NY like other liberal cities bought into the Global Warming fraud. SUPRISE!!!!

    • Rocketman

      Why don’t the liberal government dependent pukes go out and shovel the section of street in front of their houses?

  • Bernie Sanders





  • ThomL

    A mess for liberals, created by liberals, and not a conservative in sight. We have a similar problem in Seattle – we get ½ inch of snow and the city shuts down for a week. At least we have an excuse. We don’t get much snow around here. But we are, unfortunately, a blue state, and you can always expect blue states to suck at core competencies. Failure at core competencies IS a liberal’s core competency.

    • IrwinK

      The Mayor is an Independent, closely aligned with Republican ideals. Then again, that’s not the point. The point is that you’re an idiot.

      • joe

        Bloomberg has never aligned himself with Republicans….but you can keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel beeter

      • IrwinK

        Joe, never say never. He was registered as a Republican from 2001-2007, subsequently joining the Independent Party. Just a couple of facts.

      • Chuck Zellers

        Anyone that is anti gun is a “touchy feely” liberal.

      • Chuck Zellers

        And the mayor is deff ant gun

      • DonCee60

        Yes a RINO he is a Soros minion.

    • Dunn That

      Dear Thom,
      BO-ho. If you nlive in Seattle and haven’t figured out that you “GREEN” machine loving mayors (Num-nutz & Mumbles) are incompetent, move to Tacoma. At least our Pub;lic Works folks know hopw to clean the streets, and dang THEY ARE GOOD!!!!!

  • Paine

    Every State in the death grip of Democrats is like a train barreling toward a bridge of reality that is out. You New Yorkers deserve what you have voted for for generations and when the collapse of your disgraceful political apparatus comes you will be left in the smoking ruins and all of the one’s that put you there will be sunning themselves in some warm place counting their obscene double and triple pensions that you allowed them to steal from under your noses. California…Illinois…Massachusetts they are all Democrat, all corrupt, and all starting to fail…you can only blame yourselves

    • IrwinK

      The “death grip” was permitted to take place because the Republican majority proved too stupid to run a country.

      • IrwinL

        Actually, a RINO/LibDem majority was the problem….the whole “Liberal/Progressive/Social” thing….

        Libertarian/Conservative movement is now the cure…..

    • djm

      don’t forget michigan

  • Kelsey

    The people of NYC’s backlash against their mayor for his administration’s inability to counter mother nature “fast enough” is truely making them the laughing stock of the entire nation right now. Have we really become so faithful in the powers of government that we expect them to have wizard-like powers?

    Sometimes you just have to deal with the curve balls life (or nature) throws at you. Not even the government can help you all of the time. Try electing a new mayor and see what happens the next time a blizzard like this rolls around!

    I wouldn’t worry NYC kiddos, the roads will be cleared in a few days so you can all get back to work and pay taxes for all those magical government services you’re expecting. Maybe Bloomberg should invest in some fairy dust.

    • Stacey

      When the CREEPS in government decide to spend MILLIONS oF TAXPAYER’s MONIES in replacing Street signs, but yet can’t manage to provide BASIC EMERGENCY SERVICES like SNOW PLOWING,
      People have every RIGHT to complain ! Actually REVOLUTION would be more fitting , damn corrupt govnmt, ENOUGH ALREADY !

      • Kelsey

        People have nobody to blaim but themselves. They voted for this man just as they voted for the people advocating for policies which included and resulted in the raising of taxes. Regardless, no amount of money will make some problems (like nature, for instance) go away. Making this demands and paying for them will result in bitter dissapointment every time. It won’t matter as the voters will keep approving of the same garbage that keeps leading them down these paths in the first place.

    • Jim

      Obviously you’ve never lived in NYC during any of the other blizzards. This storm response sucked, and the reason is because Bloomberg wouldn’t pay sanatation’s overtime….this story will be picked up by the media probably 3 days later as usual.

      • Kelsey

        But what will happen later is the next mayor will be “motivated” to make sure it never happens again because of all the outrage. In fact, they’ll probably ride a surge of voter outrage into office on issues that they for the large part, made up.

        Once in office, they will be so motivated, they’ll spend a bunch of money on more equipment or manpower and as a result, they’ll have to raise taxes. You’ll all then be complaining about the enormous tax burden New York has put you under but god help you when another blizzard rolls around.

        Be careful or be prepared to pay for what you ask for.

      • Stacey

        Kelsey, Sorry, but you show your cluelessness with each post.
        This IS about MOENY, namely OUR MONEY !
        Clearing the streets for SAFE passage is a NON-NEGOTIABLE and is one of the BASIC SERVICES that the people of NYC pay taxes for !
        FORGET ELECTIONS< the WHOLE SYSTEM needs to be DISMANTLED, Democrat, Repub, doesn't matter !
        It's becoem the "Elite" mega-weathy controllers versus the average citizen !

      • Kelsey

        Right Stacey, but who ultimately is responsible? The voters are, that’s who. As angry as they might get over something like this, things won’t change, taxes won’t change and services for the most part, won’t improve no matter how much money is thrown at them. The system will only change when it collapses, no thanks to the voters who keep putting these people in office.

  • Al

    The Mayor llkes to call New York the “greatest” city but failed to put forth the “greatest” effort” and just dodged the real problems with the “greatest” of excuses.

    • Boib

      The word “great” no longer has any real meaning. And the mayor’s use of the over-used word is a symptom of his apparently lazy mind. Mayor Bloomberg, stop “mailing it in” and do your freaking job for a change.

    • Ray Magee

      Hey Do you people have the power to recall this putz.

  • Adam Smith

    Exactly the performance you would expect from a combination of the two great sources of inefficiency in modern times
    Bureaucracy + Unions = Disaster

  • whatnot

    Maybe a view of things to come.. Be prepared to be more self-sufficient in transportation, food supply, health care, shelter, etc.

  • astralweeks

    Don’t blame Bloomberg, blame the idiots that cast a vote for the sleazebag.

  • Joseph Grcar

    Michael Bloomberg convinced New Yorkers to gut their hard-won term-limits law because in a city of millions of people, he was the only person competent to run the city. Now the dilettante is growing tired of politics and has proven to be incompetent on several levels. Some years ago when the streets did not get plowed in Chicago, two different mayors found themselves out of work.

    • John

      Nope, it wasn’t the people of New York, it was the city council that overturned the law. Strange how the billionaire got his way. Follow the money.

  • Bob

    This is class warfare. In NYC the little people are left without vital services allegedly due to a not so severe snowstorm. The banksters, their political enablers and other elites declared war on working people when they colluded to let the big banks and major corporations go unregulated under both Bush and Obama. The little people can go to H. The federal government has set the tone. Bloomberg can’t possibly feel the pain New Yorkers are going through. He’s among the top 1% who control nearly all the wealth in the US, which makes him a big part of the economic problem the vast majority of New Yorkers and other Americans face on a daily basis.

  • ALEX

    I travelled from park slope to ditmas park passing through flatlands and midwood this Tuesday afternoon. It was pretty much the same scene along the entire trip: virtually all side streets un-plowed. This is a huge failure on the part of the city and it’s workers. On a small scale Katrina comes to mind. In addition to people unable to get to work, the elderly and sick were put in jeopardy. Someone mentioned a more severe blizzard in recent years that had a better response and they are 100% correct. Someone needs to be accountable for this mess and incompetent response and should loose their job.

  • T Clancy

    So much for Bloomberg’s aka “Lord Snowedin’s ” Presidential aspirations.

    Maybe he should start the No
    Shovels Party

  • ILoatheNY

    The funny thing is, while he’s being savaged and compared to Lindsay after the ’69 disaster, this is one time when the nanny-state dictator ISN’T at fault– the union thug in charge of the Dept of Sanitation ordered his troops to drag their feet (even by union standards) to make Mayor-for-Life look ridiculous for trying to get extremely modest concessions from them as the city rockets toward insolvency.

    • Ray Magee

      So, who runs your city? The unions or the politician? It certainly not the people..

  • Roan N Gnome

    Bloomie the salt cop says “no salt for you”. Guess that included your streets, too.
    The roads in Jersey and Ct. are looking pretty good compared to yours. Ya got what ya voted for; an idiot! See ya in the springtime.

  • waynewayne6363

    wow..imagine bloomberg not caring about the folks..whats new in nyc…the mayro job is just a hobby for that rich old has donenothing good for nyc..he is a tax and spend liberal that showed from day one when he raised property taxes and cut services……i dont miss living in the little apple one bit

  • whatnot

    Can’t Mr. Obama declare a state (city) of emergency?? Fiorm Kailua? Hawaii?

    • whatnot

      oops: “FROM Kailua? Hawaii?”

  • leslie

    I don’t think the Mayor really cares.


    They said that if I bought a Toyota Prius, it would stop GLOBAL WARMING.

    And they were RIGHT!!

  • Lisa

    you knew a blizzard was coming and you’re not prepared to stay home for a few days? Hasn’t anyone heard of emergency preparedness? Just ’cause you live in the city doesn’t mean you are immune to natural disasters.

    • mojo

      Dont forget were talking about libs here ,they need someone to wipe thier noses for them

  • chi

    I think the problem is the mayor is against salt

  • mojo57

    damn it must bush again,

  • Sick Twisted Freak

    Bloomberg: global warming “just as lethal” as terrorism

    February 12, 2008

    • Gunny G

      he sure got the job done banning salt and transfat!


  • Isabella H

    Mr. Mayor by your own accountability standards you should fire yourself for your poor performance in the outer Boroughs. This storm is just the straw that broke the camels back, You have long forsaken Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island in favor of upscale Manhattan areas and tourist. You are more concerned with installing bike lane and fancy flower pots in sitting areas along Broadway than in removing snow and keeping Fire, Police and Ambulance lanes clear for all NYER’s. Shame Shame On You! If you were a NYC Public School you would have to shut yourself down for consistently poor performance. Perhaps Mayor Booker can give you a clue what it means to be a “civil servant” oops I forgot you are an arrogant dictator not a civil servant that would mean you really give a darn about all of us.

  • Aaron Hammer

    They are saving the money to help build the 9-11 terror mosque.

  • Gunny G

    There are these things called elections and they have these things called consequences. You REELECTED this idiot mayor for a THIRD TERM! DUH!

    • The Truth

      First I did not vote for him for a third term. Yes you are correct but for those that did they must be fuming! At least this spermbag is exposed now so he cannot run for President so there is a silver lining here. Still Hang Him High won’t hurt.

      • Gunny G

        tar and feather the SOB!

        Y’all miss Rudy yet like the nation misses Dubya over the Kenyan Usurper?

  • NI

    We live in Midwood, in Brooklyn, and are outraged that our block, as well as others in our neighborhood, and nearby Marine Park have yet to see a snow plow as of tonite, Tues eve. Even the main thoroughfares have not been cleared!! What has happened to our city? There seems to be a total breakdown of services!

    We do not remember a storm when snow plows did not make the rounds during, AND IMMEDIATELY AFTER, the storm.

    Is this an example of our taxes at work?

    • Ray Magee

      The plows should have been out DURING the storm and taking care of the major streets and laying salt on the side streets, Then they could have taken care of the side streets after the storm. Less snow because of salt,

  • Michele New Englander

    Michele New Englander

    I just created this page on facebook as a way to vent your frustrations or brainstorm an idea as to how to fix what is apparently broken. As a former NYer and one who visits often enough….let’s just say i have a vested interest in making sure this beautiful and wonderful city doesn’t circle the drain…..Please go to facebook and search for…….

    Blizzard of 2010 – NYC Impeach Mayor Mike

  • Lynn

    You all miss the best joke. Now you will be fined if you put out your garbage or recycling our, while they straighten out THEIR mess. So you can have your street plowed, but your trash must be stock piled “until further notice”. In a major city like this, you can’t have both! Are we getting tax rebates for lack of services.

    • The Truth

      The joke is the PENSIONS. Thats why there is no cash. PENSIONS on STERIODS to pay people for another 50 years who work 20-25 years. Thats glorified welfare. Take the trash and place it in the streets unplowed and burn it. That will at least melt the snow.

    • Michelle

      I saw a sanitation car going by today. Yeah, I thought the same thing, “Are you actually going to give fines after this mess?!” We all have Christmas mess to put out and overflowing garbage pails. It’s terrible!

  • Michele

    Live on Chestnut Ave in Staten Island–still no one came up here to PLOW . Where are the sanitation workers??????? I need to get out my kids are going crazy!!!!

  • joe b

    My street east 10th beytween kings hiway and ave r is not plowed

  • terissa

    bedfiord avenue in sheepshead bay trucks keep going down the street and all the effort neighbors and i are doing to clean up is messed up. i had to clean up after the trucks 5 times today. bedford is fine, go clean up my friends streets in other parts of sheepshead bay, coney island and manhattan/brighton beach where people cannot even come out of their houses! what a waist going up and down the same street messing up side walks all so you can come and give me a ticket for cleaning up over and over again! NYC mayor what a shame, shame on you bloomberg you only care about your city manhattan!

    • The Truth

      Its called easy overtime. Plow what was plowed and leave the other areas alone until they scream then move on and redouble the OT. Its a scam! We need to hire private people then you will see them do it 1000% better.

  • Riki

    What’s up with the service lanes on Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn and all the streets parallel too. I hear sirens and see an ambulance making its way down one block, getting stuck, backing up. 5 minutes later I see the same ambulance trying another move. Then I see two EMS responders jumping out the ambulance, hauling out the stretcher and racing down the block with it. This situation is not about inconveniences. This situation is about life an death.

  • robin

    I live in boro park in brooklyn and the streets have not been plowed you gotta c what’s going on here not one street has been plowed and I haven’t seen a plow either. No emergency vehicles are able to get thru and I can’t leave my house. What the hell is mayor bloomberg thinking? He said he took a tour of the 5 boros if he was able to get down the streets than he didn’t look at the right places!

  • Little girl from Queens

    I think SDNY commissioner should be fired.

    • AJ

      The mayor fancies himself to be the CEO of New York City. Given the city’s response to this storm, among other items on an ever-increasing list of complaints about his job performance, maybe it’s time the “stock holders” have a recall election to remove our problematic CEO…

    • The Truth

      Like BumBerg, Hang em high. CITIZENS really need to get mad. Display of madness will help.

  • Little girl from Queens

    Can someone send these comments to Mayor Mike.

    • The Truth

      We would like to with Hand Grenades

    • Gunny G

      He won’t get them. He is out doing illegal strawman gun buys in other states, in violation of Fed/State laws. Buy he’s rich so it’s all good.

      Nice criminal you NY’ers REELECTED!

  • David Engel

    Windsor Terrace Brooklyn left out in the cold too. All side streets plowed in and abandoned. However, in tony Park Slope I watched for 20 minutes about 8 Garbage Plows roll up and down a clear and dry 7th Avenue and 2 others sit idling for 30 minutes. We know where Marty Markowitz’s real constituants live. City/Government workers and their Supervisors are a lost cause. I am a Chicago native (a NY’er for 10 years) and never saw such a lame response in Chi-Town. Bloomburg is just spinning classic politicalese and running around getting photo ops. Shame on the Big Apple for it’s puny response.

  • Mike

    My neighbors and I were fed up with the clean up. So we went out and shoveled our street clean by hand. 4 home owners providing a service that the city failed to provide. And we still have to pay more taxes. Ain’t that something!!!

    • Margie

      Good for you guys, now send the bill to DSNY! I think 10,000 dollars should do it!!

    • The Truth

      Nice Mike! Now get a refund and see what they tell you Next time all NY-ers from the 4 Boroughs need to command all the trucks and load and dump all the next snow onto Bloomberg LP. Hit his biz. This he will understand. Cut the powerlines that feed his terminals.

  • Sean K.

    The streets in North Riverdale of the Bronx are plowed. Much praise has to be given to NYSD James Power. Thanks JP.

    • Margie

      He must live in the area.

  • P. Amoroso

    CBS Come to Glen Oaks on the nassau border. Year after year my stgreets 76th ave and 77th Cresent are not plowed Never We truly are the forgotten streets of the forgotten bourgh. Even the year Mayor Bloomberg bousted about how all road were cleared, quess what we were not so for us this storm is like all the others no biggy to us. We never did know what a plow looked like. Please com take a look sometime of the forgotten streets of Queens, The truely forgotten streets. Stay safe all. We were told to take public transportation well my son did just that and quess what, after four hours no bus ever came and he had been told to come in Well unforunately that never did happen.

  • ALMA


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