Mayor: Roads May Be Plowed By Wednesday Night … Maybe

Bloomberg Urges Patience, But Many Say The System Broke

NEW YORK (CBS New York/AP) — On the day after the day after, New Yorkers were left wondering what happened. There are still many streets that haven’t seen a plow yet.

“I’m curious as to why none of this has been plowed yet,” one person told CBS 2’s Lou Young. “All the streets around here, very few have been plowed. One was half-plowed.”

“I think they get an F-minus,” said Arlene Buonintane of Queens Village. “I think they really screwed up because, you know, this is ridiculous. You still have ambulances that have to get out. You still have police and firefighters that have to get through and none of the side streets are plowed.”

Mobile 2 Team Reports from Dyker Heights

“This has never been like this. I think it’s because the Sanitation [Department] is short. I’m a retired sanitation worker and it has never been like this,” another resident said.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg blamed circumstance.

“We won’t get to everybody every time. We will make mistakes, but we have to continue plugging ahead. Yelling about it and complaining doesn’t help,” Bloomberg said. “I think you can expect another 24 hours before we will get to everyone and even then I’m not so sure.”

The mayor said 2,700 city plows manned by a reduced Department of Sanitation workforce were all at work Tuesday night, supplemented by other City departments. Young saw a privately contracted plow with a Parks Department worker riding shotgun.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola on unplowed Queens streets

PHOTO GALLERIES: Blizzard Slams East Coast | User-Submitted Storm Photos

 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports

SOUND OFF: Is Your Road Plowed?

The City said it needs more private plows, front loaders and tow trucks. Ambulances have been getting stuck trying to do their work.

“Too many ambulances went down blocked streets, for example,” Bloomberg said. “What they should’ve done was stay at the corner of the main street and then walked down or struggled through the snow to get down, because once the ambulance got in it couldn’t get out.”

Young witnessed one ambulance doing precisely what the mayor wanted. It stopped on a main street so that EMTs could walk down snow-covered side street to assist someone. But in the process their ambulance blocked traffic, including a snow plow.

Outerborough Outrage

The stuck plow driver was clearly frustrated.

“It’s hard. We’re stuck in traffic because people don’t stay home,” he said. “People driving around, getting stuck in the middle of the street. We can’t get down the streets. It’s impossible.”

If you’re not buying this, neither are the folks at the NYC Council or in the borough presidents’ offices. Marty Markowitz was nearly apoplectic over the condition of his Brooklyn borough’s streets.

“We’ve had previous bad snowstorms and the Sanitation Department did an excellent job. Something didn’t happen this time,” Markowitz said.

Residents React to City’s Storm Response

The City Office of Emergency Management, which is normally empty, was activated around 4 p.m. on Sunday when the storm started to settle in. There’s even a stuck ambulance task force that’s been at it since Monday trying to make sense of the mess.

But angry NYC Council members said they think there’s more that needs to be looked into than stuck ambulances. Hearings have been scheduled for Jan. 10.

“I believe we can do better. We expect better. I know we can do better. We did better in February when we had a storm and that was much worse. And so I know this was a bad storm, but the reality is we’ve done it in the past and we should have done it in the last 48 hours but we failed,” said Councilwoman Leticia James, D-Queens.

City Councilman Daniel Dromm shook his head and came short of stamping his feet on two feet of unplowed snow on 75th Street in Jackson Heights, Queens.

“The fact that there has been no plow in this neighborhood at all is a disaster,” Dromm said. “It’s hard to understand why the city was so unprepared for this storm because we knew for a long time that it was coming.”

“This is going on day three and usually what we see is a plow coming down the street on the day when the storm starts, then you see something coming the day after and basically the third day you expect it to be clear but that’s not what happened here,” he added.

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola on outrage over NYC’s response to the blizzard

Some are putting the blame on Bloomberg. “He is not doing what he is supposed to do,” one woman said. “He’s not running the city, we’re wondering what is happening.”

“I think the Mayor must be living in another world if he thinks that the response to this has been satisfactory,” Dromm said.

However, Bloomberg said he understands the hardships the public has faced in the last few days.

“I’m angry too, if your street was plowed the response was adequate, if your street was not plowed the response was inadequate,” Bloomberg said. “We can not do everything all the time and we are doing the best we can.”

CBS 2’s Dave Carlin rode along with plow operators and sanitation supervisors on Tuesday night during their 12-hour shifts.

Residents on unplowed side streets seemed openly hostile.

Carlin asked the operator if he understands the criticism.

“I understand it. I heard it. Unfortunately, it was one of those storms that are one in a million. The sheer volume and the speed it came down and the winds did not help at all,” the operator said.

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One Comment

  1. retiredcopper says:

    “Yelling and complaining don’t help” says Bloomberg. How much you want to bet his driveway & street were the 1st places the city plowed. And if they weren’t, he’d have been yelling and complaining the loudest.

  2. christine says:

    it would be understandable if you never got snow before….but we should be experts by now. the paterns shouldnt change because it had worked in the past.
    and mayor, shut up with your BS excuses!!!

  3. Brad says:

    This is what happens when public workers are allowed to unionize. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were actaully working slower than usual as a way to create outrage amongst the citizens. They are hoping this will lead to the already overtaxed citizens submitting to more tax increases to fund their bloated public sector. Public unions should be illegal.

    1. tnmccoy says:

      Amen to that.

  4. Bob H says:

    I have lived in Brooklyn for 0ver 25 years. This is not the worst blizzard we have experienced, but it is by far the worst response by the city to clean up the snow. I mean 4 days since the snow fell and not one snow plow on my street?That’s what you get with a mayor who doesn’t have to worry about getting re-elected!

    1. tnmccoy says:

      We should also remember that this storm was predicted to be as it was many days before the actual falling and blowing of the snow. And still the City can’t hack it? There was no adequate planning, and the cuts in the sanitation department were ill advised. Cuts to welfare should have been made and still should be made in epic proportions. Start with denying all benefits to illegal aliens. With that money, a fleet of 5,000 trucks could be maintained and then some.

  5. Jimmy says:

    Give the Mayor a break. We only pay him a dollar a year.

    1. tnmccoy says:

      He’s overpaid.

      1. imtoast says:

        Great comeback.

  6. Per Madsen says:

    Meanwhile in Haiti people are dying of cholera…..

  7. Moose Lodge says:

    NYC; collect the back tax money Charlie Rangel owes. That should be about enough to get 100 streets cleaned.

    1. Jullou says:

      Yet they voted him in again. Duh!!

  8. Dumfounded says:

    To the people who feel NYers should shovel their own streets:

    Why should anyone have to shovel the streets when they pay taxes? Yah, we should have to put out house fires too while we’re at it. We’ll just pay taxes for the government to spend the money however they feel like it. Stupid fockers!

    1. how sad says:

      yes, you should plow your effing road if you want to go somewhere. If New Yorkers banded together like a community should, this problem would have not gotten so bad. That said, it is people like you that give government too much control over your lives. Your destiny is in your hands….IT’S CALLED A SHOVEL.

      1. tnmccoy says:

        New Yorkers have banded together as a community. It’s called ‘paying taxes to have sanitation services including snow plowing!’ What planet are you from? Most NYers live in apartments. How are they to plow their own roads? No third parties are available. And the sanitation people WHO HAVE ALREADY BEEN PAID TO DO THE JOB, are falling behind. Yes you have your destiny in your hands: it’s called IMPEACHMENT and public outcry about overspending and overtaxing.

    2. Ness Pa says:

      So because you pay taxes, you are not going to shovel any snow? You’ll rot in your house because manual labor is beneath you now that your paycheck has been picked over by those in power? The ruling elite’s driveways are clear and they used your money to pay for it. They don’t care what happens to you, but trust me – as long as you’re still alive you’ll pay your taxes or go to jail no matter what they don’t do. So if you want your road clear, pick up a shovel. Then demand they lower taxes as they don’t deliver much bang for the buck and you can do better if they just left you and your money alone and got out of the way.

  9. mauricio says:

    The question you need to ask is, what do they do with all the money they spend on snow removal. Is it bloated, overcontacted? Could that money be used more efficiently?

    I already know the answer.

  10. LOL says:

    You would have to pay me to live anywhere near NY. It is full of selfish, me-first, gun grabbing, tax me more corrupt liberals and non-integrating immigrants. It’s a recipe for disaster being an Obama enclave. People are fleeing in droves. I haven’t read any of the snow stories – nobody outside of the rotten place cares.

  11. DBTRN says:

    Didn’t Al Gore warn liberals that they would need snow shoes someday? What kind of weatherman is he anyway. By the way, RINOs don’t do well in snow.

  12. Roger D says:

    It’s all Bush’s fault!!!!

  13. karol says:

    The mayor is too busy figuring out everyone’s daily menu to worry about snow. What’s the matter with you people?

    Also, quit waiting for the government, organize your neighborhood and shovel the snow yourselves.

    1. Layla says:

      THANK YOU for finally pointing out the obvious…..SELF RELIANCE.

      Enough of the Nanny state, folks. Learn to do it yourself.

  14. WORRIED says:


  15. Mike says:

    What if the 8 million people in NYC stopped complained and grabbed a snow shovel and started to move the snow themselves? It was a huge blizzard. Its unrealistic to expect the city to move it all in a matter of days.

    1. Daisy says:

      Ummm, exactly where do you propose the shoveled snow gets placed?

      1. Joe says:

        So, if you don’t know where to put the snow Miss Daisy, do you think the Magical City Workers do too?

      2. Layla says:

        I could give you an idea, but it would probably melt there.

        Have you EVER shoveled your own snow? GREAT way to meet your neighbors!

      3. Craisy says:

        Ummmm, exactly where the city snowplows would have put it – on the side of the street.

  16. Dave Templeton says:

    These east coast snow stories are hilarious. During the summer, when Phoenix endures 120 degrees heat, the evening news quackery fail to report it, it is expected! However they report that Chicago had 98 degrees instead. When the Midwest winter storms force farmers use helicopters to drop hay bales to feed stranded cattle, it is ho, hum more of the same. And then the “Unexpected happens on the east coast – Snow in the Winter time!” Yes, it is truly shocking…or is it? Maybe it’s everyone looking for Mr. Goodbar. Obama, Bloomberg and the nanny government could institute another exception and send them a check for their discomfort!

  17. M W says:

    Mayor Bloomberg… / …President Bloomberg? Hmm…. Looks like he’s better at creating snowjobs rather than handling them.

    Or, the iceberg hit the Bloomberg and it’s sinkin’ fast.

  18. Food4Thought says:

    Maybe they could throw some salt on the roads? Oh wait, I forgot they outlawed salt in NYC because somebody’s uncle has hypertension. Oh well ….

  19. russ says:

    Who elected these people? New York politicians spend money on pet projects, so there’s no money for the fundamental things a city is supposed to do. You keep voting and you keep getting the shaft

  20. Lucky4Awhile says:

    I can’t stop laughing! You fools in New York and California and the Northeast who continue to vote for wimpy liberals who don’t even know how to run a government! You get what you deserve! Sadly, you also affect the rest of this nation! Why don’t you take your utopian socialist ideals, start your own country and leave the rest of us alone!

    1. James R. Edwards says:

      I agree fully!!! The only thing for me is that I am stuck here in Mexifornia. I would give my right arm to leave this Liberal Left Coast. James

      1. Hey_You says:

        Yes, Lucky 4, we would be better off without those Lib-Left states. – – And it’s only a matter of time!

        Believe it!

      2. Aaron says:

        James, why cant you leave

    2. Rex Range says:

      I live in CA, used to live in both the NY area (NJ) and three states you’d call “flyover country.” Everything, even this NYC weather “crisis,” reminds us all that our nation expends more resources and energy on political hatred of each other than on almost anything else (I believe it’s third, behind entertainer hero-worship and sports gambling). This is no way for any of us to live. So I created a plan two years ago that called for the creation of two nations out of the one we today call the U.S.: The Coastal Democratic Union, including the East and West coasts, Minnesota, Colorado and Hawaii, and the Central Federal Republic: Everything else. The CDU would feature open borders, 100% unionized workforce, abortion on demand, no death penalty, all drugs and sex acts decriminalized, top tax rates of 75%, no firm government budget and almost no military presence. The CFR would feature secure borders like most of the rest of the world, right-to-work, limited abortion, death penalty for both murder and sex crimes against children, drugs “relaxed and taxed,” reasonable tax rates, workfare similar to what Clinton enacted, balanced budget and a strong military—which could be contracted, at a profit, to the CDU in time to stop it from inevitably being overrun by terrorists who correctly size it up as an easy target. Dividing this country in two might be the only way to save it—and us.

  21. Ted1203 says:

    The guy that said this is union payback is correct. It’s “see what happens when you cut out department?”. They are like terrible-two toddlers, kicking and stomping their feet when they don’t get their way. Private sector employees have gone thru cuts and are expected to maintain the same level of service to their customers. These union run gov’t entities think then don’t have to do that. We needs a Reagan. Fire them all these money grubbing union leeches !! Then hire somebody who’s unemployed who would be HAPPY to work for a decent NON-UNION wage.

    1. Daisy says:

      Completely agree. Fire them and then the Union “workers” ought to migrate to California, where, with any luck, they can tip the state off the map into the ocean.

      1. imtoast says:

        Don’t you dare send them here, we have enough to deal with.

    2. Tony says:

      Yeah, put the blame on the guys who work 12 hour shifts to move the snow…typical republican; always blame the average joe first.

      1. imtoast says:

        Are you brain dead or just faking it?

  22. Wake Up America says:

    You are getting a taste of what Government run health care is going to be like. You think this storm is bad? Wait till they decide who gets heath care (snow plowed) and who doesn’t.

  23. Mike Connor says:

    You dopes put Bloomberg into office, now suck it up and enjoy you being rewarded for your efforts…dummies.

  24. JungleCogs says:

    Government simply can’t run efficiently; turn this stuff over to private companies who will be accountable.

  25. JungleCogs says:

    Government can’t run things; turn this stuff over to private companies who will be accountable.

  26. Moishe Kahan says:

    Once upon a time there was a man called Mike, who’s arrogance grew bigger & bigger ,it snowballed until it is became a snowstorm, & than Mike it just melted away

    he goes down history as worth $1 a year

    1. rr says:

      yeah, and THEN who are New Yorkers going to vote for. Another left-wing spendaholic!

  27. LagunaTina says:

    I think this would be a great time for Bloomberg to begin dispatching the Unions. This is nothing short a Union payback or don’t some of us realize this? “See what we do for you people”? Keep it Unions. Mayor, now is the time to keep a host of Non-Union supervisor trainers, start taking applications and commence basic training. You will notice something miraculous in that folks that qualify will be ever grateful for the work that pays a decent wage, not a Union wage plus pensions and benefits. The life of Unions are coming to a screeching halt both public and private across America Bloomberg and if you really are entertaining running for higher office this is the only issue that will do this. So set the precedent here Mayor if you’re such a trailblazer. You won’t find a better time. Or in the alternative, America can keep hearing and liking Chris Christie who would at this point smoke you at the polls.

  28. Larry says:

    FDNY Medic
    and some of my collegues caught Sanitation guys sleeping while streets remained unplowed……smh

    I could see residents beating them to death for that.

  29. Freedom_Isnt_Free says:

    Hey, you elected Bloomberg. Now you have to live with the result! Perhaps he decided you all need more physical activity, ie shoveling snow. That along, with no salt, is going to really improve your health!

  30. coldhardtruth says:

    Al Gore Al Gore Al Gore Al Gore!! Yeah, right.

  31. David says:

    Mr. Bloomberg is an inept moron who spent tens of millions of dollars to win a job (term limited) that he by law was not entitled to. All the money in the world does not change fact he is a limousine liberal who is way over his head.

    1. Bill says:

      I love it. A limousine liberal. Not only have you perfectly described the inept moron running NYC, but also his cohort Obama Lama Ding Dong, POTUS. I have been searchinbg for a term more politically correct (haha) than what we refer to him as here in the South.

  32. SHROP says:

    Ha Ha Ha LOL. f ing Newyorkers! EVER HEAR OF A SHOVEL?????????????????????????????????hOW MANY PEOPLE ARE IN NYC? IF THEY WOULD STARY SHOVELING THEMSELVES THEY WOULD HAVE THE ROADS CLEAR IN ONE DAY hOW DO YOU THINK WE DO IT OUTSIDE THE CITY????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOOO FUNNY, i LOVE IT…..

    1. whodat1 says:

      Ah! The shovel ready jobs that were mention by president Obama last year, This is where those jobs are!

  33. Tim says:


  34. Sick of whiners says:

    It’s God who controls the weather, not the government! To all the whiners and crybabies I say, shut up and start to take care of yourselves. What did the people do 100 years ago when there were no plows? Why, I’ll bet they got out and shoveled!

    1. Joe says:

      Hahh! I couldn’t agree more!

  35. fred says:

    since sunday night i seen three plows.
    right on the the corner of 14 st and fouth ave,bklyn
    my jeep is buried.
    i cant dig it out to much snow.
    it,s wednesday and nothing.
    i need a plow to help me.
    mr. wanna be mayor if i lived in manhattan you would make sure my street was clean.
    why don,t leave ny and give a real man the job.

    1. rr says:

      Start voting for a real man…better yet a real lady. Someone like Palin. Women seem to be the only people with any balls in politics. You really make me sick. You get what you new yawkers vote for

  36. Nohbuhdee says:

    I have absolutely zero sympathy for you people. California and New York you get the government you deserve, and this is what you chose. This is what you get when you elect democrats who let the unions call the shots, now you guys can stew in it. I just wonder what you people are gonna do when you government finally defaults on your debt and shuts down, cuz we aint gonna bail you losers out!

    1. RD says:

      Please don’t blame me. I have been trying to get these Liberals out for years, its the Union members and the welfare suck-ups that keep voting them in. I wish I could leave, but no one will buy me house here in the socialist state of New York!!!!

    2. eric in california says:

      yes, exactly. i agree 100%. unions are a celebration of mediocrity; in the past they were important, but in this day of play-pen levels of regulation, they are redundant and obviated.

      want to give union workers a “tax break”? stop collecting dues.

  37. George says:

    Here goes presidential nomination of the Mayor Bllombag.

  38. j. knight says:

    If Bloomberg can’t even run a city, why on earth would anyone think he’d make a good President??

    1. Floyd Bridges says:

      Hello!!!! After Obama, anyone could be president. How much worse could Bloomburg possibly be?

    2. fred says:

      a mayor is suppose to only have 2 terms as a president.
      he bought a 3rd term if you really look at it.
      by doing this he showed just how corupt our goverment is.
      this is why he have no respect from other countrys.
      yet we have the best goverment money can buy..
      what a shame

  39. Rob says:

    This never would have happened when Rudy was in charge.

    1. El gato says:

      What an ignorant comment to go along with all the other whiners. Why do people think the government has control over every natural disaster or the weather? What do you think people did 100 years ago? How do you think the pioneers crossed the country without the government solving every problem? People today are the most disgusting group of crybabies willing to give up their freedom if Big Brother will just wipe their butts for them!

      1. Jim says:

        Why do people think the government has control over every natural disaster or the weather?

        The government has control over the response to natural disasters, Kathleen Blanco. Stupid is as stupid does.

      2. Pete says:

        El gato – your comment is stupid. Rudy would not have allowed this to happen because he didn’t have LIBERALS running things! Duh, walked in to that one ya idjet…idiota!

  40. Private Enterprise says:

    If NYC outsourced the snow removal service to a company that could profit from the snow removal the streets would have been clear on DAY 1 – however you are depending on Unions and there is no incentive to perform excellent work and no loss to the union or city when the work is not performed adequately.
    Day 18 of unplowed snow – who cares, not the union or the bum politicos and what can you do as a citizen – jack squat!!
    Private company you could pay less – or fire and hire another private company or you could establish a performance based pay scale
    Hah – try that with the unions!! Leeches and Bums – Parasites that are bleeding the city dry

    1. rr says:

      A private enterprise would still have to be paid by the city. The point is, New York have the wrong people in government. It IS the city’s responsibility to have the equipment and manpower to clear the street. It’s called UTILITIES. Utilities are what tax payer money is supposed to go toward. New Yorkers never learn. They have their heads stuck in the snow.

  41. Private Enterprise says:

    I live in a suburb Northwest of Chicago – it snows here every year like in NYC – my town has a CONTRACT with a PRIVATE company to perform snow removal – I have a CONTRACT with a PRIVATE company to remove snow from my driveway – our streets and my driveway are always clean – no three day wait for some overcompensated, overpensioned union workers to put down their coffee and plow the street – the PRIVATE companies and PRIVATE workers want to make MORE money so they perform excellently – or they lose contracts – what incentive is there for the union worker and the city contractors – NONE – so you poor slobs wait and wait and wait – so sorry folks but that is why your city is broke

  42. alllen says:

    Again, this is all Bush’s fault…if he would have not cheated during the election Al Gore would have won and Big Al would have solved global warming and cooling for that matter…every day would be 72 degrees

    1. MARKTPATRIOT says:

      Too bad big government Bloomberg diden’t know snow contains salt. He would not have let it snow. For all you fools in NY who keep electing these liberals you got what big government can deliver.

      1. Equalizer says:

        Snow does not contain salt, you clod. Please think before typing so you don’t make the rest of us limited government supporters look like a bunch of stupid yokels.

  43. NannyMayor says:

    But hey, You’re safe from too much salt and trans fats. Right? Priorities.

  44. Bloomberg's Mom says:


  45. IzzyInATizzy says:

    The streets are clear in Manhattan because there is such heat below that it melts. Plus the major international business and finance center is in Manhattan, not Midwood, so of course the City is going to go all out there. If all those able bodied people I saw in the videos would shovel in just their own block, this would not be a problem. Union workers probably slowed down to get more overtime out of the “crisis”. Yeah, they worked 14 hour days – hanging in the trucks drinking coffee reading the newsaper or sleeping.

    1. Pot bellied looser says:

      So what? If the banker’s steal why can’t we??

      1. Maalox says:

        People did not die waiting for ambulances because of bankers.

  46. Concerned for Media says:

    Hey media if Katrina was the fault of George Bush why isn’t this B. Hussein Obama’s fault???

  47. leslie says:

    Guess it’s a good think Bloomberg wasn’t in charge when the towers were hit.

  48. Wang Hung Lo says:

    Bloomberg needs to be run out of town. No Excuses.

    Fuggedaboutit, he has been exposed, caught with his pants down so everyone can now see his shortcomings.

    His is what we thought he was. Over-rated and massively incompetent.

  49. Tax Slave No Longer says:

    Try telling the TAX Collector “it is no use getting angry” if you dont pay your taxes!

    Most NY tax dollars are going to retired bureaucrats! With a shrinking tax base things will only get worse.

    Get out of NY and let the snobs pay for the slobs!

    1. rr says:

      ….snobs pay for slobs….that nails it. Good line.

  50. VotersOfNY says:

    No, we regret your sorry butt Herr Bloomberg. You’re what we call, ummm, what’s the word, oh yeah, disgraceful.

    You’re an arrogant, pompous little piece of dog dung and we can’t wait for you to get out of this city.

    The reason there were problems was because you keep laying off important service workers instead of trimming the fat in adminstration where it’s top heavy.

    Let me ask you Mayor Disgraceful, how many of the workers in the FIVE borough presidents’ departments did you lay off? Don’t bother, we all know it was none or if you did, as usual you started chopping from the bottom.

    As you well know, the Borough Presidents’ departments have had their powers stripped many years ago. Each departmenrt has about 100 staff. With their salaries (and wow they are big) and rent and expenses, it comes to about 50 MILLION a year. Times that by FIVE and you have ONE QUARTER BILLION a year for a department who does nothing but go ribbons and goes to parades and festivals. Man would I like that job.

    Why is Carlo Scissura getting 150k in that moron Markowitz’s office? He got fired from B of Ed for not showing up at meetings. Did you know he failed to show up an important meeting a little while ago? Just his salary alone would let us have a few more cops or firemen. He must be pretty stupid to give up a booming law practice to take a job for 150K or maybe he doesn’t show up, you know, no-show job?

    I wonder how many sanitiation workers, cops and firemen could have been saved for ONE QUARTER BILLION dollars a year. You’re a phony bum Mayor Bloomingidiot. We all know you took our vote away so you could make more money.

    Not many people know you made 6 BILLION dollars in your second term while guys like Gates, Trump and many others lost billions. That’s why you stole the people’s vote on term limits. Sure, just a coincidence that you were mayor of NYC. And I believe in the tooth fairy. You should be investigated, I’d love to see that.

    So keep looking in the mirror and telling yourself what a great person and mayor you are. We all know what a piece of garbage you are.

    This where your money goes people. Wake up.

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