Blizzard 2010: Has Your Street Been Plowed Yet?

Last Updated: Dec. 30, 2010.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — As you all know, a  blizzard walloped the Tri-State Area over the weekend. It is now Thursday and many people are still snowed in and several streets remain untouched.

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Has your street been plowed? Were you able to commute to and from work ?

Please share your comments with us below.

And hang in there!

WCBS 880 listeners describe what’s happening on their block

WCBS 880 listeners tell WCBS 880 “We Need Help”

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One Comment

  1. LEM says:

    Bainbridge Street between Stuyvesant and Lewis Avenues in Brooklyn 11233, hasn’t been plowed yet. A sad state of affairs.

  2. L. Grant says:

    I live in Ozone Park, Queens and have not seen a plow truck since the blizzard started. I’ve miss two days of work and I still get off my block!! When will we see the plow trucks?

  3. Maureen Mitchell says:

    Please send a plow thru 92nd Avenue in Queens Village between Braddock Avenue and 222nd Street. One block down is the 105th Police Precinct and our street is buried! Unbelievable!

  4. Kevin O says:

    Why did the mayors office take charge of removal instead of leaving to the pros…sanitation . What a disgrace. I live on E 73 St. In Brooklyn and have not even heard a snow plow. On E 71 st. there are 7 yes 7 buses stuck there since early Monday morning. The mayor really messed up this one.

  5. Kelly says:

    Judge Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has not been plowed. I’ve called 311 numerous times and can never get an agent and the website is having technical difficulties! I guess if I lived in Manhattan next to Bloomberg’s family and friends my street would be clean. It’s funny how on his news conference he said that fines will be given to residents who don’t shovel their sidewalks, but he can’t even clean up the “whole” city. I’m sure alternate side will be in effect in Brooklyn and the ticket agents will be ready in the streets that will still not be clear!

  6. Smith says:

    Still NO plows in the Sunset Park/Bay RIdge areas of Brooklyn. We are in the 21st Century…this is ridiculous and unacceptable!

  7. riri says:

    no plows in Bensonhurst, none of the Bay Streets from Bay 50th up have seen a plow except Bay 41 wanna bet someone who works sanitation lives on that block.

    Mayor Bloomberg you get a F. People of NYC should dump your ass.

  8. Geoffrey says:

    I live on 111th ave and Springfield Blvd in Queens Village. I need my block plowed. For the greastest city on earth to this, Blommie you should be ashame of yourself.

  9. Tommy Connell NJ says:

    OH MY GOD!!!! Doesn’t anyone understand that we all got hit pretty hard with this storm?!?!?! I live in JERSEY and I had to SHOVEL a 1/4 mile driveway BY MYSELF and I’m not complaining!!! If you don’t like the fact that we may or may not get hit with a massive snow storm, THEN STOP CRYING AND MOVE SOUTH!!!! And for those of you that are gonna say “Well you didn’t get as much as we did!” all I have to say is I GOT 39 INCHES HERE. SUCK IT UP AND DEAL PEOPLE!!!!

    1. Brianna says:

      Bloomberg needs to help clear the snow in Brooklyn more because he is only focusing on Manhattan. I live in Mill Basin and you cant even enter my block. People cant get to work and there is no way to get anywhere unless you walk. A police car got stuck in front of a supermarket. Someone needs to fix this problem.

  10. NYcitizen says:

    when we dig our cars out of the snow, Bloomberg wants us NOT to throw the snow into the streets! Lkie where am I supposed to put it? In my trunk, back seat and my pockets??!!??! He is so out of touch with the people of this great City! I can’t stand him!

    1. queens resident says:

      he only cares about manhattan(his baby)….

  11. Kim H. says:

    236th street in Rosedale (Queens) has not been plowed. THIS IS NOT COOL!!!!

  12. ginnasean says:

    Middle Village – 75th Street between 58th Road and Caldwell Avenue – hasn’t seen a plow. i am sure manhattan is in pristine condition – but again, the boroughs get slammed – sounds like the storm of 67 when lindsay was mayor

  13. Nancy Kroll says:

    Help, I live at 87-07 Springfield Blvd in Bell Park Manor, my development says
    they cannot shovel my street b/c they will be fined, but I work in a hospital & had to get to work this morning at 7AM. My street is a small narrow street that the big plows cannot get down. Years ago my development plowed this street & they also have not cleaned out the driveways either. so who is suppose to shovel out this street???? My development has many, many senior citizens.

  14. Nicole says:

    New Dorp beach in Staten Island – our street has not been touched by a plow! And there certainly aren’t vehicles blocking the street as the mayor claimed. Couldn’t get to work in two days.

  15. Carrol Mondesir says:

    249st and 87th ave in Bellerose, Queens.

  16. Moving soon says:

    WOW!!! do I live in Forest Hills or the Arctic Tundra? Not a plow in sight,but plenty of stuck vehicles and po’d people. This wouldn’t happen upstate-they got it right. Bloomberg? MTA? Sanitation Dept.?– there’s plenty of blame to go around…and , by the way, our MTA fares go up in 2 days!!!! I’m so outta here….

  17. Cindy says:

    44th st btwn 9th and 10th. You’ve gotta see it. I have pictures but not sure how to upload on the mobile site. NYAS bus stuck so plows not only couldn’t get through but gave up completely so now the street is blocked at 10th by an eight ft mound. Haha. I made it our own dog park.

  18. Dave H says:

    Whitestone is a mess. The Q15 bus on 154th and the Cross Island Parkway is still there. All side streets are a mess!! Where are the plows 24 hours later??

  19. Virginia H says:

    tuesday at noon and still no plow in sight. Not the first time for us to be last to be plowed. Thank god for no emergencies.

    1. v hutchison says:

      Brick NJ that is.

  20. Linda says:

    Astoria snowbound

    I Live on 47th street between 34th avenue and broadway and my street have not been plowed and most of the side streets have not seen a plow at all. Luckily i have a fantastic job that is allowing me to work from home. If not for that i would not be getting paid. This needs to be taken care of righ away.

  21. Ramiz Rafailov says:

    I live in Bensonhurst and it is just terrible. Barely any street here has been plowed. It is just terrible. I was walking by 20th Avenue and everyone was just really angry. There was a sanitation truck stuck and the driver told the people to “f” off and that he wasnt moving until his truck is pulled out. Brooklyn is neglected. The city is cleaned but everything else is messed up. This is ridiculous!

  22. Andrea Hurst says:

    Belle Harbor- Queens NewYork. This was day 2 NO BUS SERVICE or SUBWAY service to get to work. The main street was finallyt plowed late
    last night (NEWPORT AVE) Most side streets are still not plowed.. There was NO
    preparation with salting and no presence as in the past of snow trucks. We and
    other didi not see one before or during the storm!

  23. karl segers says:

    St.Albans Queens. I am tired of hearing about NJ,Brooklyn.What about us? We are literaly at a stand still. Trucks,MTA buses,cars stuck and we cant move!!!

  24. Anna says:

    Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Parrott Place from 86th Street through 92nd Street not plowed at all. All Streets from 7th Avenue to Gowanus and from 86th St to 92nd Street have NOT been plowed at all.


  25. Mermaid says:

    Queens is the forgotten land. Not plowed 77th Street in Middle Village Queens. The best is that a plow actually came down the block with the plow up.

  26. Volodymyr Stefanyshyn says:

    In Jersey City Armstrong Ave beetween Garfield and Ocean Ave was not plowed since late Sunday night, unable to go to work to JFK airport for two days now.

  27. Christina says:

    My Queens neighborhood has not seen a plow yet. On 50th avenue between Hollis Court Blvd and 188th street in Fresh Meadows has not been touched. There are snow mounds everywhere, making it almost impassable. No salt, no plow, nothing. We didn’t even get mail delivery yesterday.

    However, to be fair, I’ve lived here 20 years and 50th avenue is never plowed until the 2nd or 3rd day of a snow storm. Its a travesty that I have unfortunately become accustom to. Whats worse it that the plow will come once everyone has finished digging out, making us have to dig out again.

    Its a problem that I see every year, even when everyone else is plowed my neighborhood is forgotten.

  28. George D says:

    We have not seen a plow since the snow began falling. My street, Ionia Avenue and the entire south shore of Staten Island has been forgotten. Today is the 28th. Let”s see how long it takes for a plow to come through!

    1. Diane Lucas says:

      I totally agree; Rossville hasn’t yet seen or heard a plow/spreader. But, thanks to a private citizen and his front-end loader, Mason Blvd. now has one lane cleared. So, whoever you are, thanks for being a good neighbor!! Knowing what’s happening, I’m very grateful.

  29. mike says:

    villanova lane, Dix Hills plowed

  30. Mary says:

    214-07 WhitehHall Terrace, Queens Village, NY not plowed yet… when can this be expected…..

  31. Y says:

    Manhattan beach in Brooklyn has not been touched. Everyone is stranded in their homes. We have yet to see a plow. This is horrible!!!!

  32. Tanika says:

    In Brooklyn on E. 52 between Avenues L & M. The street has not been touched. There are 4 sets of families in one house -we’ve been rationing food.

  33. Dave says:

    Mayor Bloomberg should be removed from office for this. His teams response boarders on criminal. If this is the way they respond to a snow storm, god forbid they had to deal with another 9/11! People should really wake up.

  34. George Martinez says:

    Had to carry my wheelchair bound mother 4 blocks to a major intersection in order to get her in my car and to her dialysis clinic… 175th and 178th streets between Hillside and Jamaica avenues have yet to be plowed. This is ridiculous… I’m not a Giuliani fan but at least he knew the city needed to get moving again after a snowfall.

    1. lc says:

      i am sorry that you and your mother had to experience that nonsense, but this is true. Giuliani never let us down. This is defitnatley a wake up call for all of us. God forbid an emergency concerning our safety and security had occured, then what?

  35. SUSAN says:

    please clean my street, 130TH STREET, COLLEGE POINT

  36. Steve says:

    We haven’t seen a plow yet here, on the side streets of Allerton Ave, on Hone Ave, in the Bronx. 311 does not answer it’s phone and lt’s web site is having “technical” difficulties so we can’t even call for help

  37. lauren s says:

    i am in flatlands/old mill basin on east 54th between ave n and ave o. we havent even seen a plow on the avenues and we live near a sanitation garage!!! we have family staying over with their 18 month old and they have been stuck here and cant get home 25 min away in long island because the street is unplowed.

  38. Park Sloper says:

    4th street in Park Slope, Brooklyn has NOT been plowed, nor have any of the side streets in Park Slope! I haven’t seen a plow come down my block since early Sunday afternoon. This is the worst response to a blizzard that I’ve ever seen in this city.

  39. Don says:

    Staten Island has been left out! Richard ave off of Hylan Blvd has not seen a plow at all. My parents are killing themselves trying to dig out the cars. Terrible.

  40. Tiffany Webb says:

    FLUSHING QUEENS – !55th Street between Northern Blvd. and Bayside Ave.

    It’s 12:16 pm and not one plow has come in the area

  41. Ruth says:

    I live on Burns Street in Forest Hills, NOTHING has been plowed and we are senior citizens that need to get out for our medicine. Please help!

  42. George Bailey says:

    29th St in Queens. All is well. Great Job NYC! I think everyone else needs to accept sometimes it snows and NYC is a big place. Sit back, relax and enjoy the fact the beautiful weather.

  43. A says:

    Boro park, Brooklyn has not been plowed – neither the avenue nor the side streets.

  44. China says:

    McBride Street , Far ROCKAWAY , Queens NY …. The main streets got plowed .. but what about the residential Streets ???

  45. NutellaNut23 says:

    Our street hasn’t been plowed, I live on 184th ST and 64th Avenue in Fresh Meadows.

  46. Cathy says:

    Flatlands, Brooklyn – Only Flatlands Avenue, a snow emergency street, has been plowed (many, many times). The rest of the avenues and side streets have yet to see a plow.

  47. flipgirl says:

    Bloomberg should be impeached!!! I live in Woodside and none of our secondary streets have been plowed. I can’t believe the response was this bad. This is an absolute disgrace. Lots of people can’t go to work even today. Please don’t vote for Bloomberg in the next election. I know I won’t.

  48. Madelon Jonas says:

    Another Bensonhurst report here. It is a war zone. The street we live on has snow on it to the point where my five year old would get lost in it and he is very tall for his age (almost as tall as most 7 year olds). There is a car that was abandoned in the middle of the street. Neighbors reporting no bus service on Bay Parkway and the N is not running. I am appalled at the response we are receiving — or lack thereof. A call to the local non-emergency number for the 62nd about the abandoned car received a response of try walking to 20th Avenue and check out all of the abandoned cars over there. I tell our son that we live in the greatest city in this country — but right now — I am not so sure.

    1. Madelon Jonas says:

      Please note — The call to the 62nd was made after a call to 311. After 30 minutes on hold, we were told that they could not help us as the city of NY does not help abandoned motorists. I again explained that the car was blocking the street and had been left by someone else and was not ours. I was then asked if there was alternate side of the street parking regulations in effect on our street. I questioned the operator on this as the 311 recording (as well as the text messages I receive from informed us that alternate side regulations were suspended due to the snowstorm. I was met with a long pause. To avoid further issue, I told him that we were on a Thursday/Friday Street. At that point we were able to move forward — the fact that there was no alternate side of the street regulations in effect due to the storm did not seem to matter. A report was filed. It was then that we called the local non emergency number for the 62nd.

    2. rena says:

      Willmohr Street in Brooklyn ny 11212 and surrounding blocks have not been plowed

    3. minette says:

      My road, Bradford Street, between New Lots Ave and Hegeman Ave is a terrible site. The main road which is New Lots Avenue is real bad. It has not been plowed. Zip code 11207.

  49. Sal says:

    E. 14th St and Ave L in Brooklyn. 12:00 PM, no plows. But we better shovel our sidewalks or we get a ticket!!

  50. ruth says:

    Ive lived on the same street in Queens for 20+ years. This is the worst response by far. No plows at all. THe buses aren’t running to the train stations.
    TO add insult to injury those of us who work for the City are being harrassed by our Commissioners for not getting to work on time. Sorry, we don’t all live in Manhattan

    1. The Truth says:

      In Forest Hills the plows came through at 1:30 this morning and again this morning at 7 with a salt spreader behind it. Main Ave is clear now. Very slow response through.

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