Sanitation Crew Crushes SUV While Freeing Snow Plow

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Drivers are doing whatever they can to get stuck vehicles out in the aftermath of the blizzard, but one City sanitation crew in Brooklyn may have gone too far, John Marshall reports.

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On the street in Brooklyn Heights a sanitation crew struggled to pull out one of its snow removal vehicles. The tug of war against the snow ended with the front end loader smashing into a parked SUV. The outraged wife of the vehicle’s owner, who didn’t want to appear on camera because her husband works for the City that owns the damaged vehicle, spoke with CBS 2 Tuesday.


“There should’ve been a City official here. There should’ve been a supervisor. This was unacceptable disregard for personal property,” she said.

One witness told us as the accident unfolded it only seemed to get worse. “They seemed so concerned about just ripping the mirror off. They put a note and everything. And then they went and just destroyed this car.”

“Myself all my neighbors outside were screaming stop before they even started, and they totally disregarded us and they said they were told to move the vehicle no matter what the cost,” the wife said.

And it is a high cost to pay, in both insurance premiums and body work.


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  1. Chriss25US says:

    The city makes rules for only the people to follow… clean your walkway immediately; clear all snow off your car; do not block a mailbox, etc.

    They’ve lost the concept that the govt. is there to serve the people. Rules should be established that if a city emplyee willfuly damages property the should get fired… if streets aren’t cleaned of snow in a reasonable time then the person on top of the ladder gets fired and so-on until the streets are clean.

  2. Andrew says:

    for the amount of taxes new yorkers pay you’d expect the place to be cleaned up in no time- where is all that money going???

  3. Michael H. says:

    What’s a city owned vehicle doing parked in a residential neighborhood overnight during the storm? Has the city employee been using this “Official Use” vehicle to commute to and from work? Is this allowed, and if not, is it commonplace? I think there are more questions here than just “How much damage was done to these vehicles?”.

  4. fritz says:


    1. Alex says:

      see how you’d like it if it were your car

  5. Paul Morris says:

    Rego Park and Forest Hills are all but FOR GOTTON !!

  6. Brian Gaffney says:

    Where is the National Guard? We have soldiers and heavy duty trucks in Ft. Hamilton and Ft. Totten???

  7. Snow is too damn high says:

    We need a Mayor from the “Snow is too damn high” Party!

  8. Senta Peade says:

    This could only have happened in New York City, the world’s biggest garbage dump.

  9. arn says:

    Can’t believe people asking for Rudy Rudy Rudy like he wasn’t just a lucky fraud taking credit for others people’s work

  10. Mike Smith says:

    How is this even possible? We’re in a global warming heat wave of unprecedented warming, unknown to man since the dawn of time. The SUV was was entirely at fault and deserved to be crushed under the weight of the global warming snow monster! Serves you right SUV monster from global warming hell!!!!

  11. Lost Snow Plow says:

    Where is Rudy?!



    1. Terry says:

      We’re all glad you don’t live or come here too.

      1. Mike says:

        Ditto…..if more of you outsiders didn’t come into the city us New Yorkers would be a hell of a lot happier!

  13. otto says:

    Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

  14. The Truth says:

    They should be fired for one. Next since we are paying for all those Civil workers have the FDNY hitch a plow along with some NYPD tow trucks. FDNY love to ride in the trucks to go shopping so its in their MO too. Utilize unused resources. Beer time can wait!

  15. N. Isaac says:

    We live in Midwood, in Brooklyn, and are outraged that our block, as well as others in our neighborhood, and nearby Marine Park have yet to see a snow plow as of tonite, Tues eve. Even the main thoroughfares have not been cleared!! What has happened to our city? There seems to be a total breakdown of services.

  16. mike says:

    if half of you idiots would watch the news you would know that the city is 400 sanitation workers short and you can thank bloomberg and the deputy mayor goldsmith for this …dsny did not have the man power for this type of storm

  17. Ruth says:

    Bloomberg is too busy telling you what you can and cannot eat and banning everything he thinks you should not have to worry about plowing the snow from your streets, Yuck, Yuck, Yuck. That’s what you get for voting the idiot in!!!

  18. David in NYC says:

    Just for the record, Mayor Bloomberg will go down as one of the greatest mayors in NYC history. I’m a middle-income Manhattan resident with two kids in public school, and I thank G-d everyday that he’s in office and not one of the corrupt, career politicians that NYC specializes in producing.

    1. m says:

      Errr,all our schools are over crowded,and you lost no less than 4 hospitals in the last 4 years,in manhatten alone.
      That’s not including all the hospital closures in other boros.

      There is no hospital on the west side between roosevelt and nyh downtown… many blocks is that ? As st clares and st vincents are,oh yeah gone .So pray you and your kids never get sick on west 12th st,as it will take a half an hour to get you to either of the cloests hospitals.

  19. Dave W says:

    As of 8:10 December 28 81st Street between 7th and 10th Avenue in Brooklyn is impassible. Plows have passed the street today but didn’t even attempt plowing it. Guess no one will be able to move their car until after the new year. What happens if a fire truck or ambulance has to get through?

  20. Philo Beddoe says:

    You New Yorkers a=voted for Bloomberg. You get what you deserve.

  21. NYmike says:

    Jane Byrne

  22. Michele New Englander says:

    I just created this page on facebook as a way to vent your frustrations or brainstorm an idea as to how to fix what is apparently broken. As a former NYer and one who visits often enough….let’s just say i have a vested interest in making sure this beautiful and wonderful city doesn’t circle the drain…..Please go to facebook and search for…….

    Blizzard of 2010 – NYC Impeach Mayor Mike

    1. m says:

      I will be there in a sec !

    2. M says:

      Can you post a link michelle. I searched,nothing but snow photos.
      I did get a petition someone started to impeach him though. I signed it

  23. pp says:

    it’s not just 1 car. no less than 2 cars damages, the explorer is clearly totalled. the car in front of it has been torn from it’s place and will sustain both physical and mechanical damages. our tax dollars will pay for it, but not before city bureaucrats will suck the life out of these vehicle’s owners. but again, it’s just 2 cars. city’s “response” to this storm will cause many more of these, hundreds, perhaps more. paid for by the blank check written by NYC’s taxpayers and signed by city’s negligent bureaucrats. how many millions will this amount to? the city has to be held liable for this criminal negligence, for accidents, the lack of response, lack of services, lack of brains….

  24. David says:

    E. 38th Street between Avenue R and Quentin Road (Brooklyn) has not been plowed as of 6:50 PM December 28. What happens overnight when the snow becomes ice?

  25. Michael says:

    E 17 Street b/w Ave Y and Ave Z was no cleaned from snow due to the Truck
    stuck leaving the dock area of the Super Stop & Shop store located at
    1710 Ave Y, Brooklyn, NY 11235. Truck is stuck for 3 days. We called the store and been told at first that they expect help from Pennsylvania. How do you like it? 311 did not take the complaint and sent us to call the police. No luck so far. Please help.

  26. Susan Lynn says:

    Little Neck, NY
    No plow in sight… We’ve got elder people on the block and if there were an emergency, I question whether the emergency vehicles can get through on time! And generally, if someone had an emergency and needed to get to the hospital, we can’t even get to the ER on our own! We’ve had blizzards worse than this one and we’ve never been left unplowed for this long! The MAYOR needs to do a better job!!!! This is unacceptable. When Mayor Giuliani was in charge, this was never the case!

  27. ARE YOU Serious from SI says:

    Sanitation Dept is useless… it has been 2 days, no plow in sight…. why do we pay taxes for these idiots…for what…. We had to use our little snow blower to clear the street…. 7 hours later the street is still not cleared so we had to PAY someone to plow it for us… They Commissioner… for not doing your Job AGAIN.

  28. Helen says:

    On 38th Street in Astoria, Queens, the plow trucks finally came down our block… too bad they didn’t have their plows down AT ALL… Two trucks came down this block from 20th Rd. at the same time, neither one of them put their plows down. What were they up to? Some kind of joyride?

  29. JOEY B. says:


    1. m says:

      You want to buy a bridge in brooklyn ?
      Just like we all really NEEDED the H1N1 vaccine .

    2. DtotheBizzo says:

      As support personal. Like ummm….fixing broken plows and chains.

  30. DONNA ALLIE says:


    1. DtotheBizzo says:

      Really? Sorry, but there was no job action. It’s called a blizzard. High winds that put snow back on the road after the plow cleans it to blacktop. Almost 2 feet of snow in parts. Add in idiots with nothing better to do than drive in a blizzard and get there cars stuck. How would you get a plow down a already narrow street when there is a car stuck there. People throwing snow back into the street when they can put it to the side. Thats illegal by the way.

  31. M says:

    Its not sanitations fault they’re 400 short.Look to our Fuhrer …aka mayor.
    He’s RUINED this city ,and has the GALL to claim to be the greatest mayor we’ve ever has.
    What a joke.

  32. Paul Kohloff says:

    get over it ,nobody hurt your car will be fixed,from x hwy worker

    1. StopCrying says:

      Voice of reason…thank you.

  33. new lamby says:

    You people are totally missing the point. Just because there a few individuals who are not appropriate, one can not infer that all sanitation workers are acting poorly. The people on this blog should stop catagorizing all New York City workers as dumb and stupid. I for one am proud to be a city worker.

    1. sara says:

      For those of you that are screaming sanitation isn’t doing their job this is an example of what they are encountering … I am sure this was not done on purpose its just the conditions that these guys are facing… they are city workers not miracle workers….

  34. ELU says:

    imagine if there was a sing that said no standing anytime..DOHH!!!

  35. midi-man says:

    Bloomberg should buy them all Lunch now and tell them what a great job, and he can increase more of our tax dollars to pay for the Vehicle.

    One day the Financial wizard of a mayor will figure out that no matter how much money you through at a corrupt system it can never fix its self and he really needs to do some hands on administration like the last mayor and reality check.

  36. Jones says:

    I love the fact that at the end they had to throw in that the Mayor states “IF” the plow actually hit the vehicle……Is he blind or just plain stupid?

  37. LifeLong NYCer says:

    Bad yes…but not really a big deal. The owners will file a notice of claim with the city and be reimbursed for the damage. Though, they better not hold their breath…it will be months before any payment is processed. Amazingly, I was bragging to my friend in Philly about NYC’s typical quick response to snowstorms…of course, this was way before the worst was over. City trying to save a buck, this is what you get…an inadequate response.

    1. Snow Bound says:

      The City owns the SUV! It is a big deal, the money to fix/replace it comes out of our pockets.

      1. BJ says:

        That’s true, they just ripped apart their own vehicle really

    2. M says:

      Its not a big deal until its your car.

      1. StopCrying says:

        You’re obviously a high strung little girl…in that everything affects you adversely. It’s a car…it will be fixed or replaced. That’s it. If you want to rant about something, rant about the slow response, people falling, lost business revenue. Otherwise, stop crying.

    3. StopCrying says:

      Bunch of cry babies. The car will be fixed or replaced…regardless of who it belongs to. Not the first or last time. People here like to rant about nonsense when in fact, there are far more pressing matters to deal with. Stop your effing crying!

      1. m says:

        Well,I hope its your car next time,but I’m betting you don’t drive.
        Am I right ?
        So may some really expensive neccisary item of yours be plowed to bits by the city,totally putting you out while its being fixed. No harm no foul.
        Let us know how that works for you while you wait for it to be fixed and replaced,and do all the paperwork,and talk to insurance morons on the phone.
        In ALL accidents,its fixed and replaced,but the car owner sure as hell didn’t need the headache .

  38. Lando says:

    Same thing happened to me a few years back during snow removal on a city street. Not one New Yorker stepped up to say they winessed the $7000,00 in damage NYC Sanitation did to my car.

  39. Jets Fan says:

    This city stinks from the top down. Thank God the exalted Bloombag bought his re-election. What would the lumpen proletariat do without his effective mgmt?

    1. Roger says:

      ever wondered where the stupid kids from high school ended up?

      1. TastyJon says:

        Yeah, except Bloomberg is a self-made billionaire who chose to step aside his job and do some public service.

    2. m says:

      He’s changing the 2 year term limit back to how it was. You know,the way he did so Guillianni cldnt run for a 3rd term,BEFORE he became mayor,but then forced himself upon us for his 3rd term illegally.

      SIG HEIL !

  40. bob says:

    what a bunch of overexcited liberal new yorkers thats why they call it an accident they are hard working sanitation workers no a nascar crew

    1. Jay says:

      an accident happens in an instant, this was stupidity dragged out.

    2. bubba says:

      The only accident Bob is you were left to live,what a f-n moron

      1. m says:

        If the streets had been plowed in a timely manner,it wouldn’t have happened at all.
        Ask our fuhrer why sanitation is down 400 ,but its good for the city.
        He’s saving us money while spending 300,000$ on and anti salt campaign !
        I wonder if you sit ifo Gracie mansion,and eat a cup o noodle while drinking a coke,can you get arrested ?

    3. Devenio says:

      Idiot – an ACCIDENT implies something that wasn’t done in purpose. These HARD working demolition workers purposely intended to damage that car. Even after they were told to stop by the car owner they continued their criminal mischief. They should be charged with a crime.

  41. The Good Samaritan says:

    I guess its park at your own risk at this point.
    Totally ridilculous actions by the sanitation.

    Can the video be admissable n court?

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

    1. M says:

      Well it was implied on the news that given the city knew what was going to hit us,a warning abt leaving yr cars on the street shld have been issued,but weren’t.
      There’s going to be an internal investigation they said.

  42. edy says:


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