NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Drivers are doing whatever they can to get stuck vehicles out in the aftermath of the blizzard, but one City sanitation crew in Brooklyn may have gone too far, John Marshall reports.

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On the street in Brooklyn Heights a sanitation crew struggled to pull out one of its snow removal vehicles. The tug of war against the snow ended with the front end loader smashing into a parked SUV. The outraged wife of the vehicle’s owner, who didn’t want to appear on camera because her husband works for the City that owns the damaged vehicle, spoke with CBS 2 Tuesday.


“There should’ve been a City official here. There should’ve been a supervisor. This was unacceptable disregard for personal property,” she said.

One witness told us as the accident unfolded it only seemed to get worse. “They seemed so concerned about just ripping the mirror off. They put a note and everything. And then they went and just destroyed this car.”

“Myself all my neighbors outside were screaming stop before they even started, and they totally disregarded us and they said they were told to move the vehicle no matter what the cost,” the wife said.

And it is a high cost to pay, in both insurance premiums and body work.

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