Service Disruptions Remain On LIRR

MINEOLA, N.Y. (CBS 2) — Mass transit around the Tri-State finally began to move again after the blizzard brought the commute to a standstill but many suffered a long ride to work Tuesday morning and were set to face much of the same for the afternoon.

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The LIRR said service is not fully back up to speed and commuters were already saying that’s an understatement. Officially there is limited service on the Babylon, Port Jefferson, Port Washington, and Ronkonkoma lines.

Service was still suspended on the Jamaica, Far Rockaway, Hempstead, Long Beach, Montauk, Oyster Bay and West Hempstead lines.

Several commuters had been waiting for hours with no trains and no information. “There is so little information, actually there’s some information, but as of yet, it’s all proven to be 100-percent incorrect,” said LIRR commuter Anderson Clark.

“They said at 11 o’clock, there were four lines in operation. Well, obviously they’re not. So the information given is as bad as the airlines,” said commuter Bruce Cole.

Sharna Jenkins and her family were just ending a two-day odyssey up from Georgia and trying to get back home to Baldwin with little LIRR service Tuesday morning.

“We got to Penn and we were there for about two hours waiting for trains. There were people everywhere and no trains. And they finally opened up a train for Huntington. So that’s it. Now we’re just trying to get home,” Jenkins said.


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  1. Jose roseiguez says:

    Any news on the LIRR to westhamptons from Jamica.

  2. Mrs.B. says:

    I’m hearing a lot on CBS News about delays on LIRR and Metro North, but what about the NYC Subway system? People who rely on the B and Q trains like I do here in Sheepshead Bay are completely trapped as both lines have been suspended for 2 days. The busses are not running, but even when the rare one comes along, there is no place to wait for it because there are 4 foot piles of snow at the bus stops. The N train is out. The D train is out. These aren’t delays, these are complete suspensions of service. My husband can’t get to work and neither can my mom. Not everyone has paid personal days for this sort of emergency, and critical workers like ER nurses can’t get to work.

  3. fed up says:

    is anyone really shocked? these inept people prove time and again that they are not capable of handling ANY sort of crisis…and here comes a fare increase!!!!!! What a joke! And,say….how are those new switches that were installed during weekends doing????

  4. Dan says:

    LIRR really cant handle thiese storms..they have failed over and over.

    No announcements….people standing on platforms for 45 minutes then to be greeted by an overcrowded train that you cannot board….

    They had ample time to plan and have been through this before…..

    No excuse..

    And we have to get hit with the increase in January….

  5. Willa says:

    The train pulled out of Great Neck at 9:12. People had been waiting for over an hour and a half. Unacceptable.

  6. Willa Lewis says:

    Long Island Rail Road lied about Port Washington service. We waited an hour to no avail at Great Neck. I gave up and went home since I am too cold to wait any longer. We were not given any information. Hundreds of people waiting on a freezing platform. Disgraceful.

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