Outer Boroughs: You Abandoned Us, Mr. Mayor

Snow-Bound Residents: Bloomberg Only Cares About Manhattan

NEW YORK (CBS New York) — Streets throughout the city remained untouched by snow plows Wednesday, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg said his administration will concentrate more equipment on residential areas where the problems remain.

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“We will not rest until every street in this city is cleared,” Bloomberg said.

New York’s sanitation commissioner said most of the streets in the still-snowbound city will be plowed by 7 p.m., with every last one done by Thursday morning.

1010 WINS reporter Juliet Papa talks with Brighton Beach residents.

1010 WINS Reporter Al Jones talks with Staten Island residents who are still digging out.>

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports

Bloomberg said things were improving. Fifty city buses were still stuck in the snow Wednesday, down from 600 a day earlier. Some 1,200 extra laborers had been hired to shovel out crosswalks and bus stops.
Bloomberg said he couldn’t explain why this storm proved so tough, compared with others in the past that seemed just as severe.
“We had the same plan with the same equipment,” he said. “The question is, ‘Why didn’t it work this time?”’

SOUND OFF: Is Your Street Plowed?

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola on problems at Flushing Hospital

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports from Park Slope, Brooklyn

Three days out from the storm, the misery is getting old, especially in the outer boroughs where residents want a piece of the mayor.

“I’d like to tell him that all of his focus should not be on Manhattan. And although tourists do give us revenue from tax dollars, I’m a taxpayer here and I would prefer my street be done so my husband can go to work and I can go to work,” one woman stuck in traffic told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

Though some streets in the most neglected areas of the outer boroughs, like Middle Village, Queens, were attended to on Wednesday, residents said that hardly gets the mayor off the hook.

“No, I don’t think so. I think he will be remembered with this,” one man said.

Over in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn some streets were cleared, but, again, the anger did not subside.

“How come Manhattan is clean and this one is not clean, if he feels for my neighborhood?” one woman asked. “I pay taxes, too.”

Bobby Corona told Guzman the plows started coming through his Throggs Neck neighborhood about 4 p.m. on Tuesday, but when told the mayor said he cares about all parts of the city he wasn’t satisfied.

“I doubt that seriously. I think he’s only concerned about Manhattan,” Corona said.

On Oakland Street in the West Brighton section of Staten Island, streets were somewhat cleared after plows started coming through on Tuesday night, but, like with many of the other New Yorkers Guzman spoke to earlier, the anger remained.

“He said last night that everything was pretty good now because the theaters were open. Who cares about the theaters?” the man said.

PHOTO GALLERIES: Blizzard Slams East Coast | User-Submitted Pictures

It’s not just pedestrians that are struggling, either. It’s scores of city buses, and even worse, emergency vehicles, that are stuck.

“Too many ambulances went down blocked streets, for example,” Mayor Bloomberg said. “What they should have done is stay at the corner of the main street and walk down – or struggle down,” Mayor Bloomberg said.

WCBS 880’s Steve Knight in Park Slope, Brooklyn

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola with State Senator Malcolm Smith

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola on the storm that hit Mayor John Lindsay

Some local lawmakers are demanding hearings and a formal investigation into what went wrong when the snowball was dropped.

“People can’t get back and forth to work, and we need to understand what happened and why. This is just the beginning of a very challenging winter season, and if this is a sample of what we can expect from the administration when we have bad storms, then we have a serious problem and we need answers – and we need answers now,” said State Sen. Malcolm Smith.

On Wednesday, Bloomberg also said he’s “extremely dissatisfied” with how the city’s emergency response system performed during the post-Christmas blizzard. Ambulances got stuck in the snow trying to answer 911 calls, and more than 49,000 calls swamped 911 operators in one day. That’s the 6th busiest day in the system’s history.

“It seems these calls overwhelmed the system,” Bloomberg said.
The mayor said the city needs to focus on clearing unplowed streets after the storm, and “we’ll do the post-mortem afterwards.”


One Comment

  1. Elmar says:

    This is a complete disaster right around Holiday time city officials failed miserably In Modwood Brooklyn all side streets are deadlocked nobody can get in or out Since we outsource everything now days may be we should outsource city services to Asia as well I am sure they will do much better job at keeping this city running All NY politicians care about is their fundraisers and personal corrupt interests

  2. Bernie Sanders says:

    I learned today that the reason the city was not cleaned was because the supervisors who were taken off the job and made to clean did only what was told of them to do in retaliation against the mayor .. I mean to be honest you still have a job .. people died because of this and others were stranded you should be ahamed if you took part in this, do your job or leave !

  3. Plow My Arse says:

    can someone pls plow me?

  4. Joe says:

    I’m watching Mayor Bloomberg’s press conference and I still think he is coming across as very arrogant about this whole situation.

    I’m in Queens, in Middle Village, and most streets around me still have not been plowed. He really doesn’t care about the other boroughs besides Manhattan.

    1. Cold in Queens says:

      Ya, I too am from Middle Village. Its really stupid. 80th Street & Eliot Ave have been plowed about 6 times every hour since the storm, but the side streets sit untouched still! The main streets are FINE, with the amount of traffic they get the cars will melt anything that’s out there. Get to the side streets already.
      And as far as Manhattan, Not surprised, the outer boroughs are merely peasants to do Manhattans bidding. Little they forget, Brooklyn and Queens would be #2 & #5 largest cities in US if they stood on there own. So we are no minority when it comes to residents and taxes. With out our tax revenue Manhattan would still survive but not as vibrant.

  5. Patricia Zaccoli says:

    Bensonhurst Brooklyn still has not been plowed out. There has not been a truck down our street once since the beginning of this fiasco, and don’t blame stuck cars, our streets arefree to be plowed. No excuses!!! Mayor Bloomberg and the City have failed miserably!!! 😦

    1. Brooklynite says:

      My street in Bensonhurst hasn’t seen a single plow or car pass by for that matter since Sunday. Add the fact that D trains just started to run today and N trains not running still, how are the people in this neighborhood suppose to get to work, doctors, grocers, etc.

      I arrived at work in Soho this morning and I see Sanitation workers shoveling the sidewalks out by hand. Why don’t they try getting people moving in the four other boroughs first?!

  6. Rich Scorce says:


    1. Millie says:

      You’re right, you can wait there before your play starts!!!!!

  7. ray says:

    Hey Midget Mike; YOU’RE FIRED!!!!!!

  8. BYRON says:

    Mike Bloomberg doesn’t care about about Black people

    1. whitey says:

      I don’t think he care about any people but reach. Do not try to put this as another case of racism….

  9. Martin says:

    Bloomberg has sacrificed all NY’rs aand his political career. I live on W104th in Manhattan and still is not plowed, getting around is dangerous. Christine Quinn, can you hear me?

  10. Nora says:

    As of today no plow truck or nothing in that matter came on St Marks, Ralph and Buffalo in Bklyn yet. There has been a santition truck stuck on my block since Sunday at 10:30pm no one has came to check on the truck or toll it from the middle of the street yet. There is alot of elderly residents that lives on the block. Never in my 42 years on this earth seen anything this terrible help us please.

  11. Schmellma Arss says:

    Yes, it’s rough, but at least no one is smoking.

  12. Ophelia Crack says:

    New Yorkers have a lot in common with France, they both crank out good whine.

  13. Gadget says:

    No plows but our property taxes and water bills go up every quarter without fail. When the streets are clear, I’d like to move to Florida. Fire the Mayor-incompetent ass.

  14. Katie Ilana says:

    I want to thank Pablo Guzman for coming to Middle Village, Queens yesterday to do his report on the unplowed streets. My poor neighbor has a sick child and can’t get to the doctor’s office.

  15. Farley Family says:

    88th Ave in Woodhaven Queens between 80th Street and 85th Street HAS NOT SEEN ONE PLOW YET.

    Come the next election- we have 5 voters in this house and we will remember the local government officials who HAVE NOT HELPED US.

    1. James Valler says:

      Do you think they care? If you, I have a bridge to sell you – not far, just over here in Brooklyn.

    2. Kate says:

      Please tell me what your local officials are suppose to be doing that they are not? SHOVELING? Come on!

      The problem is Bloomberg spends money in places he shouldnt!( BC You know we needed those glass bus stations that keep getting broken ) Keep laying off sanitation workers and expect 1/2 the people to due double the work???


  16. Principal Skinner says:

    Where is Homer Simpson when you need him? Mr. Plow that’s my name. The name again is Mr. Plow.

  17. Jimmy says:

    I never thought that Mayor Bloomberg would do any imitation of Mayor Lindsay. BTW we pay enough in taxes. We just aren’t getting our moneys worth.

    1. Bronx resident says:

      Bloomberg is not only sucking the heart & soul out of this city with his cold business one track mind but he’s now endangered lives, In 2006 Feb 11 & 12th we got 26 in of snow and he opened the schools the following day, I have no doubt he would have done the same if not for the break, the day after this storm he was so busy telling people the city was open, come to Broadway etc he forgot people would actually listen, A snow emergency should have been declared, oh but that would cost the city money, between the ticket blitzes and his strangling small business owners I have had it with him

  18. Marie says:

    The condescending attitude and I could care less approach from the mayor leave a lot to be desired. Take in a broadway show? Hot chocolate in the park? What planet is he on…might as well have said let them eat cake…

    he needs a real wake up call- there is no regard whtsoever for the people of this ONCE great city of NY.


    1. Lawrence Zg says:

      well this will be his last term.. so.. do you think he will gives a F?

    2. mack says:

      Marie…..when heard your comment of 12Noon News…..brilliant!!……CBS should replay again…..think you should also post it on NY1 for the program ‘the call’.
      loved it…….it’s says it all!

  19. alyss says:

    You people need a hurricane! Stop complaing – this is nothing!

    1. Pablo says:

      Wow, why do out-of-towners keep saying things like this? Uhhh…we aren’t complaining about the weather. If you’d actually take the time to read and understand the posts, you’d realize we are complaining about our city’s inadequate response TO the storm and our mayor’s lackadaisical attitude about said response. If incompetence prevented you from getting to work or from getting emergency services, I’m sure you’d be pretty angry too. And by the way, you are missing about three letters from the word “complaining”

  20. Lawrence Zg says:

    Why only go for park slop?? do they know how big is Brooklyn? Why don’t you guys come down to bensonhurst?? non of the streets were plowed. Today is the 3rd day already.. Thanks Bloomberg.. apparently there is only Manhattan in his damn mind is consider NYC!!!
    P.S no everyone can use the public transits for work!!!!! so next time when you make some stupid comments on TV you better think twice..

    1. Lawrence Zg says:

      sorry typo.. “NOT” everyone can use public transits for work!!! Thanks Bloomberg

  21. FIRETHEMAYOR! says:

    MAYOR BLOOMBERG.. You blew it. This will be your Katrina… Wait till they find an elderly person dead cause nobody could get to them… You should be ashamed as mayor!!

    1. fred says:

      Brooklyn College has had plows going sine sunday. Why does the city give them plows for a school that is in vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what about the people that are stuck?

  22. laura says:

    I am sitting by the window in midwood brooklyn on avenue m ..no plows have been through this main street btw ocean parkway and coney island ave.there are now about 6 cars allstuck in the piles of snow.lets pray we dont need any ambulances here today

  23. vinny p says:

    In Maspeth Queens by 52nd Ave/69th Street, plows replow 69th street multiple times and still are, while 52nd Ave remains unplowed after 4 days! Looks like the strategy is to replow plow main streets again and again , and save the secondary street for overtime.

  24. angry says:

    NYC is an all out joke i am moving out of here. thank god.

    1. the BerZerker says:

      Meetings are all well and good but they don’t get my street plowed!

    2. Joe says:

      I think many share your sentiments. I’m glad I will be moving out of NYC to Nassau County in the next month. The streets were plowed out there the day of the storm.

  25. Reggie Abraham says:

    I am 75 years old – and needed to get some basic groceries. I am three blocks from a major shopping avenue – so I was foolish enough to venture out yesterday. It took me nearly two hours to climb over mounds of slippery snow – rescued from serious falls at least four times by good samaritans behind me.

    There have been NO PLOWS on Avenue P in Brooklyn, between Ocean Avenue and points east. The sidewalks have NOT been cleared – other than mine and two neighbors. Sidewalk of a landmark owned by the NY historical Society on my street remains un shoveled. I

    Cars parked along the avenue will be unable to drive out. The unplowed snow is more than a foot high. Oh please…I was a kid during the blizzard of 1947, that was far worse than this…and we were fine a few days. This is the most horrendous response I have eve seen in all my years. I’m stranded now…and don’t know when I will be able to get anywhere till the spring thaw. I kid you not.

  26. midi-man says:

    Don’t ask there is only one Borough now it’s call Manhattan.

    I want a refund on my property taxes for services that were not provided.
    Take it out of your Billions you have.

  27. Witold Duda says:

    It’s time Mr. Bloomberg to give up your post, or you should be impeached. Enough is enough

  28. pp says:

    At 8:40 AM on Wendsday, December 29, America was discovered – that is the first DSNY plow came through 78 St bet 18 & 19 aves in Brooklyn since Sunday’s storm, nearly 4 days later. It rolled through the block with a plow raised at least 2-3 feet over ground, barely touching any snow. It did appear to get stock in it’s own tracks several times, but pushed on and left. And now I wonder – why? All this hard work showing up on an impassible block which now ever so miraculously remains impassible? Hey, let’s buy these fellas lots and lots of lube – may this dry jerk end for them!

    1. pp says:

      It just hit me – this had to be DEP! Let’s clean our air first! This has to be due to global warming. I guess the city decided to remove air pollution first, then the snow, unless it melts by then. Global warming is dangerous, people – the air is so polluted that city officials’ brains have melted!

  29. Sheila says:

    Does anyone remember the ice storm we had March 2, 2009? If the city streets would have been salted, there would not have been a problem the following day. However, there was a thick ice sheet on the streets, and a lot of careless driver in a rush causing accident after accident. I am certain nobody complained about that day because the streets were not blocked. Take a toy away from a child and they will cry…very loud. Since people cannot get to where they want, the way they want to get there; now they are crying about the street conditions.

  30. Muriel says:

    Hello out there…the Rockaways are not just for surfing…no trains, no buses, no plows…we can’t leave our homes….is anyone listening? Send plows, thanks!

  31. Glenn says:

    A plow just came through 85 Drive in Briarwood..I called the NYPD as it must have been stolen.

  32. Nick says:

    Unbelievable! As of Wednesday 7:30am the North bound entrance ramp to the Hutchinson River Parkway in Co Op City, has still not been plowed! I helped an elderly man dig his car out of the snow when he got stuck trying to get on the Northbound Hutch. I couldn’t stop the car that entered highway going the wrong way! What reason could there be for such disregard of our community? King Mike you should step down. I regret you being our mayor.

  33. Glenn says:

    Mark excellent point and also the truth…………..this has to be a slowdown by the Department of sSitation but Bloomberg will not admit it….Why isn’t the media bringing this up????????????

  34. Susan Kimerling says:

    I live in the midwood section of Brooklyn on East 16th street between I and J. Thought I had great access to public transportation but what a mistake. I have access tothe B and Q trains, but they are suspended. Have access to B11 ab=nd B6 buses, but suspended as well. same for express buses BM1 and BM3. and my street was not plowed and can’t get car out of the garage. 3rd day in a row and cannot get to work. Irony is I work for the city and will probably not get paid either. Why are the trains not working? it is 37 degrees? When is the MTA expecting to get these trains going?

  35. Jean says:

    It’s Wednesday morning, and still not a single plow has come down 86th Avenue in Richmond Hill, Queens. No plows down any of the side streets either, 104th and 105th Streets are still completely blocked. The only sound we heard all night long were spinning tires for all the cars that got stuck. My sister-in-law was able to drive to Long Island from Boston yesterday, and we still can’t get out of our driveway. This is an embarrassment.

    1. The Truth says:

      They are ignoring your area. I am in Forest Hills and they plowed my street about 6 times now. They are clocking in OT.

  36. Naomi Sorscher says:

    We live in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, East 7th St. Between Ave I & J. We have’nt seen a plow since Sunday. The mayor lays blame to the people for slowings things down. He should be ashamed of himself. His arrogance and lofty attitude are disgusting.

  37. V HUYNH says:

    Woohaven, I live on 88th Road between 80 street and 85 street in Woohaven Queens no plow truck since Sunday when snow fall, up to today the street still
    over 2 feet of snow and no car can pass by, no mail delivery. I unable go to work because of the mess.
    How long we have to wait for flow truck, please help…..

  38. life is good says:

    How much help would the reported $800 million that Mayor Bloomberg blew on his “City Time” fiasco have been if some of it could have been put toward emergency response and snow removal activity rather than into the pockets of of wealthy associates?

  39. life is good says:

    Mayor Bloomberg claims the city did everything that could be done? Not even close: A snow emergency should have been declared PRIOR to the start of the storm which would take all but essential vehicles off the road. A request should have been made for the National Guard to pre-position at firehouses & EMS stations with personnel, 4-wheel drive trucks, military ambulances & snow removal equipment prior to the start of the storm. A partial re-call of off duty Firefighters not only to add a 5th Firefighter to all Engine Co.’s but to also staff and place into service all of the ‘Reserve” fire apparatus which would have increased emergency response capability. A 3rd E.M.T. & shovels should have been assigned to every ambulance in the F.D.N.Y. system. National Guard units should have been assigned to assist the response of ambulances & fire department units to life threatening emergencies. The mayor dropped the ball and I suspect a big part of it was the result of an out of touch, Corporate CEO type personality who is in over his head when it comes to preparing for and dealing with a major emergency. No one is blaming the snow, just acknowledging the old saying, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!”. Unfortunately, in this case failing meant many people suffered, some died and some lost their homes. You failed Mayor Bloomberg it’s time to own up to it, the buck stops with you.

  40. The Good Samaritan says:

    Totally ridiculous…

    Anyone whose cars got damaged due to the poor snow removal response should nbill NYC

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

  41. Danny says:

    There are no cut backs, DSNY just hasn’t hired anyone in over three years so you have a work force operating at half strength, maybe if the Mayor spent our tax dollars on things we need instead of bike lanes and cafes in Times Square we would be able to get to work but I honestly don’t think he cares. Haven’t seen a plow in Maspeth since Sunday.

  42. Lisa Williams says:

    I live at 831 Gerard Ave, Bronx, NY I am between 158th & 161st Street, 2 blocks from the Courthouse and I guess we don’t exists. There are several disabled or semi-disabled people in my building including me

  43. Rachael says:

    Red Hook, Brooklyn-Still no Bus service!! Day 3 and things don’t look good. What’s gong on. Did Bloomberg and the sanitation dept forget that people need to get to work.

    1. John says:

      Hi Rachel i hear ya they still did not even come down to plow Coffey st Between Van brunt and Ferris st 5 foot drifts all around and still can get into work because of the B ^61 not running Thanks Mister money bags Mayor

  44. Plow Man says:

    Hahahah I made a killing these last 3 days plowing the streets of the outer boroughs. Been making over a grand a day. People are paying $50 to plow their car out. Thanks mayor Mike

    1. Brooklyn says:

      another one prying on the needy any wonder why the country is in such bad shape years ago you went out to shovel and everyone helped each other out

      sad really sad

  45. Curtis Persaud says:

    My Brooklyn neighborhood (Pine Street) has not seen a plow since the snow fall, guess my tax doesn’t count or may be we should just change all the monkeys in power and put people who could actually think like business man.

  46. NKode says:

    How comedic it is to see a New Yorker complain.You expect miracles to happen on a shoe-string and fragile budget. The city needs to start contracting out some of its seasonal services. Then you’ll see how quickly snow removal can be performed.

  47. Dorothy says:

    109th Street at the intersection of Myrtle Avenue and Park Lane South is another forgotten area. We have not seen a plow.

  48. Harris, Rochdale Cooperator says:

    Does Southeast Queens exist to anyone? Ridgewood and Queens Blvd do not make up the borough of Queens. When will the plows get to Rochdale Village circles, Bedell Street, Springfield Blvd, Linden Blvd, etc? This Mayor needs to be impeached!! What happened to all that overtime money we paid to the sanitation department to be on alert for 12 hour shifts before the storm started? What happened to the pretreatment salt process???? WE NEED HELP IN SOUTHEAST QUEENS. We have had no mail delivery for 2 days. The postman is supposed to come whether it is rain or shine/ snow, sleet or hale. How did they get 2 snow days?????

    1. mmmike says:

      Are U kidding? ridgewood has not seen a plow yesy. and its no where near queens blvd.

  49. vinny cucchiara says:

    I saw your report on middle village this morning. I would like to let you know that on 84th place we still have yet to see a plow. all the streets around this hill are blocked. I had to walk 9 blocks to get groceries yesterday. my suggestion would be to to get all the indoor malls in the area to offer free overnite parking so these streets could get cleared

  50. Mark says:

    I want to know if this was a deliberate slowdown by the union members of the Department of Sanitation. If it was, then they should be sued on behalf of all the residents of Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. If they threw a hissy fit because of cutbacks and put us in danger in case of medical emergencies or unable to get to our jobs, then NY’s Strongest deserve to lose their jobs and then some.

    Come on, news media. Do your jobs! Was this a deliberate slowdown by the Department of Sanitation? We, the taxpayers (who pay their salaries), have the right to know.

    1. Michael says:

      You are right Mark. The City and it’s workers are generally lazy and incompetent anyway. The City owns TONS of heavy equipment, they just don’t employ anyone whom has the ability and/or desire to operate the equipment efficiently. They should all be fired, saving the Taxpayers billions, and replaced by contractors hired by the City. Contractors always operate more efficiently than City workers because contractors get paid to get things done. City workers get paid to show up.

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