Outer Boroughs: You Abandoned Us, Mr. Mayor

Snow-Bound Residents: Bloomberg Only Cares About Manhattan

NEW YORK (CBS New York) — Streets throughout the city remained untouched by snow plows Wednesday, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg said his administration will concentrate more equipment on residential areas where the problems remain.

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“We will not rest until every street in this city is cleared,” Bloomberg said.

New York’s sanitation commissioner said most of the streets in the still-snowbound city will be plowed by 7 p.m., with every last one done by Thursday morning.

1010 WINS reporter Juliet Papa talks with Brighton Beach residents.

1010 WINS Reporter Al Jones talks with Staten Island residents who are still digging out.>

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports

Bloomberg said things were improving. Fifty city buses were still stuck in the snow Wednesday, down from 600 a day earlier. Some 1,200 extra laborers had been hired to shovel out crosswalks and bus stops.
Bloomberg said he couldn’t explain why this storm proved so tough, compared with others in the past that seemed just as severe.
“We had the same plan with the same equipment,” he said. “The question is, ‘Why didn’t it work this time?”’

SOUND OFF: Is Your Street Plowed?

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola on problems at Flushing Hospital

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn

1010 WINS’ John Montone reports from Park Slope, Brooklyn

Three days out from the storm, the misery is getting old, especially in the outer boroughs where residents want a piece of the mayor.

“I’d like to tell him that all of his focus should not be on Manhattan. And although tourists do give us revenue from tax dollars, I’m a taxpayer here and I would prefer my street be done so my husband can go to work and I can go to work,” one woman stuck in traffic told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

Though some streets in the most neglected areas of the outer boroughs, like Middle Village, Queens, were attended to on Wednesday, residents said that hardly gets the mayor off the hook.

“No, I don’t think so. I think he will be remembered with this,” one man said.

Over in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn some streets were cleared, but, again, the anger did not subside.

“How come Manhattan is clean and this one is not clean, if he feels for my neighborhood?” one woman asked. “I pay taxes, too.”

Bobby Corona told Guzman the plows started coming through his Throggs Neck neighborhood about 4 p.m. on Tuesday, but when told the mayor said he cares about all parts of the city he wasn’t satisfied.

“I doubt that seriously. I think he’s only concerned about Manhattan,” Corona said.

On Oakland Street in the West Brighton section of Staten Island, streets were somewhat cleared after plows started coming through on Tuesday night, but, like with many of the other New Yorkers Guzman spoke to earlier, the anger remained.

“He said last night that everything was pretty good now because the theaters were open. Who cares about the theaters?” the man said.

PHOTO GALLERIES: Blizzard Slams East Coast | User-Submitted Pictures

It’s not just pedestrians that are struggling, either. It’s scores of city buses, and even worse, emergency vehicles, that are stuck.

“Too many ambulances went down blocked streets, for example,” Mayor Bloomberg said. “What they should have done is stay at the corner of the main street and walk down – or struggle down,” Mayor Bloomberg said.

WCBS 880’s Steve Knight in Park Slope, Brooklyn

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola with State Senator Malcolm Smith

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola on the storm that hit Mayor John Lindsay

Some local lawmakers are demanding hearings and a formal investigation into what went wrong when the snowball was dropped.

“People can’t get back and forth to work, and we need to understand what happened and why. This is just the beginning of a very challenging winter season, and if this is a sample of what we can expect from the administration when we have bad storms, then we have a serious problem and we need answers – and we need answers now,” said State Sen. Malcolm Smith.

On Wednesday, Bloomberg also said he’s “extremely dissatisfied” with how the city’s emergency response system performed during the post-Christmas blizzard. Ambulances got stuck in the snow trying to answer 911 calls, and more than 49,000 calls swamped 911 operators in one day. That’s the 6th busiest day in the system’s history.

“It seems these calls overwhelmed the system,” Bloomberg said.
The mayor said the city needs to focus on clearing unplowed streets after the storm, and “we’ll do the post-mortem afterwards.”


One Comment

  1. John says:

    According to the Wall Street Journal : New York City’s response to the monster snow storm has been hampered by Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision to reduce the Sanitation Department’s workforce as part of citywide budget cuts, the head of the sanitation workers’ union said Monday. The Sanitation union’s president says they are down 400 workers.

  2. nicholas of crown heights says:

    In my opinion,what we have here, is a classic case of the “Stalin effect”. Competent individuals at the top level of city governmement would prefer to allow this metropolis to be buried under an artic blizzard rather than defy the will of his grace the mayor

    1. CHItownTIGGA says:

      An astute observation from one punk ass nigga!

  3. Frustrated says:

    It’s 11pm Wednesday night and my street is still not plowed in Queens. Since the blizzard I only saw one plow come by and I have no idea what it plowed cause it looked the same after it left. When I wake up I hope they finally figure out how to clear my street!! They really dropped the ball this time.

    1. CHItownTIGGA says:

      what we got some autobots up in this joint? plows supposed to be changing up?

  4. Anon says:

    This man sums it up nicely: http://bit.ly/gaXsrS

  5. Astoria says:

    I live on the border of Astoria & Woodside in Queens on a busy ave & saw two UPS 18 wheelers on two separate occasions (this ave leads to BQE) stuck infront of my building yesterday, 2 buses stuck the day before & traffic jams of cars thinking they can get thru if an 18 wheeler cannot. All this despite the fact that on Monday late night 3 plows rolled by one behind the other apparently they plowed the air. Finally plows came by late last nite (Tuesday) several times & now the street is pretty clear. However, they did not go down the side streets here either. Bloomberg wasn’t my mistake though am living with his incompetence. Where are the council members from Queens? Peter Vallone Jr.? Christine Quinn? We see you both around here for election events at our large coop complex guess your streets haven’t been plowed either?

  6. Tax-paying Queens Resident says:

    This definitely appears to be an orchestrated slow-down by the DSNY! And how obnoxious and insensitive of those of you who say Queens residents should stop complaining and stay home for three days. Some of us cannot afford to be docked three day’s pay…perhaps if we had Bloomberg or John Doherty’s money we would be afforded such a luxury, but such is not the case for most of us.

  7. Becky says:

    Just ignore the comments from those who think that the city did a great job. Family members of city employees, people who had their streets plowed early, renters and residents outside the outer boroughs do not understand. You only ensourage them to write more.

    1. Jennifer H says:


      1. Ashley says:

        Becky you are a wise woman! All these ignorant people who praise Mayor Idiot probably had their streets plowed as soon as snow hit the ground! And Jennifer, I’m glad you can spell thanks for sharing!

    2. Ashley says:

      Becky you are a wise woman! All these ignorant people who praise Mayor Idiot probably had their streets plowed as soon as snow hit the ground! And Jennifer, I’m glad you can spell thanks for sharing!

  8. Laurie Ann says:

    My husband and I work very hard to pay the taxes we pay. We are not rich, but strive for a better life. I lived in Brooklyn for 30 years, so do not speak to me like a person who does not know how the system works. This is the first time in many years that Nassau County has been cleaned-up before the city. We never complained, so take it easy, or shut it and grab a shovel and go to work!

  9. Sally Martino-Fisher says:

    To you Ashley, please do not tell me what I can or can not write under comments since, they are my comments. I did not direct your comments. If you can’t write an intelligent comment without being sarcastic then you should not respond to anyone. I am truly sorry for your ignorance.

    1. The Truth says:

      You need to remember that you do not pay local taxes. Factor in private school and you have a bargain. Your property size is 2 to 3 times more than mine. So before you like to say 13G’s do the breakdown first. DSNY on most days really do not do an 8 hour shift. Like the NYPD and FDNY most of the time its glorified welfare. Trying to get a golden pension after 20 or 25 years. Fire everyone and restart everything. People would kill these days to get a position and then revise to a 401 K system.

    2. Ashley says:

      Sally, sarcastic you say? Nahhhh just giving you a reality check since you live in a bubble! If you read my comment you would see that my anger was negated towards your dear sweet mayor who believes that telling people to “go see a broadway show” will make everything better! Should I feel sorry for the village idiot who does nothing to help the hard working people of New York! All this clown cares about is our tax money and how he can spend it “making Manhattan a better place” So before you go preaching you should come take a look at my block. Ohhh and one more question, if I decided to take the mayor’s advice and “go see a broadway show” will he send me a limo? Since my car is buried?!!!!!

      1. Sally Martino-Fisher says:

        Ashley, yes I say sarcastic you are definately. You can’t run around telling everyone who disagrees with you they live in a bubble of ignorance. I am 67 years old and you haven’t seen half of what I have gone through in my life ignorant I far from. You want to talk about family my husband was in the service for 10 years to fight for your rght to speak but, not to call everyone who will not agree with you ignorant. My son a New York City Firefighter after 10 years burned his lungs in afire protecting the City of New York and the people who live there. My daughter is a nurse helping people, my other daughter is a private school teacher, and yes my son-in-law works as a supervisor for the DSNY. I worked in numerous positions and one of them was district manager in the borough of Queens therefore, I do not always agree with the decisions the Mayor or City makes but, in this case I really feel that they tried there best. They may have needed to do some things differently but, that does not mean what they did was wrong. The Sanitation Commissioner is one of the best City Agenciy Commissioners. I refuse to conduct this conversation any further with someone who will not allow freedom of difference.

    3. Ashley says:

      Sally, eriously get out of this bubble of ignorance you live in! People died!!! I’ll say it again because you seem extremely slow, People Diedddd because ambulances couldn’t get through the unplowed streets! Do you watch the news? If not then you should! Maybe you can go and offer your condolences to that lady who lost her baby OR the woman who lost her mother waiting for Help that couldn’t arrive because your dear sweet mayor decided to play God and choose where he wanted to plow!

      1. CHItownTIGGA says:


  10. Sally Martino-Fisher says:

    I would like to reply to Jackie and whom ever else wants to make a statement when they do not know what they are talking about. My son-in-law’s salary is not in question especially since he has a new born baby and several other children he would rather be home wth then working. Next he does in fact pay state and city taxes and is not getting a free ride for anything. He is a very hard worker and makes sure your streets are clean.

    1. sandbagged says:

      That’s wonderful, Sally Martino-Fisher.

      Can you ask your son-in-law why so many people in all neighborhoods of the city are witnessing such strange actions from the sanitation plows? Plow blades not lowered, going over the same stretch of cleared road repeatedly, idling for an hour, etc. ?

  11. Laurie Ann says:

    I do not rent, I own my home. I pay over $10.000 in taxes. If your boss does not understand, get a new job! You are making assumptions and you know whatthey say when you assume. So, find a good telivision show, sit back and enjoy the snow!

    1. Anon says:

      If you are paying $10,000 a year in taxes to do not live in the outer boroughs. People can not afford to just quit a job in this economy. But if you can affors $10,000 a year in taxes, you do not have to worry about that.

  12. MJ says:

    It is the Mayors attitude that is the most annoying. He has no sympathy for people in the outer boros and for people who aren’t as rich as him.

    1. Ashley says:

      I agree with you 100% Bloomberg is a village idiot. His arrogance is not appreciated and his empty promises mean nothing! He is a cruel man! People died because ambulances couldn’t get thru the unplowed streets and all he can say is “take in a Broadway show…” what a PIG

  13. Laurie Ann says:

    People are complaining about the streets, but I am watching the television, and those same people did not shovel their own sidewalks. My suggestion to all of the DSNY and Bloomberg bashers is to move to FLORIDA!

    1. Angry says:

      My sidewalk is shoveled and there are no stuck cars on my block. Are you related to a sanitation worker. I pay taxes for services like street plowing and when the Mayor says that Manhattan and the Bronx are plowed but not Queens and Staten Island or Brooklyn I get made. There are 5 boroughs in this city. Stop hiding in Manhattan Mayor.

      1. Jackie says:

        Agreed. The only reason no one is getting any tickets for not shoveling their sidewalk is that the sanitation police can’t get there cars (not SUVs) out of their parking lots. It’s amnesty for the lazy, since no one can get around.

      2. Laurie Ann says:

        Dear Angry, You must know who I am by the comment you made. At least when I comment I use my name, and do not hide behind an alias. Yes, my brother-in-law works very hard. I made my comments on what I saw on television earlier today, and by some of the ignorant comments on here. If you want to make another comment at least have the guts to post your name to it. Agreed Jackie!

    2. jk says:

      You are either related to a DSNY or city worker – OR you are a renter. You don’t pay property taxes and have repeatedly get lousy services in return. My boss soesn’t undersatnd that I can’t get off my block and that my bus doesn’t run. So sit in your apratment and love the snow.

  14. maria reveron says:

    The last 5 storms the city had the salt was down before the snow fell.This time the snow fell and so did the trust of its civilians with no hope in sight just a brush of of false empathy by the very mouth that had the power to prevent tragedy to begin with

  15. maia(my-e-a) says:

    I live on east 56street between church and snyder ave. in brooklyn still no plowing!!!!its crazy I couldn’t send my child to daycare. Cars stuck in the middle of the road!!! Its ridiculous!!!!! Angry resident, MAIA (MY-E-A) PAUL

  16. Sally Martino-Fisher says:

    It must be wonderful to be a Monday Morning Quarter Back because, that is what some of the residents in New York City are acting like. My son-in-law is a DSNY supervisor in East New York, for last two nights he worked digging out ambulances, and fire apparatus. He has been working starting Sunday at 6:00 p.m. until 9: a.m. and every day since then. Maybe there are some problems however; the Mayor, Commissioner Dougherty, and all the DSNY workers are doing the best job they can. DSNY has the best Commissioner throughout the City Agencies. As a district manager I worked with him and he is the type of person that works hard to get the job done. CBS just showed Floral Park Queens and Floral Park Nassau County, and wanted to know why Nassau County was all cleaned up and across the street in Queens was not. If Queens residents would like to pay the taxes paid in Nassau e.g. 13,000 what I pay, then they also would have cleaned streets.

    1. midi-man says:

      Sally our taxes have gone up 18.5 or more percent since our piece of junk mayor has come in. We don’ pay as much taxes as you but that is your fault you should have not left the city or the bourough.

      Also it should not take 13,000 in taxes to get one lousy block plowed. If you multiply 3.000 k x 60 houses on each block we pay a lot of taxes here also.

      This piece of junk Mayor has got to go. ASAP!

    2. sandbagged says:

      Sally Martino-Fisher,

      Serious question: can you ask your son-in-law what might be behind all these plows people have been seeing going up and down uncleared streets with their plow blades not lowered enough to actually plow snow? Or the trucks that are idle? Or the trucks that go back and forth again and again over already plowed roads, ignoring severely unplowed roads nearby?

      I don’t disagree that people were idiots to drive in the the blizzard and get stuck, but the sanitation crews seem to be engaging in bizarre practices.


      1. Jackie says:

        Better yet, ask your son in law what his sallary is. And how much it is costing us and the next three generations that will pay for his no contribution pension, and free ride on health care for life. Oh yeah, isn’t he not taxed on the state and city level?

        Tax paying citizens = customers. Unfortunately we can’t get a refund for lousy service.

    3. Ashley says:

      Dear Sally please refrain from writing nonsense on this message board! Should we feel sorry for your son in law’s overtime money?! BooWhooo! Bloomberg and his entourage are Village Idiots! All they care about is Manhattan! Innocent people died because ambulances couldn’t get threw the unplowed streets!

      1. Jennifer H says:

        I guess you should have been one of the people helping to dig out ambulances that were stuck. Nobody asked you to feel badly for my husband, but I will tell you that these men and women work extremely hard. I will also tell you that you coould have earned the same money he did if you worked for the Sanitation department.

      2. Ashley says:

        Jennifer H, my oldest son in stationed in Iraq and my youngest son is a fire fighter so spare me your speech on how “these men and women work hard” If you paid enough attention to what I wrote, then you would have seen that my anger was negated towards your dear sweet mayor who does nothing to help the hard working people of New York! All this clown cares about is our tax money and how he can spend it “making Manhattan a better place” So before you go preaching you should come take a look at my block and your right I could’ve helped dig out ambulances BUT instead I was too busy shoveling driveways for my 85 year old neighbor

  17. Nina Meditz says:

    I live in Middle Village and it has never been this bad. I think an investigation should be done by CBS not the Mayor and find out what was really the problem. They usually start salting the streets and plowing as the snow falls to keep ahead of it. This whole week has been a disaster. They just got around to plowing my street (79 St) Thursday and I think they only got to Middle Village because CBS News was reporting about our streets (Thank You). Please send marcia Kramer to look into the reasons why the sanitation wasn’t on top of things. Was it a work slowdown? It’s impossible that things went so wrong this time AND people died because the snow was not cleaned up for ambulances to get to certain streets! PLEASE look into this and give us the truth!

    1. MV Rocket says:

      See below – MV Rocket. It all depends on which street has the juice with Sanitation. My street’s stats are below. It does me no good to have asphalt on my street yesterday, when once I leave my block I can’t drive a few blocks away to 79 Street because all the other streets are horrible. You must not have any sanitation workers living on your block and persoanlly taking care of it.

      Tell CB5 at the next meeting, or get Holden to chime up about this.

      Sanitation corruption.

  18. Anon says:

    He basically admitted that only the Bronx and Manhattan are plowed as of this morning. I guess the taxpayers of Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island don’t mean anything to him.

  19. Tarell heard says:

    The mayor don’t have to worry about anything he lives in a million dollar pad n his street is plowed but our regular or low budget houses aren’t

  20. christine says:

    Plows should not have been stuck if the streets were being plowed throughout the storm! the city sat on their fat bottoms and waited the storm out otherwise 3/4’s of the city wouldn’t have 2+feet of snow in their streets!

  21. DeltaForce says:

    Tire chains on police, fire, ambulance and even city buses – where WERE they, sitting in the city garages or warehouse? They’re NOT installed unlike previous storms & blizzards – we had plenty of warnings to be prepared according to the Mayor and his top management.

    Tire Chains !! City buses & ambulances abandoned, stranded and stuck in the snow CONTRIBUTED to the blocked streets and roads as much as other cars – many were essential employees that must drive to try to get to their work or job.

    1. DeltaForce says:

      Just learned that one of our family friend’s elderly father die as an indirect result of the city’s failure – Bath Ave, Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn – 1 mile from Coney Island Hospital – on Monday. Called 911 for ambulance, took over 2 hours to dispatch and unable to reach the house in time, stranded crew due to the snow – now family is in mourning & making funeral plans.

      Whether it might’ve made a difference had he been taken to the ER, we will never know for sure. But, it was a matter of life & dealth, not about Broadway Play & enjoy a day off.

      Tire Chains !!

  22. Bobbi Giordano says:

    I bet Mayor Bloombergs block is cleared. Has anyone asked him?

    1. Ashley says:

      A village idiot is running NYC! And ofcourse his block is cleared don’t you know he only cares for himself and the rich

  23. Bobbi Giordano says:

    I ber Mayor Bloombergs block is cleared…Has anyone asked him?

  24. Virginia says:


  25. Ashley says:

    Mayor Bloomberg should be ashamed of himself! He is a money hungry animal and all he cares about is himself and Manhattan! Marty Markowitz is also a village idiot, all he is doing is babbling nonsense about how “Bloomberg is trying his hardest” Politicians cover each others Butts while the tax payers suffer! The streets are terrible and no one is doing anything about it! All that is being done is TALK! That’s all Bloomberg knows how to do! A village idiot is the mayor of NY

    1. virginia says:


      1. Ashley says:

        Seriously? Don’t even bother commenting on my post! Save your FYI for someone else! Come look at my block and then comment! Ambulances can’t even drive down to save peoples lives! Like I said, a village IDIOT is running NYC

  26. HoHoHo says:

    Oh New York City. You got what you paid for when you voted for this guy’s stolen third term I have no sympathy for you idiots.

  27. Queens resident says:

    WHERE IS HELEN MARSHALL? We see Marty Markowitz every day out there, advocating for his borough and city councilpeople demanding action. The question is, where is the Queens Borough President? She is MIA as her borough floiunders in the snow.

  28. Jennifer H says:

    I have the answer for all of you that sit in your homes and complain about the DSNY and Mayor Bloomberg, get your shovels out and start working. You may have some success in helping with the emergency vehicles and cars stuck all over the City. My husband is a Sanitation Supervisor and had to help dig out a fire truck for five hours last night. It is horrible that people can not get to work or move their vehicles, but it is unfair to BLAME when you do not know the conditions of the City and you are just worried about your block being cleaned. Thank you DSNY for all of your hard work and thank you Mayor Bloomberg for trying to keep order in New York City.

    1. Anon says:

      Wow. Are you being paid by the city too? There are no stuck vehicles on my street. What is their excuse for taking forever to plow? I pay taxes for the city to plow. As a senior citizen I should have to shovel my street becasue the Mayor is ignoring Queens. A friend of mine is a family member of a Sanitiation worker and he was told that some sanitation workers are staging a slowdown becasue of the budget cuts.

    2. John says:

      DSNY supervisor’s wife? I bet your block was one of the first to be plowed.

      1. Jennifer H says:

        My block was not cleared as of 4:00pm, so I guess you ASSumed wrong John.

    3. Ashley says:

      Jennifer H, seriously get out of this bubble of ignorance you live in! People died!!! I’ll say it again because you seem extremely slow, People Diedddd because ambulances couldn’t get through the unplowed streets! Do you watch the news? If not then you should! Maybe you can go and offer your condolences to that lady who lost her baby OR the woman who lost her mother waiting for Help that couldn’t arrive because your dear sweet mayor decided to play God and choose where he wanted to plow! What’s that you say? Nothingggg…I thought so! The End

      1. Jennifer H says:

        Ashley I am sorry if you are a little slow and need help understanding my comments. I am far from ignorant. My husband is not only a hard working sanitation worker, digging out ambulances and fire trucks, but he is an EMT and Chief of our fire department as well. I do not live in any bubble and I watch the news all of the time. You are a waste of my time and my energy. Just a bit of information to you and anyone else that does not know. The Mayor gets a salary of $1.00 from your taxes. Also, it seems that all you do in life is watch the news, so keep watching. You can feel free in making as many more comments, but I will not waste anymore time responding.

      2. Ashley says:

        Jennifer, Sweet heart your the one that’s slow! Your precious mayor doesn’t care about anyone or anything except himself as where he resides, Manhattan! I don’t care who your husband is or what title he carries. My oldest son is stationed in Iraq and my youngest is FDNY also so if remorse is what your looking for you won’t get it from me! My remorse goes out to that poor woman who lost her baby waiting for an ambulance to push his way out of snow! The same snow that your precious mayor could have removed simply by treating ALL boroughs equal! Instead he chose to favor Manhattan! I do watch the news your right Hunni, when you have a son stationed in Iraq then your life revolves around the news! Now go back to baking cookies and washing socks I’m too busy shoveling my 85 year old neighbors driveway!

  29. Dolores Dembus says:

    Inventive New Yorkers take responsiblity; when a blizzard is forecast THEY DON’T PARK IN THE STREET AND THEY DON’T DRIVE MINDLESSLY. They prepare to stay in for a few days.

    It does seem that New Yorkers are recovering enough to complain and blame everyone else for this weather fallout. Grow up kids!

  30. ConCerned wife says:

    People r forgetting that sanitation workers that started the 7 am shift Monday morning could not get to work on time. There was no trains, bus, cabs nothing. My husband walked a mike in the snow just to get to work. A lot of them were stranded. They are woRking very hard.

  31. Little girl from Queens says:

    Mr. Mayor, ask your SDNY workers, they are on slow work job action. Go figure out.

    1. MV rocket says:

      SDNY revolt – I agree. Making it look like they are important. Hey – there are plenty of unemployed people that would like a nice cushy city job with a great pension and “benis”, as the union guys call them. Maybe they can even learn to not destroy mirrors and cars while they do their work.

      My street gets plowed every hour 3 times, every storm. This week I only got 7 plows on Monday, 1 yesterday, and 5 today. I’m in Queens, where Pablo G was broadcasting. He was on the wrong side of the park in MV.

      My street has active and retired sanitation workers living on it. They call their friends, and the plows show up. It happens every storm. That’s the real story. No connections, no plows. Put GPS on these trucks and then see where the are actually driving. If it’s good enogh for farmers and tractors, it should be good enough for city workforce. Someone needs to track their “work”

      Isn’t that what Bloomberg is all about? accountability? Bring back Guiulliani, he knew how to spread the pain to the city workforce.

      1. MV rocket says:

        Don’t you all wish you live on my block in Queens. Here’s the timeline for the plows: (truck numbers incl.)

        2:00 PM
        3:00 P 25CW-746
        3:40 P 25DC-217
        3:50 P 25CW-748
        4:30 P
        8:00 P 25DF-451
        8:07 P

        10:00 AM 25CW-742 with V plow called by ConEd

        11:35 PM 38AB-222
        11:45 P 38AB-222
        2:00 AM

        8:35 AM 38AB-207
        9:30 A 25DC-187
        2:30 PM

      2. jk says:

        Yep. Makes sense. They did the streets where Sanitation workers and their families live and forget about the rest of us.

  32. New York Sucks says:

    This is a wake up call for all that pay NEW YORK state tax.

    Absolutely pathetic and Bloomberg should step down – amazing how much is just falling apart around us – we all just keep getting kicked – when will it end????

    1. Bobbi Giordano says:

      Tax inreases, for what I bet Mayor Bloombergs block is cleared…

    2. Ashley says:

      Mayor and I use that term very loosely! Bloomberg is a village idiot that’s all! Everyone who voted for him should be ashamed of themselves

  33. Tony from Rosedale Queens says:

    I am outraged by the city’s poor response. It seems that the DSNY is doing this purposefully to send a message to Bloomberg-Lindsey following his cuts. My street was finally plowed on Tuesday but not done so very well as cars are still getting stuck.To top it off, I haven’t had mail service in three days, not counting Saturday which was a holiday. This is ridiculous! Man up, DSNY and get on the ball, Bloomberg!

  34. aldous huxley says:

    The Mayor gets a salary of $1 per year?

    We want our dollar back …

  35. Seamus says:

    Isn’t it a mess?
    Don’t you have crews?
    One who keeps waiting around,
    One who can’t move.
    Where are the plows?
    Send in the plows.
    There ought to be plows.
    Well, maybe next year.

  36. melody says:

    something is definitely up. this had to have been orchestrated. bloomerberg knows but he ain’t sayin’ nothing. someone got to him too. bloomerberg should be writing his resignation speech and apologizing to the city for being a maniacal little tyrant.

  37. JJ says:

    It’s Mayor Lindsey all over again…

  38. Midwood Mom says:

    So … how do you impeach a mayor?
    How come the borough presidents are not speaking up?
    Our city council members are talking loud.
    I’m glad to see that so many people feel the same way about this mayor. Will you remember when the streets are clear?

    1. Michael H. says:

      HOw come the borough presidents are not speaking up?

      I guess you didn’t see Marty Markowitz rip Bloomy a new one.

  39. Bill K. says:

    I detest the term “outer boroughs”. It stinks of the Manhattan-centric attitude that has caused this sort of problem. When the city was formed it was supposed to be five equal boroughs. What happened??

  40. jean says:

    What people who think we’re complaining don’t seem to understand is that at least in Brooklyn, many people have NO WAY TO GET TO WORK and this is day 3 of this. The N Q and B lines are basically shut down – only the 4th Avenue subway lines are running just fine but south and east of that, forget it. Understandable for a day, but 3 days? That’s fairly insane. So that’s the MTA’s issue – but add the non-plowing and people with cars can’t drive to work, and people who work in Manhattan can’t realistically drive there to work anyway, meaning that the city and the MTA all but mismanaged this thing into oblivion. We’re not talking about trying to get to our dinner reservations midtown, we’re talking about our livelihoods, not to mention our safety.

  41. Raz says:

    Deliberate slowdown in retaliation to Bloomberg eliminating 400 DSNY jobs earlier this year. Eliiminate the entire dept, open up bids to private industry and watch how fast the streets get cleaned. Union thug bosses called in the order to the rank and file. This should be a wake up call to everyone who thinks municipal unions don’t breed inefficiency and corruption.

  42. Charlene Stubbs says:

    Did anyone read today’s Ny Daily News? A 22 year old woman lost her baby during the blizzard She tried to walk to the hospital when no ambulance came. When she couldn’t walk anymore she went into an apartment house & they tried to help her. The baby still died. Is the city going to give this woman back her baby? How are they going to live with this death on their conscience?

  43. General says:

    The city is plowing the pavement in NYC. I work in NYC and just took a walk around mid-town and plows were down catching nothing but pavement. This is what all our tax dollars are going towards, overtime to the sanitation workers for plowing pavement. Doesn’t that beat all.

  44. reshadar says:

    I’ll tell you why the city dropped the ball on this one….and yes, Mark, you are right – it was deliberate
    I was talking to somebody while I was waiting on a bus that was stuck in the snow on the morning after the storm, and he said that he worked for the Dept of Sanitation and apparently, there were budget cuts this past year and, among others, many supervisors were demoted (people that had inside desk jobs were demoted to outside jobs like hauling trash, etc) and the workers were all REALLY angry about it and they all kept saying, “just wait until it snows!”. Sure enough, they got us – the roads are HORRIBLE! Last winter they were on top of the snow, but this year it seems that the budget cuts were a bad idea. And then Bloomberg was on tv saying that the problem was the people that were trying to drive out on the roads getting stuck and blocking the streets. That’s right – blame us, not yourself.

    1. Sasha says:

      I agree that DSNY is paying back Bloomberg for the budget cuts. My neighbor was told the same thing by DSNY workers. They are in the neighborhood but sitting around doing nothing. My husband is a doctor and called to ask when the street would be plowed and he was told to call 911 when he had to go to work. Thankfully, we have wonderful neighbors who helped shovel him out the three times he got stuck going/coming from work.

      1. reshadar says:

        The only good thing about all of this is that it’s yet another chance to see how wonderful NYers are and how we all band together in times of crisis.

  45. Fred says:

    Why do I pay taxes again?

    1. TOM MARSH says:


    2. jennifer says:

      because bloomberg likes having manicures in his sparetime.

  46. DeltaForce says:

    Now that they’ve removed the blocked vehicles, NYC MTA Q65 city buses from 14th Road, College Point – struck here since Sunday – DSNY came back at least four (4) times with the plow and/or sanders, building up hardened snowbanks against parked cars that will need to be chiseled out later on. It seemed that the trucks are all OUT, plowing the same streets again and again – so they all look busy and working to earn OT, while ignoring and skipping secondary roads.

    Something is fishy and strange when dead-end streets are plowed when major bus routes aren’t – this should be a CRIMINAL investigation

    1. DeltaForce says:

      I think our fellow New Yorkers are seeing and noticing the same strange & unusual pattern of snow plow & salting operations by DSNY – go around in circles over the same streets that’s now been cleaned at least once, skipping others just as important so that essential workers including nurses, doctors, home health aides and service employees can get to their job – and cite the lack of resources as the reason for locals to complain & to be reasonable, huh.

      Perhaps the U.S. Attorney need to seriously investigate these patterns to determine if it’s more than just a simple poor management problem.

      1. Lorrie says:

        yes, i saw the same thing, they went around in the main ave’s 3 times and did not turn down one side st.

  47. Tom says:

    The plows come by on my street in Brooklyn because its a major avenue, but their goal seems to be plowing the residents up behind a 4 foot wall of snow. Every time I break a path out to the street to be able to walk anywhere, they come along and plow it shut again. I guess they don’t want anyone from Brooklyn to get to work.

    1. DeltaForce says:

      Tom & Diana – we are seeing a similar pattern here in Queens as I drove around today spot checking Flushing, Whitesone & College Point. DSNY workers driving these trucks are either doing this deliberately and/or there is a serious leadership, command & control, and/or logistical coordination problem unseen before in NYC -worst than the Lindsey storm job.

  48. Diana says:

    It’s clear to me that there’s a protest going on. Plows finally came to my block on Olinville ave near Pelham Parkway in the Bronx late last night. Now they have come through at least 3 times and the street is looking ok. But why this uneven distribution of plows, when other streets are still untouched? Do we think that the workers are simply waiting for new bosses who don’t know what the’re doing to tell them what to do? Bloomberg’s layoffs and demotions backfire big time. Wish the media would dig into this story instead of just reporting cover-up press conferences.

    1. Lorrie says:

      absolutely correct, it’s between the Mayor and the Sanitation union…their budget was cut and this is the result.

  49. E says:

    but broadway shows are open for business, as per this jerk

  50. Jimmy says:

    Oh, and don’t forget this is just the beginning. Up next – Potholes.

Comments are closed.

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