Christie Defends Trip To Disney During Blizzard

ELIZABETH, N.J. (CBS 2) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was hoping to get federal aid to cover the cost of clean-up from the post-Christmas blizzard. The Federal Emergency Management Agency started to survey the damage in the Garden State Monday, Jay Dow reports.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports

PHOTO GALLERIES: Blizzard Slams East Coast | User-Submitted Pictures

Mother Nature finally did over the weekend what salt and plow trucks could not: melt away almost three feet of snow. The damage, however, is done.

In a letter to President Obama, Christie asserts storm conditions in 13 counties exceed FEMA’s minimum aid standards. “Federal assistance is critical to properly and fairly mitigate the financial impact of this major snowstorm on State and local budges, which are both currently under tremendous pressure due to severe economic conditions,” he wrote.

Christie filed the letter just hours after returning from a Disney World vacation with his family. He’s taken some heat for the trip, which he took the day after Christmas, just as the blizzard was coming in.

“It must have been nice, since we were shoveling roads, but people have their priorities I guess,” said A.J. Benjamin of Neptune.

On Monday, Christie continued to deflect the criticism saying his number one priority is “to be a husband and a father.”

Both Christie and his lieutenant governor were out of town, which left New Jersey in the hands of the State Senate president. Christie conceded he momentarily considered breaking a promise to his children for a Christmas at Disney in order to perform his administrative duties as governor from New Jersey.

“Of course I did. But life is about choosing and decisions. I made a decision to be a father first,” he said.


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  1. nick says:

    I’m not a republican and did not vote for Chris. But here’s my fair opinion – I think as a governor, and considering the trip was pre-planned. I have no problem and am not complaining about him going to FL. BUT rather my problem is – WHY the Lt. Gov Kim leave the state at the SAME time? Don’t you think Gov and Lt. Gov’s vacation days should have been coordinated? What if the senate president was to get sick or get stranded in snow strom while visiting granny for Christmas?

  2. life is good says:

    He has no self respect. There is no valid excuse for someone who chooses employment as an elected state employee to be morbidly obese. As far as his opinions and his politics go: He’s the back end of a horse.

  3. jay says:

    libs suck

  4. sk says:

    First of all, it would not have made a difference whether he was here during the blizzard or not. He wasn’t going to plow the streets, Second, Mayor Bloomberg didn’t go on vacation and he did nothing to help after the storm. If a politian wants to go on vataion once in a while on’t make a big deal about it. Also, how many vacations does Obama take throuout teh year when he is the middle of a national crisis? Why are ther eno complaints about that?

    1. Yosef says:

      Do a google search – plenty of conservatives complained about the timing of Obama’s vacations. But those voices get drowned out because Bush, our great Republican savior, took more vacations in his two terms than anyone before him.

  5. Nick says:

    Yes. He should specially charter a plane that will fly through the blizzard and land him in New Jersey where he can do photo ops and nothing else. All at taxpayers’ expense.

    You’re all a bunch of IMBECILES aren’t you?

  6. niklu says:

    You wanted him…. you got him….

  7. joe says:

    fat boy should be shining shoes in the atlantic city casinos,not running the state

  8. Tom says:

    You missing a point here – this not about him being in Fl, baout being so arrogant – we all ahve kis after all.

    Do the teaachers refuse to grade finals so they can get away with the family?


  9. tom l says:

    there’s nothing i like better than to see a solid conservative go for the federal teat the first time anything goes wrong in his state. yes sir ree bob, that’s cutting costs. new jersey’s of course, the rest of the country, not so much!

  10. Steve M. says:

    @taybor…. Care to explain how Christie staying in NJ would’ve changed a thing? Or are you just upset ’cause he didn’t ask you to come along?

    1. JAY says:


  11. Nabih Saba says:

    Smart man who made the right choice. Christie is my choice for President. A man who can make the right choice is my choice for the job to run the country…… And by the way where was President Obama, when the storm hit? Wasn’t it Hawaii ??? Get over it cry babies,….

  12. valerie says:

    Was he going to be shoveling NJ out? Seriously! He had a trip pre-planned. Get over it. The kids don’t understand priorities, but they sure understand and remember broken promised from their parents. Leave the guy alone.

  13. Jerry says:

    What did you want him to do? Come shovel out your driveway? Man up and quit your complaining. Get off your duff and shovel out. Its a snowfall for petes sake

  14. taybor says:

    I wish I had a job that I could leave just as things were getting busy/dangerous/important so I wouldn’t have to disappoint my kids.
    Don’t worry, We’ll remember come re-election time.

  15. steve says:

    Hey Gov.
    You knew the storm was coming.
    This was just a cop out.
    I’ve had to dissapoint my chldren-it’s part of life.
    I’m not even the Governor
    Your trip could easily have been changed.

    What a cop out

  16. Captain Obvious says:

    Several “all you can eat” buffet restaurants in the Orlando area have also filed for federal aid after “Hurricane Christie” hit their establishments and cleaned them out of anything even remotely edible.

  17. Tom says:

    You can be a father of course, but also a man – talking about divorse/

    Cheap talk

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