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Mega Millions Jackpot Hits $355 Million. What Would You Do If You Won?

By Billie Rama, Managing Editor

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)–Lottery players in states that play Mega Millions — including New York and New Jersey — are getting the chance to vie for the seventh-largest lottery prize in U.S. history — $355 million!

I bought a bunch of tickets hoping to strike lottery gold, as did many friends, family members and co-workers. When jackpots get to be this huge, I often fantasize about what I’d do with the money: go on a trip around the world; buy a new house, give money to friends and family, etc. The possibilities are endless!

So what would YOU do with $355 million? Would you quit your job? Go into hiding? Give money to charity? Buy an NFL team?

Let us know by commenting below. Come on, it’s fun to dream!

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One Comment

  1. Manny Khattak says:

    I would donate some money to sick kids and some for the preservation of wild life and nature.I would keep enough for my kids and give to my relatives .After all that i would visit all my exes and take them on vacation on their lives.

  2. thecastellana says:

    I would take the lump sum, but only after waiting for a few months,
    trying to be as annonymous as possible!
    Put some away for my kids college and then try to buy Al Davis out
    and get someone to turn the Raiders around!!!’
    and quit at leat one job!

    1. Tina says:

      I would give some 2 chairty

  3. Manny says:

    I would go in to hiding for a little while, calm my nerves, and then i would like to travel around the world,i would give money to nature,sick kids .I would also pretend to not knowing my ex girl friend.

  4. Ling says:

    Keep my privacy and manage the money quietly. Give to causes/foundations I believe in that improve society, help the nuclear family with a contracted amount, move near a warm coast in a custom-built cottage.

  5. martin revere says:

    i would take extra care of my mom who is ill produce a broadway show for myself and give to my church holy cross for more renovations god bless everyone

  6. DR says:

    with that kind of money, i would help my ex husband who has been helpin me for the last five years for I am disabled by giving him some money, i also would give each of my two children 1.5 million dollars to do what they see fit. i would leave my grandson 2 million dollar trust for him to have at age 35. since i just bought a new farm that needs a lot of work and to be structured as a farm with farm hands by land clearing a new barn, pastures etc to make this an income property along with a rescue facility for abandoned sick, abused and negelcted farm animals i would need this money to make this place safe in order to house such animals and take care of these such animals. along with purchase more land for them to romp and roam when they feel good, i wouldn’t need donations from people to help such animals who are not cared for or who are standing in the cold weather at 20 degrees or below with no shelter. i would put a tad back after paying my bills, paying off my farm and paying off my truck as well for when i get old and decrepid. until then i would devote my life to suh animals who are in need of tlc

  7. reeyu83 says:

    I would take care of myself; move to a nice, warm and clean place, outfit the nest with brand new stuff, visit the doctor & dentist, help out my favorite charities, work with the city to develop a plan to shelter the homeless, feed them and give them jobs (something like what I hear Canada – well, Montreal, I think, does -) – shovel snow, clean the streets/parks, do something as payment for the free shelter/meals until they can move on or not.

  8. uge says:

    God first…share the blessings to everyone who needs, churches /charities and of course second is my family if given the chance… I don’t need it all anyway, just to have some…

  9. Future President says:

    I’d run for President – get rid of all the career politicians – hire a smarter crew that will work FOR THE PEOPLE.

  10. Cephis says:

    I would tell my boss to kiss my black a$$ good bye!

  11. GA says:

    Take care of my family, pay off my house and donate as much as I can. Love to hand it out to people on the street (who really need it).

  12. trooper says:

    i would take everyone i know on vacation then never be seen of again i would be the 2011 grizzly Adams

  13. HayleyR says:

    I would pay for the surgeries that I need, then give much of it to charity, pay off my families debts and buy a house.

  14. carson says:

    i will burn all of the winning money

  15. momof9kids says:

    I would take care of my seven kids two step kids put money away for them for school, donate some of it and just live my life in peace for once

  16. Italo says:

    I’d invent more stuff.

  17. jj says:

    1 give to research and hospitals to cure childrens from disease, especially st judes. 2. take care of family. 3. randomly fund as many childrens college education possible……….with the rest , buy vacations, big boy toys and women.

  18. carey says:

    I woud invest it for an educational institution. Invest a substantial amount in time deposits which interest will be used to fund Pastors family needs. And another interest income to support church programs.

  19. Mary says:

    First I would take care of my mom and in-laws, next I would pay off debts of certain relatives, I would give Chaminade High School in Mineola NY $5,000,000, then make sure my son was set for life, pay off all of our bills, and then enjoy giving aways millions to unsuspecting people in need! The last would be my favorite and most fun!

  20. Tito says:

    It would not tell anyone, although I think that they can reveal your name even though you request anonymity. I don’t know what I would do with the money but I certainly wouldn’t give a cent to any religious organization. What’s the difference, who thinks they’re actually going to win.

  21. Balkan Europe says:

    I would give a part of it to charity and church.then i would put part of it on swiss banks.I invest some money in some profit jobs,i would buy flat in BELGRADE, house in ibizza flat in benidorm,amsterdam,big flat in newyork,villa in bora bora,flat in rio,bogota buenos aires,flat in moscow,flat in monte carlo,villa in miamicouple of locals in my town,i wuld buy best ferrari,carrera,breitling and rolex daytona watch,porsche cayenne,mercede g 55 puch, alcohol for first night,i would pay drinks for everybody who i met that nighti would give a lot of money to my friends and family,i put them in some bussines,i would visit all my flats and houses and also las vegas dubai los angelos,cuba,jamaica,alpes,australia.i would enjoy in escort ladies parties and cocaine with my would be very crazy life but i would never forget who realy i m and where i m from and who are my real friends

  22. mo says:

    I’d pay myself $100,000.00 a year. Instead of going to work, I’d dedicate myself to finding worthy charities or people who need money. I’d especially focus on the elderly, veterans, animals and children. I’d also like to set up some sort of legal defense fund to enable good people with no money or power to attain justice. Being that I’m not working, I’d also love order the full whopper meal instead of the $1.00 meal.

  23. salvo says:

    I believe the The jackpot is fixed. The jackpot is consistently braketed between 125m and 250m. With so many players and so many odds, it is impossible to continuously see winners with witin a consistent braketed jackpot. with so many days, odds, player, and variables, the jackpot should vary from at least 50million to 400, 600, 800 milllion up and down. notice there is always a winner when the pot is between 100m and 250m. never a 50m 75m or 600m winner?

  24. Eugene says:

    I would first pay off the IRS so later own down the road I wouldn’t have to deal with them, next i give my family a good share of it to enjoy, last I put half of mines in a Swiss Account for later (When I quit my job and leave the country and live like a normal person in Berlin, Germany and party every day. I would also Hire an Accountant to help with my Finances so That do not spend so much money in a day like those who have won better.

  25. Ele says:

    First, I would give money to my church, then pay off all my bills which also includes my parents and my siblings bills, donate money to a charity foundation – especially the Make A Wish Foundation who help the terminally ill children and an organization who are dealing with Autism children, invest some, and save the rest for my kids’ future!

  26. jagjit says:

    I will donate some money to religious organizations that respect human values of love and kindness. I will also keep some money to maximize my happiness and well being during old age.

  27. Khachonsak says:

    I would kick the mast to prove it is real,not just a dream. Deeply breath and talk to myself not to die of heart attack. Call everybody in my family to be around and discuss what to do with this huge of money. My god! Overall I will never forget to spend some money for the poors.

  28. kit says:

    i plan to create my own foundation linked to a handful of businesses that i will also create. whatever income of these businesses will go to the foundation to support whatever causes most particularly education to deserving students and medical needs to the poor. our local church who have programs for the poor’s education, livelihood and other needs will be given part of my winnings. the rest of my winnings will either be used to put up other businesses or to be invested to bear interest income which will still be used to support charity. but i won’t forget my wife, daughter, parents, friends and myself.

  29. Africa,why should we make payment to collect our award,and our ideas are not taken in. Communicate this to the committee of lottery owners. I have a message of winnings from you, what should l do since my letter was not replied to.

  30. Bozo The Clown says:

    I’d buy $355 million worth for Mega Millions hoping to win the $12 million jackpot.

  31. Dave says:

    I would match up to $35 million dollars in donations to Ron Paul’s 2012 Presidential Campaign.

    1. Retired says:

      Thowing you money away on rubbish is never wise. That is exactly what you would be doing.

  32. j says:

    I’d probably be the same person I am now.

  33. Inyer Dreams says:

    but after being taxed you wouldnt have much left – right???

  34. Gianni Shamari says:

    I will ensure that my mother is set for life. I will move from my neighborhood quietly, travel the world, start a few businesses, and enjoy my money.

  35. Rod Beeson says:

    Spend it as fast I could. Sit out on a street corner and see how I could make people happier by just handing it out in cash! It might help them and help the economy!

  36. John Ash says:

    I would set aside a percent of the yearly interested generated by the money and see how I could use it to make the world a better place and change some people’s lives for the better.

    After all, it’s only money!

  37. Peaches34 says:

    I would buy a home in Great Britain, Help all my family and friends, Savings, Buy GOLD!! Invest in oil, real estate and donate to homeless people who truly want to get out off the streets. Donate to Cancer researchers, ADDH, and be a full time student. Give to my Church, keep Volunteering for the American Red Cross.

  38. DMacc Divyn says:

    I’d change my phone number immediately…then I’d pay off all my debts and hire the BEST financial advisors, my Mom and my Aunties…then I’d buy real estate in Vegas and give my family the properties of their choice with a contract that they cannot sell the home or ask me for living expenses…then start a program for the homeless or at-risk youth. I’d give back to the community of Las Vegas and Clark County. I’d open a no-kill animal shelter also…and then I’d buy some old school Chevy’s and restore them with my son and travel to places I’ve only dreamed of….like Thailand and Bali….might even buy myself a tropical island too!!

    1. kelly S says:

      I’ll see ur Bali & Thailand and raise u AUSTRALIA, England & France! ALL destinations on my ‘list’! ;D

  39. peter says:

    I would buy the Buffalo Bills. And still have plenty left over.

  40. kirsten says:

    I’d call in rich to work.

  41. Ellen says:

    OK, here are my numbers and anyone can take them. 19-26-33-54-, well that’s it can’t figured out the other 2 numbers, but you can so good luck.

  42. kelly S says:

    jay, would u marry me? that’s exactly what i was going to say! ;D after consulting with my new team of accountants and financial advisors, i would definitely want to help all my family members and travel, but instead of build, I’d want to pay off my current house (and my parents’ house) & do some remodeling to make it like i’ve always wanted ;), then i’d fund a business idea i’ve been toying with as well as donate to educational charities like ❤

  43. Marina Ruszkowski says:

    I would pay of all my bills, put money away for my Kids. Buy a house for my mom. Build a big Ranch for my husband, my kids and my self. I would build a town where homeless people could live and work and make a new life for them self. I would do something for Kids that have no parents and that are lost in a system that does not work. I would adopt all kinds of Kids.

  44. Bob Fowler says:

    $208 million in a lump sum would make me run out and buy a happy meal.

    In reality, I’d have to give most of it away, as I will not want to move in with people of that financial status, can only drive so many cars, and really don’t need to have the entire state of Idaho as a back yard.

    I bet a foundation that teaches youth to be productive members of society, rather than future welfare recipients would be a good use.

    1. John Montoya says:

      Amen, I hope you win…

    2. Vondora Jordan says:

      i agree

  45. jim says:

    I would hire nancy polosi to clean my toilets and harry reid to cut my grass.

    1. trooper says:

      sorry i would have them in my house first ha ha ha

  46. T Forbes says:

    Pay of bills, give some money to charity & live happy with my family

  47. frank rizzo says:

    I normally would say two chicks at once but with that kind of clash I would probaly do five or six.

  48. Ray Jordan says:

    I would contribute it to pay a small percentage of the daily interest on the national debt.

  49. Jay says:

    First I would change my phone number. Then I would give each of my friends and family members a lump sum of money with them signing a caveat that they cannot ask me for more. I would build a house in NY and then I would travel the world.

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