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16-Year-Old Stabbed In The Neck In The Bronx

NEW YORK (CBS New York) — A Bronx high school student is fighting for his life after he was stabbed in the neck as he walked to school on Wednesday.

The stabbing happened just outside P.S. 12, a high school for special needs students.

Negro Rivera, 16, was on his way to P.S. 12, where he is a student, when he was attacked with a pair of scissors, the handles wrapped in tape.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond reports

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reports

Rivera’s mother rushed to Jacobi Hospital after the attack.

“I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t talk,” Cassandra Rivera said. “I just ran over there. That’s my baby, I wanted to make sure he’s fine.”

bloody scissors 16 Year Old Stabbed In The Neck In The Bronx

Bloody scissors found at the scene of the stabbing (Photo/ Marla Diamond)

Rivera admits her son was troubled, but can’t believe he suffered such a brutal attack.

Witnesses told police that several students from nearby Lehman High School jumped Rivera as he approached P.S. 12, and someone plunged the scissors into his neck.

“He had a big hole in his neck and blood was coming out, a lot of blood,” student Aleena Mendez said. “He got stabbed from the boys from the other school.”

“Some kids say that he’s a bully, kids get picked on and stuff like that,” student Eric DeJesus said.

“I feel bad for him because I think he goes through problems at home, like with his father or his mother,” another student told 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria. “So I feel bad for him, but that doesn’t give him a reason to come and bully other kids in school.”

Police were investigating reports that the attack was done on behalf of a student Rivera had bullied. Rivera’s mother said her son complained of being bullied.

“Finally, my son got fed up and he’s not taking it no more, but I guess, you know, the past caught up to him,” Rivera said.

Cassandra Rivera said she recently filed a so-called “PINS” petition to have her son put into foster care and transferred out of P.S. 12.

The teenager underwent hours of surgery at Jacobi Medical Center to repair his jugular vein. He remains in critical condition Wednesday night.

Security was stepped up at both P.S. 12 and nearby Lehman High School on Wednesday. So far, no arrests have been made.

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One Comment

  1. AYANNA.T says:

    I feel so bad…if he was such a threat it shouldve been reported to Principal, Dean, Assistants..Counselor..somebody but it wasnt..kids are punks at this time and age..nobody deserves death..violence is not the answer..the people that say he desreved it are horrible..So what makes the kids that STABBED HIM AND JUMPED HIM NE BETTER????..COWARDS!!SMDH!!!

  2. smoove says:


  3. Melina says:

    TThis is horrible and sick twisted how could you say that i mean think about your child b stabbed this school should be shut down and checked out for proper uses and to make sure this doesnt happen again

  4. Kevin S says:

    This school is always having problems like this. Its just that now its reached the media, Lewis and Clark is filled with horrible students who have committed crimes, or are just too much trouble for other schools. It should be moved from the Westchester Square vicinity. Its obvious these kids are trouble makers, and to make matters better, theres another highschool 2 blocks away. Theres always been conflicts between students from both schools. To not move them out of the area, is an open invitation for something like this or even worse happening again.

  5. Jane Smith says:

    If this kid was a bully, then he should have been reported to a teacher or the school principal but I think it’s sick that you believe this kid deserved to be stabbed. Violence is NEVER the answer.

    1. john says:

      things do get reported to to principals or deans at times, but they already have so much on their hands and that is a troubled school they cant keep their eyes on every single student. it is wrong about the stabbing but if you put your self in the other kids shoes getting bullied all they time you would eventually get fed up with it and take matter on your own.

      and ive witnessed kids from that school always into trouble and they are always the ones starting problems. its not a school for the mental needs this is a school that takes kids that other schools cant because of the trouble. they should move that school to another area they are just trouble to the neighborhood. maybe he did deserve what was coming since he didnt die it should be a lesson for him.

  6. Kahn Cern says:

    Investigate this school. It is extremely dangerous.

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