Cops: Facebook Postings May Have Led To L.I. Home Invasion

Father Savagely Beaten; Every Last Xmas Gift Stolen At Gunpoint

DEER PARK, N.Y. (CBS 2) — A brutal post-holiday heist rocked Suffolk County on Monday night.

Police are now investigating a crime where violent thieves appear to have gone after a family’s Christmas gifts — gifts they may have seen on Facebook, reports CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

The frightening incident took place inside a home in Deer Park. A house still decorated for Christmas was targeted by two thieves in ski masks helping themselves to the gifts — at gunpoint.

“[They] pushed me into my house. The next, one kicked me in the ribs. I went down. The next thing they hit me in the top of the head with the gun,” said the victim, whose identity CBS 2 protected.

The man is a husband and father of three teens, nursing staples in his head.

He said while home alone Monday night intruders forced their way through the front door and beat him with the butt of a gun, sending him to the hospital bloody.

The family’s Christmas gifts were swiped as if the robbers had a list.

“A Wii, an Xbox, jewelry, some games for the Wii,” the victim said.

“We have nothing. They took everything. What else are they gonna take, a life,” another family members said.

The family believes Facebook postings, including pictures by their teenagers, may have tipped the robbers off.

“Everybody said what they got for Christmas, what they got, what they didn’t get, what they loved, what they hated,” the victim said.

So much for season’s greetings, the Facebook angle is being investigated by police. They said its one of many theories they’re working on, while the family members wait in their home, nervous.

“I’m selling my house. I’m not staying here,” a family member said.

Meanwhile, Suffolk County Police are checking the fingerprints left at the door and the teenagers’ Facebook “friends” list.

“Could be somebody that you don’t know or I don’t know, that’s friends with somebody else on Facebook,” the victim said.

Old fashioned detective work will be used on a robbery that may have gone high tech.

The family said the robbers took about $2,000 worth of valuables. The father is expected to fully recover from his injuries.


One Comment

  1. The Good Samaritan says:

    Thie victims here are at fault.

    How dumb can someone be to post what they go on facebook for Christmas.

    Hopefully the robbers will be caught.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

    1. watchout says:

      if this was face book i would click like on your post

      1. The Good Samaritan says:

        thank you watch out…

  2. fred says:

    I live very close to this house and this is not a bad neighborhood by any means. The whole facebook thing sounds a little like a stretch for me. Alot of families have the things this family recieved for x-mas why would they taregt this house..I think it is horrible what happened but the police did say they were looking into differnet theories as well.

    1. noel says:

      I too live near there, infact I live on the same block, I cannot speak for other people but some of the people in the area think this is a sham…I guess i did speak for them afterall…

  3. fern says:

    All the “friends” you’ll be missing by not joining facebook, your loss.

    Or is it?

  4. Eugenia Andrews says:

    Kids should not have a facebook.It compromises their safety( and that of their family) and it poses a threat to their emotional well being and their self esteem. This happens,when their own peers, often put damaging information about their friends, on facebook for the whole world to see. I am a psychologist and a mother of two children, a son 25 , who decided monitoring it, was taking away valuable time out of his life and dropped it. My daughter who is in College, chooses not to have a facebook because of the huge problems and suffering, friends have caused others,with their malicious comments and posted photos, which were supposed to stay private. Also, major Universities , have cancelled the admission of qualified students, once they became aware of their facebook.

  5. Paul says:

    Are we sure he was really robbed? That Facebook story sounds like something you make up beforehand; just a little too convenient, I feel.

  6. Justin Thyme says:

    Arrest everybody on Facebook until the guilty are apprehended.

  7. AtomManhattan says:

    These pieces of #@$^ need a bullet in the face. Who the @#%^& does this? Drug addict, loser, wastes of flesh. That’s who.
    It’s just too bad I can’t be the one to execute them both.

  8. Alan Foos says:

    Not nearly as bad as what the FBI and prominent attorneys in Montana did to us and many others. A runaway gang of obnoxious thugs.

  9. Leah Blouin says:

    If you got a brand new home theater system or a huge tv or an xbox, etc, you shouldn’t be bragging about it online!

    1. MonCappy says:

      A better method to avoid such a thing it to never, ever, ever use Facebook. The settings are constructed in such a way to make it easier to reveal personal information.

    2. Leah Blouin says:

      You’re a wus without the guts to show your real name. Lick my butt hole.

  10. twitter says:

    Thanks Mr. Zuckerberg!

  11. BVL says:

    we need to be careful with what we post on our wall on social networks…that’s part of our being responsible with our family’s welfare…personal issues are not for everyone and social network is for everyone…bear that in mind

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