Islanders Blog: Time To Start Losing!

By Nick Colombo
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We’ve all know for quite some time now that the Islanders season is over (that is unless you’ve been in a coma or on some heavy drugs for the last several months). Accordingly, in the last two weeks, Garth Snow and the Isles have made the intelligent decision to trade players like Wisniewski and Roloson while they still can get something of value.

However, with the season over something incredibly disturbing has been going on with the Islanders, and it doesn’t involve ice girls and hockey sticks. Yes, your New York Islanders have won 6 of their last 8 games, and it is the DUMBEST thing I have ever seen.

Last year, even though their chances of making the playoffs were remote, I advocated the Islanders playing hard till the very end and not throw games down the stretch for a draft pick. In that situation, with that team, it was more important that the players get the experience of playing a full season, hopefully end on a high note, and carry some sort of growth into the future.

That was last year — this year they’re just being stupid.

Don’t get me wrong people. I understand why you love it. For a beaten down fan base it’s fun to watch your rag tag team take down great teams like the Penguins, Lightning, and Red Wings. However, do you really want to jeopardize missing out on a number 1 or 2 draft pick for a few meaningless wins in January? The answer is no.

I understand the temptation for fans and players to want to see something good on the ice. But I don’t care; at this point it’s stupid and pointless. So let’s start 2011 by smartening up and lose for the future! Because unfortunately it’s the only thing we’ve got.

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pixy Islanders Blog: Time To Start Losing!

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  1. Dominick Mezzapesa says:

    Clearly your a moron who has never played any type of sports in his life. You remind me of a monkey playing with his poop….Completely clueless as to what it’s doing.

    As Herm Edwards so eloquently put it “You play to win the game” That’s the reason anyone plays. How many Islanders can say I’ll be with this team in 3 years? So in your delusional mind you expect these players to say “Hey coach I want the Islanders to get the #1 pick so I’ll play at 60%”

    Only a fan with no experience can even come up with this story. Moronic does not even come close to describing your blog.

    I can’t imagine they even let you write this garbage on the WFAN site because it just lowers there standard as the #1 station as far as sports talk goes.

    I won’t even get into the fact that people are paying good money to go and watch you WIN! but playing to lose will get you a nice warm bed in the hospital.

    Please do us all a favor and on your next blog if nothing intelligent happens to pop into your pea brain just write “Sorry folks no blog today, I was going to write something asinine but decided to kept in tact what little respect I have in the business.”

  2. Okie21 says:

    Good move by Snow today extending Jurcina for next season. He has been solid when on the ice and once he and A-Mac have both gotten back on the ice the team has been winning. I’m sure he could have fetched a 4th rounder and also down graded the defense for the rest of the season which would have led to more losses but they rewarded good play and have tried to solidify the defense the best they can. His teammates like him and he’s been good for the young players. Martinek however i would dump for what ever i could get, guy can’t get through a season ever and shouldn’t be brought back next year any way being they have 6 D signed alreay plus deHann and Ty Wishart in the wings.

    1. Nick Colombo says:

      I agree with you. Al about DeHann too, but from what I’ve read Wishart is nothing to be excited about, but still a good trade cuz you never know he could surprise us.

  3. disco stu says:

    Your a moron no team is going to intentionally start losing… the Islanders play level is about on par with your intelligence and writing… give it up.

    1. Nick Colombo says:

      Do you think teams have never intentionally mailed it in before to get a good draft pick? It happens all the time, and many Islanders fans wanted it to happen near the end of last season. The only difference is I’m saying to be smart and insure your spot by starting early this year. They just traded the only competent goaltender they have…. seasons over buddy

  4. Okie21 says:

    I understand where you’re coming from but i have to respectfully disagree. There’s no slam dunk franchise changer in this years draft like seasons past with Ovi, Crosby, Kane or Stamkos. While Couturier and RNH have a good offensive potential and Larsson could one day be a top pairing Dman I don’t think this team needs to tank its season. Don’t get me wrong, if we do finish in the bottom three i would be happy to welcome any of those players into the orginization, but you can’t tank in hopes that any of those picks will rejuvinate the franchise.

    As of right now the Islanders need more talent, but at the same time they need to focus on developing the young talent that’s on the island now. Tavares, Bailey, Okposo(who should be back soon), A-Mac, and Hamonic have a chance to be real solid core pieces for this franchise for a long time. And on a lesser side players like Comeau, Martin, and Joensuu are also trying to find their roles as NHL players, and loseing doesn’t help furthur any of their development. What has followed the Islanders around for years is a loseing culture, and the more you lose the more you can become numb to it. This team needs to try to win every game it can. With winning these players will not only develop confidence in themselves but in one another, which is the true essance of a team. If the team doesn’t try to atleast act like it’s trying to be a winning orginization why would Moulson resign after this year when he’s a UFA coming off around 60 goals in the last 2 seasons? After next season Okposo and Bailey will hit their first round of UFA and would probably look to bolt other places where they can continue to develop in a winning system.

    Odds are that they will come back down to earth and be in the lottery this summer any way, but at the same time I just don’t think it is wise to put all the young talent you currently have through more misery and loseing to gain a few spots and select another player who will have to take time to develop himself, and possibily come to the team after Moulson, Okie and Bailey have left and with JT on the last year of his ELC. Unless they feel confident that this orginization is trying to put its best product out(and im not even getting into the arena/wang issues, looking at this soley with the team on the ice) why would they want to stay? This is year 3 of the rebuild, we need more talent but you don’t tank in year 3, you develop. Lets Go Islanders!

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