More Suspects Charged In Salon Shootout With NYC Cop

NEW YORK (AP) — Two more suspects have been charged in the hair salon robbery that was foiled by an off-duty New York City police officer getting her hair done.

Steven McLeod was arraigned Tuesday on charges he supplied the handgun used in the October robbery.

Also charged was Nefrititi Earl who prosecutors say posed as a customer of the Brooklyn salon. They say she was buzzed through the locked door of Sabine’s Hallway so Winston Cox could enter behind her.

Prosecutors say Cox opened fire after off-duty Officer Feris Jones drew her gun and identified herself as a police officer. He was charged previously.

All three defendants have pleaded not guilty to the indictment charging them with attempted murder, robbery, aggravated assault and weapon possession.

Feris was promoted to detective for her bravery.

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  • Johnny

    Yeah, funny how off-duty officers are allowed to carry and the rest of us have to sit and take getting robbed.

    This city is such garbage.

    • fern

      In Chicago off duty police people are required to carry a piece and may be punished if they don’t.

    • Devenio

      You have the god given right to protect yourself. No law can take that away from you. If you feel that you need a weapon for protection, carry one. As the old saying goes, “I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6.”

      • Devenio

        Just to add, the job of the police is not to protect you. “To Protect and Serve” as been replaced with “Them against Us”. The police will only help after the crime has been committed. Crime = money. Preventing crime = broke police departments.

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