NYC Residents Frustrated By Delayed Trash Collection

10 Days After The Storm, Rats Are Still Having A Field Day

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — If you’ve walked or driven on many streets in New York City, you know that mountains of snow have been replaced by piles of garbage.

As CBS 2’s John Metaxas found out on Wednesday while paroling the stinky streets inside the Mobile 2 Unit, the situation is still pretty bad, a full 10 days after the blizzard hit.

“Williamsburg has been forgotten – it’s a land of garbage,” property manager Larry Glick said. “I manage nine buildings in Williamsburg, and all of my buildings have garbage. It’s ridiculous.”

Glick isn’t alone, either. There are plenty of folks steamed about the massive piles of garbage they’ve had on their streets for days.

On block after block, residents look at hundreds of trash bags at a time, piled high and stretching for yards.

“It’s really bad. All the rats come out, big, giant rats here at night,” Domingo Colon said. “You could see them running all over the place.”

Several Williamsburg residents said they’re holding Mayor Michael Bloomberg accountable.

“Look at this, all the garbage everywhere,” one resident said. “He’s not doing anything for us, nothing at all.”

“The mayor should stop hiding and come out to pick up the garbage,” resident Ray Acosta said.

In Manhattan, some of the piles were even taller – some nearly 7 feet in height! It made for quite a view for people trying to enjoy their coffee at a French bistro.

“Well, the coffee was good, but I kept my back to the view,” said Louis Zamora of the Upper West Side.

Massive piles of trash are not the norm everywhere, though. Several blocks have had their trash collected, but it all depends on where you are.

“My block’s fine, I haven’t seen any problem,” one resident said. “I’ve seen some large stacks of garbage bags, but I don’t see them sticking around too long.”

“On the West Side, it seems to be okay,” resident John Jorgensen said. “But when you look at everyone else, friends in Brooklyn, Bay Ridge, where I grew up, it’s a disaster.”

The Department of Sanitation told CBS 2 that crews are making steady progress in reducing the backlogged trash, with nearly 40,000 tons collected on Monday and Tuesday. It said it expects to have all trash collected by the end of the week.

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One Comment

  1. Pwnage says:

    All unions are run by the MAFIA. If you dont think its true you are kidding yourself. Ask anyone even remotely connected to a Union. The FBI knows this. They are incredibly corrupt, dysfunctional and a drain on our fair city. DO SOMETHING BLOOMBERG.

  2. vince says:

    The only thing that prevented an uncontrollable outbreak of rats was the cold weather. If this happened in the summer, all hell would have broke loose. The sanitation union was giving New York a taste of what mayhem the union is capable of creating if they don’t get what they want. This was a warning.

  3. Rufus Levin says:

    Maybe you need some illegal Mexicans to come DO THE WORK instead of a bunch of greedy, lazy UNION THUGS working for the government paycheck in a corrupt city government! Offer jobs to the welfare folks in California, and they laugh it off.

    Maybe New Yorkers could work on producing LESS WASTE and GARBAGE and cut their need for high cost services.

  4. Marty says:

    Who gives a rats ass? It’s New York. The place is a hell hole without the trash.

  5. Guy out West says:

    When I read the title, Rats Having A Field Day, I presumed it was an expose on The White House and the Barry Obama regime. Anyway, it’s a story about NYC and by the picture it seems appropriate (I didn’t read it).

    Psst, nobody outside NYC cares what happens to NYC and its liberal Obama-worshipping, welfare 4-life, tax-loving, police state compliant residents.

  6. Amy weisel says:

    The block where we live between Riverside and West End Avenue is really bad right now. It’s been close to two weeks without trash or recycle pick up. It is becoming trecherous as the looming mounds grow taller and the sidewalks narrow with gargbage. Is there a number to call?it’s becoming hazardous not just unsightly.

  7. Mel says:

    The rest of the people in fly over country are laughing their tails off.
    Idiot citizens allowing their government to pay garbage men 150K a year.
    Even more absurd is a labor slowdown by these clowns. Hi taxes, hi prices for everything, congested roads (even without snow), surly municipal workers. God, I am happy I don’t live in NYC. It was bad enough when I was there as a kid. Now it is pathologically corrupt. Hopefully the fools that vote for the Bloombergs and other liberal politicians will stay there and not corrupt the sane
    parts of the country.

  8. ted says:

    Man that snow melted fast.

  9. TN OBSERVER says:

    In the mountains of East Tennessee we have a saying we teach our children.
    Waste NOT! – Want Not!.

    We thank you New Yorkers for providing the video to prove the point.

  10. DC Girl says:

    I don’t feel sorry for New Yorkers. You vote liberal and love unions. You got what you voted for.

  11. Kendrick1 says:

    For those of you that travel by plane you had better do so before TSA is unionized!!!

  12. Karl says:

    Give it a french sounding name and charge a lot for it. It will be consumed

  13. Brandon says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Rats in an American city in 2011.

  14. Dan says:

    New Yorkers deserve it since these are the same clowns that have run the country into the ground election after election. Yeah, they’re real bright…the idiots don’t even know how to get rid of their trash. Come on all you Blue State Democrats, scream to your Columbia and Harvard grad in the White House to help.

  15. Phillep Harding says:

    If the union is not pulling anything, they should not object to GPS trackers being put on the trucks so they can prove how hard they are working.

    Suggest it, and the screams of outrage will be heard on the Moon!

  16. Jim Ramsey says:

    10 Days After The Storm, Rats Are Still Having A Field Day
    Not only that, the rodents are having a field day as well.

    1. kay2the2nd says:

      NO! Don’t ask the WH for help. They’ll be trying to take money from red states to pay for solving the problems the residents of NYC brought on themselves. Maybe if the snow removal “workers” had done their jobs – instead of driving up and down the streets with their plows raised – the garbage would not have piled up.

      How’r those public unions workin for ya NY? You elected the rats like bloomy, you put up with the rat infested unions, so deal with it.

  17. m-alta says:

    In alberta canada, we have no rats. Also we do not elect liberals. Any connection?

  18. zucccchini says:

    As one poster said, New York’ers usually whine for the unions and they are what priced our jobs out of the country. Now they have priced themselves out of their base. There once was a reason to have unions and they had a place. That was when they were ran by the workers. Now the mafia runs the unions and everyone will soon be out of work. Bloomberg is a Socialist in Republican clothing. He was never a true Republican. Similar to Voinvich, Olypia Snow…etc.

  19. AnneP says:

    Hello Naples!

  20. Pat says:

    Union thugs wouldn’t plow snow and now won’t pick up trash. Why? Because the supervisors got “demoted” to the trucks with no cuts in pay, pension, vacation or benefits but because they actually have to work they got their panties in a knot and took it out on the people who pay their salaries while millions are looking for a job ANY job. Bloomberg scapegoats EMS Chief and fires him as if ambulance drivers were the ones sitting on their butts during the storm. They were out there humping throught the snow to rescue people, even carring the sick blocks through the storm to their ambulances which couldn’t get through the unplowed streets. Bloomberg is a gutless idiot too timid to take on the union .

  21. Sean Patriot says:

    I guess New Yorkers dont realize that this is how the Bubonic Plague started. Good for them.

    1. Don K says:

      I got a nice chuckle from your screen name, “Sean”. True-hearted Americans know that your kind of “patriotism” is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

      1. ramfire98 says:

        Did you have something of substance to add beyond insults?

    2. Juan Dough says:

      Actually it’s better for the rest of the country that NYers aren’t capable of conprehensive thought. Hopefully the plague will rid us of the leeches who are sucking the life’s blood of our country.

  22. Don K says:

    Can I see a show of hands from all those blaming the problems on liberal/Democratic politicians who have enough brain cells to know that Bloomberg is a pro-capitalism Republican?

    1. Sean Patriot says:

      The problem was UNIONS, Democrat controlled UNIONS. It must suck to be wrong.

      1. nygrump says:

        While Bloomie was off at his secret latifundia, right, after laying off 400 sanitation workers while the City is in the black?

      2. Don K says:

        Are the people who run the unions voted on be the electorate? If not, my initial (and correct) point still stands.

    2. Ellis Wyatt says:

      Uh, Bloomberg left the GOP a while ago, and when you look at his history, you will see he has been a liberal Democrat for most of his life. The only reason he ever ran as a Republican was (1) to pass himself off as Giuliani II and (2) he didn’t think he should have to bother with going through a Democratic Party primary campaign.

    3. Ellis Wyatt says:

      And have you looked at the number of Republicans on the NY City Council? There is a total of FIVE Republicans. So, yes, I do blame these problems on liberal Democratic politicians because they have all the power in this city.

  23. DC Handgun Info says:

    In the old days before gun control, you could count on kids using airguns or .22 pistols to kill those darn rats. Also, reign in the union LOAFERS who caused this health catastrophe!

  24. Spongebob Obama says:

    Here’s a great chance for the new governor of New York to shine. He should mobilize the NY National Guard, dispatch 1000 trucks with soldiers to NYC to help pickup the garbage in the name of public safety seeing as the city government seems incapable of reasonably preserving the public health. Then take it and dump it all in one location: the steps of City Hall at Bloomenschmucks feet. Then we’ll see how the un-sanitation department handles it.

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