Mount Vernon Man Hospitalized After Brutal Dog Attack

Witnesses: 'They Were Eating The Guy'; 'Leg Was Ripped Open'

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. (1010 WINS/ CBS 2) – When Maureen Martin looked out from her second-floor apartment on Wednesday night, she saw a pack of dogs attacking her neighbor.

“Another big dog came and they just threw him on the floor and they were eating the guy,” Martin said.

Police said two Rottweiler’s and a Wheaton terrier mix attacked Craig Jones as he walked along East 4th Street around 9:30 p.m.

 LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Kathleen Maloney reports

As CBS 2’s Lou Young reports, Jones, a 38-year-old electrician, was returning returning home from the grocery store when the dog pack struck. His most serious injuries are too gruesome for television.

“I saw three huge dogs on top of him and he was just screaming. He was already bloody. His leg was being ripped open,” witness Dee Dee Smith said.

The victim was just trying to get to his front door but the dogs kept attacking. They brought him down, chewed him up and began dragging him back toward the street. Horrified neighbors alerted by his screams began throwing things out the window. A brick finally hit one of the dogs and seemed to break the spell.

“I was right there hanging out of my living room window and I about fell out. That’s how close to him. I’m still scared. I don’t even want to go grocery shopping today I’m so scared,” Smith said.

Responding Mount Vernon Police officers shot and killed one of the animals and captured another. Witnesses said the third dog got away.

“That could have been my baby. That could have been anyone. I’m very upset about it,” neighbor Joan Murray said.

Police told Young the dogs escaped from an auto body shop. Two of the same animals were involved in the August dog pack killing of neighbors’ pet Yorkie.

That dog’s owner said Wednesday night’s attack could’ve been prevented.

“They should’ve been put down most definitely.  Something should’ve been done and I had a feeling something like this was gonna happen again,” Eric Coleman said.

“I still hurt from losing that dog. This should not have happened. This could have been avoided,” Deana Young told 1010 WINS’ Maloney.

Deana Young blames the city of Mount Vernon for not doing anything.

“You cannot have a pack of dogs like that and not expect something like this to happen,” Deana Young said.

A police spokesman said after the August attack the dogs were returned to the owner by court order. So far no formal charges have been filed, but the animal remains in quarantine at the animal shelter.

The dogs’ owner was not at the auto body shop when the animals escaped, police said. An employee apparently left a gate open.

Medical officials transported Jones to Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx where he was treated for serious injuries to his head and legs. He was listed in stable condition.

“He had some pretty significant injuries to his leg area as well as his head,” Police Capt. Edward Adinaro said.


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  1. Aunt Bee says:

    Open carry ends this in 2 seconds. Also the 2 legged predators will be sentient enough to not try the same.

  2. chipgiii says:

    Perhaps liberal NY should re-consider it’s hand gun laws. He could have shot both dogs, save the police call, and quickly rid the town of this mess.

    1. IllinoisJoe says:


    2. Troy says:

      Well said.

  3. Steve Smith says:

    The injuries too gruesome for news coverage?
    They tore this man’s testicles off.

  4. Evylin Coke says:

    My 5 year old is crying his eyes out! I was going to get him a Rotweiler puppy, but not after seeing this! I think they should be eradicated! Thank God I didn’t buy him one of these beasts. Oh now he just said “I hate you mommy”. I guess it’s time to get the soap and and send him to his room with NO SUPPER!!!

    1. Nav says:

      Evylin, believe it or not, it’s normal for young children (and teenagers) to sometimes say hurtful things to their parents. Recommend responding to the child with a hug, a kiss and promise you’ll still get the puppy. (No soap please). Try a mutt or maybe smaller breed more compatible with a young child. BTW hugs and kisses will work with the new puppy too.

      1. America says:

        Shut up Nav!

      2. Nav says:

        America…so are we a ‘teenager’? If the shoe fits, please wear it.

    2. Randall says:

      Most rotweiliers are big babies. He must have treated them badly.

      1. Randall says:

        One more thing. People don’t act like animals. Animals have more sense.
        Watch, “Battle at Kruger” on youtube.

      2. doo says:

        Babies don’t have fangs and rip people open.

      3. whatever says:

        doo – you obviously haven’t met my children. My dogs fear them.

    3. Crystal says:

      Wow how ignorant are you? A dog’s behavior is because of the owner, not the breed.

    4. Louise JP says:

      too stupid to reply almost, you should never get any dog, Rotts are usually excellent dogs, its the owners stupid!

    5. Bart Fouchard says:

      It is not the dog, it’s the owner. Come on….

    6. Mandy Zodds says:

      Sadly, I had a cousin that died from a rottweiler. He’s with Tookie now. You’re making a sound choice, based on incidents like these. Maybe if you sat down and had a discussion over a piece of pie, your son would calm down.

    7. chris says:

      If you were even considering buying a rotweiler for a 5 year old, Child Services ought to come and investigate you.

      Something to be said for having an IQ test before a person is allowed to breed.

      1. whatever says:

        True – of course you probably wouldn’t have been born, but I’d have been okay with that.

  5. Michael Patrick Schmitt says:

    This guy was probably kicking the dogs for fun before they defended themselves; this happens all the time with these types of people. Dogs never attack unless they are provoked first.

    1. A says:

      You must be another dog owner in denial I guess…. yes, most dogs don’t (probably including yours)… but some do (like these ones)… especially those trained specifically to do so for property protection. Do you think the auto body guys put these dog on the property to attack “only when provoked”? And your comment about “these type of people” seems to suggest the quality of your thinking anyway… shame!

    2. You dog bites says:

      Boy are you clueless about dogs. Having worked as a mailman for 8 years when I was younger, virtually all dogs will attack the mailman if given a chance. No provocation needed.

      Yes, dogs will attack unprovoked. Of course some do, being in denial about that is to deny reality.

      1. Michael Patrick Schmitt says:

        Mailmen are stupid and work 2 hour days and collect a massive paycheck and pension; 99 % of the mail I get is junk and a waste. Get a real job. You can’t even handle a dog. Look at the photo of the dog above; so cute. cootchie cootchie..

  6. MassiveHerp says:


  7. Sharon Watson says:

    The title said pit bulls. This should be corrected. Pit bulls get enough negative press.

  8. GORBY says:


  9. Sharon Watson says:

    The title said pit bulls, this should be corrected. Pit bulls get enough negative press.

  10. Michael Patrick Schmitt says:

    I think the dogs are innocent until proven guilty; maybe the guy was provoking them

  11. Templar X says:

    Dogs like that should be put down and the owner fined, jailed and sued!!!

  12. matt says:

    This probably could have been avoided if the dog-catchers union wasnt on strike

  13. matt says:

    I hope he was a democrat………..Of course was, He was a new yorker.

  14. El Gato says:

    I wonder if they had a New York permit for the bricks?

  15. jerry says:

    That’s what happens when you moons in NY decided you don’t need guns for protection. How did you decide ? By electing that yutz Bloomberg.

  16. Get the Owner! says:

    Forget a trial for the dogs’ irresponsible owner. Starve the dogs for a few days, then lock the owner in the room with them. Don’t answer the door.

  17. Deskboy says:

    Throwing Bricks is all you can do when your right to bear arms has been usurped by the state. Wake up, America.

    1. cameron portnoy says:

      Seems like a brick was just as effective as a gun would have been. Goes to show that guns don’t fix everything, baggers.

      1. dumbars says:

        sigh at that comment, only a looney lefty would have said something positive about losing your freedoms. are all NYC people as ignorant as sheep. or just the ones that trolls the boards because there welfare check is 2 days away.

      2. Mark Carlton says:

        That’s a poor conclusion due to a liberalism-addled brain. Were the victim carrying a gun, he most likely would not have been injured at all. So how was a brick “just as effective?”

  18. Angie says:


    Some one please tell me where I can buy two Rottweiler pups that will grow up to look like that Magnificent Rottweiler in the article’s photo. That is a beautiful dog….and he looks all business. Just what I want….single woman NYC.

  19. Steve says:

    If your neighbor owns a dangerous animal and is irresponsible about keeping it locked up, there is an easy solution. Mix broken glass into some ground beef. The next time your dumb neighbor lets his monster out, well, let’s just say that you can’t be responsible if your neighbor’s dog comes onto your property and eats food out of your ‘accidentally left-open’ trash can. Problem solved. Voila.

    1. steve says:

      brilliant…thanks, great idea…

      1. greg says:

        dangerous dogs should be controlled, but steve how about you just eat the meat ground up with glass yourself

    2. dumbars says:

      steve is an obama loving cat person. i bet he wets this pants when he hears the name “mike vick”

  20. Steve says:

    If your neighbor owns a dangerous animal and is irresponsible about keeping it locked up, there is an easy solution. Mix broken glass into some ground beef. The next time your dumb neighbor lets his monster out, well, let’s just say that you can’t be responsible if your neighbor’s dog comes onto your property and eats food out of your ‘accidentally left-open’ trash can. Problem solved.

    1. Lea C. says:

      Sad to need such a solution and make the animal suffer for the laziness and irresponsibility of the owner to train and secure his dogs.

  21. Steve says:

    There is an easy way to solve this problem. Pass a law that dictates that pet owners will be criminally liable for their animal’s attacks as if they themselves had done it. In other words, if a dog attacks and kills someone, the owner as well as the dog receives the death penalty. This is justice, and would make people think twice before owning a dangerous animal if they are not willing to train it properly.

    1. Steve M says:

      And lets apply that same law to kids, as well. If a kid commits a crime, let the parent(s) suffer the consequences!

      1. Fred says:

        Oh Yeah and if the law does not stop the problem…then pass a law that you can hold the politician criminally negligent for passing a law that didn’t get the job done !!

        Works for me.

    2. Missy says:

      I don’t, of course, agree with putting the dog to death but I do agree it’s time stupid people start to take responsibility for themselves and their animals.

      1. Missy says:

        I meant I don’t agree about putting the owner to death. Sorry. Dog, yes.

  22. Lol @ People says:

    This is the stupidest collection of comments I’ve seen online in ages, and that’s saying something.

    Mount Vernon is not in NYC you idiots.

    Pit Bulls are not Rottys.

    “Common Sense” does not mean “whatever turds fall out of my mouth.”:

  23. K in TX says:

    This is the stuff that happens when you’re not allowed to carry a gun. And worse.

    1. papaeagle says:

      You are correct sir. And that is why I carry a .45 ACP at all times. I am prepared to defend myself and others against all kinds of predators, whether they be the two or four legged kind.

    2. Oh Come ON. says:

      Guns are legal in Mount Vernon.

      This is the stuff that happens when people say things they don’t know anything about.

  24. Catherine says:

    You know what I find interesting – this comment thread would have taken on a whole different direction if the media had got the facts right in the first place. If they had come out and said rottie guard dogs from an auto body shop escaped and attacked a man no one would even mention pit bulls and the fact that the dogs were rottie’s would probably have taken a back burner to the fact that the auto body shop owner is irresponsible and can’t contain his attack dogs.

  25. Sailordude says:

    When I was a kid living in NYC I carried a knife or a shiv. I don’t see how you people live there and walk the streets without personal protection. NYC is a dangerous place.

  26. Joe603 says:

    I own a Rotty…and I could have made her a vicious dog if I was irresponsible…It’s not the dog, it’s the human behind the dog that is responsible. I have a 2 year old daughter that knee drops and sits on my dog and the only attack is a face full of Rotty tongue! Because of stories like this and ignorance of those owners, I have to listen to people who warn me of my dangerous dog.

    1. Teresa says:

      Try owning a pitweiler – picture your dog in brindle – I’ve heard it all. But I don’t care because he’s the best dog I ever had or ever will have. He is loving and devoted to me and my kids and that’s all I care about. And no, haters, he will not “turn” on us one day. It. Doesn’t. Work. That. Way. Unless you have extensive knowledge on dog behavior and training, don’t even respond to me, because I do and you can throw all these attack stories out there you want, but I can find stories on other dog breeds if you’d like. The difference is the media doesn’t pick up on other dog attacks because it’s not “sensational”. Pits first and Rotties second are the current devil dogs because a lot of stupid people are getting their hands on them now and not training them or worse, training them to attack and/or abusing them. That’s it in a nutshell. The owners.

      1. russell says:

        You will be sorry one day for owning that piece of $hit.

      2. Teresa says:

        Russell – I neglected to mention in this post that he also is a working dog. He was certified with NAPWDA north american police work dog association as a man trailer. He’s a search and rescue dog. He also has his CGC and TDI certifications. No, I will never be sorry I have him.

    2. doggoneit says:

      CORRECT! My rott will lick a baby to death. Never bite them.

  27. zone says:

    Seem to the animals are in charge there?

  28. Jason White says:

    This is where STUPIDITY REIGNS …. if a FREAKING DOG nearly KILLS a PERFECTLY INNOCENT HUMAN BEING … then that breed of dog should be banned. PERIOD. It’s bad enough out there with unemployment and crime, now we have to DEFEND terrorizing dogs? Please wake the heck up. Allow dogs that DON’T ATTACK to have nice homes. Are we gonna allow sharks in local swimming spots? How about a pet LION to take to the park?

    Why is it that COMMON FREAKING SENSE doesn’t exist anymore?

    Ban the Pit Bulls … point end. Want a Pit Bull go raise one in the Bahamas or Mexico … but not anywhere near me!

    1. cindy says:

      It’s not the breed…it’s the upbringing. I know a number of people who own pit bulls and rotties…and they are the sweetest most loving dogs. If a dog is shown to be vicious and the owner isn’t willing to take the measures to keep that animal under their control then that specific animal should be destroyed…but to ban the entire breed is just ridiculous.

      1. Linda says:

        All the dogs are “nice” until one of them turns on humans. Then it’s let’s just fine the owners. NO COMMON SENSE……..ALL IDIOTS.

      2. Catherine says:

        Linda – the only people who sound like idiots around here are the uneducated ones. In case you can’t figure it out – that includes you.


        “Pit Bulls ‘turn’ on their owners.” Dogs, as a species, do not perform
        behaviors “just because”. There are always reasons for behavior, and
        when aggression becomes a problem the reasons can be such things as
        improper handling, lack of socialization or training, a misreading of dog
        behavior by the owner, or, rarely, disease. Aggression, when it presents
        in pet dogs, follows specific patterns. First occur warning signs, then
        more warning signs, and finally, when those signs are continually
        ignored or misinterpreted, the dog resorts to using its teeth. When an
        owner is startled by a sudden, aggressive outburst, it is because they
        have been unaware of problems that were brewing. This is true of all
        dogs, not just Pit Bulls. Pit Bulls, indeed no dogs, “turn” on their owners.

      3. Linda says:

        Catherine — what are you going to do when one of the breeds turns on you? I just can’t understand when people place animals above people. You can say what you want but in NO way should Pits and Rotts be allowed as pets. Now I know I will have everyone at my heels for saying this but it’s true. Grow up people and get rid of those heinous creatures before the rapture…..HA, HA, HA.

      4. Catherine says:

        Wow Linda. You would have drank the kool aid, wouldn’t you?

      5. Linda says:

        Catherine — I guess you don’t know sarcasm when you read it. Let me guess — your kool-aid is being a liberal. Mine on the other hand is being REAL.

      6. Catherine says:

        Actually Linda, I know sarcasm very well thanks, but your comment wasn’t sarcasm, it was just plain weird.

    2. Steve says:

      First of all Jasaon, I don’t believe a Pit-Bull was involved in the attack, so that point is not valid. Second, why should we ban all Rottweilers because of one stupid owner. I have a Rottie and she does charity work with me and visits sick childeren. Should she be banned?

      Just settle down and have some common sense. The owner should be charged for negligence.

    3. stacy says:

      Pit Bulls used to be Americas Dog. They were called “nanny dogs” bc they were so gentle with children. Blame urban culture on fighting and torturing these dogs. Despite that, Pit Bulls are one kind of dog that will still love you and be gentle even after suffering through a horrendous ordeal, like being forced to be a dog fighter. You want to solve most of the problems with dogs? SPAY and NEUTER them.

    4. whatever says:

      Jason – common sense certainly doesn’t seem to exist in your head. I’d like to see a ban on stupid people, but apparently it would reduce the population too much and I guess your mom would miss you.

    5. Hominid says:

      You’re an idiot lib. It’s not the dog, it’s the dog owner.

    6. Jeff says:

      Jason I will bet your dear old mom would like two magnificent Rotties (like in the photo) around the house if she was being attacked by vicious home invading thugs…or wait maybe just call 911,,,,,whoops too late …the thugs just scored with your mom..

    7. richard says:

      Jason white you are an idiot

    8. Brian n Texas says:

      Jason White

      It was later determined that the two dogs that attacked this man were actually, in fact, Rottweilers.

      So are we now supposed to eradicate all Rottweilers. hmm I think your rationale is a little over the top, no.? These dogs, as it turns out, were trained guard dogs and the owner left the gate open or they escaped their guard lot somehow. These dogs are trained to attack and vanquish their quarry. Seems to me, that they were merely doing their jobs, only problem was they were in the wrong place doing it.

      So back to Pit Bulls. Yes they have attacked humans, but so have every other dog breed ever. They are large and powerful and should be treated with respect. Anyone handling them needs to understand, FULLY, the potential that ANY large breed dog has to do serious bodily harm.

      No dog should be persecuted because of a few isolated incedents. We have seen the quotes from this page saying some 32 people died in dog attacks last year 2010. Considering the overwhelming number of pets america has in its homes, I would say those number are a very very low occurence rate.

      You used sharks in swimming pools above as a joke. But I am sure several people died last year while swimming, WITH NO SHARKS IN WATER. Maybe we could banish all swimming pools, or maybe swimmers, or water.

  29. Sailordude says:

    Good thing you got those bricks to protect yourself with! LOL, liberals.

  30. BS says:

    Atleast it wasn’t a pack of Mel Gibsons

  31. Mark says:


    They were bred to be dog aggressive, true, but that can be socialized out of them (my dog was in day care for the first year of his life, now he loves all other dogs). They were never bred to be human aggressive.

    I said the same thing about Montecore.

    Signed, Roy

  32. ragu4u says:

    Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof, woof woof! They were guard dogs doing what they do for their living. Put the HUMAN down that left the gate open.

    1. jensmith2011 says:

      i totally agree its not the dogs fault they were trained by someone ….i have a pitbull sweet as pie its all in theway you train them

      1. Mac says:

        All pits are “sweet as pie” until they eat a little kid’s face.

  33. Redbeard says:

    Thankfully in New York you can’t have a gun to protect yourself

  34. BS says:

    Ugh.. I own a pit-bull terrier mix and she’s the most loyal and well behaved animal I’ve owned..parenting and discipline are the common denominators here.. If you’re too lazy to care for a pet, don’t f@cking own one! And for f@ck”s sake don’t have children! They’re a little more involved. Don’t impose fines or threats of reconcilliation (ie euthanizing my dog) because some other jerkoff beat his curs to the point of insanity.. Or bite your own
    bullet and euthanize every human because Ted Bundy’s mom didn’t hug him enough.. F@ck all y’all, I love the devil

  35. russell says:

    Do no legal citizens own a gun? If this happened around here, there’s be a few dead dogs.

  36. psadie says:

    I see a big fat lawsuit coming with this poor man now the new owner of a body shop.

  37. dope says:

    I have a 2500 pound pet water buffalo. I know that a lot of people have been killed and seriously injured by water buffalo but really, THOSE water buffalo were not trained in a loving home. The mail man complains every time it gets loose and charges toward him to lick his face. That ignorant dope. Why can’t he understand that I have lovingly trained this animal. All of you who say I shouldn’t have a pet water buffalo are selfish bastiges. You just don’t understand! Why don’t YOU move out into the country and leave me alone?

    1. John Wilson says:


  38. victor ellery says:

    These dogs are vicious and if an owner is stupid enough to own one he should by law have a million dollar ins, polocy on each one….That doesn`t help the person they kill or maim. Then, it the dog attacks anyone the owner needs to be sued for everything they own…before going to prison for murder.

    1. Jason says:

      Interesting comment. My neighbor has a black lab that will bite you if given the chance and my neighbor likes him that way. I have had many different breeds of dogs over the years and I have learned that dogs aren’t born mean, they are made mean by mean people. I’ve got an am staff, but I won’t waste my time telling you how great she is. Rather than blame the dog lets use a little common sense and at least look at how the dog has been treated by its owner. Lets also remember that while you are blaming pits( which were not even involved), and rotties, there was also a nice cuddly wheaten terrier participating. As I said dogs are not born mean, they are made mean…….

      1. Chris says:

        They should should post this picture for their headline -

    2. greg mitchell says:

      Kim-are you human or k9?
      Are blacks human or k9? neither in your opinion?

  39. american-american says:

    There are some comments about the intelligence of these dogs so here you go. According to the AKC the dogs rank as follows.

    Bull Terrier = 66th, takes 40 to 80 repetitions to learn a new command. Obeys first command only about 30% of the time.

    Rottweiler = 9th, takes less than 5 repetitions to learn a new command. Obeys first command 95% of the time.

    Many of the rank levels contain more than one dog for the same ranking. Because of this, the Bull Terrier is actually 118th when all dogs are counted seperately.

    Personally, I don’t like either breed but if I had to choose, I would obviously choose the one most likely to do what it was trained to do most of the time. That much being said, it is possible the dogs in the story were actually taught to be aggressive, whereas Bull terriers are quite possible simply acting up out of ignorance.

    1. Devon Forgot These says:

      Tommy Wilson, 26-years old, was mauled to death by his daughter’s six gold fish. It was reported that Wilson suffered severe head trauma, including having both his ears bitten off and at least one of his eyes mauled. There was no history of mistreatment to the fish and neighbors say Wilson had never seemed to have any problems with the fish in the past.

      Tristine Staab, 37-years old, was mauled to death by one of her mother’s six pet gerbils.Tristine’s stepfather, Tim Howler, and mother,Sue HErb, defended their pet gerbils on local news stations .HErb described the six gerbils as “house pets” that were well cared for and even chipped for identification. “They were spoiled rotten,” HErb said. “They were not neglected in any way.”

      Nathan Age, 22-years old, was fatally mauled by the family’s bunny. The one-and-a-half-year old male bunny, who had been with the family for about 3-months, was seized along with another family rabbit that was not involved in the attack.

      Sava Gragg, 39-years old, was severely mauled by the family canary as she opened the door to let the BIRD out. News reports indicate that only her grandmother and parents were home during the incident.

      Tim Bisbee, 12-years old, was tickled to death by his step-grandfather’s moustache.

      Matt Daugherty, 25-years old, was mauled to death by his daughter’s kitty The girl had owned the kitty for nine days without any previous incidents. But friends of the family, Dale and Laverne and Shirley, said the kitty was a big part of the Daugherty family. They said the kitty“even had its own litter box in the house.”

      1. sjh says:

        What’s your point? If you think you are being funny, you’re not.

      2. vc says:

        @Devon – idiot, I hope you get bit by a dog today

      3. Trixie says:

        WOW I didn’t realize the dangers of owning a pet….all pet ownership should be unlawful….being mauled by goldfish or a bunny sounds horrible…hahaha

      4. T Nails says:

        A man is in crtical condition. What kind of rotted soul do you possess to make a joke of this? It this your amateur night routine? Sounds like you’ve lived a drama free life. I don’t wish you harm, just the ability to have some compassion. Go visit a trauma center one day and see how well your routine’s lift the spirits.

      5. PDQ says:

        Interesting how liberals hate it when you snark at their crybaby agenda stories and tales of woe.

    2. J says:

      A bull terrier is not a pitbull.

  40. Lou Gots says:

    @ comments: 1) Our blue pit is the necest, most docile and affectionate dog who ever walked the face if the earth. With people, that is. She’s “Animal Farm” in reverser: “Two legs good, four legs bad.” I agree with the comments going both ways on Pits. Yes, they are wonderful family dogs; yes they are dangerous.

    This leads in to comment #2: Vicious dogs are a deadly weapon for dirt-balls not allowed to have guns. The answer is your own gun . I’m a Philadelphian: :Shall-issue gun permits here, even in the City–make that especially in the City. In all those years of carrying, i’ve had my gun out exactly three times, and every time involved dogs. .

  41. Walter Daniels says:

    Brian n Texas, Yes I would put Pee Wee Herman in the ring with Mike Tyson but thats just because Pee Wee is a freak and I would love to see him get his A#% Kicked 🙂

    1. Brian n Texas says:

      LOL I would too.
      I just love to see Iron Mike devastate chumps like back in the day.

  42. Paul Wade says:

    Why didn’t any of them shoot the dogs?

    1. FREEDOM says:

      cause you cant own a gun in new york

    2. Mark I says:

      Shoot them what? A dirty look?
      LOL! This is New York, man! I don’t think you can even SAY the word gun legally in NY!

  43. Snooby says:

    This is why I own 2 chihuahuas

  44. helfo says:

    I tell you that animals are changing the way they treat us, because of the way we have been treating them! Evolution!

    1. Patriot says:

      Here in Colorado the man would have pulled out his hand gun of choice and euthanasized the curs, which is what is going to happen after the city spends 15 million dollars on special investigations.

      But, hey you get the government you deserve!

      In the mean time enjoy your pooches there in the Big City.

      1. helfo says:

        I am in Idaho, so don’t try to give me your western perspective. lol

    2. justin says:

      Thats the dumbest thing I have heard in along time.

  45. Devon says:

    My two dogs – a mixed breed shepherd (46 lbs) and a feist mix couldn’t do to a human what the animals below did to their victims. Please note that ALL of the horrified owners and neighbors said how sweet the dogs were prior to the vicious attacks. Facts are stubborn things for pit and rottie deniers.

    Johnny Wilson
    56-years old | Chicago, IL
    Johnny Wilson, 56-years old, was mauled to death by his daughter’s six pit bulls. It was reported that Wilson suffered severe head trauma, including having both his ears bitten off and at least one of his eyes mauled. There was no history of mistreatment to the dogs and neighbors say Wilson had never seemed to have any problems with the dogs in the past.

    Christine Staab, 37-years old, was mauled to death by one of her mother’s six pit bulls. Christine’s stepfather, Thomas Fowler, and mother, Barbara Erb, defended their pet pit bulls on local news stations. Erb described the six pit bulls as “house dogs” that were well cared for and even microchipped for identification. “They were spoiled rotten,” Erb said. “They were not neglected in any way.”

    Nathan Aguirre, 2-years old, was fatally mauled by the family’s pit bull. The one-and-a-half-year old male pit bull, who had been with the family for about 3-months, was seized along with another family pit bull that was not involved in the attack.

    Savannah Gragg, 9-years old, was severely mauled by the family pit bull as she opened the door to let the dog out. News reports indicate that only her grandmother and parents were home during the incident.

    Jacob Bisbee, 2-years old, was mauled to death by his step-grandfather’s pit bulls. The next day, from a jailhouse interview, Hayashi admitted that one of the dogs had killed his pet Chihuahua a year earlier. But he said he never believed his dogs would attack Jacob.

    Mattie Daugherty, 85-years old, was mauled to death by her daughter’s pit bull. The woman had owned the dog for nine years without any previous incidents. But friends of the family, Dale and Laverne Holbrook, said the pit bull was a big part of the Daugherty family. They said the dog “even had its own room in the house.”

    1. Teresa says:

      Well, I’m not wasting my day doing a blow by blow on each case, but I just wanted to touch on the fact that the first two you listed are about attacks by PACKS of dogs. It doesn’t matter what kind of dogs you have, if you have that many and you are not a seriously good alpha you are in for some serious problems. Yes, I know if they were a pack of poodles, the people would probably be alive, but the point is they were not in control. Too many people think you can have dogs and not train them. That is why there are problems. Also, there is always a reason for an attack. You may not want to figure out what it is and simply blame a breed, but it comes down to behavior and without understanding behavior you will never understand how dogs work.

      1. d'puapto says:

        A reason for every attack… Are you blaming the victim here, for not understanding “how dogs work”?

      2. Teresa says:

        No – I’m not blaming the victims – mostly I blame the owners. In some cases there is disease that comes in to the mix, but once again, it not the breed, it’s the dog.

    2. txkreddog says:

      Get real, pit bull hysteria is alive and well. Most people wouldn’t know a pit bull from a collie. Any dog that bites is either a Rotweiller or Pit Bull. Owners should control their animals, and be held accountable for their actions. Children the same thing, but blaming a breed is ridi ulous and ignorant.

    3. HLecter says:

      Oh, it’s funny alright! Good Job Devon

  46. Devon says:

    To reiterate, it’s not just the fact that pits and Rotties attack in DISPROPORTIONATE numbers to their population, it’s the fact that if your sweet 80 lb. pitbull BooBoo or 125 lb Rottie Duke decides he’s having a bad day, the victim is going to the hospital, will likely be scarred for life and if you’re a small child who is attacked, you might even be killed. Their strength, bite pressure, and lack of an off-switch is what makes a pit bull or Rottie attack a tragedy, not a simple bite.

  47. Bob says:

    Oh, so now it’s not pitbulls that attacked. Yesterday didn’t they cry that monster Am Staffs attacked this man? That’s why this wonderful breed gets a bad rap.

  48. steve says:

    Dogs have to eat too. NB the way, animals prefere dark meat.

  49. Randy says:

    Listen, one now has to have the intestinal fortitude to exterminate the three canines. Once an animal has tasted his master’s blood, its fear and obedience will diminish as well as respect. I regretfully state that now is the time for extermination.

  50. Luke says:

    A lot of comments here about breeds and pit bull hate and whatnot. How about the Owner? NY is a strict liability state when it comes to dog bites. That person needs to be dragged through all kinds of mud and financially destroyed. He/she chose to own these dogs and he/she didn’t control them. That’s it.

    1. mike says:

      Solid post

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