NY Teen Gets 6 Years In Beating Of Immigrant

NEW YORK (AP) — A teenager has been sentenced to six years in prison in connection with the vicious beating of a Mexican immigrant on Staten Island last year.

The April 5 assault on Rodolfo Olmedo was the first of a series of suspected anti-Hispanic bias attacks in the borough’s Port Richmond section. But a grand jury declined to indict Rolston Hopson and three other defendants on hate crime charges.

Hopson was sentenced Wednesday.

According to court documents, he beat Olmedo with a wooden stick. Olmedo was hospitalized for five days and was briefly in a coma.

The other defendants are scheduled to be sentenced in the next two weeks.

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  • bobby

    What a Joke ….The Crimminal Justice system in New York is Crimminal unless your white .

    • bobby

      These crack head baby punks beat this guy in a coma .6 years ???If they were white and called this victim a n word they would be doing 15 years .What a freaken Joke …I hope all white people out there are reading and listening to whats going on …We better start taking some action ….

  • Reverend Tuxton Sincere Jones, the Voice of the Black Community

    Blacks do not commit hate crimes. The laws were meant to stop white people from lynching us. Poverty, crime, poor education, and housing projects are all hate crimes. We do not believe in law and order. We subscribe to anarchy and riot. When we do not get our way, we kick and scream and bring up past injustices from one hundred and fifty years ago to justify our mantra until some liberal politician listens, and they always do.

    • Blath

      So a black person has never done anything illegal to anyone ever just because they were a certain race or gay? Come on you are a moron, go to school.

  • The Good Samaritan

    The victim provked the attack.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

  • sawney bean

    Oops sorry just looked at photo the perpetrator was black. My apologies. I feel like an idiot. This is embarrassing. Again sorry.

  • Yume

    But a grand jury declined to indict Rolston Hopson and three other defendants on hate crime charges.

    Shame on you Jury

  • sawney bean

    Hey idiots, the perpetrator was white and the victim was Latino. Can’t you guys even read?

  • Sheik Iman Wali Abduhl

    Blacks and muslims are never criminals, Yawker.

  • RM

    native noo yawker, i hate to admit it, but you’re right. i was under the false impression that the the offender was white and the victim was latino/hispanic. if the victim was black and the offender, white, Big Al would have been all over it like white on rice.

    • siuha hui

      Native Noo Yawker, you are right and I am a 100% agree with you, if the victim was black and the offender was white, this white offender will be sentenced more than 6 years. If he gets 6 years sentence, al Sharpton and the whole black people will protest and take futher.

  • tone

    Very well put and very TRUE !

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