Rex Zings Brady While Praising Manning

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) — Rex Ryan tweaked Tom Brady while he praised Peyton Manning.

The New York Jets coach said Thursday that “nobody” studies like Manning, the Indianapolis Colts quarterback whom Ryan’s team faces in a first-round playoff matchup Saturday night. Nope, not even the New England Patriots quarterback.

“I know Brady thinks he does,” Ryan said. “I think there’s a little more help from (Bill) Belichick with Brady than there is with Peyton Manning.”

Talk about bulletin-board material.

If the Jets (11-5) beat the Colts (10-6) in Indianapolis, they would next play Brady, Belichick and the Patriots (14-2) next Sunday at Foxborough, Mass. Ryan’s zinger would certainly add to an already tense rivalry.

First thing’s first, and that’s trying to get past Manning and the Colts. Ryan, who never shies from saying what’s on his mind, was asked what it’s like being a great defensive coach going against such a talented quarterback.

“It’s not just a coach on the field,” he said. “You give the coaching community too much credit. This guy is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game. He is one of the smartest guys. It’s not just a coach dialing up plays. He dials his own plays up.”

Ryan knows firsthand how tough Manning can be. Since 2005, when Ryan became Baltimore’s defensive coordinator, the Colts are 5-1 — including last year’s AFC championship game — and Manning has 12 touchdown passes and only two interceptions against him.

“The guy is tremendous,” Ryan said. “There is no one else like this guy in the league.”

Ryan said Manning is so good, he can go into each play with three options and end up coming up with a fourth. Manning’s ability to take a defense and exploit its weaknesses defies even anything coach Jim Caldwell, senior offensive assistant Tom Moore or former coach Tony Dungy have taught him over the years.

“Tom Moore has done a great job with him forever, Caldwell and Tony Dungy and things like that,” Ryan said, “but it’s Peyton Manning. That’s who it is.”

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One Comment

  1. Big Jim says:

    Spoken like a true Jets fan. Cole A. who are you kidding.
    Every great quaterback, Montana, Marino, Payton have had great lines, but you still need to put the ball in the hands of the players to reach the end zone and Brady is great at doing that. 3 Super Bowls rings with the 4th coming Feb 6th. If you are a Patriots fan like you claim you are, yeah, good one, you’ll be the first one screaming Brady’s name like a little girl.

    1. Cole Not A Jets Fan says:

      Brady puts the ball in the hands of his receivers, yes, but that is because he has all the time in the world to do so. He can order a pizza, wait for it, eat some of it and then decide to throw the ball. ANY Quarterback could do that. It is because of his front line and the front line only. Not a Jets fan or any other NY team fan. Move to NE and listen to people when they are not at a game. You’d be surprised. You would feel like you were in NY.

  2. Cole A. says:

    Interesting how you thought I was a Jets fan. Cole A. is a Patriots fan that can admit the truth. You would be surprised at how many of us know that this particular Offensive Line saves his you know what.

  3. Big Jim says:

    Cole A. comments are from a Jets fans who fell into a coma after Brady destroyed the Jets defense with 4 TD’s in a 45-3 rout. Cole A. just woke up from a nightmare. Jets have beaten the Pats just 4 times in the last 9 years. Brady & the Pats own the Jets. Just wishful thinking on your part Cole A. Time to get back to reality. The only way the Jets have a chance in beating Brady is if they steal the playbook, that’s a maybe. Playoffs & Super Bowls are Brady time

  4. Jay from BK says:

    @ Cole. A
    Great observation Cole, that’s the first time someone ever pointed that out. Oh wait, you can say the same about John Elway, Peyton Manning, Troy Aikman, Joe Montana, Steve Young and the list goes on! Don’t hate the fact that the Pats have 5 guys upfront who take pride in keeping their Quarterback and their team leader’s jersey clean! But again, good point!

  5. Cole A. says:

    If Brady didn’t have that Offensive Line, he would be nothing. Get through the line and Brady crumbles……and whines like a baby.

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