Ex-Stamford Worker Gets 5 Years In Theft Case

STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) — A former Stamford city employee accused of stealing nearly $350,000 in municipal money has been sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to larceny.

Fred Manfredonia of Branford, a 13-year city employee who oversaw employee benefits, faced two counts each of felony larceny and misdemeanor forgery for embezzling from the city for several years before his April arrest.

He received a 10-year sentence on Thursday, with five years suspended and five years of probation.

His lawyer tells the Stamford Advocate that restitution is part of his probation conditions and he plans to sell his home.

Prosecutors say the 60-year-old Manfredonia forged reimbursement checks for himself. He was fired after his arrest.

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  1. Gary says:

    • A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing •

    Someone should have called me for a reference, before hiring Fred Manfredonia. I knew this crafty character many years ago, and our relationship did not end on a pleasant note.

    My profession is in law career/personnel search management, specializing primarily within Manhattan’s law community. I came to know Fred very early in our careers, when he was a law clerk at a major Manhattan-based law firm and I was a budding personnel recruiter establishing an executive search firm. He initially came to me because of his interest in career advancement. We became friendly and I eventually placed him with another prominent law firm as a managing law clerk supervising several law clerks and paralegals. Paralegals being a new, upcoming profession within the law community at that time. As we progressed in our careers, we became more involved together, both as friends and as business associates. Whenever he needed to hire someone for his department, he would always use my recruiting services. As the years went on, our friendship grew to the point where I met his wife and children at his home. During our friendship, I began to learn more about Fred and noticed that he had somewhat of a dark side. We would meet after work on occasion for a drink or sometimes dinner, and almost every time, he would have an attractive woman on his arm from his office or elsewhere. It became obvious that there was more going on than just business between them, and he was married with kids. Another surprise during our friendship, was when he offered and then tried to sell me illegal drugs (Marijuana.) That was the beginning of my real suspicions about him, to my disappointment. I, of course, refused his overtures, but still remained friends for business reasons. As time went on, he then tried to persuade me to buy-in on a pyramid scam promising a big windfall, which I also refused. By this time, I became very cautious while continuing to do business with him. He then moved on in his career becoming the office manager and then personnel director of another major Manhattan-based law firm, where he continued to use my recruiting services to fill various positions within the firm. This is when his somewhat dark side became serious enough for me to cut all relations entirely, because of a phone call that I received from an applicant who wanted to thank me for her new job at Fred’s firm. I questioned her further and learned that she was contacted directly by Fred about 6 weeks after her initial interview which I arranged, and was told that she was not appropriate. I then immediately contacted all the candidates that I referred to Fred, and to my amazement, learned that he also contacted 6 of 10 candidates about 6 to 8 weeks after their initial interviews and hired them behind my back, after telling me that they were also not appropriate. You can imagine how I felt about his underhanded behavior. I immediately sent a letter to the administrator of the firm and followed up with a phone call to discuss this matter and my placement fees. After collecting my fees, it wasn’t long before Fred left the firm. He eventually became an office manager at a law firm in Connecticut, and we never spoke again.

    I wasn’t surprised much when I first learned of Fred’s shenanigans with the city of Stamford, and have absolutely no regard or sympathy for him. His actions finally caught up with him, and he got his just desserts.

    1. Virgil Naveda says:

      Well I worked with Fred for 12 years and I thought Fred to be a great guy, he was always kind and considerate. Regardless of his “Dark side”, no one should throw stones when they live in glass houses. So he made some mistakes in his life, who doesnt? Don’t ever wish ill will on anyone because karma does come back and bite you in the ass HARD!! So Fred if you read this, I hope you hang in there and I hope you get your life back on the right track!!

  2. the bandid says:

    nice job fred, to bad you got cough

  3. David Flores says:


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