NJ Saltwater Fishing Registry Goes To Governor

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A plan to create a free saltwater fishing registry that would let anglers avoid a $15 federal fee to cast their lines into the ocean is headed to the governor’s desk.

The state Assembly passed the measure on Thursday. Gov. Chris Christie has not indicated whether he will sign it.

The bill does not fund the registry, which helps the federal government keep track of who is catching what. That could be problematic for the budget-cutting Christie, who has shown no willingness to take on additional spending responsibilities for the cash-strapped state.

The state’s Recreational Fishing Alliance has promised to work with the governor to consider other ways to fund the state registry.

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  1. ken says:

    just another way to promote the wonderfull state of NJ

  2. Whale of a Good Story says:

    If I catch a flying fish, will I have to register with the FAA?

  3. Stevie Gee says:

    All Points Bulletin

    Be on the lookout for a male driving a late model truck heading south and east toward the NJ shore in the pre-dawn hours. Last seen purchasing squid at 5AM in the morning carrying a thermos of WAWA coffee and a handful of Tasty Kakes. Suspected of planning to surf fish without a saltwater registration. Believed to be armed with a fillet knife, 12 foot fishing rod with reel, monofilament, circle hooks and large rectangular box (contents unknown).

    Reported Suspected Activity: Surf fishing without paying the $15.00 national saltwater registry fee.

    Real crime: Failure to support some bureaucrat’s lifestyle.

  4. don't tread on me says:

    ya know i pay 33 dollars for a freshwater fishing license, at least i have been to the hatcheries and seen and have caught many kinds of trout, pike, and bass. I will pay for a salt water license ( cause thats what this is just worded differently ) when the state of new jersey starts stocking the ocean with fish I PAY FOR ENOUGH ALREADY just for 1 day to go out on the boat where i dont even catch or cant keep what i catch because it does not meet the ever constricting game laws that are imposed on us! i am furious this makes me want to take a stand and rally people to fight this just like our forefathers who fought against the tryranny of an opressing government . its going to far

  5. Captain Obvious says:

    People enjoy fishing. Since the dawn of civilization. Even Jesus was into the whole fishing thing.


    Since we’re on the topic, the Governor may want to try eating fish from time to time if he wants to drop some weight. It is tasty and oh so healthy for you 🙂

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