NYPD Officer Acquitted In Corruption Case

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York City police officer has been acquitted of corruption charges linked to drug busts.

NYPD Officer Julio Alvarez was cleared Friday by a judge in Brooklyn.

His co-defendant, Detective Sean Johnstone, is still on trial. He faces charges of falsely reporting that the two had recovered only 17 bags of cocaine from a bust, rather than the 28 bags they actually seized.

A probe into the case uncovered evidence of narcotics officers accepting cash, drugs and sex, and led to a shake-up of a drug investigation unit.

The two officers were charged with tampering with business records, filing false instruments and official misconduct.

The city paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle lawsuits filed by people arrested as suspects by implicated officers.

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  • Dirtbags

    CBS again does not respect my freedom of speech. Cops are dirtbags. Some are good but the majority are garbage. Why no jurors? Why is it a stupid judge can clear this case. Why no grand jury? They keep talking about corrput countries but this place is the same or worst.

  • pogo the clown

    No one likes cops. No one trusts cops. Most cops abuse their power in some way (you know this if you’ve ever been pulled over & tried to talk with one of those thick-necked goons).

    Not to worry, though. These lowlifes may be able to escape justice now, but you can NEVER outrun Karma. They will eventually pay dearly for their misdeeds.

  • james n.

    yeah, i know.

  • Edwin


  • pat

    Oh No RAY KELLY again is looking like a JERK.

  • Law & Order

    Cleared by a judge. Why am I not surprised?

    • http://Google Casandra morales

      Miami Florida Police are corrupted too they are to blame for September 11 th 2001 they forced women to strip totally naked in a Homestead Florida shelter in the year 2000 this happened next door To the Homestead Airforce Base. It was horrible what they did to these women making them suffer and cry!

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