2 Teens Killed In Separate NYC Incidents

NEW YORK (AP) — Two teens have been killed in separate early morning incidents.

Police responding to a call shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday at West 186th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue found a 16-year-old boy with head trauma and stab wounds to his torso.

He was taken to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Authorities identified him as Adionis Santana.

Police said an 18-year-old man was found with a gunshot wound to his torso around 3 a.m. Sunday at West 136th Street and Lenox Avenue. He was pronounced dead at Harlem Hospital.

No arrests have been made in either case.

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  1. Chris says:

    RIP Twin (18 year old) you leaving behind nothing but good memories…your in a better place looking down on us…guide us and god bless your family

  2. E Holder says:

    1 am and 3 am are not good times to be out in good neighborhoods, let alone those savage jungle neighborhoods.

  3. AntiRacist says:

    First I wanna say may god bless and take care of both victims family. Its sad reading these postings from these online racists troll .

    Its easy to talk racial non-sense behind a nice PC screen in a nice comfortable area where your safe and secure; how about standing on the corner on 186th and St.Nicholas and post the same non-sense you just posted(I am sure more will follow!!) across your chest. My man you can’t because your a coward who spends time online probably wacking off don’t got a girl or a wife nothing to penetrate besides a plastic doll or toy; nothing to live for and definitely not happy. The guy in Arizona that did that massacre what was he? psychotic. The guy had a history and they let him roam free instead of putting him in a mental institution.

    I’m not here trying to down white people at all, but just these racist trolls who can’t get no puntang and have to use the comment area to talk about non-sense.

    How about everyone stop thinking about race and talk about being human. I partially agree that there is a big problem with Hispanic and African-American. I say partially because its not every Hispanic or African-American that listens to the non-sense that rappers talk about and things about gangs its the youths fault and the media. Kids are sponges you put anything in front of them they are able to emulate it or want to be down with it. Its a sad system and the only way to minimize that a child doesn’t get affected is by good parenting and getting out the hood. So in terms of race doesn’t got nothing to do with it. Its about being poor. The base of the problem is poverty and rap music and easy access and poor censorship.

    1. The Truth says:

      Check history and you will see that these people who have done the racist posting are themselves animals. Their ancestors were animals and they cannot see the truth behind that. Who imported herion from Sicily? Who were considered lower than blacks at one time. What race was Dutch Schultz. See the truth.

  4. Ratt says:

    Sounds like those Canadians are misbehaving again. Why can’t they be peaceful like our african-americans and hispanics?

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