Malloy E-Mail Triggers Ideas From Conn. Workers

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — State employees are providing some tips for Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy as he prepares to tackle a budget deficit projected to top $3 billion.

Shortly after his inauguration Wednesday, the new governor sent out an e-mail to the workers asking for suggestions on reducing costs and making the state government more efficient.

His office says Malloy received nearly 150 e-mails the next day.

While many of the responses were congratulatory, some offered specific ideas on ways to save money. Suggestions included trimming top-heavy management at agencies, scrutinizing unnecessary overtime, ending longevity payments for veteran employees and discontinuing leases for building space.

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  1. Donna says:

    Hi Mr. Malloy,
    I just have something to say, I and my husband are hard working people. I find it very disturbing when a co worker is bragging about how they lie to get free health care and housing! When we are struggling to pay for medical, dental, oil, electricity,food, ect. I was just thinking maybe you and the world need to investigate people on state assistance, and maybe we can save this way. Maybe we could save on higher taxes if everyone tells the truth!

  2. Tony Milledge says:

    hi, hope the state is still thinking clean energy! I work for the city of hartford and see so much needed energy conservation. I would like for our state to be a leader in solar energy for all city and state buildings It will cost in the beginning ,but will create new jobs. This type of creation needs implentation here in our state! Congrads on your victory Gov. Malloy.

  3. bugsy says:

    I don’t feel upper management should be recieving bonuses for the jobs that other state workers are performing. After all we are hired as public servants to do a service for the people of conn. with taxpayers money. I have mentioned this in the past, but i figure the ones that are reading it are the ones that are recieving the bonus.

  4. aldous huxley says:

    This is surprising.

    99.9% of people in leadership positions believe they have all the answers – they never look to the “front line” employees for suggestions. But those who work on the front lines often have the best insight into the issues in question. And most of the time the top leadership is so far removed (and typically so arrogant) as to truly understand the nature of the problems they are dealing with.

    Hopefully this was not simply an attempt at good publicity. Many American corporations could take a lesson from this. Just because you are on the top rung of the ladder does NOT mean you are the brightest or most qualified – George W. Bush is the perfect example of this.

    1. Gerry M says:

      As Mayor of Stamford, CT for 14 years, Dan held regular “Mayor Night In” at city hall and “Mayor Night Out” at fire houses, libraries and restaurants to listen to any constituents’ suggestions and complaints. He would also meet with local community groups and walked their neighborhoods with members of his staff and city actions would follow.

      Dan is a person who listens to the people he represents: legislators, state workers and plain old residents, he will take all the input and do the best he can in these tough economic times.

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