Portuguese Model Awaiting Arraignment In Hotel Slaying

Renato Seabra, 21, Taken To Bellevue For Evaluation

NEW YORK (AP) — A Portuguese model was arrested on charges of second-degree murder in the slaying of a celebrity Portuguese television journalist found castrated and bludgeoned to death in a New York City hotel, police said Monday.

Renato Seabra, 21, of Cantanhede, Portugal, has been hospitalized since hours after the slaying of Carlos Castro. The 65-year-old was found dead Friday evening in room 3416 of the InterContinental New York Times Square hotel that the two men had shared, police said. His nude body was covered in blood on the floor and he had been castrated. The medical examiner’s office ruled Castro died from a combination of blunt impact head injuries and strangulation, according to spokeswoman Grace Burgess.

The death was ruled a homicide on Sunday. Seabra was detained by police early Saturday after he sought care at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, not far from the hotel. He was later transferred by authorities to Bellevue Hospital Center where he underwent a psychiatric evaluation and remained on Monday. He was awaiting arraignment Monday on the charge, but the timing was unclear.

Friends in New York said Castro and Seabra were a couple. But Seabra’s mother told Portugal’s TVIndependente television network that her son “was not Carlos Castro’s lover.”

Seabra “never hid his sexuality: that he is heterosexual,” Odilia Pereirinha said Sunday before heading to New York. Portugal’s Lusa news agency said Monday that Portuguese officials would meet with Seabra.

It was not immediately known if Seabra had retained a lawyer.

Castro and Seabra had arrived in the U.S. in late December to see some Broadway shows and spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square, according to a family friend.

There had been some friction between the two men toward the end of the trip, but nothing to suggest that anything horrible was about to happen, said the friend, Luis Pires, the editor of the Portuguese language newspaper Luso-Americano.

“I think that they were a little bit upset with each other, for jealousy reasons,” Pires told The Associated Press.

Seabra was a contestant last year on a Portuguese TV show called “A Procura Do Sonho,” or “Pursuit of a Dream,” which hunts for modeling talent.

He didn’t win the show but did get a modeling contract with an agency founded by fashion designer Fatima Lopes, who developed the show and was a judge on it.

The death is the second recent slaying in an upscale New York City hotel room.

Swimsuit designer Sylvie Cachay, 33, was found strangled and drowned in a bathtub at the trendy Soho House hotel on Dec. 9. Her boyfriend Nicholas Brooks has pleaded not guilty in her death.

Brooks, the 24-year-old son of “You Light Up My Life” writer and Oscar winner Joseph Brooks, has been held without bail since his arrest.

And in February last year, prosecutors say multimillionaire Gigi Jordan killed her 8-year-old autistic boy at the posh Peninsula Hotel. Jordan pleaded not guilty to murder. She wrote a letter saying she planned to kill herself and her son, but prosecutors have said she may have faked the suicide attempt. A lawyer who represented her has said the claim is baseless.

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One Comment

  1. David Ruffin says:

    Wouldn’t you say it was a little bit of an over reaction by the younger guy for what he thought the older guy did wrong? It’s not that either of them was doing anything “wrong” – simply that the younger guy was a psychotic sociopath violent killer, but the older guy didn’t know it. There are plenty of these kind of relationships in the world – healthy or not, between consulting adults. But no one murders anyone.

  2. Jenny G says:

    Not only repulsive, I am very sad that it also had to smear the wonderful Portuguese community of New York with this tragedy and horrible act., not only but embarassing all the comments, protecting a man of 21, I am a mother of 3 boys, men now, I can assure you that a 21 year old man, will not naivily leave on a trip, to spend an important date such as New Years Eve, with a strange gay man, not knowing what was to be, it seems to me, that it is clear, he was a hassler, or other, oppurtunist, both RC. also C.C. both played 2 very dangerous and dirty games, of self gain, the older one, with experience thinking he would win, the young one with his youth , fully convenced of finalizing his interests, only fooled himself, sadly it had to come to such horror, to themselves and to their families.

  3. Darsue says:

    I’m Portuguese as well and point blank this 21 year old murdered the older man,who cares how mean he was the 21 year old was not held against his own will!Stop being byest just because he’s a young good looking Portuguese guy.I have three sons and would say the same thing if it were my son who murdered someone!!

  4. Guedes-Pinto says:

    This was a tragedy for both families. A young 21 years man, hetero with a girlfriend, from a small city, with a degree search in the big capital for better life under the TV spots of a “fame and glamour” Show. A known press man, 65 years old, gay, with social and gossip page that offers him cloths and travels abroad…In each side friends say the best of each one. The girl friend, the colleagues, neighbours and relatives stating that the young man was hetero and that would never commit murder in his normal state of mind…The artists and journalists remembering with grief the old friend. What happened in that NY Hotel room to make him justify the mutilation for “get out the vicious and the virus” and “I will not be gay again”? And attempt to suicide? So many lifes ruined…What’s the responsibility of unrealistic expectations that TV and written press have as Box of Fame Dream Illusions?

  5. Jayb says:

    Renato is not crazy, He knew what ihe was doing, He was nothing but a hustler taking advantage of this man (Carlos). When he could no longer do this he lkilled Carlos is cold blood. Hope he rots in jail or hell. Also tell his mother and family to wake up Renato was gay and a hustler/killer!

  6. J. Cardoza says:

    Seriously? total disreguard to both families, shame on you ignorant people … making fun out of someones personal tragedy is not right. Had it been one of your family members, you wouldn’t want other strangers poking fun on these or any other blogs for that matter … obviously not New Yorkers , and if so shame on YOU! …

  7. Glenn says:

    I hope Renato Seabra is a member in goodstanding with FPU. The Fudge Packers Union, he will definitely need their help at trial.

  8. DavidArizona says:

    Sarah Pailin had something to do with this. I know, my german shepherd told me so.

  9. lorenzo torquemada says:

    He’ll get off for mental torture from the old guy.

  10. tom says:

    Who care about celebrety.

  11. Fa-Q! says:

    Oh boy I cant wait until fayguts are openly to serve in the military!

  12. Hansel says:

    Who will read the victims eugoogoly?

    1. Jere says:

      🙂 shouldn’t be making jokes about a tragedy though.

  13. ouch ithurts thinkingaboutit says:

    maybe he had a craving for rocky mountain oysters?

  14. Carolina says:

    This is sick. For those of you who are not familiar with Carlos Castro, he was a strange, sick man and my guesses are that he forced Renato into doing a lot of things he didn’t want to do, and i’m talking about horrible, repulsive things (he probably had that kind of power), which made Renato go over the edge .. WAY over the edge. Being Portuguese myself, I am ashamed of the image these news give my country. But hey, unfortunately there’s twisted little monsters all around the world.

  15. Gregg says:

    Castrated ? Ouch ! Do you think this was a sexual killing in any way ?

  16. Southbound Jones says:

    We must outlaw all bludgeoning instruments.

  17. RufusVonDufus says:

    Hey, Renato had a man crush, huh! Not a good way to show your love, Renato! There were so many other things you could have done which Carlos would have truly appreciated. Also, maybe you should take this as a lesson about dating older men!

  18. IVXL says:

    “The medical examiner’s office will determine the cause of death”.

    This might seem stupid, but I am willing to bet that the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, swelling and bleeding in/of the brain, and blood loss as a result of a missing scrotum.

    Let me know if it was natural causes and I was wrong…

  19. Greg says:

    The cons upsate are going to love this guy when he makes the trip upstate…

  20. Steve says:

    Words cannot describe the repulsive nature of this.

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