Player: Baseball Coach Intentionally Threw At My Head

Brooklyn High School Student Suing After Head 'Dented In'

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A Brooklyn teen says his love of baseball has been squashed by a coach who he says intentionally threw at his head during a practice last year.

As CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey reports, after surgery and lengthy rehabilitation, the teen is now suing.

The incident happened inside the gym of Bishop Ford High School — a baseball and a player’s face collided.

“My shirt was full of blood. I was dripping blood from my nose, like hemorrhaging,” Chris Mallette said.

Mallette told Hennessey he’ll never forget that day last March when he and teammates were practicing the catching of line drives, thrown by assistant coach Dharyl Russell.

“We told him to slow it down a little bit,” Mallette said.

Mallette said when it was his turn to catch balls, things got ugly.

“The ball was at my face and I had no time to turn my glove and catch it,” he said.

Mallette said he was 35 feet away when he was hit. And he said when coach Russell threw it, “he threw it hard.”

Mallette said despite his bleeding, coach Russell sent him home in a car service.

“They should have called an ambulance. My face was dented in. There’s no excuse. My face was dented in,” Mallette said.

He only went to the hospital after his horrified parents saw the damage.

“The force of the ball and the speed of the ball in such a short distance when it hit him shattered the whole side of his face,” Karen Mallette said.

Surgery has left Chris Mallette with three plates inside his head. And now he and his family are suing Russell and the high school, among others, despite acknowledging that playing baseball carries risk.

“I don’t believe the risk of having a ball thrown at your head in a practice is one of them,” attorney Jeff Antin said.

Hennessey tried to reach Russell but his wife told him he wasn’t home.

On the phone, Hennessey didn’t get much more. “I have no comment” was the answer to every question. Chris Mallette said he is convinced his coach was headhunting.

“It can’t be a freak accident,” he said.

Chris Mallette said he hasn’t played baseball since the incident and has no interest in doing so.


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  1. liz says:

    As christophers sister I can tell u that his family is far from broke as my parents are one of the only ones who actually paid for 4 years of of highschool and im sure somewhere along the way of things help others on the team keep up with tournaments and fundraising so that everyone could have equal oppurtunities. For the people or children saying hateful things about chris u should realize ur only making things worse for an already very callus man. A man who didnt even have the respect to say he was sorry or visit chris when he was in the hospital…all the other coaches made it there business to be there darrels absence showed nothing but the fact that he knew he was wrong. Christopher was sent home in a cab like an animal with a crushed face and a concushion for anyone who thinks that ok just proves how stupid u are. My brother made it his pont to get good grade on his own without the help of any outside influences so for those who knock him like those who got false grading for being a good player should really look into what there saying before there scholorships are revocted. Chrsitopher urned his scholarships and lost everything because of this injury he cant even do what his secondary life plans were because u cant be a cop with plates in ur head. As for chris being nasty to people or underclassmen that bull hes gotton certificates for helping the handicap in the school on more that one occasion not to mention all the outstanding letters of recommdations from the school staff. Everyone should take a step back and realize what they may have to lose before they so visiously attack my brother. As Many of u may baseball is all politics and it is very rare to have a kid like chris who never got caught up with the lies that u all may have taken advantage of take a step ack and really look at why some of u made it like u have u tell me if it was deserve or try and prove it. Those who live in glass houses should throw stones.

  2. H says:

    all you people who mentoned things agout a highschool hallway issue are missing a valid point, no matter what a teenager was hurt resulting in a life changing event. it dosent matter how often he showed up or what was thought by othere people no one would know what agreements were made with the people who matterd ie:coaches, teachers e.t.c. but still the fact remains he ended up with 3 plates in his face, a lifetime of pain and remberance whle all you other kids were abel to continue a daily routine he was being preped for a operation, thepry and a relaization that this was done to HIM, it has nothing to do with the fact you think he should of been more prepared to catch a ball, tell that to a family walking down a street when a car loses control and kills them, what would your outragoues comments be to that ” dont walk the same street you have walked for years” not mistakes happen untill you find out that, that driver was drunk or high, so stop being hatters and worrying about his lawsuite as if it matters to you but wait it will casue if your still a student in tat school or loved it that much you want your family or friends going there just know that tis wont hapen to them. Focus on the fact that he is hurt, he was sent home by car service and even if this wasn’t thought of being serious a bloody, swollen dented face of a fellow student, a teen or friend was in need of surgery not for cosmetic reasons but to regain sensation, vision and breathing ability. the parties at fault should be responsible take a moment and think if this one of your family members. you want to continue this feel free to email me as i am more then willing to PROVE you wrong LACK OF KNOWLEDGE IS NIEVE

  3. Ryan says:

    I played ball from little league to college, how are you psychos going to say that it wasnt the coachs fault…The balled smashed his face, and now he has three plates in his head, all from being thrown from 35 feet away? That was intentional, and any of you would be suing everyone in that school as well. Its one thing to talk about it, its another to go through it…so shove your opinions back up your ass where they came from

  4. Wendy says:

    I know Christopher for many years, and he is not a bully. Chris is a great guy who is always respectful. I can’t imagine what was going on in the coach’s head to send him home unattended, it shows how uncaring he was. Christopher loved baseball, what a shame that was taken away from him.

  5. Cassey says:

    How sad is it when kids can write nasty horrible things about someone who was seriously injured they need to put themselves in his place, he is far from broke and his parents paid his tuition in full out of there pockets for four years he did not get a free rides as others did . He is a great kid and has excellent letters of recommendations from Bishop Ford principle and dean he was certainly a team player maybe you should look up what a team player means he played every game and contributed fully on the outside teams and school teams. Chris was sent home like a dog in car service no medical care administered for massive injuries i guess you would call that coach a loving warm individual who just did not give a damm I am sure if it was his child he would have been a bit upset or maybe not sounds like you have sour grapes or maybe are friends with him what ever you have a right to your opinion but make sure you have the facts before you make statements and further hurt this kid this injury was unnecessary and should never have happened as a couch he should of had a little more brains than to throw a ball in a gym that hard and to allow a kid to go unattened very sad

  6. p9qubfrub says:

    this kid should not sue the school or coach russel because mallette was not a team player would miss months of practice at a time quit the team more then one time in his bishop ford playing day. he also was probally the most selfish player on the team. also was ot a team player. coach russel did not mean to hit him the face just teach the kids what to do if the ball was coming at your face at a line. my opinion is that mallette is broke and just wants money!!

  7. Joey says:

    I completely agree with the girl below me. This kid was a complete jerk in high school. He bullied every underclassmen. Himself and the entire baseball team would always gang up on someone. He doesn’t deserve a lawsuit against the school or that coach. Case should be dropped and people should move on with their lives. Chris is simply just trying to pull a fast one.

  8. emily smith says:

    sad thing if he did this on purpose the coach. Don’t blame him for getting hit either if you weren’t expecting the ball coming at a certain speed it’s hard to get out the way and turn your glove. I been playing softball all my life so i know how it is like when a ball is coming at your head at a speed you weren’t expecting…this kid was a jerk in high school bullying a poor girl with a friend of his. Taking her lunchbox and playing catch with it…

  9. David Bach says:

    Man, you people can be jerks. Same sadistic a-holes as that jerk coach. I had one just like him that ordered a crack back block on me as a joke. Lucky I didn’t tear up my knee.

    Btw, did you dikless wonders miss the part about three plates in his face?


  10. Alex says:

    The kid is just trying to get make some money. If he can’t handle a simple line drive, he clearly shouldn’t even be playing baseball. Baseball includes risks. The coach should not be held responsible. Good way to waste peoples time kid!

  11. John says:

    What a p^ssy. Get a life.

  12. Igor says:

    This is an issue for the courts to decide. We are presented only with one person’s version of events. Malice on the part of the coach must be supported through the corroboration of other evidence, other independent witnesses, other evidence of earlier incidents of misconduct. and so forth. While the story certainly suggests guilt on the part of the coach, we cannot rush to judgment based on so little evidence. If the victim feels he has been wronged, it is within his right to have his say in court–let them handle it from there–we as readers should have very little to say, based on this sketchy version of events, as to what should or should not be done.

  13. dico j. says:

    A sad story….Anyone…Do you think he has a case?

  14. Uncle Kermit says:

    I got beaned once when I was playing ball about 35 years ago. Can I sue too? I believe that is the reason that I am a lying, selfish, abusive SOB alcoholic today. That event clearly ruined my life.

    Maybe we should consider banning baseball altogether.

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