Snowstorm To Dump Foot-Plus Across Tri-State

Hudson Valley, Parts Of Suffolk County Could See Even More

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP)It won’t be as bad as the Blizzard of 2010 but the Tri-State Area is once again bracing for some significant snowfall.

The same storms that hit the South and Midwest over the weekend will come together in the Northeast, producing a broad-scale, very disruptive snowstorm.

The storm is expected to begin between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. Tuesday, with more moderate snowfall moving into our area by midnight. Snow will become heavy at times overnight before tapering to flurries by Wednesday afternoon.

Our area is expected to see a general 6 to 12 inches of snow.  Some areas could see as much as 14 inches, with the lower Hudson Valley possibly seeing anywhere from 10 to 16 inches, according to CBS 2’s Lonnie Quinn.

WCBS 880 Meteorologist Josh Nagleberg said Suffolk County could see up to 18 inches of snow.

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for New York City, Long Island and northeast New Jersey from 7 p.m. Tuesday through 6 p.m. Wednesday.

The storm shouldn’t affect Tuesday’s afternoon commute, but the heavier bands of snow will almost certainly impact Wednesday’s morning commute.

“I honestly believe it’s going to be Wednesday morning for the hardest hit part of the system,” AccuWeather meteorologist Jim Kosek said. “The core of the accumulating snow is going to be over with probably by 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. Wednesday and we’ll still have flurries into the afternoon but I think it’s more of a clean up operation at that point.”

Port Authority officials said Newark, LaGuardia and JFK airports are ready with equipment and supplies for the approaching storm.

This will be a major snowstorm, but probably not an all-out blizzard. However, it will be worse than this past Friday-Saturday snow event.

The storm already wreaked havoc on the south, where freezing rain turned Atlanta into a sheet of ice.  The glaze covered several inches of snow that fell overnight, making it nearly impossible to get around.

The winter blast pounded six states, including Alabama and North Carolina.  More than 2,000 flights were canceled at area airports.

LISTEN: AccuWeather meteorologist Dr. Joe Sobel on the upcoming storm

WCBS 880 Chief Meteorologist Craig Allen with possibilities for mid-week storm

WCBS 880 L.I. Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs on preparation for the next storm

WCBS 880 Reporter Levon Putney finds out how Hoboken is preparing for the snow

The storm will challenge road crews to keep up for a time. People on the road at the height of the storm will run the risk of getting stuck.

There will be plenty of leftover snow and gusty winds of up to 35 mph at least through the lunch hour Wednesday which will create snow drifts.

Weather Advisories:

Winter Storm Watch in CT – Northern Fairfield , Northern Middlesex , Northern New Haven , Northern New London , Southern Fairfield , Southern Middlesex , Southern New Haven , Southern New London

Winter Storm Warning in NJ – Eastern Bergen , Eastern Monmouth , Eastern Passaic , Hudson , Hunterdon , Mercer , Middlesex , Morris , Northwestern Burlington , Ocean , Somerset , Southeastern Burlington , Western Bergen , Western Monmouth , Western Passaic

Winter Storm Watch in NJ – Coastal Ocean , Sussex , Warren

Winter Storm Watch – Eastern Columbia , Eastern Dutchess , Eastern Ulster , Northern Westchester , Orange , Putnam , Rockland , Southern Westchester , Sullivan , Western Dutchess , Western Ulster

Winter Storm Warning – Bronx , Kings (Brooklyn) , New York (Manhattan) , Northeast Suffolk , Northwest Suffolk , Richmond (Staten Is.) , Southeast Suffolk , Southwest Suffolk

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  • McGarrett

    Heidi got the champagne, I’ve got the xanax. We is gonna party! Heidi-Cakes is nutz, i love her.

  • http://bunluvson bunluvson

    snow is so cool

  • McGarrett

    I can’t wait to get snowed in. I will have Heidi Jones come over and make her waffles and watch it snow and snow.

  • The Good Samaritan

    There is like 75 different weather forecasts…Te NYC Dept Of Sanitation still hasnt plowed every street from the first storm.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken

  • Glenn

    I can only assume with the approach of the storm Bloomberg and his assistants will be leaving town…………again.

  • A.T.

    Amazing how when one lives in these conditions U tend to take all for granted. I look at the weather daily and do not live in your country and my heart is with everyone and the discomforts U have to endure. However, it is disheartening to read all the remarks – some non-chalant, others plain careless. Conditions such as these can never be controlled by man and the sooner the realization of a Higher hand in all of this (warnings of change you need but to look at the skies – in your case the weather conditions) to know that things are not the way they were. Whatever your belief – look within to see what your contribution is and should it worsen – how would you survive.
    How would donuts/cops, Bloomberg, or any other demeaning comment solve yr situation?
    May your situation change for the better, may your hearts be filled with more compassion for those around you and at the end of the day give thanks that you survived the ordeal.

  • Karen

    It’s just so dangerous driving–especially where you are all from. I’m in Duluth/Superior and when we get storms like that, all the drunks go to the bars and hope to get stranded, and hope to rescue someone so they can “drive them home” and get stranded at their door–for FUn. You know. Even here, we like to stock up on food for about 3 days. It’s too risky going anywhere, families are busy shoveling or snowblowing–that takes a lot out of a person. Some are lucky to have plows to do their driveways. It’s a constant battle between plows and people to keep our sidewalks clear–the plows fill them up the minute we get them clear, and by February we’ve HAD it with that issue. Last year on Christmas it rained a lot–even the 6 inces of snow in the yards turned to solid ice. We have a good deal of ice this year, too, and only real salt does the trick in cold temps because it keeps on working and doesn’t need the sun on it. Can’t use it near the grass, though. Sledding and ice skating are fun, skiing is too spendy for me these days, but want to know how to have fun? This works best in a rear wheel drive vehicle. Take your car and fill it with as many people as you canl Go to some big huge parking lot after it has been plowed. Get a case of beer on the way there–it will keep good and cold in the trunk, or just set it outside the door of the car. When everybody is good and buzzed, start up the engine and take off–do power turns. You can spin and spin and slide and slide and almost crash. Up North, that’s what we did when we first got our licenses. It was a riot. It also gave us some good, sound practice on ice and snow, and handling spin outs on a freeway. The FUN way to LEARN!!! (I lived in Springfield for a couple years, worked at a huge variety/grocery store. Took half the evening and night crew out in the parking lot spinning, and they never had so much fun in their life. And they told me I was a Yankee!

    • McGarrett

      Yeee haaaa beer and spin outs! Way to go.

  • sumpa

    snow that have too much plow? for the, ice too? understand because not after time when mayor says. again not never my snow left over. maybe yes?

    • McGarrett

      Maybe yes, maybe no. I dunno.

  • bob smith

    this map is totally off what ALL MODELS ARE SAYING. the metorologists here must be drunk. try looking at the 18z and 0z nam and SREF and the other nowcasting models. 2-6 mixing? come on, if you cant do your job, dont waste everyones time with ill informed forecasts. thankyou

  • Fox Mulder

    Everyone be careful. Snow-Monsters are real and will be out in greater numbers. They can come straight out of the snow and devour a man whole, leaving nothing but bare bones. Scary stuff, if you ask me. They were thought to be extinct, but more evidence has been coming in that they have made a resurgence. We believe this is the reason the plows were scarce during the big blizzard. A number of Snow-Monster sightings were reported and the plow drivers felt safer in McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts.

    • Karen

      Probly my long lost relatives from WI. The big, cold white ones.

  • McGarrett

    Another snow storm without Sweet Loveable Heidi Jones reporting…

  • Johnny

    Don’t worry, street cleaning rules will be in effect.

  • Captain Obvious

    I’ll bet Mayor Bloomberg wishes HE had 14 inches …

    • Rachel

      I live in Glen rock nj and I’m pretty excited! Hehe I’m 10

  • Ellen

    You do realize don’t you that by the summer we will be all complaining about the heat and humidity. Get over it, It’s the Northeast, it’s January, and we still have two more months to go on this.

    • culprit

      That’s telling them Ellen…

  • Nunzio Azulymedia

    Remember folks, tomorrow will be a clothing-optional shoveling day!

    • grant

      Uh oh … major shrinkage :)

  • Johan

    Bloomie headed to Florida today??

    • DeltaForce

      Nah, Mike flew to China to promote business for NYC – for real

  • I Heart Union Workers!

    I predict ‘NY’s Strongest’ will be relaxing in their fave donut shoppes for this ‘un!

    • beard

      thought it was the cops who liked donuts?

  • Paul Polar

    more snow yeah!

  • Vicki Pedersen

    Good day to stay home and build with LEGO

    • simboo

      And eat Eggo.

  • Goracle

    I blame Al Gore

    • officialidiotdetector

      you’re an idiot…

    • pogo the clown

      Take it easy on Al Gore – remember, he invented the internet :)

  • Doomsday

    I predict a local supermarket invasion for today and tomorrow

    • Amy

      Apparently you can’t have enough bread, milk and eggs when it snows. I guess people stay home and make french toast all day. It’s very odd to me.

      • grant

        Last storm I bought gallons of milk and many loaves of bread.

        I stayed home and made milk balls out of the bread and whipped them at the wall. FUN :)

      • FIVE

        It sells out fast since there are no deliveries or late deliveries when it snows. People with kids need these essentials since the kids are home all day doing what kids do best – and that is eating and drinking. Plus, these three things are very versatile.

      • Jimmy

        good one

  • akhdulha

    We are all doomed. The sky will fall. The smell of death is already in the air. Repent now.

    • GoneCruzan

      No, thats just the smell of the piles of garbage that is yet to be picked up since the last storm!

  • David Flores

    crickey once again

    • att

      global warming

      • tomtom

        Why? Rosie O’Donnell taking up jogging?

      • Devenio

        Global warming is a myth. Designed to pass the carbon tax. The rich want more of your money. Doesn’t matter anymore. The world will soon show her wrath for the greed of men. Expect earthquakes before May.

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