Cops: Murdered Woman May Have Been From Brooklyn, Bronx

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A four decades old California murder mystery is being re-investigated, because the unidentified young woman who was brutalized and murdered is now believed to have been from the Tri-State Area.

And now, police are asking for your help, reports CBS 2’s Don Dahler.

It’s an unmarked grave that has had no visitors. The body buried here nearly 42 years ago was a young woman who had been raped and murdered in an empty field in Huntington Beach, Calif. She was a “Jane Doe” who was never claimed. It’s a vicious crime that decades later still remains unsolved. Homicide detectives say a key piece of the puzzle is putting a name on the victim’s face. And on Wednesday there was hope they are one step closer.

After CBS 2’s sister station in Los Angeles aired a story last Tuesday, a local woman called police to say she recognized the person in a sketch.

The witness explained that “Rosie” moved from New York to Long Beach sometime in 1967. She’d met her at the bar where Rosie worked as a waitress. And then in March of 1968 her friend was never to be seen again.

Based on the witnesses’ story Rosie could have been from Brooklyn or the Bronx. She had a 2-year-old son possibly nicknamed “John John.” And Rosie is believed to have had an ex-husband and two brothers whom she left behind in New York.

Police said a white purse was found near the body. It contained no identification, but did have six photographs inside. One is of a young woman with dark hair wearing what appears to be a graduation gown. The words “Mom” and “Love Always Nancy” were written on it.

Another is of a young man in a suit and tie, with the words “Mom” and “With love, Allan” on it.

The third is an infant baby girl. The fourth, a young boy, crying, in a black cowboy hat.

Photo five is of two young boys sitting together. Photo six is an infant boy.

A seventh photo was found next to the purse, and it’s of a young boy with curly hair. Tire tracks near the purse matched those found next to the body.

Detectives said they are certain that there are residents in the tri-state area who knew the boisterous waitress with the big smile and brown eyes, or some of the children in the photographs. If you think you recognize any of them, call the NYPD.

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