81-Year-Old Woman Bodyslammed, Mugged In Subway Station

Video Shows Elderly Victim Tossed By Another Woman!

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — She said it felt like she was flying.

That’s how an elderly woman described a heartless attack inside a subway station.

And it was at the hands of another woman.

The robbery was caught on camera. As CBS 2’s Wendy Gillette reports, the video shows how Madeline Klima was robbed from behind.

A defenseless elderly woman, Klima said she can’t make sense of what happened to her.

“Why? Why’d she have to hurt so much? She wanted it so bad she could have asked for it,” Klima told Gillette.

The video shows her falling to the ground and hitting her head as the thief runs off with her purse.

“Oohh flying. Picked me up and like, threw me. And went down, and blood, you know. But I couldn’t get up,” Klima said.

The 81-year-old said she was stunned by how much force the woman used. Klima fractured and dislocated her shoulder in the fall and her eye is heavily bruised. She also needed stitches.

Police said the suspect is dark skinned, in her 20s, about 5-foot-10 and nearly 200 pounds.

(UPDATE: New Yorkers rally to victim’s aid, donate hundres of dollars)

Klima was returning home to Brooklyn from her job cleaning offices when she was robbed at the Fulton Street station. She said she’s hoping police catch the suspect, so she won’t hurt anyone else.

When asked what she wants the police to do to this woman, Klima said, “It’s hard to say. We would say hang ’em, but we don’t do this today.”

This is the first time Klima has been the victim of a crime. She had several paychecks in her pocketbook from the job she still works despite her age.

The attack left her in shock and in pain.

“Right now I have problems sleeping. My arm don’t go right, I have to get up,” she said.

Klima said she will get her stitches out Friday when she visits her doctor. But it will take much longer to heal her emotional wounds.

If you recognize the suspect, please call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS. All information is kept confidential.


One Comment

  1. vince says:

    Only when a white attacks a black. Sad, but true.

  2. Glenn says:

    One question not directly connected to this story. Does anyone believe Al Sharpton could hold a real 9-5 job for one year?

    1. sean patriot says:

      Al Sharpton and Obama both together couldn’t run a snow cone stand for 2 hours

  3. Tracy Douglas says:

    80 years old and having to clean offices? Poor thing.

    1. PabloKoh says:

      I plan to work until I die. What would I do with myself when I retired? I am happy someone employs her at her age. Many of our older generation are retired because they can’t find a job.

      1. Pamela says:

        I’m happy someone is wiliing to employ this lady too. I have a friend who just turned 95 and still works. But it’s because he wants to work and doesn’t have to work out of necessity. He loves his work, it keeps him going.

  4. Jeff says:

    A city so nice they named it twice….

  5. arg2015153 says:

    Uh, when did it stop being ok? 🙂

  6. UpTownGirl says:

    Speaking as a darkey, umm yes, feel free to call me darkey. Is it now ok to call you ignorant moron??

  7. Sailordude says:

    Must be another Tea Party mad person right?

    Sarah Palin why are you doing this to us?

    But seriously folks, I feel for this poor old woman. Why don’t you come down to Florida sweetheart and get away from the filthy animals? No snow either!

    1. donttreadonme says:

      In Florida, there is now a “stand your ground” law. It was just upheld when a jogger taking a midnight run was attacked by a punk. The punk punched the jogger, and then was shot 6 times by the runner, ending his 18 year old pathetic life. In New York, the jogger would have been prosecuted.

  8. The Good Samaritan says:

    Will this suspect be charged with a hate crime?

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

    1. PBiz says:

      Damn right this is a hate crime.

    2. sean patriot says:

      Not while that idiot is in office and Holder is still the AG

  9. Glenn says:

    True that.

  10. Cracker says:

    You’ll be gone before you get it

  11. InTheBubble says:

    Hey, Timbo! Were they black victims? Whoops! Guess not. Better luck next time, dirtbag.

  12. yOy says:

    Lets see, black person committing a crime against a white person, yeah shock.

    It not being called racist or a hate crime, bigger shock.

    It being tied to Tuscon to distract from the fact it was racist, shocker.

  13. Zeke says:

    Just your normal New York citizen mugging an old lady. Where is, what his name, Berg when you need him? Are you guys sure it wasn’t that dwarf Bloomberg in drag?

    1. UpTownGirl says:

      These are the most ignorant post I’ve read on any blog, bar none. It’s terrible that a person would do this to another person, specifically an elderly person. What makes no sense is folks on here saying all these racial comments. Crime is not specific to one group or another. If it makes you feel better to think the way you do go right ahead, your attacker will obviously be a person you least expect!!!

      1. new yukker says:

        Maybe next time you can be mugged by a person of color.
        See if that doesn’t change your mind.

      2. Michael H. says:

        UpTownGirl, this article was linked on the front page of the Drudge Report. Every time that happens, without fail, the level of hate and vitriol grows exponentially. The people that Drudge’s links bring here are some of the most racist this country has to offer.

  14. Prince says:

    News flash all you white people trying to pull out the race card. A crazy white guy just attempted to assassinate a politician and even succeeded in murdering a 9 year old girl. Just thought I’d remind you all of that before you pull out your cowardly racist remarks online.

    1. AllLibsRMoronsNoMatterTheColor says:

      ” A crazy white guy just attempted to assassinate a politician and even succeeded in murdering a 9 year old girl. ”

      And where oh where did he ever get that idea?

      Jun 14, 2008 … “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said in Philadelphia last night…

    2. Japes Macfarland says:

      “…crazy white guy just attempted to assassinate a politician”

      He was inflamed by all the constant hate speech by the left, lately. He’s been causing trouble for that particular politician since 97 (before Obama took office or health care takeover was an issue). They do not care about people, only power over people which is why they capitalize on compassion. We’ve all been fooled.

      “the bigger the government the smaller the citizen”
      Dennis Prager

    3. yOy says:

      Hey genius, the difference there is that when white people fart near a black people its racist and a hate crime yet the staggering amount of violence against whites by blacks is NEVER a hate crime. The Tuscon loon is a just that a loon but he attacked other whites, so your point is completely moot. But nice try at connecting a tragedy to an unrelated point to make it seem stronger. Work for the dems do you?

    4. Honkey Magoo says:

      AllLibsRMoronsNoMatterTheColor, Shut up. REALLY man? You do realize the “knife to a gunfight” is a metaphor, right?? You’re almost as bad as the Tea Party hillbillies who trot out the “Punish your enemies” Obama remark. Geez, that does sound awful, doesn’t it??? Now read it in context, moron. It’s not awful at all.

      See the pics floating around from all the different tea party protests, with signs with some variation of “We came unarmed (this time)”?? THAT is not out of context.

      It’s okay, though. People like you make Fox News so successful, so I am sure they appreciate it.

    5. Superior says:

      It’s funny how every black person can pull a race card when they see fit but if a white person calls out what they feel is a racist crime as well all the black folk get butt hurt about it !
      Seriously with all this BS ?!
      Get over the race hoopla – its every one of you black, white, hispanic whoever that are keeping the race issue going. Everyone is a person !
      GROW UP !

      1. Prince says:

        Grow up? I am grown up. There wouldn’t be a need for my comment if it weren’t for the countless times I have to read racist comments from white people about any story that involves a black person. Every time there’s a story with a black person in it the FIRST person to make some racist remark is ALWAYS a white person. Then Obama is brought up or Democrats, or Liberals like that has ANYTHING to do with the story! Its cool for y’all to be racist against other races but as soon as one of those races barks back about whites, you try to get all high and mighty like you’re the only ones that can rag on other races. Hypocrites.

    6. Honky222 says:

      yes – that guy was a nutcase but it was white on white, not like the two Washington DC shooters… guess they don’t teach logic in your school, assuming since you can read that you did attend…

    7. Logic says:

      i don’t think this is a case of hate crime because it is not motivated by race. Most likely it was for the money, the white employment rate is more then triple of those who are black….am just saying if there is no jobs what would you expect and if thee gab is that big what would you do for food????
      now you can give me all your logic about this is not right, its against the law, but again when you can’t eat and the employers are firing all the black employees, while hiring white employees, I think this is a pretty logical turn of events. Ask your self if an employer is hiring white with felonies over blacks with clean records, what would you do to feed your belly?

      1. anon says:

        You really think she did this to for food? She can get food stamps, go to a soup kitchen, or beg (I see beggars on the street every day). There is no way, at 200 lbs, she needed to slam an old lady to survive.

  15. zelda says:

    incorrect. the psychos want to be noticed. the low life in the article does not. there is a difference in both motive and character

  16. tj says:

    I guess crack must have driven her crime against the old white woman, not to feed any children she might have at home?

    1. unbelievable says:

      From the size of her big arse, she ain’t on crack. Munchies from pot and $500/month food stamps perhaps.

  17. tj says:

    At least he had balls enough and totally mental to do the crime in broad daylight in a crowd!

  18. Big B says:

    Maybe because so many blacks they keep doing their best to live up to every negative stereotype an insure it remains part of the language culture.

  19. Scottie P says:

    I dont think the attacker was black.I think it was a dark skinned hispanic woman I tell ya!

  20. Big B says:

    I was shocked by that as well. Partly because it is a rare happening. I think your side has the higher overall body count however.

  21. Big B says:

    “Police said the suspect is dark skinned, ”

    I’m shocked! Shocked I tell ya! She must have run low on crack money.

  22. tj says:

    I suppose nut job who assassinated those poor folks in Tucson AZ won’t be getting a lighter sentence for being deprived or anything or the twinkle defense for consuming a high sugar diet. The black thief was described as nearly 200lbs. Obviously she wasn’t.’t underfed!

  23. FarRight says:

    look who does the crime 90% of the time einstein dimbo!!!

  24. Rebecca says:

    haha its always the psychos are always nice white nerds..

  25. Blood Drinking Space Toad says:

    What kind of animal does such a thing to a helpless old woman?

    1. zelda says:

      Best idea so far.

    2. sean patriot says:

      LOL, can we use a shock collar while she is there?

  26. Patrick W. says:

    So true. Sigh.

    1. Andrew says:

      Al Sharpton prides himself on speaking for the needs and rights of blacks. There is still some need for it, even in NYC. This is a fact, and it reflects on all of us. Perhaps you’d rather Al make a life speaking for the interests of corporations?

    2. tj says:

      Al Sharpton Should speak for justice for all not just the black.

      1. Cvale says:

        Sadly, this story carries no political benefit for Al. I actually kinda like the guy though I’ll never forgive him for the Brawley BS, but Al is an intelligent man so he has more than likely weighed the pros & cons of commenting on this and decieded against it. He never said anything about the 100 yr.old woman who was mugged at her elevator either. At least they caught that POS.

  27. kev says:

    just another White person attacked. Where are the White liberals now? if it was the other way around then it would be a hate crime. When will Whites start fighting back and demanding their rights be protected??

  28. tj says:

    Gee what else is new? Black woman robbing a white elderly woman in an un manned subway entrance.

    1. Big B says:

      But since she was not white I guess you can call it “making up for hundreds of years of oppression by the man” LOL

  29. tj says:

    It never fails that a cowardly lowlife probably on welfare robbing an elderly woman in the subway

    1. Andrew says:

      Apparently you see this as a race issue or a class issue. This was a violent crime. The vast majority of people of any race or class have to be pushed pretty hard before they will resort to violence. The exceptions don’t break down along any clean divide. It is a political act to fail to recognize this.

      1. tj says:

        If the thief in the video was a law abiding citizen we wouldn’t be having this conversation. the. dark skin individual intent was to rob. and who often are the culprits?

      2. Mike says:

        90% of inter-racial crime is committed by 12% of the population. Chew on that for a while.

  30. huhglass says:

    The perp is a black chick? I’m shocked, I tell ya,shocked.

  31. Rose says:

    So sad! This poor woman continues to work – cleaning offices no less, and some low-life assaulted her for her bag! Get a job, you looser!
    Get the NYPD back in the subways…enough with the budget cuts BS!

    1. db643 says:

      rose, this perp has a job…mugging old white women

      1. tj says:

        And gets the job done too!

    2. Andrew says:

      NYPD kill people in subways.

  32. joe says:

    WHen I opened this I was kind of hoping it wouldn’t include someone who was black just for variety. But it’s always the same story… Every race and culture has their trash but none as violent towards the innocent

    1. Andrew says:

      Hmm, I wonder why? Couldn’t be a cultural phenomenon, could it?

      1. tj says:

        Sure must be a cultural phenomon. Who are the ones commiting most of the crimes?

  33. scott p says:

    For me, the bottom line is that this mugging probably would not have occurred if there was a staffed token booth nearby. Obviously, a poor quality video camera is insufficient. If there is any blame it should be on the MTA for closing so many token booths.

    Additionally, if this happened to a tourist there would be a very visible discussion on safety in the subways from politicians & the media, rather than this little “public interest” story.

  34. tosca says:

    Wheres Sharpton now??… Oh sorry, the victim is white

  35. Scruffy Smith says:

    she looks like STEVE DAHL !!!!

  36. see yourself says:

    Paler: Seek professional help.
    Mugger: Turn yourself in.
    Ms. Klima: speedy recovery

  37. Eric says:

    The Tea Party strikes again !! That was obviously Sarah Palin in that video attacking that old lady !!

    How am I doin’, liberals? Did that sound OK ?

    1. Hernan says:


    2. Andrew says:

      No, you sound like a bigot.

      1. Edson says:

        Face reality.

  38. Dredd says:

    This is obviously a hate crime. I’m certain that Eric Holder at Justice Dept. will be investigating it forthwith!

    1. Jeffs says:

      Obama voter showing compassion. Why is it when I read the headline i knew it’s be a black?

      1. james says:

        Just like when they talk about mass shootings and serial killers, I know they’re white…

      2. carlos says:

        yes,James, however, the only difference is that serial killings and mass shootings take place rarely while rapes, muggins and murders by blacks are an everyday occurrence, you moron!

      3. james says:

        Hey carlos, guess they wouldn’t post my reply, but I’d LOVE to meet you !!! Hide behind the web, would love for you to say this to my face: because afterwards, you wouldn’t have one !!

      4. carlos says:

        your answer proves my point! nothing left to say except that i am soooooo scared of you now!!!

      5. Mary says:

        James – you’re wrong. Not all mass murderers are white. Remember John Muhammed and James Malvo? D.C. snipers; killed 10 people, wounded 3 more. Black. It has absolutley nothing to do with race, It has to do with a lack of morals.

      6. Big B says:

        It’s the new redistribution of wealth plan

      7. Andrew says:

        Mary – also, not all rapists and petty thieves are black.

    2. Natty says:

      James’s reaction to Carlos is typical of people who can not win arguments by logic and try to use violence. Sad

  39. Manny Festo says:

    I love how newscasters won’t even use the word BLACK anymore; they rather appeal to political correct orthodoxy, and say the criminal was “dark skinned”

    ROLF Mexicans, Sicilians Indians, and many other people can fall in that category.

  40. 365tc says:

    This is utterly despicable and I hope the perp is caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law. That being said, I can’t help but notice how remarkably healthy and strong Ms. Klima looks for 81 years old. And the fact that she is still working and supporting herself is a testament to that. She hardly has any wrinkles, to boot, and her eyes are very bright and clear, not foggy with age. I wish her all the best and a very speedy recovery.

    1. Alex says:

      Ur a joke !!! Moron… They deserve what they get!!! Instead of getting an education and job they go around mugging… What goes around comes around!

      1. Georgio says:

        One must be educable, first.

    2. Rose says:

      Tell me your joking otto…seriously?

  41. slade says:

    this is a racially motivated hate crime thats for sure

    1. M says:

      “Hate crimes” are only for guilty white self-haters. Not the 220 pound proud black woman!

  42. otto says:

    I am amazed and appalled by these comments.

    Do you really think this was a racial crime? This was a crime of opportunity. It was about nothing more than money.

    Instead of throwing around all these terrible insults, how about just some positive thoughts and positive energy to Ms. Klima. There is real power in prayer, and if we would all focus on that, instead of the racism, we would be doing a better service to Ms. Klima.

    We need to HELP each other – not HURT each other. That is the meaning of life.

    1. Ronnie Reagan says:

      How stupid are you? You have no street smarts whatsoever. Are you from New Hampshire?

      You’re right, we do need to HELP each other. THe problem is that there are so many racist uncooporative low-life blacks like this one that don’t want to play ball.

      It’s as though the many (not all, but enough to cause problems) black parents of the 70s and 80s never taught their kids about the evils of racism, while white parents were diligently reiterating the beliefs of Dr. King. Thank heavens I woke up and realized the truth.

      1. otto says:

        Ignorance appears to be contagious. I pity you.

      2. Ronnie Reagan says:

        Otto – assuming you’re german – just go have some more babies, and we’ll take care of teaching them the truth for you, because you’re incapable. It’s thhe least you could do.

        Have at least 3 please.

      3. D. Dupree says:

        What? The truth that your parents, wherever they are from, raised a complete idiot?

    2. Seen it and live it still says:

      Give me a break. Do you honestly think the “dark skinned” attacker would have attacked another “dark skinned” elderly woman? No, she would not have. She attacked a white woman because she knew a white woman would have something of value, as opposed to a fellow “dark skinned.”

    3. tom says:

      Facts cannot be racist. Facts have one attribute and that is that they are true. Sixteen percent of Blacks have an IQ above the White average of 100. There are no longer enough labor jobs that they can do. This means that the vast majority of blacks can only get what Whites give them, or they can steal. The races need to separate, that is the only way to avoid violence.

      1. InTheBubble says:

        I second that emotion.

    4. Big B says:

      “….how about just some positive thoughts…..”

      Okay. I’m positive that this is typical behavior for a low life crack ho and that she will do it again.

      You go right ahead and try to feel the crack ho’s pain. Me? I hope she gets hold of some bad drugs and removes herself from the gene pool. Problem is she has likely already reproduced a half dozen times already.

    5. Eddie says:

      You are correc except that if it were the other way around it would be treated as a hate crime. Come to the party. Eric Holder.

  43. joed says:

    Yep, I thought the race issue was about dead too…. Man was I wrong. The black racist’s are out in force aren’t they ! Black that used to come to our for dinner just stick to themselves these days. It like the 60’s all over again now that BHO came along with rev White and started stirring the old pot again.

    1. Ronnie Reagan says:

      Exactly. White people need to increase their family sizes. Whites should be having 3 or more kids per family. We also need congratulate and applaud our firends and colleagues when they have children.

      The bottom line is this, white people – You need to have more babies to protect the future of the babies that you already have.

      If you have 2, have that 3rd one you’ve been thinking about. If you have 1, shoot for #2. If you see friends and colleagues doing this, even if not overtly, you MUST support them.

      1. bobby timberlake says:

        I’m too busy paying for someone else’s welfare and free pay check because they have the “OU OWE ME” attitude. They have been taught all thier short school time we did wrong and they need $$$ back to make it right.

  44. otto says:

    This is so sad.

    Most heartfelt prayers to Ms. Klima. I hope you recover both physically and psychologically.

    There is far too much evil and darkness in this world 😦

    1. julz says:

      Very sad indeed. These comments are also very sad. What is this world coming to??

      1. Big B says:

        It’s called facing reality….you should try it.

    2. InTheBubble says:

      Indeed, Otto. For your depression I recommend Effexor or Swiss residency.

  45. Kurt_S. says:

    Wow, this is shocking – yet another racist hate crime committed by a black thug!

    1. Hernan says:

      i agree with you!!! well said!!

  46. RussRamey6 says:

    Get a grip, everybody!
    Race has nothing to do with this, it is a total lack of respect for human life. Since we murder millions of babies, consider euthanasia because of “quality of Life” concerns, etc the elderly are therefore bigger targets of crime than ever before.
    We have removed ultimate Truth from our classrooms and legal system, teach situational ethics, and no longer believe there is a Right or Wrong. Every crime not results in the “blame game”, Left or Right, Progressive or Conservative…etc ad infinitum. Until we understand the is a Devine Purpose, the Law is above government-Lex Rex, we will be doomed to a Romanesque decline and Fall…as Day follows Night

    1. don says:

      you cant even spell “divine” you ignorant christian!!

      what a god fearing uneducated idiot..

      1. BuBu says:


        You can’t even spell or use correct grammar! You’re the ignorant bozo!

        “You” should be capitalized.

        “Can’t” requires an apostrophe.

        “Christian” is a proper noun and is ALWAYS capitalized.

        “What” should be capitalized.

        The term “god-fearing” requires a hyphen AND a comma after it (and it would also be correct to spell the term as “God-fearing”).

        Where in the world did you go to school? You write like a 12-year-old texter!

      2. TEA from NC says:

        BuBu, you are an Ahole! You are soooo smart. Great job pointing out every spelling, etc, gaffe the writer wrote. You must be a real pleasure to be around. Jerk!

      3. BuBu says:

        TEA from NC,

        You’re obviously as clever as DON. I was pointing out all of DON’s typos and grammatical errors because he thought he was so smug in pointing out the misspelling of “divine” as “devine” left by another comment provider. By the way, “etc.” requires a period and “a-hole” shouldn’t be capitalized as it’s not a proper noun.


    2. Ronnie Reagan says:

      Don’t be an idiot. Of course, it’s a racist act. Where are Al and Jesse?

      BTW, stupid white people, you NEED TO HAVE MORE BABIES TO PROTECT THE FUTURE OF THE BABIES THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. Every couple should be having at least 3, because the replacement birth rate is 2.1.

      1. Big B says:

        Thanks but no thanks. My wife and I had two fine sons and that was enough. And while I have no sympathy for a bunch of inner city crackheads, that does not mean I want to see a big increase in the number of white trash my area already has to deal with. But hey, if you feel that strongly about it just breach the subject with either your sister or first cousin Betty Lou.

    3. M says:

      A typical “guilty white” answer… RACE HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THIS YOU IDIOT!

      1. JDH says:

        M.. Have you ever considered being a hostage negotiator…might be your calling??
        (ps..remind me never to introduce you…to anybody!)

    4. Matt says:

      How do you know it has nothing to do with race? Maybe it has EVERYTHING to do with race. You’re just prostrating your opinionated speculation as fact. I say a fair reading of the interracial crime statistics suggest a clear racial divide where white victims are disproportionately targeted by black thugs. Funny how the media pundits don’t even mention the victim is BLACK. I guess the phrase “dark skinned” is broader.. so less politically incorrect.

      1. Big B says:

        I live in a area of northern Arizona that is 89% white and less than 1% black. And all the local crime victims are targeted by white trash methheads. I mean, we do not even have a illegal problem in this county. And just for perspective, I was raised in Bergen County NJ in the 60’s and 70’s. Trash is trash, no matter what the color, and there are more than enough of them to go around nationwide.

  47. Hernan says:

    another black person committing a violent crime against a civilized member of society! this is so unusual!!! after all, blacks are always ” the victim”, right,hahaha!!

    1. Ronnie Reagan says:

      Yeah – I think we need some reparations. Better yet, just hire white people, and asians. That’s reparations enough, because they’re so frequently the targets of black crime. Look at this lady for example, she lost pay checks, and surely lost time and money needing to get medical care.

      BTW white people – YOU NEED TO HAVE MORE BABIES TO PROTECT THE FUTURE OF THE BABIES THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. At least 3 per couple. PERIOD. Anything less, and you’re no

      1. Big B says:

        I will agree that whites should have more kids……..As long as you are not one of them, Adolf.

  48. SR says:

    I think they should put the mugger out of her misery when they catch her.
    Society would be much better without someone like that in it.

  49. dVessar says:

    Rev Dave,

    Since there are about 205 million White Folks and only about 40 million Black folks, there never has been a question of how many crimes either one committed.

    The stats are the percentages of criminals in each group. Blacks are arrested for more than 52% of all crimes.

    We are divided, but not by color but by race (multiculturalism),
    we are trained not to get along (diversity training),
    and LOVE is gone (God taken from public).
    Unfortunately, the bleeding is from a very small minority of the most diverse organization on earth (US Military).

    Pray for Salvation and Understanding.

    1. Hernan says:

      blacks=%12 of American society
      crime= over 52% of prisons filled with blacks!
      that says it all!!

    2. RussRamey6 says:

      well said

    3. Pamela says:

      That is a very true and articulate statement. Thank you!

  50. Jim A says:

    I would love to see that come to pass some day. The wonderful man that was John Lennon would have loved to see that day come to pass as well. IMAGINE that! I have a chance to see it, he can only look down and feel the pain we all feel when someone is attacked or murdered. Our Heavenly Father gave us His unmeasureable LOVE by allowing His only Son to come to earth and die for us. He did it because he LOVES us! How much more could a mother or father give than their own child to show someone how much they are loved ? Ask yourself this question. Are you a parent? Could you give up your child for the salvation of mankind? I wonder how many of you out there could say you could. Yet God only asked us to “Love one another”! He didn’t say love one another and give up a child. Stop and think about it. Is it so hard to IMAGINE a world filled with LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER?

    1. e. of LA says:

      The song “Imagine” says there is no heaven. Why would you think he is looking down from heaven, since he tried to teach there is none?

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