81-Year-Old Woman Bodyslammed, Mugged In Subway Station

Video Shows Elderly Victim Tossed By Another Woman!

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — She said it felt like she was flying.

That’s how an elderly woman described a heartless attack inside a subway station.

And it was at the hands of another woman.

The robbery was caught on camera. As CBS 2’s Wendy Gillette reports, the video shows how Madeline Klima was robbed from behind.

A defenseless elderly woman, Klima said she can’t make sense of what happened to her.

“Why? Why’d she have to hurt so much? She wanted it so bad she could have asked for it,” Klima told Gillette.

The video shows her falling to the ground and hitting her head as the thief runs off with her purse.

“Oohh flying. Picked me up and like, threw me. And went down, and blood, you know. But I couldn’t get up,” Klima said.

The 81-year-old said she was stunned by how much force the woman used. Klima fractured and dislocated her shoulder in the fall and her eye is heavily bruised. She also needed stitches.

Police said the suspect is dark skinned, in her 20s, about 5-foot-10 and nearly 200 pounds.

(UPDATE: New Yorkers rally to victim’s aid, donate hundres of dollars)

Klima was returning home to Brooklyn from her job cleaning offices when she was robbed at the Fulton Street station. She said she’s hoping police catch the suspect, so she won’t hurt anyone else.

When asked what she wants the police to do to this woman, Klima said, “It’s hard to say. We would say hang ’em, but we don’t do this today.”

This is the first time Klima has been the victim of a crime. She had several paychecks in her pocketbook from the job she still works despite her age.

The attack left her in shock and in pain.

“Right now I have problems sleeping. My arm don’t go right, I have to get up,” she said.

Klima said she will get her stitches out Friday when she visits her doctor. But it will take much longer to heal her emotional wounds.

If you recognize the suspect, please call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS. All information is kept confidential.


One Comment

  1. jt says:

    The suspect is “dark skinned,” haha …. SO PC

  2. Olrik says:

    This would be newsworthy if it was another old lady robbing her, but an old white woman being mugged by a young female negro in the subway? Give me a break…

  3. Dude says:

    You can’t say things like it’s a crime no matter what her color. It’s always a black person committing the crime. Unless it’s a Hispanic person committing it. LOL.

  4. Alter says:

    Obama supporter at work.

  5. rodlang says:

    Keith Olbermann says Palin has more blood on her hands.

  6. Dee in Texas says:

    Having read all the fiery rhetoric here, I must comment…
    First of all, I consider this criminal – no matter what her race – as they consummate gutless coward. How I wish she lived in my area: I’m a grandma, too, and I’d invite her over for a friendly little chat. She made take me down, but I guarantee, she’d carry away some serious scars.
    Secondly – why do so many readers assume that the victim is lying? You’re tlaking about and 81-year-old. If she’s anything like my mom, she doesn’t actually know what “body-slamming” is.
    Oh, but I forget – when the victim is white, they can’t be believed, right? They’re unfairly accusing the perpetrator out of racial hatred, right?
    In the name of all that is Holy, give up that worn out excuse. Wrong is wrong, and you skin color – black or white – doesn’t get you a free ride on it.

  7. Joe Astroturf says:

    Rush Limbaugh put this thief up to it . I wanted to beat the New York Times to this scoop. They also will say the older woman deserved it because she had a job.

    1. Robert Michael Simon says:


  8. Jim says:

    I take it dark skinned is the politically correct term for a black person this year. How absolutely pathetic. It will get to the point where even saying someone has dark skin is “racism”. If they catch this monster they should pour about a pint of gasoline on her head followed shortly thereafter by a lit match. If she lives, put a bullet through her brain.

  9. Landon says:

    Because places like NY, Chicago and D.C. have made it “unlawfull” to own a firearm.

  10. Bobby says:

    NYC is a cesspool.

    1. Joe citizen says:

      I don’t hate. I never have been a racist but I have to be honest, I resent what i see as a double standard. We’ve gone beyond a colorblind nation. To nation that can’t speak truth for the fear of being called a racist.

      In a broad general sterotyping non pc way. I simply don’t think that black people have the same value for human life.

      1. Joel Skeems says:

        @Joe citizen
        If im not mistaken it was a YOUNG WHITE GUY who shot up all those INNOCENT people in Arizona, im pretty sure he didn’t care what color anyone was when he did that. Oh by the way, you may not think you’re a racist but your comment shows different, its very ignorant and RACIST

      2. Joel Skeems says:

        @Joe citizen
        If im not mistaken it was a YOUNG WHITE GUY who shot up all those INNOCENT people in Arizona, im pretty sure he didn’t care what color anyone was nor did he value life so where do you get your logic from i have no idea. Oh by the way, you may not think you’re a racist but your comment shows different, its very ignorant and RACIST

      3. Edson says:

        I’m beginning to tink you are correct. Never used to.

      4. Joe citizen says:

        Joel READ. I never said i wasn’t now, under our current definition , a racist. I clearly stated that I wasn’t before.

        I wasn’t born or rasied to racist, in fact my mother went to little rock high school and is the most non racist person you’ll care to meet.

        And if i am indeed a racist, its becasue I’ve been taught to be racist by the actions of people and then associating those actions to their race.

        I came to these racist thoughts by seeing this actions for myself.

        I promise when i stop seeing the blacks kill EVERYTHING and we start having Africians come to the US on humanatarin missions…I will stop being a racist.

        Until then, In my honest opinion Black people (in general) are bringing our country down.

        I’m sorry to all you educated, God fearing, human loving black Americans that raise your childern to be good citizens..I do apologize. You of all people know what i say is true. Are you called an Uncle Tom…..Are your best friends white…..Do you have anything in common with our with these thugs…most like you don’t. So for that I think you know at some point in your life you decided to leave the black community for a better life. It’s true.

    2. Michael H. says:

      This mugging/assault took place in Brooklyn, which, last time i checked, is considered an “outer boro”.

    3. Michael H. says:

      I stand corrected. This did indeed take place in Manhattan.

      Doesn’t mean the outer boros are entirely safe. I’ve been assaulted in Bergen Beach and mugged in Midwood and Bensonhurst. Even the good neighborhoods have their moments.

    4. H. Clinton says:

      Your not a racist, want to know how I know? Because I’m not a racist

  11. MCP says:

    I love all the disgusting, racist remarks on this comments page followed by complete and utter confusion as to why animosity exists between racial groups. Perhaps it’s comments sayings blacks should be “taught” to respect whites, or maybe insinuating that she is a crack head, has “reproduced a half dozen times”, and collects food stamps. Seems to me the majority of people on this comments page never want racial harmony because then you’d have to face your own personal flaws and inability to just be content.

    This mugger no doubt only saw this poor woman as a vulnerable, elderly target, not a WHITE vulnerable target.

    I pray for a speedy recovery for Ms. Kilma and the perpetrator is caught & tried for her actions. I also pray for you all that one day you’ll be able to release the heavy burden of hate that is within your hearts.

    1. Landon says:

      Animosity exists because the powers that be use the oldest trick in the book against us, its called divide and conquer. Our enemies greatest fear is us realizing we are all one and coming together against our slavemasters in D.C., Wallstreet and the privately owned Federal Reserve.

    2. HansJurgen says:

      It’s not hate, it’s disgust that other black people don’t speak up and “say it like it is”. When the majority of crime is committed by black people, that creates racism and it, criminal behavior, needs to be stopped. If you have a child in the family that consistently misbehaves, then the whole family suffers until the parents step in and tell that child to stop it or else. Where do you hear the outrage from blacks toward these black thugs and criminals – there’s very little to none. So, the message back to these black thugs is “it’s OK since whitey deserves it”. I’m tired of turning the other cheek.

      1. sks says:

        Excellent coment.

      2. Truth Teller says:

        Check th FBI crime statistics. Black criminal / white victim ratio is on the order of 15 to 1. White criminal / black victim ratio is very low.

    3. Joel Skeems says:


      1. Joel Skeems says:

        my comment was in reply to what MCP said not you Hans, im guessing you assume that the word thug is only associated with black people, you’re just another ignorant idiot

    4. Tigerized says:

      “This mugger no doubt only saw this poor woman as a vulnerable, elderly target, not a WHITE vulnerable target.”

      Horsepucky. You can’t possibly make that assertion without being in the mind of the mugger. I’ve been held up at gunpoint three times by young black male assailants and they ALL displayed an attitude of entitlement to anything they could get from whites. I WAS targeted because they figured that because I was white, I had money. (Boy, were they disappointed!)

      As long as the black community puts up with sociopaths in their midst and rationalizes criminal behavior that far exceeds their percentage of the population, people WILL make a connection. Unfair or not, that’s reality. Look at the violent crime statistics and see what decades of “entitlement” have done.

      1. I can use statistics, too! says:

        I have been mugged on two occasions in very public locations when I was younger- once by a white male and once by a Hispanic male. Perhaps society should speak out against men and declare them subhumans for their actions. Perhaps society should call for all men to stand up against the crimes that are disproportionately committed by males. That would be absurd, right? But, no, I have statistics on my side so I must be right. Men must be biologically programmed to commit crimes!

        It broke my heart to watch a sea of people of nearly all races and creeds turn their cheek to my suffering. We as a society have failed to live up to our potential, not just one group. The faster we realize our collective mistakes, the sooner we can roll up our sleeves and work together to fix them.

  12. phatboi says:

    Why everytime there is violence or some other crime commited african americans are the dominant race to blame what about the shooting in arizona or the guy that raped and kill that man wife and two daughters when u seen that did u automatically assume they were black

    1. rypay says:

      what language it that?

  13. Bill in Tennessee says:

    I left this reply for Mark above, but thought it deserved a little wider circulation, so here it is: “Let the thief get away” Mark…? Really? No, dude, they need to find this miserable cretin, a poor excuse for a human, string her up by her heels like Mussolini, and gutted like a catfish…leave her entrails on the ground for the rats to chew on and let her watch as her life slowly ebbs from her corpulent, bloated, worthless body. That is the kindest and gentlest punishment I can think of for her, so don’t ask what the worst thing I’d do to her.

    1. Mark Santeramo says:

      Look, if you read my entire comment which you clearly did not, you’d see that I”m not condoning the thief’s actions in any way. WHAT I SAID WAS THAT there is no need to LIE OR EXAGGERATE about what really happened because we have video evidence of it. To say that the older woman was “bodyslammed” is 100% false…she was dragged to the ground, period. So next time something happens to you, TELL THE TRUTH instead of making up a story because it’s just not right. If you want people to feel sympathetic to you than tell it as it happened, not the way YOU want it to sound. That’s just beyond stupid.

  14. Mark Santeramo says:

    Um, the title of the article said she was bodyslammed? Where? The lady was dragged to the ground probably because she was holding on to her purse. But slammed? And she was flying? LOL, I’d honestly let the thief get away with this without charges simply because of the exaggerated LIES being told about the incident despite it all being filmed.

    I’m sick of this bs exaggeration of the truth. Instead of glorifying what happened, BE HONEST, and state your case. Making things up is absolutely NOT the way to go. Shame on the article writer and old lady for not being truthful.

    1. Bill in Tennessee says:

      “Let the thief get away”…? Really? No, dude, they need to find this miserable cretin, a poor excuse for a human, string her up by her heels like Mussolini, and gut her like a catfish…leave her entrails on the ground for the rats to chew on and let her watch as her life slowly ebbs from her corpulent, bloated, worthless body. That is the kindest and gentlest punishment I can think of for her, so don’t ask what the worst thing I’d do to her.

    2. jgreene says:

      You’re a STUPID and sick SOB. I don’t know why you’d let this miscreant harm this woman and get away. The older lady is working as a cleaning woman, earning her way in life and this CREEP is too lazy or stupid to do the same.

    3. dmac says:

      @Mark – Maybe to the woman, it felt like she was being bodyslammed. Unless you have had something similar happen to you, you shouldn’t make suppositions. Obviously there was more than just a dragging to the ground if there was a fracture/dislocation of the shoulder, bruising around the eye, and stitches. I find it hard to believe you would “let the thief get away with this without charges.” It is all on videotape, and, if that is not famning evidence, I don’t know what is.

    4. Joel Skeems says:

      Mark r u fkn serious, what fkn difference does it make!!! It shouldnt have happened period! Do you need the video to show a “WWF bodyslam” for you to get it in your warped head that the woman FELT LIKE SHE WAS FLYING u idiot!

      1. Joel Skeems says:

        I just hope Mark isnt a lawyer because if he is or wants to be he’ll NEVER EVER win a case

  15. MJS says:

    5″6″ and 200 lbs, that’s a black person no doubt.

    Blacks have great role models like Senator Clybourn and barry aka obama. All dividers, all race baiters.

    The problem with African Americans today is lack of cultural leadership. It was all downhill after Dr. King was killed.

    1. John says:

      The problem we have today is a lack of respoect for fellow human beings which is what you obviously suffer from.

      1. rosemarita says:

        Right John.

      2. MasterShake says:

        Well done John.

      3. MJS says:

        John-respect for people who commit crimes…you are a moron

    2. RealistByNature says:

      The Doctor of Plagiarism, Martin Luther King, was no “role model.” He never actually did anything, besides petitioning the white man.

    3. Joe citizen says:

      I’m not going to take the cheap shot. My comment is more serious than one incident.

      We as a nation, can no longer ignore the fact that our eyes and ears lead us to differnent conclusions than what is PC. If we kept sugar coating everything to be non offensive we’ll end up with one major cavity. We are a truthful, peace loving nation that likes the unblemished truth.

    4. HansJurgen says:

      5″6″ and 200 lbs, … and a huge a.s.s. – must be a black female

    5. jimmmybob says:

      I completely agree. Blacks used to dress well and sounded educated. Now, many have returned to their jungle instincts which they were living when they were captured by their own and sold here by Jewish merchant ships. Yes, google it.

      They were eventually educated, Christianed, and encouraged to become self supportive which was well underway. Then the Jew fled here from Europe like rats and started a counter culture in America. Agitators. Martin Luther King was killed, HUD projects went up and the term “Whitey” spread. At this point, the females should be paid to be sterilized. It would be well worth the money spent. Left alone, they will resort to the ways of ever other black majority country on earth. Any exceptions?

      1. Joel Skeems says:

        lmao @ google it, what a great display of ignorance, next thing you know you’ll be referring people to Wikipedia for so-called facts. What an idiot you are

  16. craig eliot says:

    What? Black on white crime? I don’t believe it! Impossible!

  17. Floyd DaBarber says:

    Blacks from Africa and the Carribean emigrate to the U.S. with ten dollars in their pockets, and within a genartion they are members of the middle class, raising their children in two-parent households and contributing to society. Simuilarly, the vast majority of American-born blacks live decent lives, raising their familie, and achieving the upward mobility they hope for from generation to generation. The debate here about why blacks shera disproportionate amount of the underclass in America has nothing to do with skin color. It has everything to do with sheer unadulterated laziness and entitlement. Cut off the gub’ment cheese and watch folks rise.

    1. RealistByNature says:

      Without a doubt, Blacks (and people generally) will do better without welfare. Consult recent history. Blacks in the US were, in fact, doing better before LBJ decided to “help” them. Read, for example, Thomas Sowell. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there are not racially differences.

    2. RealistByNature says:

      To Rosemarita: Reduce the “welfare” that has destroyed the Black family. Read Thomas Sowell.

  18. RealistByNature says:

    The idea that human races are equivalent was popularized in the 20th cent. by Franz Boaz, and Ashley Montagu, among others. Hint: they aren’t Irish.

  19. dave says:

    You know why people think the Jews controll all of the banking? Show me one well run Black led country or bank? Can’t can you?

    1. RealistByNature says:

      I also have asked this type of question. Never any responses. The reality of race differences is starting to dawn on people, in spite of the considerable taboo. Suggestion to my Black cousins: reduce your birth rate and start breeding for intelligence, instead of indiscriminately. All the races are “cousins” so to speak, but accidents of time and place have “bred” us into different breeds. We can see the same thing among dogs. All dogs belong to the same species, but the breeds have distinctly different intelligence, and other behavioral characteristics. It’s just a simple biological fact.

      1. rosemarita says:

        Obviously people of color are not going to follow your advice so what are you and the rest of the white supremacists going to do about “the problem” as you see it?

      2. samuelb says:

        Well rosemarita, in China the problem became so bad that an eventual government stepped in and corrected it.

      3. rosemarita says:

        Samuelb, what was the China solution? Do you think it will work here? What are you doing to make it happen?

    2. MasterShake says:


      1. RealistByNature says:

        Where British influence was strongest, such as in Kenya and the Bahamas, Black populations do relatively well. Kenya is beginning to melt back into mere Africa. The Bahamas have some nice tourist spots, but the country as a whole is dirt poor, backward, and shows no signs of growth.

      2. MasterShake says:

        -One of the most prosperous countries in the Caribbean region
        -the Bahamas is the third richest country in the Americas
        -the richest one in the world whose population is predominantly of African origin

        Couldn’t be all bad 🙂 I’m not saying it’s paradise, but it does seem to be a well run, black led country.

      3. RealistByNature says:

        You make my point, Master Shake. The Bahamas, where White tourism drives almost the whole economy, is pretty much top-o-the-line among Black nations. And don’t forget that it was the British who set the civilized tone there.

  20. MasteShake says:

    I’m sure Jerry Seinfeld is in on it as well.

  21. RealistByNature says:

    You left out the New York Times.

  22. Phil says:

    Wake up white man.

    1. dave says:

      talk about racists! Oh I see…you can’t be racist if you’re of any other color except white? At least that what a black college professor told us in class! you all are a bunch of idiots!

  23. dave says:

    The Jews? You got to be kidding me! What kind of koolaide have you been drinking?

    1. Jim says:

      The kind of kool-aid they serve on the PrisonPlanet forum. “It is the Jews” is an inane claim. “It is some Jews” may be accurate. Infowarriors and PrisonPlaneteers have difficulty with that distinction. Aubreyfarmer, I am going to help you. I’m going to tell you what causes crime: Personal choices. Volition. Not social engineering. Not welfare. Not anything else you listed. These things may motivate some people to CHOOSE to engage in criminal behavior, but these things do not CAUSE the crimes. The individual’s desire to choose crime over alternative problem solving routes is the cause. Personal choices. There are millions of poor or impoverished people in the United States who are victims of policy and practice, yet a great portion of these millions choose to NOT behave criminally. What causes these people to NOT perpetrate? A willful decision. A thought process.
      Stop regurgitating whatever you read on Infowars, PP and the like. It doesn’t server you well. Good luck.

  24. CATHERINE says:









  25. jemimah says:

    It bothers me that a 81 yo woman has to still clean offivces to survive. But it absolutely angers me that anyone would abuse and rob this woman of her meager wages. I am black, so you racists need to understand that not all blacks are criminal nor find this instance of criminal conduct acceptable. Many blacks would have gone to this woman’s defense whereas maybe a few whites would have gotten involved.

    1. CATHERINE says:

      DON’T BELIEVE THE MEDIA, we conservatives are not racist and know that all blacks aren’t criminals………….I LOVED CONDI RICE, WALTER WILLIAMS AND CLARENCE THOMAS, AND I HATE everything about Oilybama, Rangel and Waters and Clyburn………..

      so the media calls me a racist and says I hate all black people, the same media that used to tell nappy headed jokes about condi and uncle tom bashes about clarence…………AND HAPPILY REPORTED THEIR ILK CARRYING ‘KILL BUSH’ SIGNS…………..

      don’t worry this black women is a pig on her own standing, but the racist government will not allow this poor women to call it a hate crime, sad, isn’t it?

      1. Well I’m a Democrat and I feel as though you are on the attack. Obviously, you love your Republicans, but you hate the Democrats, why? Aren’t we all suppose to be friends by now?

        The black woman is not a pig, she is more like an anti-social. She did not even go to see if the elderly woman was okay.

      2. MasterSHake says:

        Catherine… “don’t worry this black women is a pig on her own standing, but the racist government will not allow this poor women to call it a hate crime, sad, isn’t it?”

        It seems to me that only a person with racist tendencies would perceive this attack to be a “hate crime. If a white woman mugged a black woman, would you call that a hate-crime?

        I’m rather surprised you are not defending the attacker. Taking advantage of the poor and defenseless is a very republican thing to do.

      3. MJS says:

        Obviously the two idiots who replied to your comment are DRONES, they are lifetime black democrats who were raised democrat and vote democrat no matter what the issue.

        They voted for obama (about 93% of blacks voted for obama) regardless of the issues or the policies. And they will do the same thing in 2012 despite the fact we have a 19% unemployment/under-employed rate, despite the fact obama spend MORE THAN ALL US PRESIDENTS IN OUR HISTORY.

        They are drones because they know the earth to be flat, and no matter what you show, prove, provide to them, they don’t care. That’s called an “ideology”. I am not a “republican” I am a constituional Conservative. Look that up you two.

    2. BayouKiki says:

      “I am black, so you racists need to understand that not all blacks are criminal nor find this instance of criminal conduct acceptable.” What the heck does this mean? Why does each and every conversation have to turn to race? Can’t we just all be disgusted that an old woman was needlessly and brutally attacked — I don’t care what color the attacker is or what color the victim is. She was vulnerable — that’s where the atrocity lies.

      1. RealistByNature says:

        C’mon Kiki it’s not that hard to find crime statistics per race. Are you seriously not aware that Blacks in this country commit a hugely disproportionate number of crimes? For that matter, where have large numbers of Blacks ever lived in peace and prosperity? Anywhere in the world? Any time in history? It’s time for our Black cousins to face some very difficult and painful facts. Suggestion: start breeding for intelligence, instead of breeding indiscriminately.

      2. MasterShake says:

        “start breeding for intelligence, instead of breeding indiscriminately.”

        Sounds like you were breed indiscriminately somewhere in Mississippi.

      3. RealistByNature says:

        Very clever comment, Master Shake. But can you answer any of the questions I posted? And Blacks are indeed breeding indiscriminately. Have you checked out-of-wedlock birth statistics recently? Highest among what group? Hint: not Chinese.

    3. Pamela says:

      Obviously not all blacks are violent criminals BUT the black community commits a disproportionate amount of vicious crime. FBI statistic: Black males commit 59% of reported rapes. Six percent of the American population is responsible for a hell of a lot of crime.

    4. whitey ford says:

      1) how do you know who would get involved and who wouldn’t?

      2) “nor find this instance of criminal conduct acceptable”. Do tell, what kind of instances of criminal activity do black people find acceptable?

      1. MasterShake says:

        What the hell are you talking about? Shut up and go away. You are embarrassing us.

        Sorry about this moron black folks…

    5. Landon says:

      guess you havent seen the vid of a white man being attacked by black teens in a D.C. subway station where all the black onlookers stood around recording it on their cell phones and laughing.

      1. MasterShake says:

        I just saw the video. Not sure of how that relates to this conversation.

        If you were standing in the subway, and a pack of white kids started beating up some black dude, what would you do?

      2. Kandisue says:

        I saw it and the state run media ignored it. They ignore all black on white crime. Then when somebody comments on it – the ignorant (democrats) act as if there is not a difference in the races. Ignorant until they become a victim – and their eyes are opened.

      3. Landon says:

        my reply was directed at Jemimiah where he stated that blacks would help a white person under attack by other blacks. I just showed one piece of evidence that proves his statement wrong, thats how it relates to the conversation my friend.

      4. Landon says:

        If you were standing in the subway, and a pack of white kids started beating up some black dude, what would you do?

        I dont care what race they are, if i see someone under attack by a group of thugs it is my duty to intervene. Thats one reason we have the second amendment, oh wait you dont have that in NY.

    6. johnbrown says:

      Good point Jemimah, but being of color, I can tell you that when I speak out about violence in my race, many in my community look at me as a traitor and an Uncle Tom. We need to speak out more. We need better male leadership for sure, not this fancy boy in office now.

  26. N.Y. says:

    Poor economy ,jobs leaving the US, violence promoted everywhere ,drugs everywhere, tens of thousands of illegal guns on our streets. Savages/Animals – our middle class society is breaking down completely !!

  27. RealistByNature says:

    After the earthquake in Haiti, the MSM was wondering why oh why is Haiti so poor and chaotic? Why oh why is Haiti the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere? Why oh why does Haiti, the only all-Black nation in the Western Hemisphere, have levels of poverty and chaos only comparable to Black Africa? Why, why, why? The MSM went into minute detail searching the history of Haiti to try and find the reasons. Let’s see now, an all-Black nation has poverty, disease, violence, chaos, corruption, ignorance, superstition and helplessness only found in … other all-Black nations. Who can solve this mystery?

    1. Lee0521 says:

      Why help themselves when they can rely on stupid, gulty, white liberals?

  28. Gloria says:

    How are the police going to find a “terrorist” if they can find a fat African
    American female, probably hyped out on crack or wants to be, that
    assaults an elder elderly lady? What IS “home security”?? The enemy
    is within? Our own citizenry, that is.

    1. gloria says:

      I obviously meant to say “if they canNOT find”

  29. RealistByNature says:

    Please tell me where large numbers of Black Africans have ever lived in peace and prosperity. Anywhere in the world. Any time in history.

    1. luckydog says:


  30. KCEddie says:

    Odumbo and Eric Holder will probably give her a reprieve. Telling the old woman she owed her slave reparations!

  31. Dutra says:

    I have recently arrived on your planet. I do not understand why white humans pretend that attacks on them by black humans are not taking place. Is this disbelief required of you by your leaders?

    1. Pamela says:

      Yes, we have allowed our leaders to create a system where one is punished if they speak the truth. Please bring others and come liberate us!!!!!

    2. Jimbo says:

      Shhh … can’t … talk … here … they … are … watching … Meet … at … Lincoln Park … at 2… for … answers …

  32. Wilson says:

    Move along. Nothing to see here. Just the usual.

  33. Call me Ishmael says:

    If you are attacking posters for being racist, and not attacking the perpetrator you are part of the problem. The problem is you are coming to the defense of the perpetrator’s honor. America is doomed if we don’t rid the streets of vermin.

  34. js81 says:

    geez black people are so mean!
    once again, TNB. TNB….

  35. david says:

    isnt that a damn shamecoming home from a job at 81 i bet the thug doesnt even have a job.they need to post a photo of the thug at the welfare office

  36. johnny says:

    this is the thing…as soon as i read the title of the article, “81 year old woman bodyslammed, mugged in NYC subway,” my automatic response in my head was, “it’s prolly a black person (or dark-skinned person for pc folks).

    this is the same whenever i hear similar titles like “group of teenagers attack man.” or “group of kids attack pregnant woman.” whatever…everybody knows the type of article i’m talking about. it’s actually really common occurrence.

    now u may call me a racist that that is my initial thought. fine….but the fact is, it is almost without fail that my original assumption proves to be correct as soon as i open the article. so am i aracist, or am i an intelligent person that actually notices patterns of human behavior?

    PS: i am a dark-skinned person, myself

    1. Packing Heat says:

      Johnny, you aren’t a racist. The left likes to throw around insulting labels hoping to get us to cower and toe the PC line. I am also rarely surprised when the perp is revealed. Just yesterday, the story about all those females fighting in Florida caught on tape…I knew they were black even before I clicked on the link. Pointing out the truth does not make one a racist.

    2. Chris says:

      I dont think it’s an indictment of an entire race. It’s a statistical probability that the perpetrators are black or hispanic. Per capita, the % of criminal activity in those minority populations is far higher than whites. It is racist to see a black or hispanic person and ssume they’re a criminal; it is not racist to read about a crime and guess the perpetrators are a minority. That’s just a logical guess based on mathematical evidence. Deal with it.

      1. johnny says:

        @CHRIS –
        of course it’s not an indictment of an entire race. my purpose wasn’t to indict anybody. i’m just curious as to why my reaction is the way that it is.

        1. am i racist for having that as my first reaction?
        2. why is it that my prediction almost always proves me correct once i open the article?
        3. and being that my prediction is almost always correct, does that still make me a racist, or just very observant?

        also, i didn’t say “minorities.” i said “black.” i’m not beating around the bush, i just want to make it clear what i’m saying.

        and i don’t search out for news from only black or minority communities. i read local, national, and world news. these particular types of articles come from all over the country. and they almost always prove the perp as being one particular skin color. and statistically, whites are still the largest race. and then when u add all the other races into it, blacks are a relatively small piece of the racial pie in america. yet, these types of stories are always almost committed by black perp. there MUST be a reason for this.

        as i said, if it is racist for me to make this observation, then so be it. but my view is it is naive not to question why my observation is correct…and from reading ur post, i have a feeling u know exactly what i’m talking abt.

      2. Chris says:

        Johnny, I know exactly what you mean, and I (for one) dont think its a racist reaction. If you read about a dogfighting ring, it is statistically likely that it will be pit bulls and the ring will be run by blacks. We both know that without even reading the article. Could we be wrong? Sure, but the odds are heavily on our side. Your initial conclusion is a guess based on repeated evidence that blacks are responsible for certain types of crime, usually violent. It’s like betting on a football game; you dont know for sure who’s going to win, but you can make a pretty good guess based on the records of the teams playing. It doesnt make you a racist It just means you’re smart enough to observe patterns of behavior repeatedly and consistently associated with blacks and make an educated guess based on those observations. Dont beat yourself up over it. It may save your life some day.

  37. Andy Joiner says:

    I think it’s ridiculous to make this an indictment of an entire race. It was a cowardly act by a female thug, nothing more. I hope they catch her and beat her before taking her in.

    1. sean patriot says:

      sorry you’re wrong. Its always blacks.

    2. it might be too late says:

      yep Ang, can’t fix a problem if you don’t focus in on the specific cause

    3. Charles McKinney says:

      You are an a-hole. That line has been tried for decades, and people see right through it. What is annoying is that you actually believe it… to a point. Everytime a minority commits a crime all you hear is that it is just one person and it’s not indicative of the whole group. Which I agree with. But there are two problems with the statement. First black people exhibit patterns of behavior that run afoul of the law at a greater rate than other people. So there is a culture of violence there. Secondly the same standard you apply to minorities does not apply to whites. For instance an insane white person who smokes dope, can’t hold a job, and reads the communist manifesto attempts to assisinate a congresswoman and a group of people who had nothing to do with it ( Tea Party) is blames. When the Tea Party has never shown a pattern of violence.

    4. KCEddie says:

      Just like terrorists are always Muslim !

  38. Michael H. says:


    Just this morning. Last night too. Had my nice big, expensive cell phone out to keep me entertained, playing games and whatnot. Wasn’t bothered at all, even rolling through the “bad” neighborhoods. Crime on the subway is WAY down since the 80’s and 90’s. I’m a small(ish) white guy too, a nice target, but for some reason I haven’t been bothered by anybody since…well…the late 90’s.

  39. moovova says:

    Michael H….

    I understand there were some leftover Obama “Together We Thrive” T-Shirts at the Tucson Rally…er Memorial last night. Did you get one?

    Should make you feel real proud of Obama for taking advantage of those deaths to kick-start his 2012 presidential run…

  40. jillosophy says:

    Dark-skinned? Could have been Snookie. The bad could have been a Louis Vuitton.

  41. RLitzen says:

    Why not teach blacks to respect whites instead of hating them? Whites have done this over the last fifty years and now they are pretty much emasclated. Why should one race be allowed to act with impunity when they commit crimes against another race. By the way, black on white crime appears to be the majority source of crime in this country. Obama has taught all of us to take responsibility! He has not taken responsibility in order to allow one race to hate another and act out with impunity. All of us should be modeling our behavior after our President to find common ground, not as additional reasons to think we are immune from commiting crimes against another race..

    1. Dave says:

      Since when has Obamba ever taken responsibility for anything? Name one instance!

  42. Peter Crayne says:

    Been in a subway lately?

  43. TEXANbyBirthCreedandConviction says:

    No likely you racist facist. Get the hell out of my state you pig.

  44. Michael H. says:

    chile, you and your friends that Matt Drudge sent over here are condemning an entire demographic for the actions of one woman as reported by this article. If these comments aren’t evidence of the racism prevalent in the American right wing I don’t know what is. Keep it up.

    1. chilepepper99 says:

      Hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……hahahahahahahahahaha…….oh you slay me mikey.

      And if you’d read my original response, you’d see that I didn’t say anything about anybody. I just asked if you’d actually read what the article said about the suspect.

      Read this next part really, really slow (so you can understand it): CBS New York wrote the story, not the Drudge Report. But again, I guess you are too ignorant to figure that out……

  45. chilepeper99 says:

    What exactly did the article say about the suspect?????

    Or are you just too stupid to actually read it?

  46. StopThePCGarbage says:

    “Dark-skinned”? Puleezz. Stop with the political correct double-speak for a change and just SAY it, for pete sakes. She was BLACK! B-L-A-C-K. BLACK.

  47. John says:

    I hope the elderly woman is a progressive, thus justice will have been served.

    1. Apryl says:

      John, no true conservative would have said such a hateful thing. You sir are a disgusting pig.

      1. Mike says:

        I’m a true conservative, and I agree with John wholeheartedly.

      2. sean patriot says:

        No true conservative would have called someone else a disgusting pig either

  48. Cogiito says:

    Another Obama voter. What, Obama didn’t have enough money in his stash?

    1. not surprised says:

      haaaa I heard that lady on Mike Savage too!!!

  49. Sheena says:

    Is there some place I can send this poor lady a check?

    1. Adam says:

      Sheena, You are a kind woman

    2. sean patriot says:

      Thts a great idea Sheena, good for you and your heart

    3. Jimbo says:

      I would also like to send the perpetrator (that means, “da shorty dat dun it”) a check . If she or any of her acquaintances (that means, “peeps”) are reading this, just send me her name and address and I’ll get a “check” in the mail right away!

  50. Michael H. says:

    Wow. The stupid is out in full force today. Every time Drudge links to an article the average IQ of the comment section seems to drop a dozen points.

    1. Think Before You Speak or Write says:

      “The stupid is…” ?
      Hello Mr./Ms. Kettle!

      1. Michael H. says:

        Had I been saying “The stupid people” it would have been prudent to use “are” instead of “is”. As I wrote my comment, “stupid” was used as a singular concept. Perhaps I should have used the word “stupidity” instead of “stupid” to make myself more clear.

    2. Marbran says:

      Yes, because anyone who disagrees with you must be less intelligent. How about realizing that we are finally getting sick of progressives and their PC BS.

      1. Michael H. says:

        I’m not saying that at all. I welcome political discourse. Intelligent debate is exactly what this country needs. Flooding a news article with racist comments condemning the black community, however, is not intelligent debate. It is feeble minds trying to validate outdated social structures. There are people posting here that are arguing for segregation! Go ahead and disagree, but don’t come here calling black people “apes” “animals” “savages” “subhuman” etc.

    3. MJ says:

      And yet I am almost positive Michael H. linked over here through that very same Drudge link…:)

      1. Michael H. says:

        Feel free to browse older articles. I am a frequent commenter and a NYC local who visits this site regularly. It’s easy to pick out an article that has been linked by Drudge. Most articles never exceed 100 comments. The vast majority of them rarely exceed 20. When an article is pushing 300 comments it is fairly obvious that outside sources are responsible for the influx of traffic, and a quick check of DR’s front page confirmed my suspicion.

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