No Day Off For NYC Public School Children; Mayor Make Right Call?

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)–Many schools announced they were closing well in advance of the third major snowstorm to slam the Tri-State Area in as many weeks. However, some parents in the five boroughs waited, and waited…and waited for Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Dept. of Education officials to make the call regarding city public schools.

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Despite declaring a weather emergency late Tuesday afternoon, Mayor Bloomberg and education officials still did not make a call on public schools.

They finally did. At 5 a.m. Wednesday, the Department of Education announced all city public schools would be open, despite the snowstorm. New York City public schools have only closed 6 times since 1978 for a total of 8 lost educational days.

Several parents expressed anger Tuesday night saying Mayor Bloomberg’s late call would leave them scrambling for child care, CBS 2’s Demetra Ganias reported.

When asked what she is going to do if she has to work and the kids are home, one parent from Brooklyn said, “I really don’t know. I’m stuck, just like the last time.” That woman stayed home with the kids during the Dec. 26 storm and she’ll do it again, but no faking sick.

After getting what many are calling late notice that public schools would remain open, we’d like to hear from you parents: Do you think the notice was in a timely-enough manner?  Did you have to make arrangements to be on the safe side?

Did you keep your child home anyway?

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  1. hm says:

    i am a city worker. I stayed home. the schools should have been closed!!

    1. Booya says:

      Why aren’t we surprised! City workers don’t expect special treatment.

  2. Stuyvesant says:

    There were too many students missing from class today, so barely any work was done; teachers don’t want to teach half a class and leave the other half in the dark. It would have been a much better call if Bloomberg closed the schools. His excuse of “education is important” didn’t apply when the kids who showed up in school today didn’t even LEARN anything.

  3. Chris says:

    Bloomy didn’t call off school because he wanted to make a point that he did such a great job clearing the streets. New Yorkers are on the ones to blame since u voted for him 3 terms! Next time vote wisely!

    1. yo eddie says:

      Exactly! This guy basically is a dictator and only cares about the limelight, publicity. He thinks he is above the law since he changed it – he should be sent to Riker’s iIsland. He should just concentrate on his company or any philanthropic activity and he will get the same. Central didn’t even get as much as the city and our schools were closed.

    2. Y L says:

      Bloomberg is trying to show off how good he can handle the emergency situation like snow storm. But the more he does, he more hypocrite he becomes.

  4. klee says:

    Even if the Public school children get a school cancellation–the students have to make it up at the end of the year,adding one more day in the summer–Don’t you think Bloomberg, there is no reason to Speculate on Safety.

    1. J from Queens says:

      180 instructional school days are required for federal funding. NYC reserves 3 extra days for snow days. The NYC calendar has 186 instructional days. Do the math – even if the maximum 3 days were taken every year, that still leaves 3 extra days. So there would be no make-up day at the end of the year. Teachers get paid 180 days to work 186, so everyone else (not you, klee) who is complaining about how teachers “get paid” for the snow days needs to factor in a different perspective- that we actually work 6 extra days per year for free.

  5. P.A says:

    Some people will probaly get annoyed with my response, but that’s okay we still have freedom of speech. School is not a babysittting service or a day care center. If you know schools might be open or closed make other plans in case. Yes, it’s rough not knowing and getting up half the nite because we don’t know what the storm is going to do or if we need to go to school. Again plan ahead. On a lighter note. The buses I took to work were on time and the bus drivers drove very carefully and were very nice not in bad moods at all. I did not like waiting in the dark or in the street. Delays or school closing should have been done. Thanks to my principal for treating the staff to pizza, and thanking all of us for coming in. My prinicpal also asked if someone could give me a ride home. My assistant prinicpal drove me home so I would not have to wait in the street or take two buses home. We had 173 kids out today and 12 teachers out. Due to the fact these teachers are not from the area. We all worked together at school and it went very well.

  6. FED UP says:

    The Decision should be up to the parent and to the teacher to go into work. If you are afraid to drive in the snow, then stay home!!! Forget about blaming Bloomberg and the teachers. Let’s not forget that the majority of teachers don’t live in NYC!!

    1. Enough Already says:

      I am a teacher in the Bronx and the parking is very bad. Yes, I agree that some parents can’t stay home since they won’t get paid. What ever decision was made it is up to the parents. I don’t live in the Bronx and I drive in so today I chose to stay home to avoid any accident or get stuck! I don’t particularly care for all the teacher slamming and bashing.

      1. Student says:

        So, if even teachers, who are ADULTS, can’t go to school, why should kids have to?

  7. Tom says:

    I did not send my kids to school to loiter in the hallways all day.
    I know manny teachers cannot possibly make it by 8 am.
    If they could , they would not be able to park.
    Why not to have delayed opening?

  8. JJ says:

    I am a NYC teacher who commutes from Westchester County to the Bronx. I made the commute today and arrived at work on time. I parked three blocks away in a snowbank with fresh and old snow ( would have gotten a better spot but Bloomberg took our parking privileges away). I trekked through the snow on the unshoveled sidewalks and sat in front of the heater to dry my slacks off. I picked up my two students that actually came in. I guess the walk across the street was to treacherous. However, I am not complaining, those two students received the best education ever. They got more attention then I could have ever given them with their 18 classmates there. They will never forget today. I am happy I put the effort in and was still happy when the car was stuck in the snowbank and I had to shovel it out. All I want is my parking permit back. I want to get in my classroom early again so I can provide extra help to my eager students in the morning. I want to not worry that I will be walking the streets alone when I stay till dark to offer a student some one-on-one attention, prep a lesson, or plan. I want to not have to worry about where I will park after a ride to work that was just doubled due to a snowstorm. I want to save my energy and my patients that shoveling my car out or driving around looking for a parking spot uses for my students who need all the patients and energy I can provide them.

    1. Just a guy says:

      Hey teach – love your comments but please check your spelling – patients ?

      1. gt says:

        to treacherous or too treacherous? You’re a teacher?

  9. Trisha says:

    Parents should use good judgement, any parent who sent their children to school because Bloomberg told them to and went against their own good judgement are sheep. You have one important job in life and it doesn’t involve money. PARENT!

    1. Student says:

      As a student, it would have been great to stay home, but guess what?
      In certain schools, not going to school counts as an UNEXCUSED absence, which results in grade deductions and many other problems.
      So, actually, not going to school at all wouldn’t be so good of a choice, putting it that way.

      1. Hank says:

        An unexcused absense does not resullt in grade deductions unless YOU don’t make up the work and unless you have a habit of not going to school! Reading your comments, I strongly suggest you stay in school as much as possible!

  10. Carol says:

    No. Half the students and half of the teachers stayed home. There was no learning for the learning for the students that went in since they were comingled with students of various grades. It would have made more sense to close the schools.

  11. Student says:

    It was HORRIBLE!!!
    As a student, I had to wake up at 5am, check to see if schools were open, eat, and LEAVE! None of the sidewalks were even WALKED ON yet, and it was up to my knees. The roads were once plowed, but had gotten partially snowy once again.
    A usual hour of transportation doubled, and turned into two.
    I go to school to find that only half the students were there, and got little work done.
    There is no point in having school if half the people won’t show up, and nothing will be accomplished.
    AND, if it says, “PLEASE DO NOT TRAVEL BY CAR, WALKING, OR ANYTHING ELSE UNLESS IN A EMERGENCY!!!”, then school DEFINITELY SHOULD be closed. School is NOT an emergency, however important education might be.

    Student from South Brooklyn with a school in uptown Manhattan.

  12. FF says:

    It was a bad call. The streets were plowed all right (the major ones at least) in the morning but the sidewalks…they were horrible. People could hardly walk on the sidewalks in NYC because of the snow piling on the sidewalks. Many people didn’t go to school and many teachers didn’t go either. The mayor also left everyone hanging until 5:00 AM. Where there is another snow storm, try to announce the closings and the snow days a bit earlier Mayor Bloomberg.

    1. Nick Flittalt says:

      I got a 7 sec video on my iphone of a Torn of OYSTERBAY Plow pickup driver, drinking a budweiser while passing my block. I kid you not! Anybody know, where this can be sent for further look? Thanks. Email me…

      1. Massapequa Madman says:

        Town of Oyster Bay did a GREAT JOB. The beer was well deserved. Let it go man. It’s not like we’re all snowbound here.

  13. Derrick says:

    im a student at Brooklyn Technical High school which attracts students from all boroughs, and every student who didnt live close the school, was not here. 6 of my teachers were gone, and the day was a waste…Bloomberg cares not about students, teachers or parents but money, all he cares for is money

  14. themanthelegend says:

    Why didn’t you sheeple just make arrangements last night as thouth schools would be closed and leave them out today, instead of whining like the mindless turds you are? I mean it’s one thing to criticize leadership, but when someone is leading something you don’t agree with, following along and crying about it after the fact is pretty stupid. It’s a free country, you morons.

    1. Student says:

      As a student, it would have been great to do that, but guess what?
      In certain schools, not going to school counts as an UNEXCUSED absence, which results in grade deductions and many other problems.
      So, actually, not going to school at all would be the choice a “moron” would make, if you put it that way.


      1. thomas says:

        if you responsible parents responsibly keep you homne, that would be an EXCUSED absence, and no risk to your academic performance, unless you are the moron the guy above called you.

  15. oldtimer says:

    I knew better than to send my kids to NYC public schools, but even if I had, the decision whether to send my kids to school in bad weather is MINE, not the mayor’s. If I felt the weather was too bad to send my kids to school, they stayed home, whether or not the school was open. My methods apparently didn’t hurt them – one has a Masters and has been employed full-time in higher education since the day he graduated, and the other has one more year to go in medical school. Parents need to grow a spine and not wait for that little weasel in Gracie Mansion to tell them what to do.

    1. themanthelegend says:

      oldtimer, you know your shiznit. no sense wasting your energy on the mindless minions here.

    2. kryska says:

      If schools are open and you have to decide whether you kids go or not – it is up to parents, but it is not up to parents to sit and think whether they have to take day off or arrange day care if schools will be closed and they have to go to work.

  16. The Good Samaritan says:

    Children should be in school not at home watching TV or playing video games.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

    1. OverEducatedMom says:

      As usual, my child’s teacher did not show up. They were passed around all day. A teacher discussed governmental systems and the students were ncouraged to stage an uprising which I thought was an excellent idea.

      All I learned today was all the homeowners/apartment building owners who failed to shovel their sidewalks should be heavily fined by the City (since it was a bad example to set for our children about irresponsibility) which forced most of the children in our neighborhood had to share the street with moving vehicles as they made their way to school.

      So says the concerned mom whose kids had a wasted day

  17. ET says:

    People are complaining about a few inches of snow, next time they will be complaining about a few inches of rain, and if they are in Florida, they will be complaining about too much sun.

  18. Ben says:

    The woman parent from Brooklyn is an idiot, as there is school neither on the 26th of December or on Sundays.

    Let’s all try to be as pathetic as possible and complain about everything that inconveniences us, and do nothing ourselves to address the problem.

  19. William McDonald says:

    The streets were fine for the most part in Manhattan. They were fine Dec. 27 too. But in Southeast Qns the streets and sidewalks were unsafe. Too many people had to walk in the street because sidewalks werent clear of ten inches of snow. School should have been delayed at least 2 hours. Most schools in sthest Qns were about half full, many teachers couldnt get to work. It was a bad call, the Mayor and Chancellor gets an F on the schools call. It should have
    been delayed. Plows started hitting side streets around 9a.m. Overall the response was far better then the Dec. Blizzard but thats what we pay taxes for.

  20. Little girl from Queens says:

    9 children were absent from my class. Go figure.

    1. val says:

      your language is totally uncalled for!

  21. Amanda says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the kids aren’t learning anything today. Since so many teachers couldn’t make it since they commute from Westchester, NJ, and Putnam, we had a ratio of 61 children for each staff member today. Four of the teachers who attempted to make it to work in our building got in car accidents and one is in the hospital (will likely be out for a week or more). The kids sat in groups of 400 in the gym and auditorium and watched movies the entire day, because there were not enough staff members to make the situation safe. Great use of tax dollars, eh? These kids would have been much safer watching the same thing at home.

    1. themanthelegend says:

      Amanda, yes but now you don’t have to open an extra day memorial day weekend to make up for it. Surely you aren’t that dense to see how this benefits the faculty more than anyone?

      1. Dave Katz says:

        Listen…. You have no idea but the state only requires 180 days for funding, NYC has 186 days of school, so if Mr. Mayor made a safe decision in the interest of the children rather than his own arrogance, we would not have to give up Memorial Day. By the way, safety or not, school is not daycare and unless Bloomberg starts to see this, nothing will ever get better.

    2. klee says:

      or at least getting exercise in the snow.

  22. Stacey says:

    Wow, John you really don’t like Staten Island – that’s okay neither does Bloomy – but I actually work in Bklyn – born and raised – so one as ignorant as you should not make such assumptions.

  23. Nell says:

    I have to laugh at some of your comments. Where is this so called WEATHER EMERGENCY? It stopped snowing at 5am, and I woke up to the sweet sounds of plow trucks. The streets were fine. Buses were running fine. Trains were running fine. What’s the emergency? Wet socks when you arrive to work?

    Stacey, 10 inches? Buy longer snow boots. I can’t imagine how Alaskans go about their daily lives.

    1. fccf says:

      We should ask Palin.

    2. Student says:

      Hehehe…very well.
      Maybe when YOU woke up…but not for STUDENTS (hint hint-KIDS) that wake up at FIVE in the MORNING to get to school.
      Roads=unplowed, sidewalks=unplowed and not even walked on, buses=NOT running, trains=not running/delays.
      Maybe you should try getting up at five in the morning and have a 2 hour commute next time.


      1. yo eddie says:

        Student. don’t listen to Nell. He/She is clueless. If he woke up to sweet sound of plow trucks, should’ve put on those long boots and shoveled everybody’s sidewalk so students can get to school without much trouble lugging those books.

  24. sk says:

    There arealways going to be complaints. If Bloomberg did cancel school, soem parents would have been upset taht there wasn’t school. My point is not whther there should have been school, but understand that the mayor can’t please everyoen!

  25. Kate says:

    Dottie – you had your midnight update – School is not closed. And your morning update – School is still not closed.

  26. JR says:

    I drove 62 miles from Orange County, NY to Morris County, NJ, the roads were clear and almost dry at 10:00AM. The laziness astounds me. When I was a kid (I am now in my 40’s) it was not like this, unless we got pounded, we had school. Mark these words….wait until these kids in school today, especially those in middle and high school, are our age, we are doomed! as a country!

    1. J from Queens says:

      JR – in YOUR day kids and teachers mostly lived near the schools where they worked. I used to live only two blocks from my school, but then I switched to a school that was a 15-minute drive away (or a 45-minute bus ride in good weather). The last time we had a heavy snowstorm, I had a choice of digging out my car and drivng, or taking a bus ride that was going to be twice as long as normal. I spent 45 minutes digging out my car only to find out that most of the streets had not been plowed, including the streets around my school, so parking was difficult. So before you blast us as being lazy, remember that times are different from when you were a kid.

  27. Kate says:

    Everyone needs to stop making excuses for their own laziness. Get over the disappointment of not having a “snow day” and go to work/school. I had no problem getting to work on time and if you were concerned about being delayed…get up earlier. I am not a huge fan of Bloomberg, but he announced yesterday afternoon that he would be making the call at 5AM this morning, so that should not have been a shock. Everyone should have planned on school being open, and have a backup plan in case they closed. The Mayor cannot predict exactly what a storm will bring or what state the city will be in the following morning. Give me a break and stop complaining.

    1. efeqwf says:

      Thank you! Finally a realistic comment.

      Maybe not everyone got the memo. Next thing people will complain no one told them to listen to the news for school closings and will demand letters be sent home for school closings.

      People, if you hate the snow, the mayor, or anything that has occurred in NYC, get out! Move to Florida!

  28. Stacey says:

    I am a NYC High School Teacher and I have had enough of Mayor Bloomberg! Today I am nothing but a glorified baby-sitter, which is not what I have been trained to do. We cannot educate 28% of students who manage to get to school on a day like today. Nor should we endanger our lives and our childrens lives in 10 inches of snow. Staten Island was NOT plowed this morning – especially the side streets and trekking to work was dangerous and difficult. Moreover, the cost of leaving schools open to babysit is a waste of tax dollars – the subs, the coverages, the wasted food in cafeterias – How can he declare a weather emergency, ask us to stay off of roads AND then open schools . So, everyone EXCEPT teachers and parents should stay off the roads? Mayor Bloomberg needs to wake up and be realistic about what people really need – and we DO NOT NEED HIM!

    1. qfcef says:

      Hey NYC Teacher… leaving school open is a waste of tax money? So if we close the schools and pay teachers anyway, would that be a waste of tax money? You’re getting paid to work there. Get over it! If you hate your boss so much, go elsewhere or quit. You’ll probably continue to complain or make some outrageous suggestions, but to only hide behind your teacher’s contract and union.

    2. Student says:

      As a student, that is VERY TRUE.
      It is bad enough that there is a “Winter Storm WARNING” to stay off roads…and then even little kids and kids with 2 hour commutes have to go to school?
      That means:
      ADULTS! Don’t go to work today. There is a storm outside. Stay home and be warm!
      KIDS! There IS school today! Finish your homework and stop complaining! That is too bad for you, AHAHAHA!
      Does that make much sense to you?


  29. wncviow says:

    OK… let’s go ahead and pretend Mike did cancel school the day before or the day of, it doesn’t matter. I bet there would be other parents complaining right now that they can’t afford child care or a baby-sitter. March 2009 he was ripped for not being sensitive or out of touch for those that can’t attend to their kids if school is closed. Can’t make everyone happy.

    1. NY Teacher says:

      He was criticized because he closed it when there was only 2 inches of snow when two weeks earlier he refused to declare a snow day in 10 inches – much like today. Mayor Mike rather be wrong and apologize than be proactive and put everyone’s safety first. He is an arrogant fool who “demand” accountability from everyone except himself. He did not even have the courage and humility to show up to the council meeting to hear the complaints of NYC. I guess it was beneath him.

      1. JR says:

        Of course they should have had off, teachers will get ANOTHER day off, just what they need, been a whole week and a half since the last 3 week vacation ended.

      2. NY Teacher says:

        To JR – Jealousy will get you nowhere…
        I bet after 5pm you go home and your “work” day ends – Teachers take their work home – grade papers, plan for the next day, etc… (And somehow manage to take care of their own families) So, before you dwell on the days we have “off” consider the long work weeks that we do have. It’s not 9 -5 – It’s more like 8am – 10pm – 7 days a week – And Holidays are spent grading papers too!!
        I love my job, but truly dislike people who do not understand the amount of time and dedication it takes to educate the youth of America.

  30. Ken says:

    WEATHER EMERGENCY DECLARED, So lets send our kids to school even though little mike is asking us not to go to work so the roads can be plowed. Good Call Mikey.

    1. JR says:

      NY Teacher…I am tired of hearing about the teachers BS, if you add up your hours worked against that of a employee who is not a teacher, you still get lots more time off, sorry, I have done the math. Bottom line, it is your career, you chose it, live with it! It is a school day, you just got off a nice long vacation, and my guess is you probably have a 3 day weekend this weekend. Guess what, I don’t. Another thing, if teachers have kids, they are off when their kids are, usually, the rest of working America gets 2, 3 maybe 4 week of vacation, teachers see their families much more. Your claims do not hold any water, sorry. As far as being jealous, hardly, I love my job. Oh yeah, I am on call 24/7, always have a cell phone on me, but guess what, I do not complain as I knew it when I chose my career and job.

      1. Bill says:

        Why don’t you teach 5 periods in a row in front of 36 students every day for 180 days. Try teaching 35 students and one disruptive student in a period for 180 days. Try staying after school until 5pm in school, past the time you are paid for, grading homeworks, projects, calling parents about their disruptive son or daughter. A snow day for us is a blessing for us to catch up and do any of the above things we need to do as professionals. If you think vacations are great? One week here, one week there, that’s nothing anymore. If you remember the last snowstorm, many of us were home, still thinking about our school kids, yet we didn’t enjoy vacation.

  31. thomas says:

    1 more thing- i got to my office in manhattan by car from westchester faster and earlier than a reg weekday- thanx wusses for not driving in.

  32. thomas says:

    not one comment above is genuine, nor fact based.

    the mayor NEVER said non-essentials shoudl stay home- that would be a snow-emergency and not the weather-emerg he actually declared. In hindsight, he was 1000% right as the streets are easily passable and most manhattan streets are clear.

    by cancelling early, many kids would miss their nanny-state free school breakfasts.

    1. oldtimer says:

      Most Manhattan streets are clear? There are four other boroughs; two of which I drove thru this morning and many streets were not clear. Saw many people forced to walk in the roadway because sidewalks or crosswalks weren’t passable.

    2. Student says:

      No, I disagree.
      In fact, almost NONE of the streets were clear if you’re a student who has to go out at FIVE AM to get to school on time. AND fall 10 times for that.
      You don’t know how hard it was for commute this morning, and you’re definitely NOT a parent OR student.
      ~Speaking from personal experience this morning,

      1. thomas says:

        if you have to leave at 5am to get to a public school in this city you are either studying at a very advanced school not in your district or a miscreant who needs special teaching.

        Parents can keep their kids home and the principals/teachers cant do anything about it.

        I also passed through THREE boroughs to get from westchester to manhattan and have never had such an easy commute following a big snow. I also went through bkln and queens and drove on streets that havent been plowed since Lindsay was Mayor.

        The Sanit Dept did an incredible job.

      2. J from Queens says:

        If Student is getting up at 5am to get to school, clearly he or she is not a miscreant but a child who is clearly dedicated to getting his or her education and playing by the rules set by the authorities entrusted to do so (however misguided that may be on some occasions). Children who require special teaching are not miscreants, either. You should hurl your invectives more carefully.

    3. J from Queens says:

      New York City is NOT just Manhattan. The outer boroughs continue to be shafted when it comes to essential services.

      1. thomas says:

        i have never seen the outer boroughs plowed so well since the storm of 1969

      2. J from Queens says:

        Thomas – the main roads usually are well plowed. But secondary and teritary streets are another matter. Some secondary roads in my neighborhood neverr even got plowed after the Dec 26th blizzard. A plowed street might run parallel to an unplowed street, so turning the corner from a plowed to an unplowed one can be treacherous. Long stretches of Jamaica Ave were plowed only in the center two lanes – the outer lanes and parking lanes were not plowed. You couldn’t possibly have seen EVERY STREET IN QUEENS. Or could you?

      3. J from Queens says:

        Or did I miss some sarcasm that cannot be replicated in print?

  33. Colleen says:

    Mayor Bloomber is so out of touch with the realities of traveling to school with children during snow and other inclement weather. My area is neve cleaned until the second day, making it extremely difficult to walk through many areas.
    Further, children who have chronic illnesses such as asthma do not need to be out in the snow. They are forced to wait oustside of school until the school day begins,(there is no early opening of the doors for snowfall, rain, or freexing temperatures). The children are also subjected to classrooms that are barely warm enough to begin with. Add to that the cold from being ain the snow and you have the makings for a sick child.
    The mayor had enough information to declare a snow emergency yesterday. He advised all non-essential personnel to stay home. So why was there not enough information to close the schools. Mayor Bloomber shows yet again how foolhardy he is when it comes to making decisions that affect the lives of our kids.
    The private and parochial schools in my area all were clsoed. What does that say? I guess that unless you are rich and powerful, your life does not matter in this city any longer.
    My child stayed home today. I will deal with the ramifications from school when I must.

  34. Lowell says:

    The streets were fine, everyone needs to stop being so scared about going out in snow. If you slip and fall, you’ll be ok. Take it easy and get going. I’m tired of this mentality that no one can go anywhere when it snows. I had to be at work at 8AM, and it was FINE! Stop complaining. Mayor Bloomberg stood up and took responsibility for the last storm and made up for it with this one. Lets hope this becomes the norm and not the exception.

    This generation is the laziest ever! Kids should be in school learning.

    1. SConway says:

      Um…I don’t call hiding behind the deputy mayor and firing the head of EMS taking responsibility. He has not personally taken responsibility for anything. And, maybe the streets of NYC were clear and major roads were passable – but side streets were NOT plowed this morning. If Mayor Mike wanted to “make up” for the disaster during X-mas break, he should have put the people of NYC first and closed schools. Instead he proved what we already know to be true – he only cares about the city, the wealthy, and himself.

    2. Student says:

      NO, the streets were NOT plowed if you’re a student who has to leave at FIVE AM in the morning to get to school on time.
      As a student, I declare that we are NOT lazy. This is an issue concerning the SAFETY of MY generation, not the stupidity.
      If you don’t believe me, try going out at FIVE in the MORNING the next time there’s 10 inches of UNPLOWED snow on the ground, with little lighting.


  35. Rose says:

    Bloomberg has forgotten how to be a parent. I did take my twins to school, but the streets were not prepared in Middle Village, Queens to have children or adults for that matter walk on them at 7:30 am this morning. Responsible parents do have a plan of action but it is not fare when we are being used by the Bloomberg adminstration in their political games. If the decision is to have all public schools open, then they should make sure that the streets around the schools are safe for the children also!

  36. mak says:

    I kept my kids home today. Two of them ride buses and I knew the side streets were in bad condition so I didn’t want to make the bus drivers navigate the streets, risking life and limb just so the kids can sit in an half empty classroom. Two of my other children walk to school but nobody had shoveled off their sidewalks this morning so we’d be trekking through a foot of snow to, once again, sit in an half empty classroom.

    The mayor should have let everybody know last night. Maybe more people would then have gotten up early and shoveled their sidewalks.

  37. M. says:

    Seriously, Joe? What happens when children walk with appropriate snow gear into a few inches of snow? Are they made of sugar? Do they melt? The city cannot shut down because of a few inches of snow. Our bus ran fine today. My child made it to school fine. Our commute wasn’t so bad! I made it to work on time too.

    1. Student says:

      NO, not if you’re a student who leaves at FIVE in the MORNING, with unplowed sidewalks AND roads, and 10 inches of snow.
      It may have been easy for you, but not everyone.
      Please don’t consider only yourself, consider the dangerous conditions many children were in this morning.


      1. Molly says:

        Then leave at a later time due to the weather. The show must go on. 10 inches is nothing compared to what other states have to deal with.

      2. Student says:

        Great idea!
        Then not only will you be late, you would have CUT class.


    2. yoeddie says:

      Molly, other states like here in NJ have school buses. City kids have to walk on those mounds of snow. You know how lazy city people are about shoveling snow. The only sidewalks that get shoveled are the one in Manhattan where there’s a dedicated worker who gets paid to do it. When I used to live in Queens, was one of the ones who diligently shovel not only so you don’t risk getting sued but you feel bad for people walking on your sidewalk with all the snow. I know, I get upset when I used to walk to subway to work and people don’t shovel front of their houses.

  38. M. says:

    Supreet, if children did not have winter recess vacation on the week of December 27th, surely the school would have been cancelled after December 26th’s blizzard. On another note, I do not see why parents are angry with the mayor. We did not have an incredible amount of snow, so there is no reason why the school should be closed! Had he made the snow day announcement last night, we would of had a free snow day for what? 6 inches or so? Are you afraid of getting your ankles wet?! The city did a great job of plowing this time, so there are no excuses. All of you chose to live in NYC. We know what to expect during the winter season. Suck it up and buy a pair of snow boots!

    1. J from Queens says:

      A great job of plowing? Where do YOU live?

  39. The Good Samaritan says:

    Children should be in school learning not staying home watching TV or playing videos games.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

  40. joe says:

    No parent should have sent their
    children to school today
    the street and roads and still not
    we have a mayor who appears’
    to be a bully
    I guess the safety of a child means
    nothing to him

  41. BIZ says:

    Parents should have a plan for their kids in this kind of situation, but Mayor Bloomberg shoul hav enot waited so long to make a decison on it, when he asked non essential people to stay home, our kids and parents didn’t deserved to risk going out in that kind of weather.

  42. drabsny says:

    1. parents need to have a contingency plan. 2. There was no reason to close schools today.

    1. William says:

      Well everyone else outside of NYC, say the suburbs, closed their schools. New Jersey, Westchester, Long Island. Can the world knows that there are municpalities around the city that closes their schools down. Yes we have subways and buses and they too get affected by the bad weather.

    2. Student says:

      #1 is fine, but #2 is NOT right.
      Imagine this…
      -you have to get up at FIVE in the MORNING just to get to school on time
      -you have a 1 and a half hour commute, USUALLY
      -the sidewalks are unplowed, not to mention, not even WALKED on yet
      -the roads were once plowed, but are snowy again
      -major subway cancellations+delays
      -almost NO bus service
      Awesome, right? Schools soooooo should have been open with conditions like this.
      Great job, Mayor+Chancellor.


  43. jc says:

    I love that he asked not essential people to stay home, but felt it necessary for children to brave the weather for school. Shame on you! Children’s safety should be first.

  44. nita says:

    Unfortunately parents need to have a contingency plan. I don’t see any other way for the Mayor to handle this.

  45. pugphan says:

    I had to have a chuckle over this because for sure all the kiddies were already
    planning their activities for their snow day off. He hee hee…sorry kids. smokersodysseycom

  46. Snow Lover says:

    Seriously?…. someone will always be mad. Shame on you for not planning and having a plan in place. I wonder how people dealt with this in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s? Someone like Bloomberg is not god. There is no way of telling whether this storm was going to impact the city severely. Weather forecasting is a mathematical probability. By the way… NYC is in the northeast region of the US. It suppose to snow here. Get use to it.

  47. Supreet says:

    Uh yeah because it was a Sunday, Stan

    1. drabsny says:

      No, because it was winter break!

  48. sk says:

    If its too dangerous (the roads are bad, streest slippery and cause injury, or buses can’t get to stops toi pick up kids), then schools should be cancelled. We can’t put childres lives in danger! However, anything can happen the day of school, kids can wake up sick, and parenst also have to find alternate arrange,ents. Parenst always have to plan ahead in case something happens unexpectedly. If parents know there is supposed ot be a snow storm they should have aplan and not wait until the morning. So we can’t blame the mayor if parents don’t think of alternate arrangemnts.

  49. Dottie Gallardo says:

    NOT ENOUGH TIME…we also were not sure about early closings, after school program disruptions, and the such…it caused drama with babysitters, spouses and others trying to figure out how the day would span…it caused alot of stress, lateness, and buses where showing up with only one or two children; how efficient is that, alot of children were out due to the fact that they take school buses and parents were afraid of possible snow related accidents…there was hardly anyone on mass transit, the Mayor had advised staying home, but then he kept the schools open. It was not a question of whether or not the storm would close schools, it was a question of using information more efficiently…we needed an earlier alert, maybe one at midnite and an update in the morning….

    1. J from Queens says:

      In response to you, Dottie, and others who have said similar things – the little mayor does that all the time. He declares that in extreme weather conditions, everyone should stay home – during heat waves he says residents should stay indoors or go to neighborhood “cooling centers.” Yet during these same extreme weather conditions he keeps the schools open – don’t forget that in 95-degree weather with 35 kids in a room with no air conditioning, conditions can become dangerous quickly. It’s no surprise that he doesn’t respect life and limb of those of us in the schools. In fact, any noise we make about it inevitably comes back at us because “we teachers are lazy.” Bull! And Dottie – you’re absolutely right about getting the word out more efficiently – during one big snowstorm, Bloomie didn’t announce that the schools would be closed until 6:30am, well AFTER the point a which most teachers would already be on the road and trying to get in.

  50. stan says:

    Uh, there was no school during the Dec 26 snow storm.

    1. Chris says:

      There is no school on dec 26 whether there was a storm or not genius!

Comments are closed.

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