Shovels And Plows Out In Force In Queens

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Heavy snow and Queens always seem to make for a difficult mix. The City’s largest borough had a tough time during last month’s blizzard. Pablo Guzman has a look at how residents are coping.

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Some people went out on the street early Wednesday to clear paths to work. Three workers at the Neptune Diner on Astoria Boulevard had to keep shoveling and salting to make the parking lots available.

snow plows in queens Shovels And Plows Out In Force In Queens

Snow plows clearing the streets in Queens (credit: CBS 2)

Others were just getting out of work. “I just got out of work. I drive a truck. It was terrible. I had to drive very slow,” said Ismael Orosco.

On the roads, you don’t see just one plow. Instead you see up to five at one time, and a supervisor vehicle with lights flashing.

The supervisors are leading the way and running interference, telling other motorists to clear the road and let the plows do their job.

Still others, like one couple from Times Square, were coming home after a night of clubbing. “It was a little bit slow but it was OK, not too bad,” one woman said.

Senator Malcolm Smith was out with a team checking cleanup in neighborhoods. Mostly, they found good work, except for a few isolated problems. “A little disturbing to see so many trucks just sitting around, but we’re going to keep our eyes on it.”


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  1. Jean Luc P. says:

    I guess the decisions for Bloomberg were easier this time around since he didn’t have to focus on the Times Square New Year’s celebration. He was able to allocate the resources more efficiently instead of concentrating on Times Square. After all, tourist dollars are more important than resident dollars.

  2. bob shiska says:

    I still havent seen a plow in my neighborhood.

  3. Rich Scorce says:

    I think there was overkill this time. I saw plows going up and down my block last night with nothing to plow. (St James Place, Manhattan). They were basically plowing black top and sparks were flying. But, I guess the word was to plow the streets even though there was not even 3 inches of snow on them.

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