By Nick Colombo
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Last Saturday, I could think of no better way to spend my time than by settling in on my couch to watch a great moment in New York sports history. I was beyond excited. Even more excited than Rex Ryan at a lady’s shoe sale. However, I couldn’t have cared less about Ryan and the Jets taking on the Indianapolis Colts. No, I only had my heart set on seeing one thing – the first start of Kevin Poulin.

His performance a few days earlier against the Oilers had inspired me. Stepping onto NHL ice for the first time, Poulin saved all 19 shots against him in 54 minutes of play. Watching him, I felt kind of like the 12 Apostles must have felt when they watched Jesus walk on water. Could this be the goaltending savior the Islanders need? Could Kevin Poulin be another super star in the making? These thoughts and others brought my excitement to new bounds as I settled in for Poulin’s first career start.

The game started and Poulin gave up 2 goals to the Avalanche in less than 2 minutes… Well then.
Yet, as bad as that sounds, the game, and Poulin’s performance, was still inspiring. If you chalk those 2 early goals up to rookie jitters, the rest of Poulin’s start was incredibly promising. Several times he came up big and kept the Islanders in the game as they battled back to tie, take the lead, and ultimately win in OT.

So far the numbers haven’t been incredibly impressive. Poulin gave up 3 goals against Colorado and another 3 against Vancouver on Tuesday. But for the moment ignore the numbers. People much smarter than me are saying that this kid shows incredible talent, and from watching him on Saturday I completely agree. Poulin is the future my friends, and from the looks of it a promising one.

Of course, the Islanders seem determined this season to screw the future up. Chris Botta of reports that the Islanders plan is to send Poulin back to Bridgeport when DP recovers from his latest questionable injury. So instead of letting a young very talented goalie, who may be the future of the franchise, get as much NHL experience as possible, the Islanders are going to send him back to Bridgeport. In the meantime, we will all get to watch Rick DiPietro struggle to even be a shell of his former self, and Nathan Lawson demonstrate his lack of talent. Yeah, because that makes sense.

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