Must See Video: Rat Climbs Up Sleeping Subway Rider’s Leg, Onto Face

Yet Another Reason Not To Fall Asleep On The Train!

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A video posted on YouTube Wednesday of a rat running loose on a downtown Number 4 subway car in Brooklyn, is giving New Yorkers the creeps!

In the video (posted below), the  rat runs across the aisle and climbs up onto seats, before eventually crawling up the leg of a sleeping man and onto his face.

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“I was sitting there listening to my iPod and I heard a woman scream,” Jeffrey Ford, who recorded the video, told 1010 WINS. “When I looked up I didn’t know what happened but I saw a rat on the floor.

“I just reached straight for the camera. I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life, and I knew I had to document it,” he said.


Even though it was Tuesday at 2 a.m., Ford said the train was packed with people before the rat made its way into the subway car. The “rat attack” happened between Franklin and Utica Avenues.

“Once people saw the rat a lot of people got off at the next stop, a couple of people went to the next car,” Ford said. “The ones who stayed were the brave souls.”

The MTA has said “no comment.” But YOU can! Let us know what you think. Have you had a subway rat encounter before? Know anyone who has? Share your thoughts below.

Our advice: Stay awake on the train!

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One Comment

  1. Dennis D says:

    That wasn’t a rat. It was clearly a LAWYER

  2. Malcholm says:

    New Yorkers are dirty lol. Laughing about a diseased rat running everywhere.

  3. Deborah Butler says:


  4. anon says:

    i lol’d

  5. Willie says:

    Remembwer When The Sanitation Dept Didn’t Pick Up All The Garbage For A Whole Week After That Big Snow Storm? That’s Why You See All These Rats Running Around All Over The Place And In The Subways!!

  6. ron says:

    PS – if you’re an animal person and u see this poor little fellow again – he’ll probably come right up to u if you call him – dont freak out – just let him hide under your jacket and “shoulder surf” with you and take him somewhere safe until he can find a home. poor little guy looks so scared.- – ( LOL- i’m probably gonna get SOOOO many people screaming! LOLOL!! )

    1. Emm says:

      LOL, in all reality though rats do walk through all kinds of sewage. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt it but I definitely wouldn’t want him looking for a warm spot to hang out, on my face.

  7. ron says:

    oooh man – people – i’ve had PET rats for years and years – dumbos dalmations etc – and that rat is a TAME domestic pet thats obviously been let go by its owner or its LOST its owner while in transit to the vet or something – although LOTS of ppl let them go thinking they will do ok – but they don’t – its like letting a POODLE go in yellowstone – just bc wolves do ok loose and running free doesnt mean their tame cousins the dog will – and that behaviour is typical for a tame domestic – like a tame domestic dog thats lost that will come up to people – same with this little guy – poor little fellow – notice he’s trying to get into the hood of the guys jacket to hide – a friend of mine in Cali had this happen to him too – he was just sitting on his back porch and a little rattie ran up to him – typical domestic tame behaviour – a wild rat would NEVER do this – people are predators to them – a tame lost dog would come up to people – so would a tame lost little rattie – a wild wolf would never walk up to a human – neither would a ‘wild’ rat – and on the video i think u can even tell that his ears are whats called “dumbo ears” – thats a genetic trait only in the pet trade – (google it – they’re actually cute looking ears on a pet rat – much like crossed eyes on a possum – LOL) plus the fact that the little bugger ran straight down the middle of the car is another indicator he’s NOT wild – a wild rat will ALWAYS stick to the ‘walls’ of an area so as not to expose himself to attack in the open – they may play or roll around alittle in the open – but when threatened or scared they run straight for the edge of walls to get away into whatever nook, crevice, or hole they can find.

    1. CitiesSuck says:

      Thank you for exposing this fraud video for what it is.

      Also, don’t wild rats squeal a lot when they feel threatened? This one is doesn’t make a peep.

      1. ron says:

        yes – come to think of it – when threatened or what not – wild ones absolutely do screech or squeal – thanx Cities – another very valid point that the poor lil’ guy was indeed just a lost little domestic lookin; for someone to help him get off that wild ride and hide!

    2. Emm says:

      Good point about the rat being in the center of the car and not running along the baseboards. That is sad, if indeed this was someone’s pet. Too bad someone like you wasn’t around to find a home for it.
      I would’ve thought a pet rat would have been a different color.

      1. ron says:

        awww emm – i truly did wish i had been there to try to call him over and see if he responded – i mean afterall – if im wrong and he wasnt a lost lil domestic rattie – then he just would have looked at me like i was a typical eccentric new yorker and run the other way.- LOL – but having had them as pets SO long, i can see the tame behaviours he so OBVIOUSLY displayed – and im PRETTY sure i can see that he has the “Dumbo Teddy Bear ears” in the first few frames there – and u mentioned his color – well – yes he LOOKS regular brown – but in some angles and in the beginning freeze frame, he looks like he has whats called “ticking” – like in dog and cat fur they also have this trait – where the top tip of the hair can have a lighter or darker color on it – and i think i can see alittle shade of Fawn color – its a slightly orange-ish tipping on the hairs. But even if he was just a brown shade – thats still a color-type in the pet trade – its called “agouti” – so now u know thats a real breeders fancy pet color – and u’ll be ready for that question when u get it on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” Emm! LOL > 😉 ps – and ur probably right – even a lil lost fancy fellow like him would be subject to running thru all the subway grunge!! and although i’d have probably 4 sure given him a “shoulder surf ride & hide” (they LUV doing that!) — i’d still 4 sure REGRET giving him my HOODIE!!

  8. dtka says:


    Well, here comes the bubonic plague! Get ready everyone!

  9. minnie says:

    I think it’s a hoax. No one seemed freaked out, I’ve seen men flinch just by mice!!! everyones just chillin like ok, nothing unusual.. yeah.

    1. jac says:

      I would for sure freak out but it doesn’t surprise me that my fellow New Yorkers would maybe not.

    2. lol smiley face says:

      you’re a dumb ass! Shut up! New Yorkers see rats every day….that’s why noone’s freaking out

      you fail… -.-“

  10. Sloppy_Joe says:

    I’ve been in different subways across the world, and nowhere the infestation was as bad as in NYC. There are no rats running arcross trcks and on platforms in Budapest and London subways, the oldest two ones in the world. In the Moscow subway, the biggest and busiest in the world, there are rats visible sometimes on tracks, but not as often as in NYC. And in Moscow they SELL FOOD from booths right on the subway platforms. In Boston, Washington, Montreal subways are clean, not infested and run on schedule.

    At the same time the fare in NYC subway is higher than in some of those places.
    Apparently, not the age, not the size, and not the passengers’ habits are to blame.
    The containment measures used now are laughable. Only temporary closings of long underground stretches, isolation and local application of quickly-decomposing poisonous gases developed during WWi may help eradicate the vermin. The question, though, is: where vermin has to be eradicated first?
    Because both MTA and the union are managed by close relatives of those sneaky rodents (though much bigger and much greedier), we should not expect they would get rid of the rats. They are just not interested.

  11. RichieB718 says:

    its illegal to sleep on the train. You get a ticket or a big fat rat on your face.

    1. roni says:

      LOLOL!! lmao –

  12. flacko says:

    Can somebody put this video to music.Llike the theme song to the courtship of eddie’s father!

    1. Starzdaze says:

      The song”Ben” might be more appropriate.

  13. Dre says:

    I was getting off the E train with a bunch of other commuters during the summer during morning rush hour. As we approached the stairs I saw a rat coming down, he ran into the man’s shoe and kept coming, I screamed and grabbed the man in from of me and proceeded to swing him like a shield so that the rat would not run across my feet. Then after he passed I released the man and he later asked who was grabbed me. I apologized and he said it’s ok his wife would have thrown him on the rat. I heard many screams after the rat had passed me. There are 8 million stories in the naked city…this has been one of them.

  14. Spoiled yapping dog says:

    Anytime the rats have the balls to jump on you and say hi, it’s time to take the bus. Besides, that track rabbit looks damn healthy. I want his health Plan

  15. LatinJazz says:

    No that is normal for that station because all the food passengers bring down to the subway and feed these rats. If no one brought food for rats they would not be there.

  16. LatinJazz says:

    MTA expects it’s workers and public to put up with this. Train revenue service is more of a priority than clean stations. At night their towers do not let refuse trains pick up piling garbage attracting lots of rats.

  17. Ratatouille says:

    the rat thought that was Ted Williams and wanted to hear him speak….

  18. Jack Koumbis says:

    obviosly this is a tremendous infeststion and we need to eraticate it. shut down the subway and takecare of business

  19. Jack Koumbis says:


  20. LOL over this says:

    Rat got bedbugs from sleeping guy…says the trains are filthy, with humans everywhere, refuses to ride the trains anymore and moving to the burbs. Wouldn’t send a car down there.

    1. mollyd says:

      Is the guy homeless???????? How funny?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!
      What a cold city, and what a cold group that would find this funny.

    2. Willie says:

      No Bro, Rat Got Fleas From Sleeping Bum!! Didn’t You See The Bum Itchin’ & Scratching Himself? Lol!!!

  21. LOL over this says:

    It works for me …I always get a seat, no matter how crowded the train is

  22. Awwww. I love ratties. They’re adorable intelligent creatures!

  23. Lynn says:

    I cant stand’s rat infested and the whole city smells like pee…it’s gross..I don’t understand the attraction to such a filthy city. It’s completely GROSS..I HATE NY!

    1. Willie says:

      Aahhh… Hey Lynn, Don’t You Just Love New York, Gurl? It’s The Greatest City In The World!! Rats & All! !! Lol!!!

    2. Bea K. says:

      Just so ‘you’ should know, there’s good and bad “everywhere”, and your city is NO better even if ‘you’ think it is. I feel sorry for people who think the way ‘you’ do, as one day ‘you’ never know when a New Yorker will have to come to your rescue, or help you out when ‘you’ need it the most. Yes Lynn, it is your opinion, and you can say what you want, but I still feel sorry that ‘you’ can’t have compassion on others no matter where they come from. God help and have mercy on people like you.

  24. THA FACTS R says:

    RAT WAS LQQKing for his brother, and Brother was sleeping…………..

  25. NowayJose says:

    That guy prob had cheese between his teeth

  26. Darryl says:

    He was just trying to ask somebody if he was on the right train!

  27. Bob D'Agostino says:

    That rat walking up a lawyers leg would see a lawsuit.
    against the MTA.

    1. vitor says:

      LOL … u r so right !!!

    2. Starzdaze says:

      How true!!

  28. MELODY says:


  29. Avicenna says:

    their is a police Kiosk right in that station. Why didn’t the cops arrest that dirty rat. Tribeca is loaded with actors and rats.

    1. Avicenna says:

      there. ooops

  30. Batman says:

    That was a pet rat,as you can see the guy wasn’t upset at all.

  31. robt gettens says:

    Have had three encounters on the platform- 47-50 rock ctr and 7 train,fifth ave stop. One of them ran over My boots.the other two came near and fled,I mean near as in 2 feet. They usually get like this after they put down the rat poison,I guess they get crazy on it

  32. HUGO says:

    It’s so cute!

    1. pauly pizza says:

      LOL Looks like theyre hugging.

      1. pauly pizza says:

        The rat is probably running away from one of the scary panhandlers you see on the trains. Maybe one of those fake coalition for the homeless with their huge duffel bag filled with food LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLLOLOLOLLO.

  33. lulu says:

    one more item the transit cops should carry: rat poison along side the taser gun.

  34. orlando says:

    Did. The rat pay his fare

  35. Steve M. says:

    Beats getting mugged!

  36. Gil says:

    MTA is in denial that they have a rat problem and the fact that a rat is that bold to do what this one did goes to show how bad the problem is. MTA is harboring rats all over the city stations and tunnels and now they are coming out even more, because they have grown in population and have adapted to being around people every day.

  37. This is a big city says:


    I was waiting for a train in July at Church station, in Tribeca. There was a rat in the waiting area and it seemed to me that it was also waiting for the next subway. It was sitting, not standing or running, just sitting and waiting like a well behaved dog a meter off me and close to a couple. As the next train approached it probably realized it didn’t pay the fare and decided not to enter the train. No doubt it is not lonesome down there.

  38. Mr. Rat says:

    Hey u A holes, I paid my fare so I can ride the transit system whenever I feel like it. We have rights too.

  39. Lynda Allred says:

    If a rat climbed on me when I was sleeping I would jump on one of the other riders to help get the rat off.. they should have warned me a rat was on the train

  40. Ophelia Rodents says:

    Yummy! Nothing like a snack on the way to wherever

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