NYC Parks Look To Expand Food Vendor Selections

NEW YORK (AP/ CBS New York) – Forget the pretzels and hot dogs. New York City’s parks may soon be offering a more diverse selection of foods.

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The Parks Department has formally issued a proposal for “high quality, specialty mobile food units” that would offer such items as Belgian waffles, gourmet soups, gelato and premium cookies.

Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe told the New York Post that people shouldn’t have to leave the park to have something interesting to eat.

The new push cart and truck vendor fare would be offered in parks in all five boroughs, hopefully by summer.

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One Comment

  1. Abner says:

    To Joe Sr
    You are right. It’s just like it should be the same with guns. Shoot who you want and if you get caught, suffer the consequences.

    1. Joe Sr says:

      Not really. Shooting whom you want effects someone other than yourself. Eating what you want effects only you.

      1. akhdulha says:

        True. I know danger of bad food and cigarette. My choice to consume hurt only me. That is freedom of choice!

  2. Captain Obvious says:

    How about serving Soylent Green? Shoot, now I’m getting hungry 😛

    1. Joe Sr says:

      Remember Soylent Rolls ?

    2. Ralph Jr. says:

      And after lunch we can run with Logan.

  3. the bandid says:

    Joe Sr.
    you are right, eat anything you like and then bark at the moon

    1. JoeSr says:

      Hey Bandid, don’t knock barking at the moon !

  4. Rodger says:

    Once again Mr. Benepe looks to make the experience in NYC Parks more appealing. WE do have to be careful, however that we do not become a city whose parks become overwhelmed by services. Parks must continue to be a refuge not just and extension of commercialism.

    1. Captain Obvious says:

      Excellent point, good sir !!

  5. Johnny says:

    The city is so concerned about trans fat and other stuff we put into our body and yet they serve hot dogs and other lard products,

    1. Joe Sr says:

      That’s because it’s not really the “city” who cares. As Julia Child labeled them many years ago, it’s the food nazis. These are the folks who feel,if they don’t like it the I can’t have it. Eat what you want and as much as you want; it’s you who will or won’t enjoy or suffer the consequences.

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