FDNY ‘Crash Tax’ Proposal Debated At Public Hearing

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — The fire department calls it charges for motorists services. Opponents call it a “crash tax.”

As of now, there is no timetable for the tax, which would impose up to a $500 charge for accidents requiring an emergency response from the FDNY, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reports. The debate, however, continues to be heated.

1010 WINS Reporter Al Jones looks into the debate over the FDNY’s proposed ‘crash tax’

John Corlett of AAA said a response to a car accident was a core service of government.

“Imposing crash taxes on individuals literally adds insult to injury,” Corlett said at a public hearing at FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn.

Insurance companies have also voiced opposition to the “crash tax” and said that most policies wouldn’t cover the bills.

“If the Fire Department responds to a fire, no bill is sent. If the police officer responds to a domestic disturbance or a business break-in, there’s no bill ever sent,” Ellen Melchionni with the State Insurance Association said.

However, the FDNY’s legal counsel, Julian Basil, said the tax is among the ways to help the cash-starved Department.

“When the alternative is shortfall in Fire Department services, I think they might be more willing to pay a small amount,” he said. “It is a practice that seems to be occurring in other parts of the country.”

The city estimates that the proposal could raise $1 million in revenue.

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One Comment

  1. Regina says:

    It would appear that everyone EXCEPT the insurance industry is expected to make sacrifices. Should our tax dollars be used to finance negligence while the insurance companies continue collecting legally mandated car insurance premiums? It is fair and fiscally responsible for the negligent party and their insurance to reimburse communities for the services provided to their policy holder…this isn’t double taxation…it will prevent insurance from double profits. This policy is pro-taxpayer and FINALLY holds the insurance industry fiscally accountable!

  2. Richard A Erle says:

    Will there come a day when a guy pinned in an auto wreck is told by the Jaws of Live operator, six hundred fifty bucks on the barrelhead, bud; take it or leave it?

  3. LOL over this says:

    They will tax you whether you need them to respond or not. This is clearly double dipping since your tax dollars already pay for the FDNY. The FDNY also responds to medical calls as well. Wait until you get the bill for that. This is just the tip of the iceberg. This will set a precedence for you to be taxed again for Police services which you are already paying through your payroll city tax, as well as Sanitation services. The list goes on. If you do nothing about it this will happen. Hold your elected officials accountable for this. They must work for the people that placed them in public office, or get them out.

    1. Double Taxation says:

      Hey ‘LOL over this’, you hit it on the mark..Everyone’s taxes pay for the FDNY as well as all of the other services. This is double taxation for sure. What’s next, pay first with a credit card then have police respond to your 911 call? What if you can’t afford to pay the fee? Even if the $500 doesn’t come out of your pocket and gets paid by the insurance company – guess who ends up paying it anyway?

  4. The Truth says:

    Cut the Pension and OT. This is BS. Get a volunteer FD or go 50/50. This will save ove a billion a year. FDNY 3/4 pension is absurd. Also the joyrides they take braks the trucks down more. Stop the joyriding and you save millions. GPS all the trucks and match them to the call log.

    1. Joe says:

      I agree with “the truth” Almost every day I see a firetruck parked next to a grocery store on my way to work. I can not take a company vehicle out to get food. Most of us brown bag it or walk to the nearest deli for a meal. Stop this activity and save money for the department. WE all have to make sacrifices during times like this..They are the BRAVEST but they can eat like us.

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