2 Senators Agree To Sit Together For State Of The Union

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two senators from different parties said they’ll skip tradition and sit together during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.

The decision by Republican Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and Democrat Chuck Schumer of New York comes amid calls for greater civility in political discourse following the fatal shootings last weekend at a political event in Tucson, Ariz.

Schumer said he and Coburn hope other lawmakers will follow their example and skip the partisan seating arrangements that usually come with joint sessions of Congress.

Schumer said it’s a symbolic move but one he hopes will help set a more civil tone.

The State of the Union address is set for Jan. 25.

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  • James

    I am so proud of our New York Senator Chuck Schumer. It’s no wonder this intellect achieved a perfect score on his SAT’s. I only wish the other Senators would follow this leaders path.

  • DanTe

    The politically correct sh//ts in CdaBS censored this:

    So Two Lying Sacks of Sh\\t are close together. I guess that makes for One Photo Op.

    • KPMc

      That’s not political correctness censorship. That’s an intolerance for juvenile foul-mouthed nonsense. Maybe if you could write a sentence without sounding like a 14-year old hanging out with their friends after they learned a new curse word your comments wouldn’t be deleted.

      But then again almost everything you say is idiotic trash so anything that keeps your posts from making the page is fine by me.

  • Native Noo Yawker

    they all suck, libs,cons,left,right. fascist pigs all of them

  • Hornet Montana

    Everyone should sit on everyone else’s laps.

  • vik

    Will they hold hands together too? If this is such a good idea then why didnt liberals want civility when W was prez? This is a photo op and nothing more.

  • Captain Obvious

    The bravery these 2 men show by sitting together. Brings tears to me eyes. Talk about true American heroes. This will change the face of the world as we know it today. This will be sure to usher in a new age of peace on earth.

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