Cops: Gang Of Thugs Targeting, Robbing Older Women In Queens

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Police are warning women in Jamaica, Queens to be on high alert for a group of robbers they say are targeting older women getting in and out of their cars.

The robbers are after cash, and in some cases they took their victims hostage to get it, reports CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Esther Geffner said she’s afraid to go home alone ever since a woman in her neighborhood was nearly abducted by two men with guns.

“I thought, ‘oh my gosh,’” Geffner said. “[It was] in the middle of the day, and she was unloading her groceries.”

The attack happened right before noon on Friday on Marengo Street off McLaughlin Avenue. Police say the 68-year-old victim screamed and scared off the suspects, and now her neighbors are nervous.

“I have to be careful, because I am always scared of who’s by me, hiding somewhere behind the bushes,” one neighbor said.

Investigators believe a male and female suspect are part of a group of armed thugs preying on older women for cash.

Back in December on Kendrick Place and Mayfield Road, police say two men forced a 58-year-old woman into her car and held her hostage. Meanwhile, a female suspect used the victim’s ATM card to get cash.

The most aggressive attack, thought, happened in April. Police say three suspects approached a 63-year-old woman as she was entering her car, then dragged her to a getaway car. They shoved the victim into the trunk and held her there while a female suspect used her ATM card.

Both victims were released unharmed.

Private security teams have been patrolling the affected neighborhoods and residents said they’re playing it safe.

“I’m looking around me to make sure there’s no cars, and look at my surroundings to make sure nothing happens here,” one resident said.

Until the suspects are caught, the neighborhood is on high alert.

At this point, none of the victims in the robberies have been seriously hurt.

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  2. Devenio says:

    Okay, we get these fools to stop robbing little old ladies. What are they gonna do after that? Let me tell you something folks. The way the rich are destroying the middle class, we will all be doing the same soon enough. Until we stop stealing from each other – we middle class are all in the same boat – and start stealing from the greed that has us acting like animals, we all deserve to fail. The white guy across the street didn’t do this to you. The black guy didn’t do this to you. The rich and greedy did this to you. The rich have a vested interest in keeping black and white fighting. And since the RICH own the media – yes CBS included – then they get to say what news is and what isn’t. If they keep us fighting each other then we won’t have time to see what they are doing. Yet people like the NNY are too blind to see this.

    1. Tippu Tip says:

      very well said,

  3. Tippu Tip says:

    when caught send them back to africa like to rwanda or somewhere bad

    1. Devenio says:

      Thanks for the comment but these people have more right to be in the country than your entire emigrant family. I understand by your comment that you are a 12 year old school girl.

  4. Blackman says:

    Older woman are always being victimized,dont these criminals have a grandmother or mom,Yes crimes against elderly should have stricter penalities.We need new laws to protect woman,handicapped and ederly

    1. Devenio says:

      Crimes against the elderly should be met with street justice.

  5. pogo the clown says:

    Oops, I misread the headline. When I saw “Gang of Thugs”, I thought they were referring to the NYPD targeting the elderly.

  6. Thomas Preston says:

    You know something,Im a white man and you do not represent my thoughts or feelings,as a matter of fact your an embarassment to the human race.If you ever make a statment lie that in front of me ,You can expect to meet my fist on a new and personal level ,So watch your mouth ,You never know who is listening.I assume your jewish from your comment,keep in mind this is what the nazis called you.Animals. How does that feel ? Native Noo you need to stop hating. There are animals every where but for every one of them there are a thousand good caring people. The only
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    1. Devenio says:

      …right off 64th road. House is set back a little from the street. Looks sort of ghettoish. Lets find out who lives there… I’ll be back with a name folks… We all going to the Native Zoo Racist house to tea and crumpets.

    2. Devenio says:

      Strangest thing… someone else is looking for someone at that address…

  7. Jim says:

    He’s too busy checking in with Jesse Jackson on what to say when they accuse the attackers of being a gang of black hoodlums…..

    1. Devenio says:

      Wow Jim. You sir are a genius a head of your time. That comment made me see the world for what it really is! Thanks for opening my eyes! Wow! I am free!

  8. Johnathon says:

    John B are you an idiot? Jamaica Queens IS in Queens New York.

  9. John B says:

    But you didn’t leave the “Jamaica” out of the Queens in the headline to fool readers into thinking you were talking about Queens in New York just to get people to click on the link now did you.

    1. G.W. says:

      Hey, bright eyes. Jamaica is in Queens in NY. They don’t have to fool anyone into thinking they were talking about Queens in NY since it is in Queens in NY.

    2. Devenio says:

      My grandparent lived in Jamaica since the 1950’s,. Sorry no Jews.

  10. Thomas Preston says:

    They are such cowards, I hope they get a very long sentence when they are cuaght,I will be sending an email to the state attorneys office demanding the maximimum without plea bargaining.

  11. Thomas Preston says:

    It is amazing how these people will pick on our most treasured and vunerable members of our society. I live close tothis community. I think all of us queens residents should offer escort services to our seniors until these vermin are apprehended so they do not need to be prisoners in thier own homes. Does anyone wish to volenteer? perhaps we can get enough people together to give a little of our time.reach out to your church members or civic groups.lets protect our seniors we owe them this.

    1. Blackman says:

      your area in queens village isnt so great either Tommy

      1. Thomas Preston says:

        My area is just fine blackman Im content.

  12. dennis mannix says:

    There is no description of the thugs,Also no press conference by ex Black Panther Charles Barron

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