Hot Topic: January 17


The Jets beat the Patriots, backing up all of last week’s talk…

Craig also backed up his offer of foot massages to the Jets coaching staff and front office…

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie calls in…

Former Colts head coach and current NBC analyst Tony Dungy stops by…

A hometown hottie attention grabber…

And a lot more on today’s program.

  • Stuart

    Will people stop referring to Brady as “perhaps the best quaterback ever”. The guy had a great team in the superbowl and lost to wild card Giants because they hit him. He lost to the Jets at home, with the #1 seed because they hit him. The idea that this guy is better than Montana is a joke.

  • Joe

    Da heck with Governor Christie. Stop wasting tax payer money calling in & traveling. Start cutting your budget before touching other people’s budgets.

  • Jimmie

    Go Jets!!!!

    Carton you need to grow up dude… Thi si why so man fans hate you. You always switch up on teams in the end. You picked the Jets to loose, today your all over the team. You my man are a FRONT RUNNER..

    • D DellZ

      Yo loser! You spelled LOSE wrong. Not loose like your ass

  • Mike

    I do remember that idiot picking the Jets to loose on Friday..

    He is the biggest fraud I ever seen, yet he claims to be a fan…

  • Hector

    Carton your a front running fraud….

    You picked the J.E.T.S to loose you nasty stinking slob…

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