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Border War: Which State Truly Owns The Jets?

New Yorkers: Team Works, Plays In New Jersey By Default

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The “Empire State” or the “Garden State?”

That’s the question CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey tried to get answered Tuesday night when he asked local residents and politicians their thoughts on who truly owns the rights to the New York Jets.

The region may be celebrating the Jets’ success but that doesn’t mean everyone is embracing their geographical identity.

“Giants Stadium is in East Rutherford and you know as far as I’m concerned they’re a Jersey team,” said Jason Cirelli of Hoboken?

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Everything from the team name to the memorabilia says the New York Jets, yet one could argue the team should be called the New Jersey Jets and that Jets hats should be changed from an NY to an NJ, given the team does just about everything in the Garden State.

“Today when they’re practicing, where are they practicing? New Jersey. And when they play their homes games, where do they play? New Jersey. And where do most of their players live? In New Jersey,” Gov. Chris Christie said.

Yet the city with the bright lights of Broadway gets the name recognition.

“There’s no room in the city for a stadium,” said Veronica Garcia of Bay Ridge, adding the Jets play on the other side of the bridge by necessity, not by choice.

“It’s right by the river. It’s close to New York. It’s going to be a New York team,” added Adrian Allen of the Bronx.

Up until 1983, the Jets played in Queens at Shea Stadium. They then packed their bags for New Jersey — 27 years ago.

When asked if it’s finally time to change the name, Kerry Dowling of Brooklyn said, “No. No. New York Jets.”

Added Desmond Spillane of Queens: “They’re still the New York Jets. No doubt.”

While New Yorkers continue to hammer home ownership, some in Jersey said the name is off target.

“New York wants to take all our glory. It’s just wrong,” said Lauren Kolski of Clark.

It’s a claim to a name that’s part of provincial pride.

“It’s the New York Jets and that’s how the Jets want it. That’s how the country wants it and New York is New York. Sorry Jersey,” Sen. Charles Schumer said.

“New York is the name. It’s a brand. The whole country knows it. New York is where everything happens,” added Mike Dimasi of Hoboken.

Except for where a team that’s knocking on the door of the Super Bowl actually plays it’s games.

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One Comment

  1. Ray says:

    Until the Jets change their name to NJ, they are the biggest phonies in the NFL. They keep the NY name ONLY because it is cooler. NJ people should completely abandon this team if they they have any self-respect. It is humiliating.

    1. Tom says:

      The Jets play in New Jersey, they practice in New Jersey, they train in New Jersey, they live in New Jersey. They are 100% NEW JERSEY!!!!!!!!!!!

      Now how do I order that great Jersey Jets shirt?

      1. Vic Viquis says:

        Yes I’m New Yorker, they turned their backs on us Booo NJ Jets!! The STEELERS WIN!!!

    2. Joesph says:

      Why can’t people in New York face the fact that the Jets move to New Jersey in the 1980s for that matter the Giants moved to New Jersey in 1976! Likewise hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have moved to New Jersey for a better life for themselves and their families.Once of the first thing that these ex New Yorkers have to do is change their address.They no longer live in NY.
      When and if the Nets move to Brooklyn they will change their name from New Jersey to Brooklyn you won’t hear anyone in NJ cry about it ,it will be a fact that they no longer play in NJ they play in Brooklyn.
      I don’t understand how people in New York can clam that they have something that they really don’t have. Grow up New York you are bigger.then that.

  2. Clark says:

    If New York wanted the Jets so bad then they would have let them build the new stadium in New York. “New York” shot them down to rights to build in “New York” and then you get upset that Jersey wants claim to the team that we have allowed to call home for 28 years now. The facts are pretty clear you guys voted them down we accepted them.

  3. dico j. says:

    Let Jersey have them both. Who cares! I’m glad the yankees Threw the Giants out of Yankee Stadium . All the loser Giants did was tear up the field anyway. 22 DAYS TIL PITCHERS AND CATCHERS!

  4. D.Best says:

    There name is (if anyone forgets) in New Jersey ,THE NEW YAWK JETS.
    They were born for NY Long Islanders to have a team .
    They only use NJ as a exercise yard and parking lot.

  5. Tiffany Vega says:

    Jersey already has Snookie, Pauly D, The Situation, Jerseylicious, The Real Housewives of Jersey, Jim McGreevey, Camden, Newark, Trenton and Joe Pesci. So, let NYC keep their beloved Jets. (lol)!!

  6. Kevin says:

    Several football stadiums around the nation are located in suburban areas outside of their home cities; it’s not unusual. I realize that here is the only place where the stadium is actually across state lines from the home city/state in the teams’ names. That’s because we’re in the largest market in the nation, with 3 states very close together, and it was easiest to build it in NJ. But the Redskins stadium is in Landover, Md., a suburb of Washington, DC. (Yes, DC isn’t a state, but you get the idea) Also, within their states, the Bills play in Orchard Park, NY outside of Buffalo, and the Cowboys play in Arlington outside of Dallas. And look at the Patriots who regionalized their name for the 6 New England states and play in Foxborough, about 30 miles SW of Boston. Foxbrough is actually closer to Rhode Island than Boston.

    1. dico j. says:

      It’s “FOXBORO”

  7. Dave says:

    Sounds like the politicians in New Jersey, should make the terms of building & playing in New Jersey, conditional upon being named after New Jersey. Lol!

    Also, as I posted earlier, the Jets tried to build in NY on the West side of Manhattan, but New Yorkers voted the plan down. Can you blame the Jets for moving their operations to where they were permitted to ultimately build?

    Koch failed at keeping the Jets in NY & Blomberg together with the residents of Manhattan failed to bring the Jets back to NY.

  8. Dylan Egon says:

    i think it’s simple, how can a team that moves to another state not change it’s location name? baltimore colts, st louis cardinals, los angles rams, were all iconic in there location names, but when they crossed state lines, they changed names, simple… no location name was ever bigger than the brooklyn dodgers (my first home) they didn’t keep the name. simple

  9. Lou says:

    For you geographically challenged individuals>>> they play in NJ, they practice in NJ so what part of this don’t you get?? They moved out of LI and built a state of the art multi-million dollar training facility in NJ. So just in case you haven’t notice what seems to be the common theme here, let me help you, “NJ”…
    NY, you need to let go. NY tossed them out. They’re from NY but are now in NJ, accept it. It’s just like a lot of other teams that have moved, they’re from X but now Y. If NY cared so much about them then why did they move out of Shea or not accommodate them in the new Citi / Yankee stadiums? By the way, all of the above also applies to the Giants… remember, they played in Yankee stadium….
    Look I have nothing against NYC, no one is trying to take anything from them. It’s one of the best cities in the world. You can try to create the best reasons to call them NY but reality of it is, the Giants and Jets are in fact NJ teams…end of story….

    One other note on how NJ has been shorted. Statue of Liberty.. Because of some stupid treaty NY gets to claim it. Check out any map and you’ll see the statue is well within the NJ border.

  10. Jg says:

    They should’ve built a stadium at the site where NASCAR wanted to build one on Staten Island

  11. Deke218 says:

    Its the NY/NJ Jets. But really what sports team wants to be affiliated with New Jersey? {LOL} Even the Nets are headed Brooklyn bound. Here’s the thing. New York has them by name. New Jersey gets the tax revenue. I’d rather the money than the name.

  12. ARIA says:

    The team jerseys say NY Jets… not NJ. The scoreboard reads “NYJ” when they play, not “NJJ”. They played at Shea Stadium. (I say, bring ’em back to CitiField and let NJ keep those loser Giants if they want ’em!)

    The only reason Christie wants the Jets is because they’re one game away from the SuperBowl…. If they had lost, he wouldn’t care what they were called. Typical Republican greed.

    They are and always will be the NEW YORK JETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ellen says:

    Pardon me I meant Jets,

  14. Ellen says:

    Why don’t they just call them the New York Jersey Saints. That would settle it right there and then.

  15. Mike says:

    This is such a silly, endless debate. I’ve lived in NJ all my life and the NY name has never bothered me. Yes, both local football teams now play and practice in NJ. But “New York” in the Jets/Giants names stands for the great city they represent (as opposed to the state), as well as the entire New York tri-state area (NYC, North Jersey, Rockland Co, Westchester, Long Island, SW Connecticut). In our large region, there are 3 states in very close proximity; the Meadowlands is less than 10 miles west of NYC. Also, the Yankees, Mets, Knicks, and Rangers (the teams that play within the 5 boroughs) each have countless fans in North Jersey. We’re all avid fans of the same local teams. They all represent NYC and the surrounding metro area. Can’t we all just get along and enjoy?

    1. Dave says:

      Knucklehead, Mayor Koch started all this nonsense back in 1980 after the NY Islanders won the Stanley Cup. He wouldn’t allow a NYC celebration for a team that plays on Long Island. Another stupid decision that cost NYC lots of revenue. Needless to say, the Islanders won 4 straight championships and would have helped rake in the money for NYC retailers bars restaurants and so on. These teams should call themselves the Gotham Jets, Giants etc. Lol! Mets got it right by calling themselves the Metropolitans!

    2. Steve says:

      Hey Mike, I tend to agree when it comes down to an endless debate, but lets face it, the (Jets and Giants) work in/from NJ. Maybe the owners of each didn’t consider the impact. Why didn’t someone build a stadium for both in NY? Now, take a look at the Patriots, they’re called the New England Patriots, not the Boston Patriots.
      When it comes to a true fan, it shouldn’t matter where your team ‘s home base is.
      On another note, there’s nothing like turf bragging rights.

  16. Dave says:

    The blame belongs on Cablevision for mounting the huge “anti west side stadium” campaign. Unlike the Giants, the Jets tried to build in Manhattan but Cablevision scared everyone into believing the traffic would be horrible. Meanwhile, so many people take the train to the New Meadowlands that there are huge lines for the rail service and tons of empty parking spots and lost parking revenue! NYC Bars, restaurants, hotels etc. all missed a huge opportunity to cash in on fans coming to and from Jets games, concerts, conventions and an occasional Super Bowl, not to mention the jobs that would have been created! All because Cablevision, which owns Madison Square Garden, didn’t want competition.

  17. sean says:

    I am from East Rutherford NJ and live half a mile from the stadium. I know they are called NY for the name recognition…they are USING NY. The revenue all goes to my low taxes…Haha call them what ever you like, WE reap the benifit..thanks NY for supporting our teams becasue they use your name.

  18. Rich says:

    Melville LI to Shea, 30 min ride by Bus, great time in 82, then in 83, 3 hour ride to NJ became impossible. Leaving Hoffstra practice field the last straw, Live and Work in NJ you are from NJ. Buffalo Fan since 83, a true NY Team

    1. chris guerin says:

      so 3 hour ride to NJ is impossible huh? hows that ride to buffalo? idiot

      1. Rich says:

        45 Min by Jet Blue

  19. Steve says:

    I’m a GIANT fan, have been for 50+ years. You notice I didn’t say NY GIANTS. Lets face it NY folks, it is what it is. What I’d like to know is why didn’t they build a new football stadium at the old “NY” Yankees stadium site. Wouldn’t that have been something.

  20. Lars says:

    You cannot get more NYC than me! I had season tickets at Shea. When they LEFT NY I renewed my tickets and went to that forsaken nightmare, NJ Meadowlands for two long years! I continued to watch and root for the Jets with less and less enthusiasm. The final straw was to turn their back totally on NY and leave the Hofstra training facility to train full time in NJ. Sorry Long Island… we are all being made the fool now. The team is in New Jersey. By the way, what revenue does NY get from the Jersey Jets?

    1. Pete says:

      Lars, you are very factual and logical. Are the Dogers still “brooklyn”? I guess some think so.

      1. Dino says:

        Let’s not forget the NY Nets. Moved to Jersey and are the NJ Nets.

  21. Jim says:

    Where can I get one of those t-shirts?

  22. Former Fan says:

    As a former Jets fan, I think they are New Jersey. I became a Bills fan because they left New York. I cant seem to figure out why other teams that left changed their names but the Jets and Giants dont. The Brooklyn Dodgers play in Los Angeles?

    1. Former Fan says:

      btw. what NHL teams in the very same parking lot?

  23. Kalen Cook says:

    All the Other teams that left NY ..Dodgers…changed their State..didn’t keep the name. All of a sudden Jets are getting close to the Super Bowl and the name comes up and New Yorkers wanna claim them…ha ha ha ..Both Teams Giants and Jets belong to NJ. If they wanna be called NY teams ..go play and live in NY..

  24. The Good Samaritan says:

    Why doesn’t New Jersey get its own football team and just shut up.

    The Good Samaritan has spoken.

    1. Kalen Cook says:

      Hate to tell ya this but Both teams are our teams..hence they play in My state..They dont wanna be referred as the NJ Giants and Jets ..get out!

    2. NJKDBUG says:

      NJ already has 2 teams, Giants and Jets. NY has the Bills. Just look at a map.

  25. Cheryl says:

    How come they weren’t arguing over this when the Jets were losing?…as soon as they start winning Jersey jumps on the bandwagon…typical

    1. Kalen Cook says:

      Hey if they dont wanna be called NJ Jets Or Giants ..Then pack up and get the hell out My state ..Tired of NY taking all the credit..Get out win or lose

  26. Jody says:

    I considered them a NY team when they practiced at Hofstra. Bring the Jets back to NY. If no staduim in Manhattan (too expensive to drive in now anyway), build a new staduim in Garden City out on Long Island. Let Jersey keep the Giants. That way Giants in Giant Staduim, and the Jets in New York out on Long Island.

  27. BILL SUSSMANN says:


  28. Philly owns NY says:

    I love how NYers don’t want anything to do with the Jets until they’re in the playoffs and the Giants aren’t. Typical NY bandwagon fans.

  29. BILL SUSSMANN says:

    The Jets & Giants Both Play Games On New Jersey Soil. The New York Politicians Turned Down A New Stadium On Manhattan’s West Side. The NFL Should Make The Owners Become Part Of State Where Games Are Played. Sorry New York . Both The JETS & GIANTS Are NEW JERSEY UNTIL THE TEAMS COME BACK TO NEW YORK CITY.

  30. Zoma says:

    Just because the Jets are on there way to the superbowl doesn’t mean you Jersey losers can take the credit. They play in NJ because they cannot anywhere else and its NY JETS, even the team says so. If you have a problem, take it up with the giants, they match you guys.

  31. Rick says:

    Chris Chrisite, while you were in Disneyland and NJ was shoveling its way out of the blizzard, no one could find you, your LT. Gov. or anything rivaling the Canyon of HEROES in, where??? NEW YORK CITY!!!
    So when the NEW YORK JETS win the Superbowl, they will be showered with love in the CANYON OF HEROES in NEW YORK CITY.
    No, they do not ahve to take a humiliating lap around a parking lot!!!!

  32. Fire Sheldon Silver says:

    Thank Sheldon Silver for keeping them the NJ JETS. Remember this idiot single handedly shot down their return to their birthplace. Silvers a crook and needs to be tarred and feather then imprisoned!!!

    1. Rick says:

      Actually, it was Bloomberg who blew it when he tired to tell NY voters that we would not get the Olypmpics if the West Sie stadium were not approved. We are not fools. Bloomberg is. At the same time, Long Island, Queens and even Westchester COunty offered to build the stadium but Bloomberg wanted to help his Republican buddy, WOody Johnson the owner of the Jets when Bloomberg was still a Republican. Shelly Silver just listened to voters and was actually trying very hard to find another site for the stadium.

  33. Rick says:

    Champions = New York

  34. Wyle says:

    The team is named after the city, not the state. Do you want to call them the East Rutherford Jets? Not

  35. Daniel P says:

    When other NFL teams have moved, they have changed their name, such as the Arizona Cardinals (formerly the Saint Louis Cardinals), Indianapolois Colts (formerly the Baltimore Colts), etc. WHY do the Giants and the Jets get a pass an not follow this rule when all the other teams do ? I’m born in Brooklyn and lived in new York all my liffe, but these are now Jerey teams. Why don’t they change their names like the otehr teams ?

  36. NickyLQ says:

    Why even have a debate about it?? Jersey always supports any New York team…the states are like brotha and sista!

  37. The Kid says:

    Why is this just about the Jets? If anything the Giants have been in Jersey longer, so if either of them is a Jersey team it’s the Giants.

  38. Wilson says:

    Jets & Giants are from New York !

  39. bush says:

    How about we have Andrew Cuomo & Chris Christie spar off in a wings eating contest. Winner gets the Jets 😛

  40. donna says:

    You say potayto and I say potahto. We love the Jets and we claim them as our own.

  41. TrueNYer says:

    The Jets should become the New Jersey Jets. If they are playing in New Jersey then they should use that state’s name. Clearly they want the best of both worlds. These are two different states people, so the Jets should use their proper name. Using the New York name is a privilege not a right. What other team plays in one state but uses another state’s name?

    1. Cris, UK says:

      Washington! LOL

  42. tom depuma says:

    what they need the jets for they got snookie

    1. sean says:

      don’t pawn that mess on us…she is from NY and vacations at the north jersey shore.

  43. Ken says:

    They should be called the New Jersey Jets since nyc rejected a stadium for them on the west side.

  44. caloy73 says:

    A lot of American products are made in other countries. The Jets are a NEW YORK team!

  45. Chalo González says:

    I’ am a Joik from Joisey who woiks in Manhattan on toritoid and toid so what gives, the Great Apple embraces both states and by extention to the Jets

  46. Mike says:

    New Jersey can have the Giants. It’s “their” stadium, remember?

  47. Jack from Arizona says:

    Joisey jets sounds so much better………….. Ha ha ha ha…

    1. Rick says:

      Oh, uh, thank you Jack…from ARIZONA, not Jersey or the home of Champions, NYC!

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