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Brooklyn Shop Giving Away 1 Million Green Bagels

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A Brooklyn bagel maker has joined the hype for Sunday’s Jets game.

Warren Bell, owner of Bagels By Bell in Canarsie, is giving away one million green bagels to help fans cheer on the Jets.

green bagels batch Brooklyn Shop Giving Away 1 Million Green Bagels

Green bagels by Bagels By Bell (Photo/Marta Zielinska)

The Jets season ticket holder will be giving away free green bagels at his factory at 100-13 Foster Avenue on Friday between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. and between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. The bagels will also be available at other local shops.

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“When you smear on that cream cheese, or lox or just plain butter it’s heaven,” Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz said.

Bell said he will also be supplying bagels at the hospitality suite in Park City, UT where the Sundance Film Festival will be kicking off Friday – and yes, he will be sending green bagels there too.

“When the actors and actresses sit down to eat they can sit down and watch our Jets win this Sunday,” Bell said.

Fifty-one Big Apple related films have been submitted to the festival.


Chunky from CBS Radio station 92.3 NOW in NYC has created a great NY JETS song using Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow” (Pittsburgh colors! Oh the Humanity!).

Click here to check it out!

  • Carmen Lebron

    Please send me free bagels to
    Carmen Lebron
    1170 Lincoln Place # 1D
    Brooklyn NY 11213

  • Lori Ghany

    Hey Warren wassup?? You know I miss your bagels so much and have fond memories of you and your mom and how generous your family always was and is. I grew up with the yummy smell of bagels and bialy’s in my mom’s car every week and try as I may have there are simply NO other bagels ANYWHERE that can compare with those I grew up eating from your family to mine. Much continued success in all that you do. xoxo
    Lori [Krumenaker] Ghany

    • Warren Bell

      Hi lori where is your current residence and i can let you know where you can purchase our bagels and bialys.

  • Greg

    They are the best bagels in the world but the color looks fowl

  • Jackie

    What is wrong with you people who mock this man for his kindness – this is an awesome gesture – thank you and go Jets!!!

  • Mike

    great……just what the sewers of NY and NJ need…….a million green turds floating in the septic water

  • douggie

    I want to pee on them

  • DadinWestchester

    Hey, which suite in Park City? Gotta look for them…

  • bruce

    Yes thats the same place. He moved from Flat ave a while ago and is now on Foster ave.

  • Ken Gage

    The only problem is he’s only giving 1 per customer. Long line.

    • warren bell

      we gave away 6 to 12 per person and several dozen to schools and organizations.

  • Joe

    He won’t even get close to a million bagels.That’s about 250,000 pounds of bagels,more than 5000 truck loads.Bonus points for outlandish hyberbole however.

  • BS Meter

    Think about how much time.. it would take this shop to make 1 million bagels. Truly, now… (stop the media nonsense)

  • danny

    I heard he was also going to make a Yankees bagels. Only problem, they were overpriced and failed to perform! (BAZINGA!!)

    • v

      (Bazinga) lol

  • Hot Blooded

    That radio station stinks. I used to listen to 92.3 K ROCK Maybe I was the only listener because NY hates rock music but loves “little girl music’ from what I can see.

  • Hot Blooded

    Is this the same Bell Bagels that was at Flatlands Av. & East 81 St? The 100 block of Foster Av is an industrial area.

    • bruce

      Yes that’s the same place. He moved from Flat ave a while ago and is now on Foster ave.

  • Nic Ayala

    What other shops will they be available at? Any in Manhattan or Jersey City?

  • Ben

    I wonder why there are no photo ops with New Jersey politicians, the Jets real home?

    • KKrazy

      The Jets & Giants love NJ so much that a few years back they went back to original logos that actually said NY in them so people wouldn’t make any mistake that they represent NY. LOL!

  • sallyrogers

    That just looks wrong. Ewwww

    • melody

      yeah. very nice gesture but they look yucky.

  • John Rappa

    Many thanks to Bell’s Bagels for their generosity… Go Canarsie..

  • Curtis

    Its like an early St. Patties celebration! Go J-E-T-S!!!

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