Deep Layoffs Take Effect In Struggling N.J. City

CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) — Some police officers were turning in their badges in one of the nation’s most impoverished and crime-ridden cities.

Deep layoffs began in Camden Tuesday. Up to one-fourth of the city government’s workforce is expected to lose their jobs.

About half the police force and one-third the firefighters were expected to lose their positions.

Police officers began turning in their badges Monday as it became clear that no last-minute deal was going to save many jobs.

Firefighters were planning to march to City Hall.

Mayor Dana Redd was planning a noon news conference to talk about the layoffs in a city facing a huge budget deficit and declining state aid.

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  1. No sense of responsibility says:

    This is the crazy mentality we are in now. Unions and Govt dont want to give in. Ever hear of 50/50? Shame on officials and unions! Welcome to USA Greece drama!

  2. pogo the clown says:

    Camden is such a peaceful city. They don’t need police officers … …

    This is true insanity. Any mayor of a high-crime city that loses half it’s police force due to budget problems should IMMEDIATELY be removed from office.

    The mayor’s news conference will have the typical corporate rhetoric about “tough times” and “doing what we have to do”, but it is all a load of garbage.

    Of course there will be a tremendous increase in violence with a reduced force. And that blood will be on Dana Redd’s hands. Shame on her, as I’m sure her security detail (bodyguards) will not be cut either.

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